Friday, May 30, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Friday Part 2

Hi everybody! Here's part 2 of this week's Artsy Fartsy Friday. I'm goin gto start with Mom's favorite room. It's not because she likes to spend a lot of time in there. She just thinks the bathroom tirned out the bestest. The paint is a light brown witha dark brown trip. Mom thought the trim was going to be too dark, but it looks good (especially with our decorations in it) and then when Dad put the tile floor in, it looked even more pawesome!

Here is the floor. It's a tiny bathroom so it's hard to get good pictures of it.

This is the bedroom. You'd think they matched the paint to the curtains, but they painted the room and then found the curtains later. Mom didn't think she'd like the grey, but it looks good, too.

The is the computer room and Mom's art studio. It's also where Mom's fish tank is. See the desk on the right side? That's where I am right now! The laptop fits very nicely where the keyboard to a regular computer should go. Mom's printer/scanner fits nicely where the monitor should be. I chose this picture instead of one with the fish tank or the big huge window that we like to look out all day because this way you get an extra bonus of artsiness. See my mom's picture there. It's a creek and a bridge. It's actually the creek I learned to swim in. It's taken from a photo she took and now she can't find the photo so she hasn't worked on it for awhile since she has to do it from memory. I've been trying to help her, but to tell you the truth, I don't remember much about anything but the water.

That's my house. The sign guy came today and I yelled at him a little bit. Hopefully now we'll et some showings so we can sell the house and get a HUGE one with a GIANT yard and a dishwasher of course.
Have a great weekend everybody!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tagged & Artsy Fartsy Friday Part 1

This week's Artsy Fartsy Friday is going to take 2 days because there's so many pictures. First though, my wonderful boyfriend Flash tagged me for a game.
Here's the rules:
The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post,the player than tags 4 or 5 people and post their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.
Here's my answers:
1. What was I doing 10 years ago?I'm only 4 years old so I guess I was waiting to be born.
2. What are the 5 things on my to do list for today: Play, Sleep, Eat, Play fetch in the house, Play fetch out in the yard,
3. Snacks I enjoy: SCHMAKOS, cheese, meat, cookies and anything Mom and Dad are eating 4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: First I would buy us a house with lots of yard space and a very nice dishwasher for Mom and a big shop for Dad to work on my Jeep, then I would buy my Grandma a house next door to our house (gotta keep her close, you never know when you're going to need your grandma), then I would share some moeny with some of my friends and then I'd give the rest to my Mom and Dad so they can pay our bills without having to go to work which will give them more time to spend with me! 5. Three of my bad habits: I don't think I have any, but I asked Mom and she laughed and started talking really fast. I only caught a few. She says I HAVE to play fetch all the time (I'm not seeign how that's a bad habit), I bark at people that are across the street and a block away (hey! those people are still a threat to my house!!), I get in the big bed as soon as Dad's alarm clock goes off usually stepping on Mom's chest (it's called a morning cuddle!! sheesh!!) and I ALWAYS have to have a spot on the couch at night (they sold my chair at the yard sale! They don't expect me to lay on the cold hard floor do they - unless I want to?) 6. Five places I have lived: I was born on a military base in Arizona, I lived on a military base in a state that Mom can't remember (she thinks it starts with an M or a W, but she can't remember for sure, it's in my old vet records though), then I lived on the Ft. Carson base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, then I stayed a few days at a really nice shelter in Pueblo, Colorado and now I live with my Mom and Dad in CaƱon City, Colorado. 7. Five jobs I have had: House Security, Bird & Rabbit Flusher aka. Huntin' Dog, Mom's Nurse, Food Test Taster and Mom's Personal Security While We're Camping (I don't even let her go pee without me when we're camping)
Thanks for taggin me Flash!! That was a lot of fun! I don't know who to tag though. If you haven't done it yet, consider yourself tagged!
Okay, now for Artsy Fartsy Friday Part 1. First, did you see GirlGirl is being a little artsy? I wonder if my Artsy Fartsy Fridays has inspired her. If they've inspired anybody else, be sure to let me know. There aren't any outside pictures yet because the rock isn't finished yet. Hopefully, this week it will be done and I can share that with you soon, too. Mom says looking at the rock makes her hurt though so not much work has been getting done on it. We'll do the Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen today. I'm sure you can figure out which room is which without be having to label them. I think our house project is very artsy. There was a lot of paint, glue,
colors and color schemes and organizing involved in it.

Did you see that nice pretty hardwood floor in the living room? I HATE it!! It makes fetch and tug-o-war not so fun to play anymore and you can't scratch your butt on it. Mom says it will get lots of people interested in it buying it because lots of people like hardwood floors. Mom and Dad both prefer carpet which is good for me because my butt prefers to be scratched on carpet. Our house better sell fast or the bed and the couch are fair game no matter what I promised Dad!
Dad will be home soon so I better go watch for him. Tomorrow I'll show you Mom's new favorite room and the bedrooms. Mom also says in our next house we are taking before pictures before they start working on stuff so everybody can see the HUGE difference after they finish.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Homework

Some of you are taking the on-line class from the SZK School of Siberian Studies just like me. I've been reading Stormy's classes very carefully because well, Stormy is a very smart dog and I love to learn new things. Because I was having internet problems, I wasn't able to post my pictures for the Cooperating For Photos course, so here they are.

I hope Stormy thinks I did a good job. The best part was, I wouldn't cooperate for these photos, but when Mom was trying to take pictures of our house to sell it (since she works at the real estate office, she took the pictures for the agent - he likes having my Mom as a client because that's less work for him, he doesn't even have to look up new houses for Mom and Dad to look at. He just takes care of the paper work and lets them into the houses)...hold on, I forgot what I was saying...oh yeah, while Mom was taking the pictures, I kept trying to get in the picture. It was hilarious! Mom asked me why when she tries to take my picture I won't hold still, but when I'm not supposed to be in the picture, I'm right there with a big smile on my face. My reply was, "DUH!! Then I'd get an F in SZK School of Siberian Studies!!" I don't think Mom liked that answer.
This week's Artsy Fartsy Friday is going to take 2 days starting tomorrow! It's pictures of our house. I hope it sells fast because my butt still itches from not being able to scratch it on the carpet. We went to Grandma's last night and I was totally distracted by the toys and playing fetch with Grandma and forgot to scratch my butt!!! I hate wood floors!!!! Mom noticed that without the carpet in the living room, it echoes BIG time in there now. Want to know how she found that out? I barked at the realtor when he came over last night. He's a nice guy, but he wrang my doorbell so that means he wanted barked at. I first thought sMom said Echo was in our living room. I was bummed when I found out it wasn't my friend Echo (with a big E), but the noise echo (with a small e). Keep your paws crossed that my house sells fast (it was put into the multiple listing service today) so I can finallyscratch my butt and so Mom doesn't go crazy from all the echoing.
I'm off to put some more nose prints on the big picture window. Grandma washed them off on Sunday so I have to start over. I don't think she realized they're supposed to be there. Gunnar and Sasha are taking care of the back door and when the front door is open we all 3 work on the screen door. I don't know what Grandma was thinking when she got rid of all our nose prints. I don't know why Mom and Dad didn't stop her either.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What A Weekend!!

Hey everyone! This is going ot be avery short post. I haven't visited all your blogs in a week so I need to get caught up on those and then I need to spend the rest of today sleeping. Hopefully our internet connection is going to behave long enough for me to check in with everyone. You've all beeen very busy lately so this is going to take awhile.
Did you guys here about the tonado in Colorado? Luckily it was far away from us, but Dad has a cousin that lives right where the tornado was! Grandma tried calling her but there was no cellphone towers or landlines so Grandma emailed someone else who lives there (Mom and I aren't sure who the lady is and we keep forgetting to ask Dad) and they said the cousin was okay and only had a broken window. In the news they said there was a daycare with 30 kids that got hit but before the tornado hit the building, they rushed the kids across the street to a bank and put them in a vault for protection. The tornado was HUGE!! Mom used to live where Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas all meet and luckily she never saw any tornados but she heard sotries about when her parents were little and one went down Main Street and through a bunch of neighborhoods. Luckily when Mom was living there, there weren't any in town. There were lots of warnings and watches and she spent a lot of time in the basement of her house. Luckily it doesn't sound like there were too many people badly hurt in the tornado Friday, but we heard in the news that there were other big tornados all over the country. That means tornado and fire season started early this year which is very bad.
I will tell you about this weekend tnow. Friday night I stayed up late with Mom and Dad pulling up the carpet in the living room and doing yard sale stuff in the garage. Mom and Dad only pulled up the carpet, no the staples and the strip thing around the walls that hold the carpet in place. That turned out to be a bad idea, but it was late and they had to get up early and Dad wanted to make sure the wood floors were okay in front of the fireplace. Saturday morning Dad and I went outside and started setting up the yard sale. I was having fun running around the driveway and in and out of the garage and back yard. Mom and Dad don't let Sasha do that because she isn't as behaved as I am. I'm really smart and know that if I behave, I am rewarded in wonderful ways. I had to go in the yard when a binch of people started coming to the sale though because I kept wanting to follow them to their cars. I just wanted to help them and make sure they got back to their cars okay, but Mom didn't see it that way. We went inside after awhile and Grandma came in to check on us and all of a sudden Sasha started crying and crying and crying. Mom came running into the house and realized later that she had left the money sitting out in the driveway unguearded. Woops! We think Sasha stepped on one of the strips or a staple in the exciteemnt of Grandma coming to check on us. Mom said Sasha gave her and Grandma a heart attack and to go take a nap. Of course we couldn't! Mom and Dad kept letting people in our yard. We had to make sure nothing bad happened. I decided I don't like yard sales.
Mom and Grandma went to get hamburgers for lunch and of course Mom is a slob and kept dropping french fries on the ground and I came outside later and cleaned them up for her. She said thank you very much. After the yard sale Mom and Dad finished the floor. I decided I hate our hosue now. There is nowhere to scratch my butt! Sasha and I like to drag out itchy butts on the carpet. There's no carpet in our house now and a hardwood floor does not work! Dad told me if I scratched my butt in the bed or couch I was in major trouble. Luckily Grandma has carpet at her house and when people come to look at our house to see if they want to buy it, Sasha and I have to go to Grandma's house. I hope there's a showing soon. My butt is very itchy!!! Dad said our new house will have carpet. Thank doGness!!!! We stayed up late working on house stuff again and then Sunday Grandma brought us the fried chicken and potato salad and helped us witht he house a little. Grandma sat down on the couch for awhile to take a break and Mom warned her that if I got up and cuddled with her, she was going to take a nap. Mom says I'm the bestest at naps and anytime I curl up with her on the couch, she falls asleep and sure enough. Grandma and I took a short nap. For dinner Dad bbq-ed hotdogs and Mom made a pasta salad and we had some of the potato salad and of course some chips. Memorial weekend is all about remembering lost love ones and bbqs. We did lots of both!!
Monday we slept in which confused Gunnar. Then Mom and Dad made the house look all different. All the construction stuff is gone and everything is shiney and sprarkles. I don't like it. Gunnar and I keep getting brushed so we won't shed all over the floors so bad. I really don't like that. Since Mom works for a real estate office she is in charge of getting the people to come look at our house now. She isn't an agent, but she is in charge of the marketing for her office. She says it will be fun getting paid to sell her own house. (She thinks lots of weird things are funny - she's a weirdo). Mom and Dad took some boxes to the storage unit and then we sat and watched tv. Hopefully we'll be able to relax more. I didn't get to take very many naps during this long weekend so I'm planning on getting caught up over the next few days. I hope we get to go to Grandma's house soon! I hope someone buys our house so we can get a new house with carpet and a dishwasher for Mom soon!!!
I'm going to go read more of your blogs now and then take a nap. Mom was going to take pictures of our house at lunch today, but it's really cloudy so she might wiat until tomorrow now. Those pictures will be my Artsy Fartsy Friday for this week and will probably take a couple of days to share with you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Remember Me?

It's been crazy around my house. Mom and Dad ahev been working really hard to get the house finished. They want to list it on Tuesday. This weekend is Memorial Weekend which means they have a 3 day weekend to get things finsihed.
I haven't been able to post because even though we have a new cool computer, our internet still sucks. Mom and Dad say in our new house we are going to get good internet. There was an "incident" that I don't want to talk about because I got in big trouble and it involves a gift for my boyfriend Flash. (If I open another window to make links, the internet crashes so if I mentin your name and don't link to you, I'm sorry.) I'm been taking Stormy's class (from the Army of 4 - sorry I can't link to you!!) on cooperating for photos and I've got some good ones, but of course loading phots would be too much for this internet connection. I wish coffeee shops allowed dogs so I could go get on their internet!
I know I missed last Artsy Fartsy Friday and I'm not going to be able to post tomorrow either. I promise there will be a BIG one next Friday. I'll have pictures of all the cool stuff Mom and Dad have done to the house. I think it's very artsy. Dad finished the tile in the bathroom last night (actually if you go by time wise it was this morning he finished it) and that is very artsy! This weekend we're having a yard sale (I checked and none of my stuff is in the yard sale, I am going to see if I could sneek Gunnar into it though), taking the carpet out of the living room and finishing up a few paint touch ups and cleaning all the construction dust off everything. We're going to be really busy! Today is the last day of school for our town so I'm keeping an eye on the kids for one final time for this school year (hopefully for good if we sell our house fast!!!). I have to make sure those kids don't try any pranks on the last day.
I'll hopefully have more posts next week. Have a great long weekend to everybody that will be celebrating Memorial Weekend! Hopefully there will be lots of picnics and bbqs for all of you. Grandma said she's make me fried chicken and potato salad. Isn't she the best?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yard Work

Here are the pictures of Dad using the backhoe. You can see from the pictures Mom didn't venture out very far from the front porch while Dad was working.

Yesterday Mom and Dad started putting rock in the front yard. First they started with big river rock to fill in the large areas. Dad brought home 1 load (2.5 tons) and then went to get another load and Mom started spreading the rocks. The second load was 3 tons. Dad went to get another load of a different kind of rock while Mom kept spreading rock. The last load was about 3 tons of smaller prettier rock that was going in the pathways. Mom started helping with the smaller rock because she was really tired of the big stuff. There were no pictures of the rocks because Mom was too tired and sore. They did the pathway out front and part of the pathway in the backyard. There's still a bunch of the big rocks that need spread out. More of the smaller rock is coming later this week to cover the flattened driveway. Mom came home at lunch again today and didn't go back to work so she could spread some more rocks. It's cold and starting to rain (it might even snow!!!) and Mom is asleep on the couch whining about how much she hurts. When she does get up she walks funny and makes weird whining noises. Poor Mom. She said she knew she was out of shape, but she didn't realize she had no shape at all. Her office is upstairs which wasn't fun for her to go up to her office this morning and she said when she grabbed the railing, her hand hurt really bad. She keeps saying that she has sore muscles in places she didn't know she had muscles!
I'm going to go snuggled up with her on the couch now to make sure she stays warm. Hopefully we'll have pictures to share with you of the rock sometime soon. Mom can't lift her arms high enough to get her camera off the entertainment center right now. You should have seen her trying to brsh her hair this morning.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kyle Is #1 & A Mystery

Kyle won the race on Saturday night! We didn't know the race was on Saturday night, but Mom was flipping channels and there it was! Dad said "Oh yeah, they do the race on Saturday this week since Mother's Day is on Sunday!" There were only 60 laps left, but they showed us some of the stuff we missed. Kyle won the race which was totally cool! All those people that were booing him at the beginning of the race had to clap for him at the end of the race. HA!! That'll show them not to boo the driver of teh M&M car! Kyle drove the M&M car, only with a green scheme this time so of course he did good!! Mom got really annoyed with Dale Jr's interview after the race. Mom and I used to think he was an okay guy, but he ALWAYS whines now! After listening to his interview, Mom started channel flipping again. It was fun!
Mom forgot to take her memory card for her camera to work with her to pull pictures for me. This computer has a cool little slot for reading camera memory cards, but my paws can't work it at all. I think someone should invent a dog friendly computer!!
Anyway, there's some cool pictures of my dad on there. Mom and I were in the driveway working on some stuff (Mom lets me come out with her a lot when she'sworking in the yard so she has some company - It's so cool!! Sasha can't ebcause she runs off and doesn't listen to Mom.) then all of a sudden a truck pulling a big trailer with a big backhoe pulled up in front of the house. I went to bark and then a guy got out and started walking up my driveway. I started yelling really loud at him that he better not come near my mom or my house and he better move that truck before my dad got home and saw him there because he'd be really mad. I even stuck up my fur a little and I was really giving it to him and then all of s sudden I realized the man WAS MY DAD!!! I was so embarassed. Dad said I was a very good guard dog and said it was okay and gave me big hugs and thanked me for protecting Mom and the house while he was gone. How embarassing!! Sasha and I went and hung out in the backyard for awhile while Dad unloaded the backhoe and then he started driving it around my driveway. He made it really flat. It was really dusty and he was making loud noises. We hung out with Mom in the house because Mom said watching Dad made her nervous (I know I've told you this before, but just wanted to remind you that Mom is the biggest worrier EVER!!! Even when there's nothing to worry about, she worries!!!) Then Dad loaded the backhoe back up and Mom and Dad left for awhile and came home in Dad's work truck (which is what he left in that morning) and they had FRIED CHICKEN and we got some for being such good helpers!!! Next, Dad needed to fix the brakes on his truck so he could pull a trailer today. Mom had to go help him and of course I helped, too. All of a sudden there was someone next door and I went running at the fence and barked and tried to scare her. It was only the neighbor lady and she started laughing at me and she said "If that had been any other dog, I would have gone running." I forgave her for not being afraid of me because she threw my toy a few times and sprayed me with her hose. It was a lot of fun.
We finally went inside and it was time to get ready for bed. Mom finished laundry and Dad took a shower and we went to bed. I felt a little weird but I couldn't figure out why and then this morning Mom and I figured out SHE FORGOT TO FEED SASHSA AND I OUR DINNER!!!! Can you believe that? I laughed at Mom when she started feeling guilty and told her not to worry about it because we had fried chicken and I was way too tired to eat anyway. I left some of my breakfast in my bowl just to make her feel better about me not starving. Silly mom.
Anyway, here's my mystery. Dad didn't go to work this morning, but he left in my truck, Mom went to work but isn't going back after lunch, my Big Jeep and Sasha's Jeep are at Grandma's house, Dad parked his work truck in front of the neighbor's house and Mom is supposed to park her car there, too. What in the world would they be doing to the driveway now? This housework stuff is really confusing and I can't wait for it to be done. Mom and Dad wanted the house listed by this week, but there's still a lot of work to be done. The bathroom is not close to being done at all and there's still carpet in the living room!
I'll try to remind Mom to post the pictures of Dad driving the backhoe so you can see them. Mom only took 2 pictures and they aren't very exciting pictures, but it was all she could stand to watch.
Mom should be home in a few minutes to help with the mystery so I better go watch for her.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Pawesome Computer

A post on the weekend!!! Woohoo!!!! Our new computer is PAWESOME!!!! It's an Acer and has lots of memory and is really fast. It even has wireless so we can get internet almost anywhere!!! Here you see I am checking to see if my wonderful boyfriend Flash was able to post on Friday. Bummer!! He didn't! (I'll be email you soon Flash. Mom has been busy and hasn't emailed anybody anything except forwards for awhile and she changed her passwords on her email so I can't hack into it anymore.)

Look at this cool keyboard! Mom loves that it has a number kaypad. It has a 17 inche screen so there is plenty of room for the number keypad. Mom has a problem while she's typing though, She keeps hitting the mouse thingy and it's driving her crazy. She's starting to get used to not hittingit, but once in awhile she'll forget and her thumbs will hit it and crazy stuff will happen on the screen. It's funny to watch. You'll see in the above phots that we got a red wireless mouse (Mom is crazy about the color red.) and you'll also see Mom's Scooby-Doo mousepad (she's also crazy about Scooby-Doo). We really don't need the mouspad since it's an obticle mouse, but our coffee table is an old army chest and to it's really beat up and using the mousepad makes the mouse work much better.

Mom and I are going to play with the computer some more while Dad is at work. It's too windy to go outside and work in the yard so we're working in the house.
Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Friday

OHMY DOG! This new computer is PAWESOME! I'm going to dedicate a post to it next week! I'm leaving it on the desk for now because I'm trying to get used to all features of a laptop before I move it around the house. The keyboard is very different. Mom has trouble with the keyboard, too so I don't think it's because of my paws.
This Artsy Fartsy Friday has a teacher theme because they're gifts for Aunt Nikki who graduated from teacher college last weekend. She had a party with lots of cheese and other goodies and I couldn't go because it was at her church and then Mom and Dad didn't bring us any cheese! Can you believe that? Anyway, Mom made some stuff for Aunt Nikki to use while she's a teacher. The first one Mom cross stitched a design and then put it on a tote bag so Aunt Nikki can carry stuff in it.

Here's a closeup of the design. Mom says those rulers were apin in the butt to do. If you're wondering if 1 inch actualy equaled 1 inch, it doesn't. Mom checked that, it's about 1/4 in short.

Next Mom made Aunt Nikki one of her Pointillism pieces to hang up in her classroom. She framed it for her so it will stay nice and of course I "helped." (Why is it, every time I type the word "help" those quotes are around it? I thought it was our old computer that was doing that, but I'm on the new one!)

Hope you enjoyed this Artsy Fartsy Friday. Don't forget this weekend is Mother's Day. Be sure to give your Mom's and Grandma's big hugs and kisses. I'm going to let my Mom sleep in on Saturday since Dad has to work. I think that's a good enough gift (and I'll hopefully get to play with the new computer some more while she's sleeping).

OH! And everybody keep their paws crossed that Kyle does good this weekend. Last weekend he drove the Pedigree car and all that bad stuff happened. That's more proof he should just keep M&Ms on his car for all races.

Have a great weekend!!

Oh Yeah....Happy Birthday Gunnar!

I forgot to post Happy Birthday to my cat brother on Tuesday. That ham bone hangover has taken some time to get over - it was so worth it though!! Anyway, Gunnar turned 4 on Tuesday (May 6th). That bandana thing he has on was the one Sasha got when she got groomed. She took it off and Mom thought it would be funny to put it on Gunnar. Mom was right, it was hilarious! Gunnar didn't think so though. I'm a few months older than Gunnar, but he's kind of considered the middle child because he was adopted first. He has the middle child attitude, too so it fits.
We also got our new computer Tuesday, but Mom and Dad have been hogging it AND they put it up where I can't get to it!! I'm using the old computer still! This sucks! They're afraid Gunnar will mess with the cord and it will come crashing to the floor and from what I hear it's a great computer and they don't want that to happen. Once Dad finsihes getting the old computer cleaned off and takes it to wherever he's taking it to, the new computer doesn't have a safe place to sit during the day. When Mom was playing on it last night, I even layed next to her and looked very cute and she ignored me and didn't even try to take my picture!! It must be a very wonderful computer! I hope to find out soon.
Tomorrow is Artsy Fartsy Friday and I have another cross stitch piece to show you. It's really cool and I couldn't show it to you until after my mom's friend Aunt Nikki (I call her Aunt Nikki cuz when Mom and Dad have to go somewhere and Grandma can't take care of us, she comes and stays with us and she is so cool!!!) graduated college last weekend. Aunt Nikki is going to be a teacher so Mom made sure her gifts were teacher themed. Mom's so thoughtful.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Stop Picking On Kyle!!!

I don't know if any of you watched the end of the race Saturday night. It was another exciting ending, but Kyle has been blamed for wrecking the precious Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Jr is an okay guy, but any time something happens to him everybody has to blame somebody else. It's not Kyle's fault Dale Jr hasn't won a race in 71 races and he did NOT wreck Dale Jr on purpose and I believe it was Dale Jr that was the one that put his car in to Kyle's car. Dale Jr even admitted it!!! Here is the article on the front page of Yahoo this morning. It's a race and it's their jobs! How would it benefit Kyle or even Dale if Kyle let Dale win the race easily! It wouldn't! So all you humans out there picking on Kyle - STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! Kyle is a pawesome guy, he just had a screwy weekend, it happens to lots of drivers! In the article is said Jeff Gordan is no longer the most hated driver, Kyle is. We still love Kyle and hate Jeff!!! They keep saying that Kyle needs some security now. What do you think Maggie and Mitch? We could be his security detail!!
That's all I have to say. I have to go back to sleep now. I ate a hambone last night and my belly is still full which makes me sleepy. We're pretty sure Sasha doubled her weight in ham last night. It was yummy, but the hambone hangover isn't so fun.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Friday #4

The new computer comes Tuesday. It will be delivered to Mom at work and then Dad will load programs on it that night and HOPEFULLY Mom will leave it home and not take it to work on Wednesday so I can use that computer instead of this extremly old one (this computer is older than most of us dogs!!!). I can't wait! Mom finally got everyone's blogs put into our Bloglines account which is already making it easier to check in with everybody. With the new computer, that will be even more easier!!!!
Okay, here's the photo I was going to share with you last week, but couldn't because I was busy chatting with a bunch of very cool dogs. This photo is called "Inspiration." The reason is, because Mom took this on a rock crawling trip (my very first one). She loves taking scenery picture on our adventures so she took this picture and then was amazed at how cool it was. Mom told you about her mother last time and how mean she was to Mom. Well, Mom's step-father was also an artist and the mean lady wanted Mom to sell his artwork for him. Mom found a website that did nice prints of photos and paintings (, all you had to do was uplaod a good quality photo. Mom experimented with the site using this photo because she lovede it so much and new that someday a big one would be hanging in our living room (it is, but we couldn't get a good picture of it in it's frame because it has some weird glass in it to keep lights from glaring off it). Mom was showing the mean lady the website, but the mean lady started yelling at Mom because the picture wasn't one of her husband's paintings. Mom got so mad she started shaking. She sat there a few seconds,
closed the website, called Sasha and they went home with her Mom still yelling at her. Mom got angree as she was driving home, but then about halfway it all of a sudden hit her that what the mean lady was saying was messed up. Mom graduated from college 3 years previous with an art degree and hadn't touched her art supplies since she graduated because she had to keep doing stuff for her step-father. Why should she do that? He was in jail, she wasn't! Why should she be so focused on selling his art work when she was a good artist and had good stuff to show people, too? Mom went home, set up her website (Mom says I can share that with you after we get our new computer and she can finally work on it again - this computer hates mom, it's a funny story, but I'll tell you that next week) and never did anything for her step-father's art ever again. Of course that made the mean lady FURIOUS. That's when Mom started sticking up for herself. So, this photo inspired Mom to start working on her own artwork again. Like the white tiger, this piece of artwork has a special place hanging in our house in a place where Mom can see it and remembers how cool she is.
The reason I love this photo is because it was taken a few weeks after I was adopted and it was my very first camping and rock crawling trip. That was when I saved Mom from a bear (well, I thought it was a bear, it turned out to be a golden retriever - but we didn't know that!!), learned to swim, learned how to camp and met a cool guy named DeDe. There's a really cool picture of me and Dad together, but Mom isn't sure where the cd is with that picture on it. It's probably packed, but she didn't think so. If we find it, I'll be sure to post it cuz it's a PAWESOME picture.
This weekend is Music and Blossom Festival here in town which means there's a bunch of busses and kids over at the highschool which is across the street from my house. I have to go bark at them now. Even though Dad won't be home for 2 hours and Mom will be home in 3 hours, I have to make sure nobody blocks our driveway or walk through our yard. It's nice having a large window to stand in and bark at people that get too close to my yard. It scares them and they always go around. They think I'm going to break the glass and go eat them. Of course I'd never do that, but it's good they think that. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Computer!!

Last night Mom and Dad ordered me a new computer!!! It's a laptop which means I can post and read from the living room which will make security duty easier, too! They ordered a wireless mouse for it, too because Mom hates laptop mouse pad things and they also got some more memory cards for the cameras. I can't wait for my new computer to get here! I'll have to let them play with it and figure things out first since they are the ones paying for it. I can't wait!!!!
Dad should be home pretty soon. I can't wait for my new computer!!! Tomorrow's Friday so be sure to check in for Artsy Fartsy Friday!