Friday, December 29, 2006

Lots Of Snow

Ther's lots and lots and lots of snow outside. Dad went out to the front yard for awhile so I thought I'd tell you about the snow. It's a wet snow Dad says. He's outside trying to make the bushes stand up again. They're usually very tall bushes and now they're really short and laying across the walkway to Mom's car. Dad took Mom to work today because she got stuck in her parking lot trying to leave work last night. Poor Mom needs a Jeep then she wouldn't have those kinds of problems! She likes her little Kia though, until she's stuck in the snow.
Yesterday when Mom was home for lunch and then after work Mom teased me. When we went outside those 2 times it was snowing outside and the snowflakes were really huge. They were sticking to me pretty good. Both times when Mom let me in she said "You're a white dog! Where's my black dog! I don't have a bit white dog, I have a big black dog!" By then the snow would be melted or I would have wagged my tail so hard it came off and then she would say, "OH it is my big black dog. She's just covered in snow!" Crazy Mom!!!
I love to run in the snow all over my yard. It's fun to run in the new snow that nobody else has run in yet. I'm the only one in my yard running in the new snow (Sasha follows my path because she's so short) so I get to have lots of fun. Mom and Dad say I'm hilarious to watch run around in the snow.
It sounds like Dad is almost done so I'm going to go watch for him so I can go outside with him. Have a good weekend everybody! I won't post again until Tuesday since Mom will be off work for 3 days. I think she's going to hog the computer or make the room stinky with her paints. She really wants to use her new easel that Dad got her for Christmas.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sick Mom

Mom stayed home from work yesterday because she was really sick. She was up at 1:30 am yesterday morning and her fever didn't break until 8:00 last night. She spent most of the day in bed and Gunnar, Sasha and I spent most of the day with her. She finally moved to the couch because the bed was hurting her back and I tried to share my rope with her to make her feel better but she kept yelling at me to leave her alone. I was really getting bored and was very happy to see Dad when he came home. Mom spent most of the day in the bathroom or sleeping. Sasha wanted attention from Mom and didn't care if she was sick or not. Gunnar was nice though and didn't bug Mom about lunch until she moved from the bed to the couch.
It's snowing today! Dad said the people on the news said this snow storm is supposed to be big like last week's. We didn't get anything last week so I didn't think we'd get anything this time either. It's snowing though so hopefully I'll be able to play in the snow this weekend. I love running in the snow and hunting for my rope and my plastic stick. Mom and Dad laugh at me so I must look funny. Mom says I'm pretty good at making sure every piece of snow in the backyard is well packed into the ground. I don't know about that, I just have a lot of fun running all over the yard. I'm going to go watch the snow now and take a little nap just in case there's enough snow to run around in when Mom comes home for lunch. I think Dad is off work tomorrow so I'll spend tomorrow helping him. Have a good weekend. Mom and Dad say this is New Year's weekend so everybody be safe and if your parents are having a party have fun and be safe!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! I hope all of you did, too.

First, here's a picture of me and my friend Korra. Mom didn't take many pictures of us because Korra was afraid of the camera. I tried to explain to her that the camera is okay and if it was pointed at you that probably meant you were doing something cute or funny. She didn't care though. I guess it was the flash she didn't like. We still had a lot of fun together though. We played and played and played. Dad brought her home Friday night and we played awhile and then we drove Mom crazy Saturday while Dad was at work. Friday night we had eaten all the chewies so Mom went to buy us some more because chewies made us quiet. I like chewies a lot, but Korra is crazy about them! She coudl eat an entire one in about 2 minutes. I felt bad for her not having a chewie after she finished hers and Sasha and I still had one so I gave her my chewie and then I'd go steal Sasha's. Sunday Mom and Dad did some cleaning around the house and so we played and took naps. That night Mom and Dad made some very good smelling food (that's when Mom took the picture of us) and we really wanted to be in the kitchen in case they dropped stuff but we were in the way so we blocked the path from the kitchen to the dining room. They ate and shared a little with us and then they opened gifts. I got Mom a new pair of pants she really wanted and I got Dad a cough muffler thing for hunting. Gunnar got Mom a fuzzy blanket that she loves and he got Dad some candy bars. Sasha got Mom some new underwear (she has a thing about eating Mom's underwear) and then she said she got Dad some CD's, but the snow that hit all of Colorado but us kept the mail from delivering on time so hopefully Dad will be getting the CD's today. Then Mom got Dad a gift certificate to one of the hunting magazine places he buys stuff from. The mail also didn't get the gift certificate here on time so Mom wrapped her e-mail confirmation. Silly Mom! Mom got Dad an easel to work on her art work. It's really pretty and they spent a long time putting it together. Mom's very excited about it. Hopefully Dad's other stuff gets here soon.

Monday, Grandma came over. She wasn't feeling very good though. She brought gifts for Sasha, me and Gunnar. As soon as she put them under the tree I knew exactly which one was myne. I could smell the rope and kept nosing it. FINALLY they let us open them and I GOT A NEW ROPE!!!! Sasha got a squeeky toy that I played with a little too and then she wripped it apart and Gunnar got a ball with a jingle ball inside that I played with too. Gunnar was too nervous having Korra there and extra people. I loved all the toys Grandma brought, but my rope is my favorite!

Korra's Mom and Dad came to get her later and then Mom finally got our gift out. It was under the kitchen sink!!! Tricky Mom and Dad!! Here are the pictures of us and our gifts. Sasha and I love our bones. We share them because there are parts that we can get to better because of our sizes. We loved the bones so much we didn't even get in bed with Mom this morning for our morning cuddle, we went straight to the bones. Poor Mom.

Gunnar got a ball thing with a feather thing on top and it spins around for him to batt at the feathers. He likes it a lot too but Mom REALLY needs to trim his claws because while Dad was winding the ball, Gunnar was trying to get the feathers. Mom said she's going to put a bell on it to make it even funner for Gunnar because Gunnar loves bells. I tried playng with it too, but it was weird and I decided my bone was much better.
I'm going to go check out some of the other animal blogs I like to read to see how their Christmases were. I'll start telling you about more of them later. After some blog reading it's back to the bone!

Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm Bored

Hi again. I decided to check in again because I'm bored and we all know how much trouble I get into when I'm bored.
First, Mom brought home the Christmas present I wanted to get for Dad. Now my gift to Dad is the only one under the tree for him. Mom says Sasha's isn't going to come in time for Christmas because of the snow. They keep talking about this HUGE snow storm here in Colorado, but there's no snow at all! I guess everywhere around us got snow and it closed highways and stuff. Aunt Cassie isn't sure she can go home for Christmas, but that's okay, she can come join us. So Sasha is upset her gift for Dad isn't going to arrive in time. Gunnar's is here, but Mom has to help him wrap it and Mom has to wrap hers for Dad too. Gunnar is getting very excited about opening gifts because there's so many boxes under the tree. He said the boxes and wrapping paper are going to be a lot of fun to play in. I'm just worried we're going to loose Sasha in all that wrapping paper!
I also found some other dog blogs that I want to share with you. If you are a dog with a blog e-mail Mom and she'll let me know ( I decided to tell you about some of the ones I really like. The first one is Ranger. He's a chocolate lab and he's very funny. He also plays the same game with his Dad that I like to play with my Dad. Where Dad some how turns me upside down. Check our Ranger's website for pictures of this. Mom has never taken our picture because she's usually laughing too hard. I make funny growling noises while we're playing this game that makes Mom laugh even harder. Ranger also has to stay out of the kitchen like I do and his Mom tells him out jsut like my mom does. I think Ranger's Mom takes more pictures than my Mom does though and I didn't think that was possible!!! So anyway, check our Ranger's blog. I'll add him to my list of links.
Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Dad is going to go pick up Korra after work tonight and then Korra and I are going to play and have fun until Monday when her Dad comes to get her and then I get my bone! I'm still trying to find it, but Mom and Dad are very tricky. Dad was off yesterday and I tried to get him to tell me where it was, but he wouldn't so I followed him around all day trying to see if he might accidently sow it to me. It didn't happen though. Once in awhile I go up to the stocking around the fireplace and sniff to see if I they're n the stockings yet. So far they aren't there yet. Mom sais we'll get them as soon as Korra leves Monday night.
I'm going to go make sure everything is ready for Korra. I have to maek sure the guest food dish is in the right spot and the spot where her bed is going to be is already for her bed and I have to make sure there's enough chewies for all of us and anything else I can think of.
Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Cookies

Mom made Christmas cookies last night so sasha and I helped! Mom is very messy, especially with those colored sugar sprinkle things so Sasha and I kept the floor clean so Mom didn't slip on the sugar and fall. Mom was upset with the cookies because they were all crunchy instead of soft like usually. I think they taste fine though.
We also found out that my friend Korra might be coming to stay with us for the weekend for Christmas. Mom said that means we can't have our Christmas presant until after she leaves though so there's no fighting over it. That's okay, Korra's family will come get her the night of Christmas so we can have them then. I still haven't figured out where they hid them. Mom lighting her candles that smell like cookies and then making cookies last night didn't help at all. All the smells got mixed up and I couldn't focus on the smell of the bones. I'll find them though. I should go sniff for them now since nobody is home.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Know What I'm Getting For Christmas!

I KNOW WHAT SASHA AND I ARE GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! NEW BONES!!!! I'm so excited. We only have 1 bone left from last year and it's okay, but there's no flavor to it anymore and there's no more of that stuff in the middle of it. Mom went to the store last night and when she came in the house I knew! I knew before shewas in the door! I could smell them! Mom said I was a freak because it was in the plastic grocery bag and then they were wrapped in plastic. I could smell them though and I kept licking my lips. They were on the table for a long time, but then Dad took us outside and we came back in and they were moved. I'll find them though. They think they're sneaky, but I'll find them. It seems like forever until Christmas!!! Mom said we can have them Christmas Eve, which is the day before, but it still seems like a long time away! I'm going to be extra special good now that I know what I'm getting!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Chrsistmas Is Coming!!!

While Mom and Dad were gone Saturday, we go Mom's Christmas presants. I can't wait until Christmas. It's a week from today. Mom said we'll get our presants Sunday night though! Then Saturday Aunt Gillian and Grandma are coming over to eat. That means lots of people to give us attention. Mom ordered our presants for Dad and said they probably won't get here until Friday. I hope they make it on time or even early! That would be better!
I can't wait for Christmas!!! I better go make sure Gunnar is leaving the presants alone!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Busy Weekend Coming

They're getting ready to leave after work tonight. Mom is still worried, but I tild her not to worry because I'll take care of everything while they're gone. She worries too much. She'd probably be better if she slept better at night.
I'm not going to post whie they're gone because I have to make sure I hear all the noises and am on allert at all times. They're hoping to get back early in the afternoon so Mom can come check on me and not worry anymore and finish Christmas shopping.
Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mom's Worried

Mom and Dad leave tomorrow to help Aunt Cassie move and Mom is very worried about us. We'll be okay and they're coming home Saturday afternoon. Mom worries way too much. Grandma will take good care of us. I am a little bummed that we don't get to go since they're going to Wray, but they're going to be busy and everything is going to be a little crazy so it's probably better that we aren't there in the way and stuff. Poor Mom.
Gunnar keeps jumping up on the dining room table and getting in trouble. He says he knows the presants are up there and is trying to find out what they got him. I keep trying to tell him that they haven't gotten our gifts yet and even if they have, they aren't going to leave them on the table. The ones that are on the table are for the nieces and nephew that don't live close. He doesn't believe me though. When Mom and Dad see he's been on the table, they make him spend time in the kennel. You'd think that he'd figure out that if he was good, he wouldn't be put in the kennel. This just proves my point that Gunnar isn't very smart, no matter what Mom and Dad say. I better go make sure he's not up on the table right now. Bye!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This Week's Almost Over!

I'm very sorry I haven't posted yet this week! I can't believe it's already Wednesday and I haven't posted. I really don't have a good excuse either. Monday I was really tired because I spent 4 days home with Dad. I really like when he has that many days off like that. Aunt Gillina is also moving back to town. I'm excited to get to play with Bailey again and to meet my cousins Bruitis and Dakota. Mom said we have to wait until they're into their other house first. It sounds like there's a lot of space to play at their new house. Aunt Cassie is also getting ready to move into her new place, too. Mom and Dad are going to help her go get her stuff this weekend. I'm not sure who's going to take care of us this weekend though. Hopefully someone really fun.
I'm gettng a little worried about Christmas, too. Today's the 13th and there aren't very many presants under the tree. There's a couple and they don't have any of our names on them. I know they usually put our presants in our stockings so we can't get to them, but they don't look like they have anything in them either. I know there's a few things on the table that need to be wrapped, but I think those have to be shipped to the nieces and nephew in Wyoming and California so those won't even go under the tree! Hopefull something goes under the tree soon!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dad's Home!

Just a quick update to tell you that Dad is home today and tomorrow and all weekend so I'm very busy and won't be able to post again until Monday. Have a great weekend everybody! I am!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tired Puppy

Mom and Sasha didn't feel good last night so I was awake most of the night with them. Mom got up at 6 this morning to take a shower to try to make her feel better. I got up in the bed and made sure her spot stayed warm because I knew she'd come back to bed since it was so early. She did but I was asleep when she came back in and so she had to push me out of the way. A little later Dad got up and let us out. Sasha said that she just had a tummy ache because she was worried about Mom. Dad came home for lunch the same time Mom did and Mom still wasn't feeling very good. I hope she feels better soon. Mom being sick takes a lot out of us dogs because we worry about her. I'm off to take another nap before everybody comes home.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Not Much Going On

There's not much going on today. The snow is starting to melt which means the backyard is really muddy which means I have to wipe my feet off before I come inside. I home Mom and Dad can gt grass to grow in the backyard this year because the mud really annoys me. They tried last year, but the backyard just didn't want to cooperate. Neither did the front yard though. I like going to visit people with grass yards. I roll and roll and play and sleep. Mom takes us to the park down the street once in awhile to play in the grass, too. I get distracted by the tennis balls though. Mom says the people playing with the tennis balls in the big fenced area aren't going to share their tennis balls and they're practicing. They have tons of them though. I'm sure they wouldn't miss one.
Mom hung a thing in the window at lunch that I'm not sure I like. It's a snowman that waves all the time. It's solar powered and I will admit it is cute, but it's in the window I use for guard duty and it looks like a shadow. I may have to convince Mom to move it to a different window.
I'm going to go take a nap now before Dad comes home for lunch.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Busy Weekend

I had a very busy weekend. Friday Dad was off so I helped him with a few things around the house like splitting firewood and cleaning his guns from hunting. Saturday Mom and Aunt Cassie wre running some errands. Mom said Aunt Cassie found a place to rent which means she'll me moving out soon. Sasha is very upset. Then they went to a birthday party later in the afternoon and Sasha and I got the house ready for kids. We watched the kids all night because their parents had a Christmas party to go to. After the party, Mom and Aunt Cassie brought the kids with them. It was a lot of fun. They played games and ate dinner. I like when the kids come for dinner because they don't eat everything so that means Sasha and I eat their leftovers. Mom started a fire before Dad got off work which I thought was kind of weird. Mom hates keeping the fire going because she says the fire doesn't like her. She get get it going, she just can't keep it going. Poor Mom. Anyway, later the made smores in the fireplace. I love when the kids make smores when we're camping and they were in our living room! There's usually no leftovers from smores because the kids eat all of them, but they have sticky hands afterwards and I love sticky hands. Mom told them not to let them me have any chocolate, but the little girl had a tiny bit on her hand that we didn't tell Mom about. We stayed up late watching the new Superman movie. I guess you have to know who Superman is to understand what was going on. I fell asleep because I had no idea what was going on. Sunday morning Dad made breakfast and then went to work. We played games for awhile and then the dads came and got the kids. It was a lot of fun having the kids there this weekend, but now I'm really tired. It's a lot of work taking care of 3 kids. Saturday is snowed and was really cold so Sunday I played in the snow so that added to me being tired. Mom thought I was hilarous when I was throwing the snow up in the air with my nose and trying to catch it. I like making her laught because I usually get a treat.
Last night Dad was helping Mom hang some Christmas decorations above the big living room window. They had the couch moved into the middle of the living room and had stuff all over the couch, but I didn't care. I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch and didn't pay any attention to what they were doing. Stuff was even falling on me and I didn't even notice. They put the room back together and I layed in my chair until it was time to go outside and then went to bed. Mom and I fell asleep right away. When Dad got out of the shower and came into the bedroom, it strartled us both, but we had no prpblem going back to sleep. Sasha even slept the entire night in her bed which means she was really tired too.
Telling out about everything that happened is making me tired again so I'm going to go take a nap now before Mom and Dad come home for lunch.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It snowed!

Last night when we went to go outside for the last time it was snowing a little bit and then this morning when we went outside there was lots of snow! It was great! I love the snow! I love to run in it. I always loose my toys in in though. I never did find my stick or my outside rope. Dad said not to worry, they're still out there.
Yesterday, Dad was off from work and spent all day with me. We put up the rest of the Christmas decorations and got the fire going really warm for Mom and Aunt Cassie (they get cold a lot). Gunnar really liked the fire, too. He likes laying in front of the fireplace a lot. Mom took a picture of him the last time we had the fireplace going. Isn't he funny?
I can't wait for Christmas! I've been trying to listen to see what Mom and Dad are getting us. I really hope I get a new bone because last year's bone isn't as fun any more. I need a new bed, too though and of course we all need new toys and our very own bag of Shmakos would be great. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

I Love My Rope!

Mom was working really hard this weekend to get the house cleaned up and I wanted attention because Dad is gone and she got my rope out!!!! She let me play with my rope all day yesterday and today!! She even played with me a little with it. It was a lot of fun! Since I was sleeping with Mom last night, I didn't get to sleep with it last night. Dad will be home tonight though so maybe I'll sleep with it tonight.
Mom said that Dad will beat her home from work. I can't wait to see Dad. I miss him a lot when he's gone. I think once he gets home, we're going to start planning the next pheasant hunting trip. I can't wait for that either!
Mom put up some more Christmas decorations this weekend, too. I like Christmas decorations because they make the house look pretty and cute. I really like them because they put Mom in a baking mood. She starting to plan her yearly massive cookie baking that she does every year. I love when she bakes cookies!!!! I'm in charge of cleaning the floor.
I'm going to go play with my rope some more before Dad gets home.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Pumpkin Pie is YUMMY!!

Yesterday was kind of boring. Dad came and checked on us a couple times, but he didn't bring us anything because he said the food wasn't finished yet. So we were pretty bored. They came home and they had lots of yummy smelling leftovers and then they went to feed a friend's cat and I couldn't help it! I helped myself to some pumpkin pie. This cat doesn't live very far from us so they came home pretty quick and I felt bad and had my guilty look. If I hadn't, they probably would have never known because it took Mom a long time to find it. I went straight to the kennel and stayed for a while. I didn't whine at all because I knew I was bad. Then dad decided to put up Christmas decorations since he's going hunting this weekend and won't be around to help and he decided we all needed to be together while the decorating was going on so he let me out and I joined the sniffing of the boxes and the stuff coming out. They got the tree up and some of the decorations. Then we shut the lights off and all cuddled up and watched the lights blink and listened to music. The lights started to bother me after awhile and so Sasha and I went to bed. mom and Dad werwe really tired so they came to bed soon after that and Gunnar was tired from all the box sniffing he didn't even make a bunch of noises before he decided to come to bed. When the alarm clock went off this morning, nobody moved for a long time until my bladder started hurting.
Mom has been working on her website a little today and she said she needs to stop waiting so long to do that because the website she uses to work on her website has changed and she had to refigure things out. Since she worked so hard on it, be sure to check it out: Hilary's Designs.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom said that even though we can't go to Grandma's for Thanksgiving tomorrow, she'll come check on us and bring us something. She's not sure when she'll come thoughbecause it depends on what everybody is doing and if she can get a car out of the driveway.
This morning Mom decided Sasha isn't as smart as she thought she was. Instead of using the bench like we all thought she would use all the time, she barked for Mom to pick her up. She got cold and wanted up and then when the alarm went off signaling we can get up on the bed for a morning snuggle, she did it again. I sort of thought it was funny, but pretended not to care.
Monday night Mom made some pecan pies (I cleaned up the floor for her like everytime she bakes) and then last night she baked rolls, tonight she said she has to make 2 more pecan pies! I guess the first 2 were for Aunt Gillian and Aunt Cassie. Last night the bread smell was making me really hungry. When she took them out of the oven though Mom and Dad gave us a little piece and WOW!!! They were yummy!!! Instead of bringing us something tomorrow, she should just leave those here!!! Dad really liked them, too which meant we didn't get very big pieces from him.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

He's Going!

Dad decided to go ahead and go hunting this weekend. He's not going to be gone for very long, but I still don't like it. There's been a lot going on in our neighborhood the past couple weeks at night and I really don't want to be the only one to take care of the noises at night. He's going to leave Saturday night and come home Monday so that won't be too bad, but we're still going to miss him a lot. I'm going to talk Mom into going to get us hamburgers maybe Sunday for lunch. Aunt Cassie left a little bit ago to go spend Thanksgiving with her family and so Mom, Sasha and I should do something fun.
Sasha has figured out the new becnch at the bottom of the bed is for her. She got cold last night and instead of waking Mom up to put her up on the bed, she went straight to the bench and jumped up on the bed. She still uses my bed to get off the bed though. Mom says she's such a smart puppy for learning to do that so fast. If she is so smart, then why is she locked up in the kennel right now? Cuz she doesn't come when she's called and it makes Mom really mad. Right before we went outside Mom got out a bunch of chewies and since Sasha didn't hide any before we went outside and now she's locked up and Gunnar doesn't like chewies THEY'RE ALL MY CHEWIES!!!!
I'm going to go tease Sasha a little with the chewies before Dad comes home for lunch and lets her out.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Plans Are Forming!

I heard Mom and Dad talking last night and they're starting to plan the next pheasant hunting trip and this time there might be a few more people come along. I can't wait!! I love going hunting!
Don't tell Mom and Dad, but they've forgotten about the boots thing. I'm supposed to wear them a couple times a week to get used to them and I haven't. Mom has to get some baking done for Thanksgiving so hopefully they'll totally forget about it! shhhhhhh
I don't think we're going to get to go to Grandma's for Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad because there's going to be a bunch of people there and Mom doesn't want us to accidently knock the turkey fryer over or get in the way in the kitchen (we really like to help in the kitchen). Mom said she'd take pictures of Dad frying the turkey though. They got the fryer as a wedding gift a year and a half ago and haven't used it yet and since they're going to need 2 turkeys, they decided they better go buy oil for it. I probably won't post on Thanksgiving even though I'll be home because there's a good chance Dad might come get us and I want to be ready.
I'll post again tomorrow!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Boots

Remember how I was really excited about my boots coming? Well, that's over. They're here and I don't like them. They're my favorite color and they're for me and nobody else and I hate them. Dad says they'll help with my cactus and sticker problem, but I would rather deal with the stickers and cactus. Dad says I have to get used to them by wearing them around a couple nights a week. So far I haven't worn them again, but I have a feeling it's coming soon. The good part is, they're talking about getting a pair for Sasha because she always ends up making Mom come get her if there's a lot of snow in the yard. She says he feet get too cold. Dad says my boots will be cooler than Sasha's, but I'm thinking any kind of boot isn't fun. Of course Mom took pictures of the first time I had my boots on. Luckily she couldn't figure out how to make the video thing work. Notice how unhappy I look.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm Back!

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days. It took me 2 days to recover from this weekend. I had a BLAST!! Dad said we're going again next month and I can't wait!! We didn't get anything this time because it was too windy. I have some funny stories and Mom took a bunch of pictures of us.
The frist day we really couldn't hunt because the season didn't open until Saturday, but we did some scouting and I got to chase rabbits. Saturday we went out a little later in the morning because Dad wasn't feeling very good. That was okay because I got to play with Cinnamon a little (she's a rescued dog too and has a type of hound in her I have no idea how to spell). Dad and I went out for a little while and I was working on flushing some birds. I was doing pretty good, but the birds kept flying towards the house so Dad couldn't shoot at them or they were the hen and Dad said he's not supposed to shoot at them. I tried to convince him that nobody would ever know, but he said no. I just really wanted him to shoot the gun. After awhile I was doing some more flushing and all of a sudden there was an animal I didn't know what it was! I don't think it knew what I was either. We were both very surprised. I flushed it just in case Dad wanted to shoot at it. He said it was a deer. He'd already gone deer hunting this year. That's were he went when I had to protect the house. Now I know what he's doing when he goes on those trips. Anyway, I chased it a little bit, but Dad called me back and we went back to work. A little bit later I chased something else I didn't know what it was. I have to remember never to do that again. Dad said it was called a "tumble weed." Not exactly sure what they're for or what they do, but chasing them is a little fun, but catching them is bad. The taste really bad and they have pointy things that hurt my mouth.
We went back to the house and had lunch and then went out for a little bit longer. This time I flushed a good pheasant Dad could shoot at and he didn't!! Cuz he had to duck! I laughed because it was really funny watching the pheasant almost hit Dad in the head. We went back to the house when it started getting cold and everybody went out to eat that night. Dad said there were some other pheasant hunters at the restaurant and they were all having a hard time too because of how windy it was. Dad was sure they didn't have a good hunting dog like me to help them out. I slept really good that night and didn't even wake Dad up until almost 8 am! We had breakfast and then went out for awhile and I flushed another hen and then went back to the house so Dad could pick some of the stickers and cactus out of my feet. He kept saying that next time that won't be a problem because I'll have my boots (ummm, we'll see about that - that's tomorrow's post). Then we went back out and Mom came with us this time!!! She wanted to take pictures of me hunting. Too bad there weren't any birds when she came with us, but I showed her what I'd been doing and she was amazed at how good I was. I would start to go one way and then Dad would whistle and point in a directin and I'd go that way. Mom said I was a very smart dog. She even took a cool picture of Dad and I. We took Mom back to the house a little later and started getting stuff ready to go home. The entire ride home I slept good. Mom had to wake me up when we stopped in Limon so I could stretch my legs. I was very happy to be home and had to check out my back yard a few times and then once everybody had settled in I curled up in my chair and slept and then went to bed and slept.
Gunnar was happy we were home so I did have to play with him a little when we got home, but I was too tired to play very much. He was crazy when we got home. His tail fluffed up and he was running around making weird noises for a long time. Dad told him it was time for bed, but he was too hyper so we all went to bed and tehn Gunnar got bored being by himdlef so he came to bed too.
I can't wait until next month!!

Dad getting the stickers out of my feet. I'll tell you the boot story tomorrow.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Dad went to drop Mom off at work then he has to go to work real quick this morning and then he's coming home to load the car and then we wait for Mom and Aunt Cassie to get home and then we leave and WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! I am way too excited to do anything but be hyper. Mom put our bag in the pile of stuff to load in the car and now I'm really really really really hyper and I think I'm going to pass out because my brain is feeling kind of funny but I'm okay really ....I think. Since Aunt Cassie is coming with us that means Mom is riding in the back seat with Sasha and I which means we'll have someone to sit with in the back seat and I CAN'T WAIT!!!
I'm going to go get some water now.
Have a great weekend. I AM!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I can't wait!!!! My boots aren't going to get here until Friday though so I won't be able to use them, but that's okay. That will give me time to get used to them before the next trip. Before Mom left this morning she told Sasha and I that ef there's anything else we want packe to be sure to let her know so that she can pack it tonight so it will be ready for Dad to load tomorrow and I jumped up in my chair and starte sniffing the leashes. Mom laughed and said "Don't worry Kaos, the leashes will get packed. They'll be one of the last things so we can find them easy when we stop for a potty break." OH YEAH!!! I knew that, but I forgot! I get soooooooo excited I forget things sometimes! I CAN'T WAIT!!! It's going to be so much fun!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! Even if I do have time to post tomorrow I might be too excited so I will post Monday. Probably afternoon though because I plan on spending most of the morning resting because I plan on having TONS of fun this weekend!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gunnar's Scratching Post

Mom and Dad think it's cute when Gunnar hugs his scratching post. Personally, I don't get it. It's this thing covered in carpet by his food dish. I don't think they realize he uses it to sharpen his claws! If they got rid of the post then Mom wouldn't have to clip his nails! Mom says she's never had a cat who's nails got so long. If she hasn't cut them for awhile then they get so long that he has trouble walking and he clicks on the hardwood floors. It's funny, he'll be walking and all of a sudden get stuf to the carpet. They still let him scratch on the post though. Mom says its so he wont' scratch the furniture. Not exactly sure how that works though. He likes to lay on it and wrap his arms around it like he's hugging it. Mom says he's really cute from the other angle, but she can never get a picture of him from the other side because he doesn't like his picture taken. He doesn't know that if Mom's taking your picture, you're being good and you better stay being cute for her so later when you're being bad she can look at those pictures and remember when you were cute and won't get as mad.

There's only a few days left before we leave!! I can't wait!!!!! It doesn't look like my boots are going to be here in time which is a bummer, but I'll just have to be really careful. Dad and I have a lot to do on Thursday before Mom and Aunt Cassie get off work. Grandma is going to come feed Gunnar and Mom's fish so if my boots come after we leave, Grandma will take care of them. Hopefully they'll come on Thursday though and I can spend the day getting used to them and I'll have them for hunting. I CAN'T WAIT!! Mom asked me if there's anything else I want to pack and as long as I have my hunting rope, chewies and treats I'll be okay. She packed some toys too to keep Sasha entertained and in case I get bored at night (I plan on sleeping though). I CAN'T WAIT!!!!
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. He's really going to miss me!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Not A Lap Dog

Saturday I was home with Mom all day and we were pretty lazy, but Sasha and I spent a lot of time outside. Well, Mom and Dad were sitting on the couch and I wanted to get up with themm. I ended up laying across Mom's lap. I guess I was more tired than I thought I was because I was totally out. Mom said she kept tring to wake me up so she could move her leg. I guess I was laying there for almost 2 hours!! I didn't wake up until Dad decided it was time to go outside and then I Mom and Dad finally woke me up. I went outside and then curled up beside Mom on the couch and when it was time to go to bed I went straight to my bed instead of curling up with Mom for awhile. Mom said I don't make a very good lap dog, but obviously she makes a very good lap bed because I was very comfy. Her and Dad were both rubbing my ears and petting me which made it really easy to go to sleep like that.
Dad ordered my boots but it doesn't look like they're going to get here in time. I'll just have to try to becarful. Pheasant season doesn't start until Saturday so on Friday we're going to go look top see if we can find where they're hiding and we can hutn for rabbits that day. I can't wait!!! Mom packed our stuff and has started getting her stuff ready. She charged all the batteries in the camera and is ready to take some cool pictures of us. Dad has the guns ready and all the camo and orange stuff ready. OH Dad ordered me orange boots. He thought about the camo ones and if one comes off while we're hunting an orange one would be easier to find than a camo. That's okay, Blaze Orange is my favorite anyway.
Dad is off Thursday and we leave Thursday night. I don't think I'll post Thursday because I have to help Dad get everything ready. I have to make sure he doesn't forget anything. Sasha won't help because she had to have a bath yesterday for the trip and now she's mad. I wanted Mom to take a picture of Sasha after bath so I could show you how funny she looked but Sasha went and hid under the bed until she was dry so we couldn't get the picture of her. maybe next time. Anyway, she's mad so she isn't helping with anything she says. As long as the treats and her bed are packed, she says she doesn't care what else goes.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. He's going to go almost all weekend without me picking on him so I have to make sure I pick on him now to make up for it. I'll post again tomorrow. I have some funny pictures of Gunnar I want to show you.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Dad's Home

Dad's Home Today! He's getting Mom's tires fixed right now, but for the most part I get to spend all day with Dad!! Woo Hoooo!!!
Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cold Sheets & Forgetting to Say Bye

Okay, Mom complains if I lay on the sheets in the bed because I get dirt in the bed so I try to stay on the blankets. Last night she got into bed and I was laying on the bed waiting for her and you know what she asked? "Kaos, why haven't you warmed up the sheets?" I have her the "you're kidding right?" look. She laughed and said "Oh yeah, cuz of the dirt." Silly Mom!
This morning I got confused. We did our normal morning routine except that when we came back in side, Mom wasn't where she was normally. I looked all over the house for her and looked outside. I thought there's noway she would leave without telling me bye! Dad couldnm't figure out what my problem was and gave us chewies and opened the door for me to see out. I couldn't see Mom's car because it was on the otherside of Aunt Cassie's and so I just knew Mom left without saying bye to me!! Dad made me go down the hall with him and he opened the bathroom door and there was Mom in the shower! I KNEW she wouldn't leave without saying bye to me!! Everything was okay so I got my chewie and layed in the living room just in case anybody else thought about leaving without saying bye to me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Guard Dog

Okay, there weren't as many people last night as ther were last year and there weren't very many cute little kids. It was mostly middle school and high school kids. Mom said she was sad she didn't get to see little kids last night. The boys and Cara did come over though and at first I didn't recognize them and then all of a sudden I realized who it was and felt bad so I gave them all kisses. I didn't recognize them in their outfits. One was a ninja and he had a mask over his face so I really didn't like that, the one that was supposed to be an indian was actually a dracula type thing and then the girl was a witch with spider stuff printed on her dress. They were pretty cute. I was glad when the bell stopped ringing. I slept really good last night because I was so tired. Tonight Grandma's coming over for dinner. I've had a bunch of visitors this week! I'm going to go rest up now.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I don't like Halloween much because people keep ringing the door bell and I don't get to see who it is or even get to play with them. This weekend I had lots of visitors. The boys even came over for a slumber party! Tonight they're coming over again, but not for very long and if I remember right they won't look like themselves. They were telling Mom and Dad they're going to be an Indian and a Ninja. I'm not sure what either of those look like, but I'm sure they're going to require some sniffing. The little girl said she's going to be a spidergirl. I don't think that's a good idea though. Gunnar and Dad kill spiders for Mom! I'll try to make sure they don't squish her though.
I switched over to Blogger Betta (no clue what that means) and Mom has been telling me some of the cool things I can do. I want to start a friend's list so if you would like to be included in my list e-mail Mom at or leave me a comment. We need your name and your link to your blog. I'd like to put a picture in too, but I'll have to ask Mom for help on that. I know how to do it in a blog, but that side bar stuff still makes me a little confused sometimes.
OH! I almost forgot!! Dad is ordering my boots today. Last night Mom and Dad tried measuring my feet. I wasn't sure what they were doing. I thought we were playing a weird game. It was funny and Mom and Dad were laughing. Dad says we need to get my boots ordered so that I'll have them for pheasant hunting in a couple of weeks. He wants to make sure I get used to them before we go hunting. I can't wait! Last year I kept getting into things that hurt my feet and I spent most of the time trying to get pokey things out of my feet. This year I won't have to worry about that! I'm sure Mom will take pictures of me in my boots once they come.
It's cold today so I'm going to go make a nest on Mom and Dad's bed and take a nap. That drives Mom crazy! She says she puts the plankets over the bed to make sure I don't get dirt in the bed, but it's much more comfy and warm if they're arranged in a nest shape. Silly Mom! It's not that hard to get the dirt out of the sheets! This morning I already started my nest before she left for work. She came in and saw me laying on the bed and laughed and called me a "goofy dog." Personally I think I'm very smart. OH! That reminds me too! (Okay, maybe I'm not going to take my nap yet.) Mom gets this magazine from a company for free because she ordered Dad's birthday presant from another company once. The company she ordered from is a bird hunting supplies place (that's where Dad's getting my boots from) and the magazine that comes is something about hunting birds. Well, Mom doesn't read the magazine, Dad does. It's funny! Mom teases Dad about reading her mail. They're so funny!! Anyway, Dad said he doesn't like the magazine because they keep talking about how dumb dogs are!! Can you believe that?!?! If dogs were so dumb then how could we get on computers and blog. I know there's lots of dog blogs out there! Plus! I understand what Mom and Dad say when they're talking and I learn new tricks really fast (Dad taught me speak to go outside right before he left for hunting and I drove Mom crazy, if it wasn't so much fun I'd feel sorry for Mom!) and I can tell you who pulled into the driveway by the sound of the engine and I can hunt and I protect my Mom and sister and sometimes my brother and I can open my kennel door if it's not latched and I know who is allowed near my fence in the backyard and who needs to stay away and I know the difference between the Jeeps (which is hard because we have so many of them) and Mom's car and tons of other stuff!! I decided I don't like that magazine either. Mom said it's free so Dad doesn't have to read it. He said since it's free he'll still read it and make fun of the people that don't know what they're talking about.
I just thought of something else! I got distracted yesterday and forgot to get on to blog. It was because of the time change. I don't know why they messed with the clocks, but it's really annoying. I know exactly when Mom and Dad are supposed to be home and they're an hour late every day!! This morning I got up on the bed and cuddled with Mom because I thought she was going to be late and she said it was ok and scratched my ears. Ear scratching makes everything okay! Gunnar isn't happy about it at all. He says he's on a very strick eating schedule and they're an hour late! He says he could pass out and maybe even have to go to the doctor if he's not fed on time. Sunday he tried telling Mom she forgot to feed him and she kept saying that he was too early and had to wait another hour. She ended up feeding him 15 minutes early because she was so annoyed with him. I guess cats are pretty smart too because Gunnar can tell time and he knows how to open his food can and my food container. Now only if he could figure out the treat jar. I'm sure I could figure it out if he would get up on the counter and knock the jar down to me. The time change really doesn't bother me too much as long as Mom and Dad come home close to when they're supposed to be there. I think for Christmas Mom and Dad need to get Gunnar a watch to help him get through the time change stuff so he doesn't get so worried everytime they change the clocks.
Okay, NOW I'm going to go take a nap for sure this time. All that typing made me really tired and I need to rest up for tonight. Bye!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sasha's Birthday

I forgot to tell you about Sasha's birthday! Mom and Dad gave her a new bed so she'll hopfully stay out of my bed. It seems okay for now. They gave it to her before Dad left for hunting so Dad could see what she would do. She loves it. Mom put it in the spot of her old bed and put her blankie on it and she doesn't try to sleep in my bed anymore! Cool huh! On Sasha's birthday and on Mom's birthday we got cheese!!! It was great!!

Have a great weekend everybody! Mom's making cookies and I help her keep the kitchen clean while she's doing it. I take care of the floor for her. She's very messy. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Do You Think?

What do you think of the changes I've made to my site? Mom and I went ahead and switched our blogs to the Blogger Beta and so far it seems pretty cool. I think it's less confusing and now I have my picture on the top of the page all the time so everybody knows how cute I am.
It's really nice having Dad home again. he has his hunting stuff in the living room still cuz he needs to go through it to wash stuff and fix some stuff and Gunnar keeps trying to get into stuff so I try to keep him out and they we both get into trouble because we're being too rough.
While Dad was gone Mom took pictures of us. This is pretty much what we did while Dad was gone. I guess that's pretty much what we do when he's home, but when he's gone there's a lot of whining and woofing at weird noises.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dad is Home!

Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home!
I sleot sooooooo good last night! I've been very busy all weekend making sure the house was safe and all the creepy noises were taken care of. Dad came home last night and I was very excited! Sasha and I got to go outside with Dad and he scratched out ears and rubbed our tummies and loved us a bunch! Mom was very happy, too. Mom slept much better with Dad home. Now we are getting ready for pheasant hunting Novemener 10th. Dad said he needs to order my boots so I don't hurt my feet again. I CAN'T WAIT!
I'm going to go take a nap now. All this excitement is wearing me out.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Aunt Gillian sent another picture of my new cousin Bruitis and I wanted to share it with all of you. Isn't he funny?
Dad is loaded up and pretty much ready to go. When he gets off work he's going to grab something to eat and then they're leaving. Mom said I can sleep in the big bed tonight as long as I don't take up too much space. I told her I'd try not to. There's so much space to stretch out on the big bed though! During the day I like to go into the room and move the blankets around and make a nice cozy nest area. Mom says I'm not supposed to do that because I get dirt in the bed. But it's so much more comfy that way!!!
I'll try to post tomorrow but I don't think I'll be able to during the weekend. Mom and Sasha's birthdays are this weekend so we'll be busy. I think we get cheese on Sasha's birthday!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


It's cold outside. I wouldn't mind it so much if there was snow out there to play in. Sasha has been acting weird lately. Usually you dont' 'have to call her to come inside if it's cold outside, she's waiting by the door for someone to let her in. Here lately though I get inside and Mom tells me to go get her and it sometimes takes me 3 times! It's really annoying. I get in where it's warm then have to go out in the cold then back and forth a couple more times. I like running though so it's ok.
I'm going to go curl up on the couch in Mom's HUGE blanket for an afternoon nap. The blanket is big enough for Sasha and I both to make nests in for an afternoon nap. Mom lets us too! She even spreads it out to make it easier for us to make our nests. We're so loved!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pictures From Saturday!

Mom got the pictures!

This is me checking out the scenary.

Here I'm thinking about running over to the creek and jumping in.

We stopped so Mom could take some cool pictures and she took one of me!

This was after the snake incident. Dad was looking for some more goards and Mom was holding one and I really wanted her to throw it. She's tricky! She held the goard up by the camera so it looks like I'm looking at the camera. To tell you the truth, I didn't even notice there was a camera there.

This picture wasn't from the weekend, but it gives you an idea of what I've been doing since then.

This is Sasha sniffing for birds or squirrels. She was really tired at the end of the day because the grass was so much taller than her. Which is probably why she saw the snake and nobody else did.

This was back at the truck. Sasha was waiting very patiently for me to finish my drink of water.

Monday, October 16, 2006


We went on our adventure Saturday and it was GREAT! I couldn't run off the rope because there were other people up there and Dad said it was opening day of 1st season. No clue what that means.
Mom got some really AWESOME pictures. She forgot to take her camera this morning to work to get the pictures off because she was running late was trying to remember the stuff for her doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'll try to remind her tomorrow.
Dad pointed out some REALLY big elk foot prints that were really cool to see. There were a lot of different footprints in the run off areas from the creek near by. We went up through a meadow and Dad and I stepped over a patch of tall grass and then Sasha started to go through and jumped back. There was a snake in the grass. Mom and Aunt Cassie said Sasha saved their lives. Dad said it was just a bull snake. I don't know the difference between snakes so if Dad says it's no big deal, I'm sure it is. Mom was saying that Sasha must only like to hunt stuff that has feathers or fur. Me too!! I just don't catch them and kill htem. I let Dad do that part. We went back to the runnoff area because everything was making Mom jumpy. On the way back Mom found a goard. I have no idea what those are but it looked like a tennis ball and I really wanted Mom to throw it so I could chase it. Dad found some more and they're going to use them for fall decorations. I'm sure they'd be much better as a fetching toy.
We went back to the truck and went to get some lunch and went home. I rode in the back of the truck and on the way home, I got up on the deck and layed by one of the side windows and rested because I was so tired. I didn't get to play in the creek this time which was a bummer, but Mom said it would have been really cold water. That's okay with me! I got to do lots of other cool stuff though.
Sunday Mom and Dad went to visist some family and Aunt Cassie took care of us. She didn't have to do much because we slept most of the day because we were so tired. When Mom and Dad came home they smelled like other dogs, but told us we were better than those other dogs (I think they were just trying to make use not angry). We didn't care we were happy to see them and were still too tired to do much. Dad got on the floor with us and we played with the big funny box they got the gun cabinet in Friday night. Gunnar and I have been playing with the box a lot. Sasha doesn't like the box so she went to hide. Dad kept throwing my bone down to the end of the box and I could go in and turn around and bring it back. He locked me in once! I didn't like it at first til I figured out he wasn't holding it closed very tight and I could stick my nose out and sneeze on him. Everybody went to bed early last night because we were all so tired from the weekend. Well, Gunnar didn't. He stayed up and played with the box some more for awhile.
I'm going to go take a nap now. Telling the story reminds me how tired I was! Dad leaves Thursday night for the other kind of hunting (the kind I cant' go for) so since I'll be in charge I don't know how much I'm going to be able to post until he gets home on Tuesday. I'll post the pictures from this weekend soon and I'll let you know how I protected the house while Dad's gone so be sure to keep checking back.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I Can't Wait!!!

Mom and Dad were talking last night and Mom really wants to go take fall pictures and we're going up to an area so Dad can show Mom some flood damage from the summer. Aunt Cassie is coming too so I get to ride in the back of the truck! I love riding in the truck! Front and back! I can't wait!
It was really cold this morning I hope it's not too cold tomorrow. I'll be running around and warm, but Sasha doesn't do very good off her leash and gets cold really easy so she'll have to stay on her leash and not run around as much. I can't wait!
There was something else I was going to tell you about, but I have no idea what it was now because I'm too excited about going on an adventure!
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Getting Cold

It's been kind of cold lately and Sasha's whining about it. Sasha's mad Mom got her hair cut again right before it started getting cold. Poor Mom does that every year. Sasha has to have a haircut at the end of the summer (not as short as the first summer one though) and Mom tries really hard to make sure that it isn't going to get really cold after her haircut, but weather changes fast in Colorado. Sasha's doing a good job of keeping warm though. The first picture she curled up in a couple of the pillows from the couch and the second picture Mom put her up in bed after she got out of bed so Sasha curled up in Mom's warm spot in the big bed. Gunnar is also more cudley when it gets colder, but he doesn't stick around for the camera so I don't have any cute picture of him trying to keep warm. Dad started messing with the fireplace lst night. He brought in the wood tub and filled it and Mom has to get her candles out of the fireplace now. She has this cool thing for the summer that looks like logs of wood and she puts little candles in it and it looks like a fire. Gunnar's excited about the fire place getting ready. He likes to lay on the bed Mom put down between the couch and fireplace when the fire is going. He lays there all night when the fire's going. Sasha doesn't like the popping noises or the noises the wood makes when it moves. Last year there was some wood that made squeeling noises. Dad explained why but I can't remember and Sasha didn't care. I like helping Dad bring in the wood, but he doesn't like me to help because I don't want to give back the stick. It's been really hard to leave the stick alone this morning. They're just sitting in the tub and I want to go get one, but I'm being a good girl so I won't do that.....maybe. I'm going to go curl up in Mom's blanket she left on the couch.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Family Member!

No, Mom and Dad didn't adopt another kid. This is my new cousin Bruitis. My Aunt Gillian said he's Uncle Joe's dog. She said that my cousin Bailey likes having someone to play with besides the cats (her cats aren't fun like myne is). They really aren't sure what breed he is. He's got a lot of mixes in him. Isn't he cute? He's 2 1/2 years old so he's around my age.
Welcome to the family Bruitis! I can't wait to meet you!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Weekend

This weekend was cool! Dad had to work but Mom and Aunt Cassie stayed home all day Saturday and let Sasha and I in and out all day. Sasha thinks there's something living in the wood pile so she's trying to get it. Mom said Sasha's driving her crazy and if he isn't good I get her birthday present! I know they got her a new bed. There's no way I'll fit in it, plus I love my bed so I'm hoping Mom is talking about the cheese! Sunday we didn't go outside much because it rained all day. That wasn't much fun. But, Mom payed attention to me alllll day! I even curled up on the couch with her and watched NASCAR! She fell asleep, but I woke her up so she could see who won the race. There was a big wreck at the end so she was happy to get to see the end.
It's still kind of yucky weather today and I'm a little bored. Mom and Aunt Cassie curled up in Mom's HUGEMUNGOUS blanket that Mom crocheted last night and left it on the couch and so I've been curled up in it most of the morning. It's nice and warm, but I'm still bored. I was so happy that Mom helped me make a nice little nest in the blanket that I forgot to ask her for chewies! I'll remember to ask at lunch though. That's in a half hour! WOOHOO!!
Talk to everybody later!

Friday, October 06, 2006

There's Another Dog Like Sasha Out There!

Look at this:
This dog is sooooooooooooooooo mcuh like Sasha! Looks like her, acts like her! I wonder if there's another one like me out there!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mom and I Are Pouting

Dad is pretty much ready for hunting. He keeps messing with his pack and adding more to it and rearranging it and it's driving me crazy! Mom and I have decided not to act happy for him at all while he's doing all this. Mom said we'll have to go through this again in Novemeber. BUT she also said that it looks like we're going for opening weekend of pheasant hunting! WOOHOO!! Mom said they bought Sasha's birthday presant last night. They said it will hopefully help with her stealing my bed all the time. I'm not sure what that means. Maybe they got a special security system to go around my bed that nobody but me can lay on it. I doubt that though. We'll find out after Dad goes hunting. He leaves the day before Sasha's birthday and then comes home the day after Grandma's birthday. That's funny that Sasha's birthday is the 21st, Mom's is the 22nd and Grandma's is the 23rd. Dad said it's easier to remember them that way. He's leaving though so it's up to me to wish everyone a happy birthday on the right day! Oh well, I can handle it.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now before Mom comes home for lunch.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm A Wrestler!

Last night Dad got down on the floor with me and we wrestled! I love wrestling! I got a little too rough though and caught Dad with a tooth so I had to calm down and when I did I got a belly rub. I love belly rubs! I was really tired after that so I curled up in the chair next to Mom and she petted my head. It was a GREAT night!
Mom also got her new photography on her website ( Here is one of my favorites:
I've been there! I didn't get to go this year, but I went last year. These are he last building left of a minging town called Holy Cross City. I sniffed all those rock there to the right and inside that first building. Check out Mom's website to see her new stuff.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I Miss Bailey!

Yesterday Mom and Dad went to Visit Aunt Gillian for her birthday and when they came home I smelled Bailey on them. I almsot tripped Mom because I was sniffing her pants so much. I wish I could have gone with them to see Bailey, but they were taking Aunt Cassie's nice car. I can't wiat until Mom gets new tires on her car. Then I can go with them to see Bailey.
Sasha got her haircut Thursday. I was gettng really tired of everybody telling her how cute she is but then Dad was talking to the neighbor. He is going to put up a new fence to keep Lucky in the yard (and hopefully make him stop barking so much). The 2 little girls that live at the house wanted to throw my stick for me so the neighbor lifted them over the fence and they threw the stick for me a lot! It was great! They're so cute!!! They have pretty good arms on them too! I had a lot of fun and the attention wasn't on Sasha IT WAS ON ME!!!!
I tried giving Mom the sad eyes at lunch today to get her to stay hmoe with us and play with me, but it didn't work. I love when Mom stays home (if she's not sick) because she loves to bake and she;s a very msessy baker so I get to clean the floor lots. I REALLY loved when she made cookies for Dad because the cookies would always stick to the pan bad and she'd have to scrape the pans really good and of course would miss the trash. She got new pans though and the cookies don't stick to them. Mom did find some crums for me though. Last night she made cinnamon rolls for breakfast at work. Mom let us try a little piece and I think they are very yummy. It took a long time for them to bake though and the mess was mostly that white powder that mom calls "flower" (doesn't smell or look pretty though) and I don't like that stuff very much.
I'm going to go take a nap now on Mom and Dad's bed. Gunnar has been on Aunt Cassie's all weekend and all day today so I haven't gotten to pick on him very much. Sasha keep shiding because of her haircut so I can't pick on her either! Mom needs a job where she can stay at home with me all day! That way she can still have money to buy us treats and toys but she'll also be home when I'm bored. Anybody know of a job my Mom can do from home?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Love Chewies

Mom and Dad give us chewies all the time. Sasha and I usually argue about who gets what one and who gets the last one. Mom says they are good for our teeth and gums. We really don't care about that. We just like chewing on them. Mom says they're better for me than her pens, but her pens are fun to chew on too. That usually makes her mad though so the chewies are better.
Sasha's birthday is next month. I hope Mom and Dad get her a big bone like they did for me. I'll let her have what she wants, but she's little so she won't eat too much of it. Sasha is also getting a haircut tomorrow. It think it's funny because she hates it so much. I hope Dad takes me when he goes to drop her off and pick her up cuz I'LL GET TO RIDE IN THE TRUCK! Aunt Cassie will also be here tomorrow night so I don't know how much I'll get to post for awhile. I'll get on when I can though.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We Went For A Ride

Last night Mom and Dad loaded some boxes into the truck and I was a little nervous. I don't like moving and it looked like that's what was going on. Sasha told me not to worry, her and Mom have moved a lot and there's a ton more boxes involved. Sasha was right. Mom had cleaned out the spare bedroom for Aunt Cassie to stay in and needed a spot to store the boxes so Grandma said she could store them in her basement and Sasha and I got to go when they took them over!! I ran all over Grandma's yard and sniffed everything. Sasha started to run off towards the road and didn't come when she was called so she had to go on the leash but I didn't! After the boxes were in the house we got to go inside and we ran all over the upstairs. We didn't go in the basement though. We don't like the stairs. They're too slippery. After a fe minutes of talking to Grandma we had to go home. This time I got to ride in the back up on the deck. I put my head through the window to sniff the air, but Dad was afraid I would get my nose stuck or squished if the cab and the back cover flexed funny. I still had fun. I love riding anywhere in the truck!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sasha The Hunting

Yesterday when Mom let us out at lunch I caught a squirrell that fell off the wire and then Sasha got it from me. Mom called us in and at first couldn't figure out what Sasha had in her mouth. Mom didn't know I had anything to do with the squirrel so shhhhhh! Anyway, when Mom figured out what it was she started yelling at Sasha to drop it. Sasha wanted to take it in the house really bad, but Mom didn't want her to. I don't blame her! It's a dead animal! I'm all about going hunting, but I don't like dead animals in my mouth! Mom kept yelling at Sasha to drop it. Mom forgot I'm the one that drops things when told....most of the time. Sasha wouldn't drop it so Mom smacked her butt and she dropped it and Mom used her foot to block Sasha from the squirrel and scooted her into the house. Sasha really wanted to get it so I followed right behind her and while Mom moved it away from the doorway I made sure Sasha didn't get out. Mom called Dad and he came home a few minutes later to get rid of it real quick so it wasn't there when she let us out after work. We searched the yard for it when Mom let us out but we couldn't find it. Sasha was really upset, but Mom was glad it was gone. Mom still won't let Sasha give her kisses. That's okay, it gives me more chances to give Mom kisses. Mom said she saw Sasha eating poop before she left for work so the squirrel sort of made it official that Sasha's tongue wasn't allowed near anybody for awhile. Mom says she doesn't understand why the prissy dog is the one with gross stuff in her mouth. I guess being prissy doesn't mean you're very smart.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now before Mom gets home.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pictures Are Ready

Mom has the pictures fro the August trip finally up. There aren't any pictures of me so if you don't go it's ok. The link is: and click on the 2006 Trips tab and they're at the top. It looks like they had fun, but not as much as if I had been there.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Now Dad's Hurt!

Dad was working on a Jeep for a guy this weekend and he cut his finger really bad. Mom wasn't feeling good because she started some new medication and helping Dad clean his hand made her feel worse. She was supposed to have the room for Aunt Cassie ready over the weekend, but after that, she curled up on the couch and I curled up under her on the floor. Dad cleaned out his cut and put a big bandaid on it and then went back to work on the Jeep. Mom agreed with me that he should have taken a break. I would have made sure he was taking a break, but I needed to stay inside with Mom to make sure she was okay. It was tough making sure everyone was okay all weekend. Finally, Sunday Dad used the big brown bottle on his finger. Obviously my cut was better because he didn't even act like it hurt him. He did it again last night and same thing! He said his is started to heal pretty good, but Mom thinks that's just because he doesn't want to go to the doctor.
Mom's also been making sure the spare bedroom door is shut tight so we can't get into stuff in the spare room. Gunnar gave our secret away that we could get in there. He spoiled the fun for everybody! I got it open today though. She said she's going to try to finish the room tonight and from looking at the mess, it looks like I'm not going to get much attention from mom tonight. There's stuff everywhere! She's feeling much better now so maybe she'll be able to do it. I'll help her as much as I can. I'll make sure Gunnar stays out of the way, too.
Mom will be home in an hour so I better make sure I can get the door to shut.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Bored

Dad didn't come home for lunch today because his new job is keeping him very busy, but he'll be home around 5 so that's cool and Mom couldn't come home either because she had a lucky pot. I have no idea what that means, but she takes food to work once a month for a birthday lucky pot. I gues everybody brings food and they add it to a pot or something and make something weird. I wish Mom would finish this room because it's a pain getting the door open to come post. They keep the door shut because Gunnar likes to come in and mess with stuff. They think they're keeping me out too so I don't get the stuffed animals, but the door doesn't latch very good and I'm big enough to open and close it myself.
It's almost time for kids to get out of school so I have to go bark at them if they get near my yard now.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Stuff

Mom and Dad have a mercahndise shop with 4-wheeling stuff and Mom's art. Mom said last night that there were new colors for the baby stuff you should check them out. They're really cute. Here's the pictures and the link to the store:

I haven't been able to get into this room to post because Mom is trying to get it ready for Aunt Cassie to come stay with us for awhile. I'm so excited! She can pay attention to Sasha while I get all the attention from Mom and Dad. Woohoo!
I better go see what Gunnar's doing now. I've been trying to keep him in line for Mom and Dad.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Mom Has Pictures Up

Mom has some of the pictures posted on It looks like they had a lot of fun. I really wish I could have gone, but it sort of sounds like it was a good thing I wasn't there. Poor Mom kept switching vehicles since the Big Jeep wasn't there and there was lots of rain which meant I wouldn't have been able to run around as much. It's okay, I'm getting ready for November. That's hopefully when the first pheasant hunting trip will be. October Dad will go for deer and I'll have to take care of Mom and then in November he goes for elk and I'll have to take care of Mom then too. I can't wait to go hunt for pheasants and rabbits!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Friday was AWESOME!

Dad took me bird hunting Friday and I had lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of fun!!!! We went on a drive that wasn't too far and we parked and I got out and started sniffing around and then we walked a little ways and guess what I saw! A CREEK!!!!! It wasn't a very deep creek so I couldn't go swimming, but I layed in it and rolled around. It was a blast!! Then I had to get back to work. I walked aroudn with Dad for awhile. There were a bunch of squirels running around and they were starting to annoy me so I chased one. After a couple minutes I realized Dad was going to be mad at me. Dad finally found me and yelled at me and said he was glad to see me. I guess for awhile he thought I was gone gone. I sort of didn't know where I was so it's agod thing Dad did find me. Dad still doesn't know what I chased. The squirels didn't annoy me anymore after that because they saw me chase their friend off. Well, when we started abck to the truck so I could get somethign to drink Dad saw a bear paw print on top of one of his. It was a small young bear, but still not good. We weren't having any luck in that spot anyway so we got in the truck and moved to a different spot. I really want to rest after the chase, but Dad told me no way. we got out at the new spot and walked for awhile and dad shot at 3 birds and got 1. I went over to is and stood by it so he knew where it was. He put it in the bird bag and we went to find some more. We couldn't find any so Dad decided to do some training. He threw the bird and told, me to fetch it. I knew he wanted me to bring the bird to him instead of staying by it and I tried a couple times. Have you ever had a dead bird in your mouth? I know I'm a dog and I lick my own butt and everything, but I do not like dead birds in my mouth! They're yucky and they feel funny. The other times I went and say by the bird and once I layed down to show Dad where it landed, but I was really tired.
On the way home I tried to get comfortable in the truck but really couldn't because I was so tired. Then Dad turned the air conditioner on and it blew right on me and I fell asleep until we got back to town and went to tell Mom we were home. She was happy to see me, especially after Dad told her I almost got lost. I told her hi and I loved her and then curled up back on my seat. I slept good the rest of the afternoon and the next day.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weather Pictures

Here's the pictures Mom took of the stom on Saturday. She couldn't get them yesterday because she was having computer trouble at work.
This is a picture Mom took during the rain. That's not fog, that's the rain coming down with some hail in it. The trailer you see off to the right stuck their weather station out about the same time and measures the wind to go 112 mph! That's fast!! There was a bunch of water in the back of the truck that is right there in front of the picture. Even though I think it would have been really fun to play in all that wat er, I'm glad I wasn't there.
These are the pictures of the clouds Mom took after the storm. She said it was still raining at this time, but not too bad. They look kind of creepy to me. I'm really glad I wasn't there!

Mom said this was the way out and the reason they got home so late. The picture on the left is on the road and the picture on the right is just right of the road. They said when they went through that morning that was a dry ditch. That would have been a lot of fun to play in if it wasn't going so fast and if there weren't trees and stuff going down so fast. I am sooo glad I wasn't there!
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. I've been doing that a lot lately just because I think he needs it.
OH! I almost forgot! How could I forget this!!! I'm not going to post tomorrow because I'm going to be very busy hopefully! Dad is off tomorrow and tomorrow starts a hunting season for birds. I don't know what kind and I really don't care what kind! I GET TO GO RUN AROUND TOMORROW WITH DAD!!!!! That is if he's feeling ok. He got a cold from Saturday and isn't feeling to great. If we stay home he's not going to do anything which still means he'll be with me all day! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Poor Mom

Mom is working really hard on getting the pictures from the trip. Mom and Dad decided to go to Pueblo Saturday to watch a friend drag race. Tey told Sasha and I they weren't going to be gone long. Well, they ended up in a tornado! It wasn't classified as a tornado because it never touched ground, but I heard them telling other people about the damage and I'm very glad I didn't go with them! They had to wait out the storm in one of the race car trailers. Mom said all but 2 port-a-potties were blown over and the 2 standing ones were really wet. I'm glad I'm a dog! They had to leave Mom's car there and go back and get it the next morning and they saw more of the damage. The road they came in on was washed out in a spot (they had to take a really muddy way out which is why they left Mom's car) and there were trees and stuff knocked over.
Mom took some pictures so she'll add those to the website too. She's been really busy at work so she hasn't been able to get things done on the pictures. She had them saved on the server at work and then the server went down. She's going to work really hard at getting them on this weekend. I'll let you know when you can see them. I might try to get the storm pictures from her to show you. They're cool pictures!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

They're Home

Mom and Dad got home Sunday afternoon. I was so happy to see them I forgot to be mad at them. Even though I'm not in any of the pictures, I'll let you know when Mom has them posted on the website so you can see them. They had a few problems on the trip and it turned out that it was probably a good thing I wasn't there, but I still wish I could have gone.
Mom took Monday off and I sort of let her know that I was upset still. I chewed up her favorite pen that has been on the coffee table all weekend and I hid her lotion bottle that was on the coffee table when she went to run some errands. Of course I got into trouble, but it made me feel better. When Mom and Dad come home from work I make sure they spend lots of time paying attention to me. Mom gets mad though because my nails are a little long. Dad said maybe next Friday we'll go visit the groomer. I'm okay with that, but Sasha hates going. She has to get a hair cut and her nails cut though. Sasha hates her paws touched because she doesn't like her nails being clipped. I'm okay with it though. I know once they're trimmed, Dad and I get to wrestle and we don't have to worry about me scratching him.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. He's been acting weird lately and i have to figure out why. He's been cuddly and nice! I may have to convince Mom into taking him to the doctor.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Visit Jen

Hi again. I wanted to tell everybody about a blog. This is the link to the blog: Jen is a very nice lady and Mom and I like to read her blog everyday. She works for NASA and is also a dog lover like Mom. She has adopted poodles from a poodle rescue in Florida and volunteers for the rescue. She spoils her poodles like Mom and Dad spoil Sasha, Gunnar and I. She just lost her poodle Ollie that she's had for a long long time. Go to her blog and read all her stories about her dogs and leave her a little supportive message. She also has a bird as a pet. I really don't understand why you'd want to keep a bird as a pet when they're so much fun to chase, but then again Mom keeps fish in a giant glass container and calls them pets (she even talks to them!!) so I guess Mom's just do weird things sometimes. So, visit Jen and you'll see some ymmuy recipes, some funny stories and some cool pictures of the space shuttle.
Since I'm a rescued dog, I have a lot of respect for Jen. Those of us that have needed rescued know there are some people that don't take care of pets and love them like they should and there are some people that love their pets a bunch. My parents and Jen love their pets a lot. Jen takes care of her poodles when they're sick or hurt just like my Mom and Dad took care of me and my foot and when Sasha had that problem with the weed stuck in her throat last year. I'm sure it's hard for Jen not having Ollie around anymore, but I'm sure all her other kids and her husband will help her through it.

They're Getting Ready

Mom and Dad are getting stuff ready for the trip. I'm still very sad I don't get to go. My foot has a big scab on it and Dad doesn't want that to come off in the water or the rocks or where ever else I am. All the rigs are full to because there's a bunch of people going but not enough rigs. I really really want to go to! Who's going to protect Mom when she has to go potty and who's going to entertain the kids and who's going to get up with Chuck to have coffee? I'm going to go take a nap now and try not to thnk about it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This Week Isn't Much Better

I'm still going to Grandma's every day because of my food. Dad says it looks really good and there's a scab forming that is really good. He thinks after this week is over I don't have to go to grandma's anymore. I like going to Grandma's, but I'm kind of getting tired of it. It is much better than going with Mom to work though. That was really boring.
Mom and Dad are also getting ready for the trip. I'm still upset I can't go. I REALLY wanted to go! Grandma and Aunt Nikki are going to take care of us while Mom and Dad are gone. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with them and Sasha might get to come to Grandma's during the day with me. That will be nice to have someone to play with.
It sounds like Mom's coming back inside so I better go. They let me keep the bandage off for a little while to let it air out, but that means I can't go outside. It's nice not having the bandage on, but it's even nicer to be outside with Dad.

Friday, August 04, 2006

What A Crappy Week!

Sorry I haven't posted all week. I've sort of been busy. Mom and Dad had been talking about not taking me on the trip in a few weeks and now it's a done deal. I'm not going. The reason is because I hurt my back foot really bad and they want to make sure it's healed before I go do stuff like that. I guess they're right, but it still sucks!
Monday I spent all day with Mom and work. It was fun to get to go somewhere, but it was kind of boring at her office. There was this machine that made lots of noises and then paper would come out of it with a bunch of colors and pictures on it and Mom would go get the paers out. I guess that it was supposed to be making all that noise because Mom never tried to make it stop. She kept going over and getting the papers out and then put them on a pile on her desk. When Dad came over on his lunch to change my bandage Mom took the stack of stuff down the stairs and didn't come back with them. Tuesday through yesterday and for a little while this morning I went to Grandma's house. That was a ton more fun!! Grandma said that while Mom and Dad are gone she'll come get me and Sasha during the day to come play while Aunt Nikki is at work. That will be fun.
The bandage is really getting annoying. It really doesn't hurt unless Dad is messing with it. There's this brown bottle that I REALLY hate when he dumps the stuff on. It looks like water but I know water doesn't feel like that!!!! They poor that on my cut and then put some gooey stuff on that doesn't really hurt and Dad says it will make it heal faster so I'm okay with that. Then they put this weird white cloth on and then wrap a bunch of tape around. It's really annoying to walk around on it. I wish they would just let me lick it instead of using that brown bottle and that stupid bandage stuff. Dad said it looks really good today when Mom came home from lunch and they changed it. Dad went to help Mom at her job this morning for a little bit (I guess the machine was making a lot more colorful paper today or something) and then he started working on getting the truck ready for camping.
I'm going to try not to get upset about not going camping by thinking about pheasant season coming up really soon. I'm going to show Dad that I'm really good this year. I've been doing some research online. Really my biggest thing is I get too excited and forget to stay closer to Dad. I'm going to try really hard this year to show him I can do it better than last year. I did okay last year, but had to stay with Mom one afternoon because Dad was a little frustrated.
I'm going to go lick my bandage for awhile before Dad comes in to check on me again. I hate being injured! It's boring and I have to stay in the house so dirt won't get in the cut. Maybe I'll go chase Gunnar a little, too.
I'll try to post next week more, but I don't know what Mom and Dad have planned for me. Hopefully they just let me stay home and take care of my cut myself.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everybody's Busy

Dad was working on the yard this moring and I helped a little bit and now he's working on the Big Jeep. Mom's been on the computer all morning getting her art stuff on. She took a break so I thought I'd jump in real quick and post something.
I really hope Dad gets the Big Jeep fixed. I heard him tell Mom to ask Aunt Nikki if she can come stay with me just in case he can't get the Jeep fixed. I really don't want to stay home that weekend! That's why I'm not whining to go outside. I know he's working really hard so I can go and I don't want to bother him. It's also way too hot outside for a black dog!
Mom has gotten a lot of her art stuff done. You'll have to check it out! Her artwork is on and she's putting stuff on merchandise on (that's also where you can buy Wheelin stuff). She's been working on a rooster all morning. We have the original hangining in our living room and I'm glad he's up high so I don't see him all the time. He kind of gives me the creeps. I think he would look better in the kitchen than the living room, don't you think? Be sure to leave Mom some good comments about her art work so she won't get frustrated and stop working on it. She has some REALLY cool stuff she's hoping to get done tomorrow!
I better let her have the computer back so she can get back to work.