Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Birthday Celebration!

Hey everybody!! Thank you very much for all the Happy Birthday wishes! It was a great day and a great weekend. I'm going to show you it, but first I need to ask if any of you hear of a job my Mom can have PLEASE e-mail her. I don't really care what the job is. She can do it from home as long as she sits at the table or a desk to do it!!! She is driving me nuts!! I thought I was going to love having her around those 2 hours in the morning, but I miss my nap time. Sasha and I usually have to kick her off the couch so we can get on with our day. This morning she didn't go to work until 11:00 because the other girl who had her hours cut and shares the duty of answering the phones with Mom needed to leave at noon so instead of Mom going in at 10:00, working an hour and taking lunch she just went in at 11:00. You're probably thinking that's cool! IT'S NOT!!! With that extra hour in the morning she did some extra housecleaning which meant she had time to VACUUM!!! Sasha, Gunnar and I were rudely woken by the stupid vacuum running when all 3 of us should have been napping!! So if any of you hear about a job my Mom can do for those 2 hours in the morning or one she can switch to permanently, I would greatly appreciate it and so would Gunnar and Sasha.
Okay, now about my birthday celebration! I told Mom and Dad not to buy me any new toys because I know we have to be careful with money right now in case Mom looses more hours or completely. Mom made us some pupcakes and Mom and Dad played lots and lots of fetch with me all weekend so I was very happy even without new toys.
Mom let us help make the pupcakes by licking the beaters and the spoons. Licking the beaters was much cuter, but Mom says it's hard to hold 2 beaters for us and a camera at the same time so she didn't get a picture of us licking the beaters. I'm going to add comments to my pictures. My words will be in green and Sasha's will be in red.

mmmm, Mom you have to share this recipe with all my friends. These are way better than last year's pupcakes!!!!!

Make fun of my crazy eyes all you want! I don't care because this stuff is AWESOME!!!!!

Are you sure they're still too warm to eat?

I am guarding the pupcakes so nothing happens to them.
Note from Mom: Kaos sat there the entire time watching the pupcakes after they came out of the oven. Her Grandma kept asking how she knew they were for her. The answer is, because she's a smart puppy!

These are what the pupcakes looked like. See how Mom made some tiny ones for Sasha and some big ones for me. The small ones are great for a quick snack for me, too. Mom says next time she'll probably make them all small. For the frosting I chose peanut butter. Notice there's no sprinkles or fancy decoration. That's because I didn't want to wait that long for them!!! It was torture enough waiting for them to cool. I'm going to make Mom post the recipe for all of you to try soon. The modifications she made to them this year will make you all drool a lot!!

I hate this stupid stay crap you guys always make us do before we get treats.
What do you mean you don't want peanut butter all over the carpet in the kitchen? Who cares! Mom, hurry up and get our food dishes or Dad looses a leg!!!

It's about time!!!!
Yur grawt tha mrighphmmm!!!
You can see in the above picture that I like to lick the frosting off the pupcake first, Sasha digs right in and takes it out of her bowl and eats off the floor. Mom says Sasha has always done that since she was a little puppy and nobody knows why.

Dang! I gowt peamutbutter snuck on the rwoof of my mowf!
Hurry up and eat that. I heard Dad tell Mom as soon as we finish this one, we get another one!!

hehe, That's not really what I was saying. I was actually trying to get that dang peanut butter off the roof of my mouth. Dad did try a pupcake and said it tasted pretty good. I wasn't happy he ate one of my pupcakes, but since it was my birthday I let him join the celebration. Mom said there was no way she was going to eat one after smelling the batter. She said she remembered why she only makes them once a year.

You can have my crumbs Sasha, I'm saving room for the second pupcake!!!

Mom told Dad if he gave us the second pupcake and she had to smell our gas all night long, Dad and I had to go sleep in the shop. I held all my gas in until the next morning after Dad left for work and I was curled up on the couch watching Turbo Dogs with Mom (we love watching that cartoon!!!). When Dad got home and laughed because I had such bad gas, he didn't make the situation any better when he revealed to Mom he had given me one for breakfast, too. I was sure Dad and I were going to have to sleep in the shop Saturday night, but by bedtime Mom had forgiven or forgotten about it so we slept in our beds.
On Sunday afternoon, Mom and Dad went fishing without me which was kind of upsetting, but when they came home I forgave them because Mom said they went to the ponds to go fishing this time and after walking around and surveying everything they decided once it gets warmer, I can go play in the ponds!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!! I'm not allowed to go fishing with them because I try to retrieve the lures, baits and bobbers after they throw them out, but Mom said they'll make a special trip to the ponds a few times this summer without their fishing poles so I can go along!!! I'm very excited!!
This is a picture for my buddy Dannan the Little Brown Dog and his Girl. How do you like my Elvis lip, Dannan? Your Elvis impersonation is way better, but I've been practicing just for you!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Baby's Birthday!

Hey everybody! This is Kaos's Mom. First, I want to thank everyone for their kind words dealing with my job. I'm seriously thinking about taking all of you up on the boxes of poop to be mailed. I'd be okay with the loss of hours if they weren't being so mean to me. I had a staff meeting yesterday and the 2 of us that had our hours cut were informed we were still expected to do the same amount of work with our fewer hours. If they schedule another one of those stupid meetings any time soon we're going to tell them that will only give us 4 hours to do 10 hours worth of work.
Anyway, enough about that and on to the important stuff. Today my girl turns 5 years old! Kaos is a rescue dog which makes it very amazing that we know her birthday. She was born at an army base pound in Arizona and soon moved to another state. In her first 16 months of her life she lived in 4 different states!! The reason we know that is because we have her vet records. She went to the vet at each army base for ear problems (she still has ear problems, but we're been able to manage them pretty good without the vet mostly by obvious reasons like cleaning he ears often.
June 2005 was a big month on our family. Kaos's Dad and I got married at the beginning of the month and then at the end of the month we took some of our wedding gift money and went to the Pueblo No Kill Shelter in Pueblo, Colorado. Just a few days earlier a 14 month old timid black lab named Shananae was brought to the shelter. Before I met my husband, I had adopted my little Sasha and then when we bought our house we adopted Gunnar (my husband told everybody a cat was cheaper than an engagement ring at the time, I got the ring a few months later). When we decided to adopt another dog, we wanted a dog that could go bird hunting and was okay with small dogs and cats. We stopped at the shelter as our first stop and really weren't planning on finding a dog. Right away we found a male black lab puppy that only had one eye. I started to walk up to his pen and after he tried to eat me we decided he wasn't going to be good with small dogs and cats and kept on moving. Next we saw a Chesapeake retriever that was gorgeous, but he was jumping up and almost clearing the 8 foot fence so we knew our 3 foot fence at home wasn't going to work at all. the shelter worker told us they had come in a couple mornings and he was on the roof. We went down a couple more pens and there was the timid black lab. She was so nervous but so adorable and beautiful. We watched her play a little with the Min-Pin she was sharing a pen with and decided she had to be good with small dogs to be in that dog. The worker asked if we wanted to go out to the play yard with her and we said sure. My husband and I went out to the pen and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. Finally they showed up and the worker said they had to get a female to hook her up to the leash because she was afraid of men. We were very thankful they told us that right away. The energetic lab ran aroudn and played with us. We thought that the picking up of twigs was pretty funny and cute and that menat she was playful. We scratched her ribs, her ears and fell in love with her! we put her back in her pen and went and filled out the paperwork. We had a bunch of other stops to make so we couldn't take her with us at the time. The workers told us we could give them half of the $40 adoption fee hold her and as long as we were back by 2:00, she could stay there until we came back. We gave them the full $40 of course and promised to be back way before 2:00. We sped off and did our errands and came back for our girl. I had to go in the pen to hook her up tp the brand new leash (everything we had for a dog was for a mini-dacshund, so one of our errands was to stop at Petsmart) and we walked out to the car and then started worrying how she was going to do on the 45 minutes car ride home. She was PERFECT! She layed down and chilled the entire time. When we walked in the house she was very excited. Gunnar was not happy and ran off and hid for a couple days. Sasha was okay because she had grown up with a black lab and a St. Bernard while we lived with my mother. Our new family member ran around crazy checking out her new house and her new yard. She wouldn't come if my husband called her so for a few days I was the one that had to call for her. We finally decided on a new name for our chaotic little girl. Lady Kaos learned how to love very quickly. I was having health issues and spent a lot of time sleeping on my couch with Kaos laying right below be on the floor. If she knew I wasn't feeling good, she was calm and attached to me. Her first hunting trip was a little chaotic, but wasn't too bad for her first trip. Her next ones were great. She gets upset if she flushes a bird and my husband doesn't shoot. She doesn't understand you can't shoot at every bird. It's really cute actually. She refuses to put the dead bird in her mouth though which is frustrating for my husbnad, but she will sit and guard the bird until he comes to get it. I don't blame her at all! lol

Kaos's personality has totally changed over the last 4 years. She is a big lover dog and is extremly smart. She can turn any bad mood around in seconds and knows when you need a hug. I always tell people Kaotic hugs can cure any bad mood. Through this stupid stuff going on at work she is there for me while I sit around for the 2 hours in the morning, is waiting for me at the door when I come home 2 hours later for lunch and is waiting for me again when I come home after work. Her obsessive fetch playing may be annoying once in awhile, but very entertaining and fun the reset of the time. She is my lap dog, my napping pillow, my test taster, my vacuum when I'm baking and cooking and my companion. I am so happy we adopted Kaos and didn't give up on her when she was working on letting her real personality come home.

It's time for me to start getting ready for work so I better get off here and give Kaos her birthday breakfast cookie and make sure I have all the ingredients for the pupcakes for tonight.

Happy 5th birthday to my chaotic girl!!!
We love you Sis!!!
Sasha & Gunnar

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tomorrow Is THE Day!

Letting Mom help me with posts isn't working out so well as you can tell. It makes her feel better though so I'll keep letting her help me. Hopefully she'll either find a new job soon or get back her hours and we can go back to our normal letting me do it on my own routine.
Be sure to check in tomorrow because it's MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW and Mom says she'll do a special post for me all about how awesome I am. I even posed for some pictures all dressed up! Tomorrow I get pupcakes, too!!! I REALLY can't wait for that!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Week Has Passed Already?

Hi everyone! First I want to say I'm very sorry for not posting over the last week. It hasn't been a very good week. I've been taking care of Mom a lot because 10 minutes before she left last Friday she found out her hours were being cut. She hates how they wait until 10 minutes before the end of Friday to announce stuff like that. Then Monday morning her bosses started being mean. I may have to take all of you up on the boxes of poop to be mailed and the visits to come bite her bosses because it's going to be a big job. Mom now spends 2 hours each morning with us before she goes to work. I'm totally enjoying it and wish she could stay home all day, but I know it upsets Mom, mostly because they have been so meant to her this week. She's had headaches and tummy aches all week because of those stupid people. In case you need a reminder or didn't know, Mom works in a real estate office and all the agents are mad and the managers. It wasn't just Mom, the girl Moms shares her office with got cut 2 hours a day, too. She's the one that figured out they are loosing 1 entire paycheck a month. Supposedly this is only supposed to last a month, but we'll see. After Mom does a proof for an agent's flyer she writes on it and tells the agent she's sorry it took so long and they send her emails and leave her messages telling her to don't even think about being sorry because it's not her fault. Mom has MAJOR self esteem issues so these reminders have helped her out a lot. Now if only the 2 stupid managers would stop being so mean to Mom and her coworker.

Okay, enough about that. My birthday is in 1 week!!! I will be 5 years old! I told Mom not to worry about buying me a gift this year as long as she makes me some pupcakes!! I can't wait!! She says she's going to experiment with the recipe a little this year. I know a lot of you don't like when your moms experiment with your food, but I love when my Mom experiments because its usually really good! Mom promises she's going to help me blog more next week (I can do it on my own, but it makes Mom feel special if I let he help me and she really needs that right now.) so I'll hopefully be able to share pictures with you finally and a cookie recipe! Mom is also going to experiment with that recipe a little. WOOHOO!!!

Huskee & Hershey tagged with the Hones Weblog award. Here's the rules:

"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog”. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

I am so far behind reading all your blogs I have no idea who's been tagged and who hasn't. If you haven't and you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!!

Okay here's my list:

1. My birthday is February 20th!

2. My Mom and Dad say I am Ubsessive Cumpulisve when it comes to fetching.

3. Mom can't start her day with out a morning cuddle from me because I won't let her!!

4. I'm hyper and crazy most of the time unless I can see that Mom isn't feeling good or is sad, then I am calm and quiet and take care of her by not leaving her side until she feels better.

5. I love to play fetch. (That is too different Mom!!!! #2 was about you saying I'm that weird thing, #5 is me telling everybody I love fetch!)

6. I love little kids. They taste good and they love to play games.

7. My boyfriend's name is Flash and he's the bestest boyfriend ever!!!!! (Go to this post to see some cute puppy pictures of Flash. You're still a cutie Flash!!)

8. This is hard! Okay, let's see. I'm considered the baby in the family even though I'm bigger than Sasha and Gunnar and I'm 3 months older than Gunnar because I was adopted last.

9. ummmmmmmm, My mom is the bestest baker!!! (I know that wasn't about me, MOM!!! Let me finish!) because she lives with me and lets me eat her mistakes (as long as it's dog safe of course) and even some of her successes. (See! That was about me!)

10, Okay, last one. Ummm, I like to play fetch with Mom the best! (No Mom!! That was different from the other 2 about fetch! The first one is you calling me that thing, the second one was me telling everyone I love fetch, this one is me saying I like playing with you the best. See! All 3 are different!)

I need to go take a nap now. That was a lot of hard thinking. I hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone, but especially to my Flash!!!!!! The start of NASCAR is this weekend, too so I have to say GO KYLE IN THE #17 M&M CAR!!!!!!! (Hey Maggie, Do you have your M&M collar ready for this weekend?)
Okay, I'm going to go take my nap now.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Remember Me?

Hey everybody!! Mom and I finally got caught up on reading everybody's blogs. It's hard for her to do it at work now because her boss keeps checking on her every hour. Mom is really getting annoyed. They also keep getting rid of services Mom takes care of in her department and she is now the only person in her department so she's pretty sure they're working on getting rid of her. Stupid people!!!

The Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots were AWESOME!!! Of course I didn't get very many because Mom, Dad and Grandma ate them all!! But Mom made us some cookies so it was all good (more on that in another post). Sasha and I didn't have very much fun during the Super Bowl game. Dad gets kind of crazy when his Steelers are winning and then when they were loosing it was almost worse! We were very happy when the game was finally over and Sasha and I could relax. Once time when Dad was jumping up and down celebrating, Sasha started yelling at him. She had enough and was telling Dad he needed to calm down. Why can adults tell us to do that, but when we do it to them they tell us to hush? Very unfair!!!!

All weekend I wished that Mom could stay home with us and Monday morning I got my wish only it wasn't very fun. Mom woke up with a really really bad headache and so Dad called into work for her (she could only say 1 word sentences because she was in so much pain) and then she slept until 2:30. We curled up on the couch after that and just hung out. My care made Mom feel lots better. She went back to work the rest of the week but still hasn't felt very good. Her headache comes and goes and sometimes she has stomache pains. She's pretty sure it's all work related pains because she feels fine in the evenings, but first thing in the morning she feels like crap. She says she needs to stop doing that because people at work are going to start thinking she has morning sickness from being pregnant instead of morning sickness from having to go to work in the morning!

I think I got you all updated on everything. i'm going ot leave you with a picture of me with snow nose because it's too warm here right now (Mom says she's in the mood to plant flowers because it's been so warm lately.) and I'm hoping it will remind Mother Nature that it's winter in Colorado and this is what is supposed to happen in winter in Colorado!!!
OH! One more thing!!! My birthday is exactly 2 weeks from today so be sure to get your humans to buy you some yummy treats to help me celebrate!!! I saw jars of babyfood in the pantry the other day which means PUPCAKES!!!!!!!! mmmmmmm, I love my birthday!
Have a great weekend!!!