Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Don't Believe The Crazy Woman!

My Mom is telling everybody this crazy story that I have NO idea where she got it from! I think the pain and stress of the surgery are getting to her head!!!!
This morning she didn't go into work before her appointment at the hospital and so we slept in a little bit and well, her story is that I was laying on one side of her leg and my cat brother was laying on the other side on top of her leg and then her leg fell asleep so she moved her leg and then when she got out of bed Gunnar's head was on my neck and his arm was wrapped around me and we were cuddling! THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED!!!! I would never cuddle with him!!!! The real story was I was sleeping and after Mom moved her leg the evil Gunnar snuck up on me and tried strangling me! Mom just caught him before he got too far and then he did his stupid innocent kitty face which made it look like we were cuddling! That's the real story!!
I won't be posting for a couple of days. Hopefully Saturday or Sunday Mom will give me a break from taking care of her so I can post then. Dad said we don't have to do the liquid diet like Mom does. THANK DOGNESS!!!!! Mom made some Jello this weekend for her and I tried a little and it was good, but a dog can't live on that stuff! We need meat and cheese and peanut butter and treats and chewies and whatever else anybody can think of that is really yummy for dogs.
I'm going to go take another nap now. Aunt Cassie came over last night and played fetch with me for awhile. Mom's plan of wearing me out isn't working cuz I sleep all day when they're gone. (SEE! Told you she's crazy!) Mom washed the bed comforter so it makes a nice place to take a nap, especially since the airconditioner vent is blowing almost directly on the bottom of the bed. THAT's why Mom's feet are always cold!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Weekend

This is my new toy!! Isn't it great? I love it!! It's so much fun! It's really not big enough to swim in like I do when I'm camping, but that's okay.

This one looks kind of bad because it looks like Dad is pushing me in, but we were wrestling so I gues he sort of was pushing me down. Anyway, Mom wanted me to show you the reason she wouldn't get in with me even though I really wanted her to. She said the water is nasty and this was way before the water grossed her out so much she had to change it.

Mom and Dad got it for both Sasha and I and Dad put her in and Sasha didn't like it so she got out and went and hid under a bush.

Mom got the annoying balls out that I love to squeek and squeek and squeek and squeek and squeek...... (bet you know why they're called the annoying balls now). I played with the red one (it's my favorite).

Then I played with the blue ball. Mom said she's trying to wear me out so when she comes home from surgery on Thursday, I'll be too tired to be chaotic. It's working. Mom was in the house before I woke up at lunch. Mom kept asking me if I was getting tired of playing fetch all weekend. Of course not! Then she asked if I could be more annoying so I squeeked faster!

I'm glad Mom was only sick 1 day this weekend. I had to take care of her all day Saturday and then she played with me all day Sunday and Monday. I wish she didn't have to go back to work. I need to find Mom a job she can do at home. That way we still get toys and treats, but she's home to throw my ball and fill my pool!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Great Weekend!

Mom and Dad got me a new toy for outside and it's really really cool and I love it and Sasha doesn't like it so I get it all to myself and I love it and it's lots of fun and Mom got the annoying squeeky balls out to play with and I can take them outside to play with my new toy and bring them inside to annoy Mom and Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHEW! This has been a really great weekend! Saturday wasn't so good because Mom was really sick. I took care of her all day though. She slept until 3:oo in the afternoon! That day was kind of boring, but the last 2 days have made up for it. I'll tell you about my new outside toy tomorrow! It's so much fun! I'd tell you about it today, but Mom is getting ready to go outside in a little bit and I don't have time to download the pictures from the camera and tell you about it! Be sure to check in tomorrow to see my really cool new outside toy! GOTTA GO!! MOM SAYS IT'S TIME TO GO OUTSIDE!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (Better check in in the afternoon tomorrow for my new toy update. I think I'm going to have to sleep all morning to recover from this wonderful weekend! Mom and Dad need to take 3 day weekends more often!!!) Hope everybody else is having a great Memorial Weekend!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007


I've been tagged for 2 different things so I better get to work. First I want to tahnk everybody for their good wishes for my Mom. She says she doesn't have time to think about being nervous. She's planning a special event for her job for June 9th. I hope she feels better by then. She's put a lot of work into it already. She said she's going to have everything ready for it before next Wednesday just in case though. She has really been feeling bad the past few days so she's also looking forward to feeling better soon. I'm working on trying to rememebr to be not so hyper around her. I'm sure Dad will have to remind me a bunch of times.
Okay the first tag is from Luckie. I'm supposed to tell why I started blogging. I just looked to see when my first post was and I was really suprised! Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year already! I also noticed I went for a very long time without comments. Once I joined Dogs With Blogs.
My Mom has been doing a blog for awhile for her art stuff and the Wheelin' Nut stuff (Mom won't let me put links in until she updates stuff. When she finally has time to work on that I'll definately share them with you because they're really cool.) Mom found a few animal blogs and got addicted to reading them one is a cat! Max is a lot like my brother Gunnar. Then Mom found Roo and she looks EXACTLY like my sister Sasha. Mom would talk about these animal blogs and I thought I could do that! A year ago I was also in trouble quit a bit so I decided to find a way to distract myself from the doing bad stuff. The end of June, will be 2 years that Mom and Dad adopted me. A year ago I was still a little nervous that Mom and Dad might not keep me. I was thinking maybe that's what's supposed to happen. You live with one family for a year then move to a new one. Sasha and Gunnar both assured me that wasn't how it worked, but I really didn't trust them yet. Mom encouraged me to blog, too. She thought I was such a unique dog that I should share my adventures with everybody. I love meeting new dog friends (and their humans)and I also like finding out my parents aren't the only weird ones (even though my parents seem to be weirder than most). Blogging is a great way to get advice on different things and get support for different things.
I'm going to tag Dory, Marvin and Nanook.

Okay, now Dory (who is sort of my sister) has tagged me, too.
Here's the rules for it:
1. Each person tagged starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. The person tagged blogs about each of these facts and posts these rules.
3. At the end of the blog entry, list eight people to get tagged.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged, and to read your blog.
Eight random facts/habits about me? Okay, here we go.
1. When we are camping I let myself in and out of the ten all by myself. I want to get up and have coffee with my buddy Chuck and Mom and Dad don't get up in time so I get out on my own and then at night after lots of running around on the trails and playing in the creeks I want to go to bed before them so I go to bed myself. I freaked Mom out when I did that last summer for the first time. She thought a monster was outside the tent running around and then she was worried I had run off that night. Silly Mom! I'd never do that!
2. Water is the one of the funnest things in the entire world, unless it's meant to clean. I will chase hose water jump in creeks and rivers, but as soon as I'm told to get in the bathtub or there's soap outside next to the hose, I suddenly have a large fear of water.
3. Mom says this is a really weird one. I love my choke chain. Mom isn't sure where I got it because she doesn't like them. It must have been a thing from my rescue place because anytime a dog was out of a pin they had to have a choke chain on. Anyway, I've never used it for it's purpose (thank goodness!)but after a bath I like to wait to dry before I get my collar put back on so Mom and Dad will put the chain on. I like it because it's more of a neckles. It makes me feel pretty. When someone pulls it out I get REALLY excited.
4. I LOVE Jeeps. Dad is a Jeep freak and I know that the Jeeps go fun places. Mom's car goes on the hunting trips, but the Jeeps go camping and places Mom's little Kia can't go.
5. I LOVE pheasant hunting and I'm really good at flushing birds, but I refuse to retrieve the bird. It's a dead bird! I've never seen a human put a dead bird (other than one that's been cooked) in their mouth!!
6. I was a military family dog before Mom and Dad got me from the rescue. In my first year I lived in Alabama, Colorado and one more state that I can't remember the name of right now. I have to say I like Colorado the best because that's where Mom and Dad are!
7. I have favorite colors. For all those humans that think dogs are colorblind - YOU'RE WRONG! My favorite colors are florecent orange and camo. Those 2 colors mean fun stuff!
8. This one is a little embarassing. I wrestle with my car brother and he puts me in head locks. Mom is trying to get a picture of him standing (he doesn't do that much) so you can see how huge he really is! I usually win our wrestling matches. The couple times I didn't win was because Mom hadn't clipped his claws in awhile (they're daggers!!).
PHEW! That was a lot of work. Now I have to tag 8!?!?!?! Okay let's go with Luckie, Fig, Girl Girl (this will be a gret way for us to learn more about you), Marvin, Flash and Peanut and Sherman, Penny and Lola.
Okay, that wore me out. Mom and dad are off this weekend so I hope we do something fun. Their wedding anniversary is June 4th and since Mom will be recovering from surgery maybe they'll do something REALLY fun this weekend that involves a Jeep and ME! Next week I won't be bloggin much because I'll be taking care of Mom, but I'll check in when I can. Have a GREAT weekend everybody!!! I'm going to go take a nap now. Tagging makes me really tired.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Being Good

I am trying really hard to be a good dog today. It's raining and gloomy and I get bored really easily when it's like this. I also have a thing for gloves. I always move Dad's gloves around the house if he leaves them laying around where I can reach. Today Mom had a pair of gloves on the coffee table and I moved them.I don't chew them, just move them. I don't know why and I always get in trouble for it. I had to spend some time in jail at lunch time and I thought Mom was going to make me stay in jail until she got home but she asked me if I was going to be a good girl and I did the thing where I sit and wag my tail really really fast on the floor and give her puppy eyes with my ears back. She can't resist that look (unless I did something REALLY bad like chewed up her favorite pen)! I'm going to go focus on being good again. I didn't get my lunch time treat and now I'm really hungry!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Boyfriend

I have a boyfriend!! I told Flash yes! Some of you know Flash from his brother Peanut's blog. Flash gets Friday's to blog and I've noticed Peanut has let Flash blog a little more than just Friday's. Isn't he a nice brother? I've never had a boyfriend before. I'm a little nervous. Flash is very cute though and he likes to have fun so I think we'll be a good couple.
I helped Mom water her plants last night. She was talking to them again and she wasn't being as nice this time! She read somewhere to plant gardens in old tires to help them become big healthy plants. Well, the plants are still small and not much is happening and then this weekend on of the tomato plants died. This weekend Mom also saw big really healthy tomato plants at the store and so now she is going to go buy one of those plants to replace the dead one and so the other plants can see what they are supposed to look like. I'm totally positive my Mom has lost her marbles!
Mom and Dad had to make a bunch of phone calls last night, too. While Mom was talking to her grandma, she played fetch with me until the tennis ball had an accident. (Mom wants me to be sure to tell you that the accident was my teeth constantly putting pressure on the poor ball.) It looks like Mom's grandma isn't going to get to come to Colorado this summer because of gas prices. Mom's bummed, but she kind of knew it was going to happen. Hopefully we'll still be able to go visit Grandma Cheese this summer though.
Mom has to eat low fat foods for awhile because of her surgery and I don't like it. Everything is so plain and there's a bunch of vegetables. I hardly ever get a piece of food now at dinner time. It's really depressing! I want bacon and hamburger and icecream and lots of cheese! I heard Mom tell someone last night that she'll have to only have liquids for a little while. I sure hope Dad doesn't think a liquid diet will be good for all of us! Sasha and I eat our dogfood like we're supposed to, but we get bored with it so we get a treat of human food once in awhile. Right now, our dry dogfood is a treat!! I sure hope Mom gets better soon!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Boring Weekend

This weekend wasn't very exciting. I tried to show Mom that I can take care of the litterbox for her, but instead she yelled and scarred the crap out of me. Doesn't she know that sound echoes in a litter box so if your head is in the litterbox and someone yells "HEY! GET OUT OF THERE!" your heart skips about 4 beats? Mom and I tried to vacuum, but it was clogged. Mom said it was clogged with my hair, but I reminded her I'm not the only one that sheds in this house. Sasha doesn't, but Gunnar keeps up pretty good with me, but because most of his is white and grey and my hair is black I got blamed because it was mostly black. When Dad came home he fixed it and Mom vacuumed and I made sure the vacuum didn't attack her. I chase the vacuum and bark at it until it stops making noise. Mom says it's not helpful at all. She just doesn't appreciate good help! Later Mom washed some blankets that had been on the bed for the winter and when she took them out of the dryer, she put them on the couch and was going to fold them to put them away for the summer. She decided to wait unil tonight to put fold them because she was really tired so while they went to the surgeon earlier I made a nest so I could show Mom that she doesn't have to worry about trying to get comfy after her surgery, I'd take care of that. She laughed and said it was a very good nest, but she's putting the blankets away tonight anyway.
Dad mowed the weeds again last night. He said he knew it needed to be done when he saw Sasha lift her leg to go potty. Everybody, but Sasha thought that was funny. Dad said there's a lot of grass that's trying to push the weeds out in the front yard. Now we just have to figure out how to make the grass spread in the back yard so I can play in the grass.
It looks like Mom will have her surgery on May 31, that's next Thursday. Dad said the doctor told him that we have to do everything for Mom for a few days. I volunteered to wash dishes! Gunnar volunteered to sleep and eat for her and Sasha volunteered to whine for her. I think we have all the important things covered.
It looks like there's another rain storm coming in so I'm going to get off the computer. The wind is blowing stuff against the house and I need to make sure it's really not someone trying to break into the house.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Getting Stuff Done

First I have to tell you that that picture of Sasha with her ears trimmed is a bad picture. She wanted me to tell everybody that she isn't that fat, she was turning completley around to look at Mom so that's why it looks like she has no neck. Gunnar is that fat, though.
Mom decided since she never uses her blog, I can take over the blogger account. I just have to find the picture I want to use and my picture will show up in the comments like a bunch of you have! I'm so excited! I'm still letting her use my account for her blog, but it will be MY info now. WOOHOO!
Mom was talking to the plants last night. It was really embarassing! We had a really bad rain storm before she came home from work. There was pea-sized hail so Mom was really worried about her plants. She went out and the watermelon and cucumbers were okay because they're still really small. Her tomato plants didn't look so great though. She told them it would be okay and to stay strong. I went and hid under my shade bush. (Mom says she talks to her plants because she's never been able to keep plants alive so she's trying anything to get them to stay alive. It seems to be working on most of them. Some of the flowers and the strawberries obviously didn't like her talking to them though.) The plants were blown over. The plants are in sort of a protective area so the hail didn't beat them up, but the wind wasn't nice to them. This weekend we're going to do some stuff to the plants so snails and caterpillars leave them alone. Mom said it's an experiment so I think I'll hide under my bush again. I am going to help her with some house work though. She wants the floros clean before her surgery so she can walk around the house without shoes on and not get grossed out by the feeling on her feet. Sasha and I track in a lot of mud since we have no grass and then the floors get all yucky. Mom said she's going to make sure Gunnar's litterbox has all fresh litter in it so Dad doesn't have to clean that. I told Mom I'd take care of the litterbox for her, but she has to take down the babygate. Mom said no way. She said it grosses her out seeing the litter on my nose and it's bad enough Sasha has poop breathe, she doesn't need 2 dogs with poop breathe.
Dad is off today so he's been doing a bunch of stuff on the Big Jeep since he won't be able to work on it very much when Mom has her surgery. It sounds like he's coming in for a break, I better go see if he's ready for my help! Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hilarious Story!!!

I have a really funny story for you, but first I need to tell all the dacshunds and Tadpole to not take offense. Tadpole just went through something similar to this recently so I don't this to make us not be friends anymore. Gunnar and I are the only ones laughing about this. Mom feels REALLY REALLY REALLY guilty and Dad is being nice. He thinks it's funny but he's not laughing in front of everybody because he doesn't want Mom to feel bad (especially before her surgery) and he doesn't want Sasha to start that poor puppy whine thing. So to all my dacshund friends and Tadpole, I'm sorry, but this is hilarious!!
Last night Mom and Dad decided we needed our ears cleaned and I needed my cortizone spray stuff for the itchies. Sasha is a longhaired Dacshund and when she gets groomed Mom doesn't let the Groomer do much to her ears or tail because Mom says those are Sasha's cutest pieces. BUT Sasha has to have her ears trimmed once in awhile because they fall in her food and the tips of her ears get yucky. Mom trimmed Sasha's ears last night, too. Here's what she looked like before:

This is the after picture!!! HER EARS ARE UNEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe I know, it's not nice to laugh at her, but I can't help it! I've been nice to her and gave her kisses last night after Mom noticed they were uneven, but it's still funny!!!!
Afterwards Mom asked Gunnar if he was ready for his turn and this is the look Mom got. She took that as a "No, don't touch me!"

Mom should be home for lunch pretty soon so I better go watch for her. Yesterday I didn't hear her until she walked in! She woke me up by opening the door! I feel so guilty if I'm not at the door ready to say "WELCOME HOME I LOVE YOU" to Mom when she comes home.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nothing Going On

I don't have anything exciting to blog about today. It keeps raining so Mom and I haven't had to water the garden. She still goes out and talks to the plants though. She's weird. Do any of you have Mom's that go out to the garden and tell the plants to hurry up and get bigger and tell the plants how cute they are? There's one tomato plant that she keeps saying "you're such a cute and strong plant, you're doing such a good job growing" The cucumber plants aren't doing so good. Mom says they're jelous of the attention the tomatoes are getting. The watermelon plants are in the ground now and so far she hasn't killed them. The flowers in the front yard are doing pretty good, too. I don't hear her talk to them very much because I don't go in the front yard very much. If I go out the fron I'm usually jumping in a Jeep or going out to check on Dad's progress on the Big Jeep. I think Mom's given up on her strawberry plants. She said she thought it was weird that Strawberry plant could grow from just roots and since nothing is happening, she thinks she's going to give up on them until next year. She doesn't talk to the strawberries very much so maybe there is something to this plant talk stuff. I think she's still weird.
Mom and Dad are going to meet with the surgeon on Monday to get the details of the surgery and plan the date. Mom says she hopes it's soon. She's having the pain go into her back today.
I'm going to go take a nap now. Hopefully I'll have something a little more interesting to talk about tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I forgot to tag 3 more dogs yesterday! There's so much going on right now! I think most everybody has been tagged. I asked Sasha for some help figuring out who to tag so of course we have some dachies on our list. I'm tagging Copper, Hershey (if he has time, Mom says new babies take up a lot of time), Hana and of course we need a lab on the list so I'm adding a 4th tag, Ranger. Here's the instructions for all of you that I'm tagging. Here's what you do, find pictures of you with your tummy in the air and post it and then tag 3 others to share their photos.
I have to get offline now in case the doctor's office calls to leave Mom a message about her surgery. They should be scheduling it soon. She didn't feel good at all this morning. She thinks a little of it might be nerves though. I'm taking really good care of her. I'm also practicing not sitting on her in the bed and on the couch. I know after she has the surgery, I have to be really really careful not to bump her and hurt her. Hopefully we'll find out today when she goes in for surgery.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Belly Shot

Luckie tagged me for a belly shot. I didn't have any so Mom and I had to work on getting one this weekend. It's not a very good one because I'm very shy about other's seeing my belly. You can't see my belly, but I'm on my back so it will have to do.
I just read the terrible news about Fufu I'm going to miss him. He was so much fun! I'm sure his sister will do a great job taking over his blog.
My mom has to have surgery. She's getting her gallbladder out. I'm not sure what that is, but it must not be important if she can live without it. I'll be taking care of Mom for awhile so I won't be posting every day. I'll be sure to let you know she's okay though. She's nervous and excited. Nervous because it's surgery and excited because the pain will go away.
Mom and Dad will be home soon so I'm going to go wait to hear if they know when the surgery is.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's Back!!

It's amazing! My outside toy reappeared in my yard last night!!! My stick is still missing but it's time for a new one anyway. Next time Mom and Dad go to Petsmart they'll get me a new one.
I'm really tired this morning because Sasha kept us up last night. I don't know what she was doing, but first she acted like she was going to throw up so Mom asked if she wanted to go outside. Usually Sasha hates going outside after dark so I went with her to make sure she was okay, but after a few minutes I was ready to go back inside but she wanted to sniff everything in the yard. That was really annoying. After we went back to bed, Sasha started going into the computer room and looking out the window and whining and going back and forth from the bedroom to the computer room. Mom finally told Sasha to go to bed and tucked her into her bed and she was ok, but that was about 3 am and that was also after 3 hours of her being a brat! Don't let her innocent look fool you!
Mom's stomache pain is finally bad enough she decided to go to the doctor! This is a first! She called the doctor to make an appointment because she doesn't feel good. She must be in a lot of pain! I think it's stress from work.
I'm going to go take a nap now. I've been waking Sasha up every so often to bug her because she interrupted my sleeping time last night!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just Stuff

Nothing exciting is going on right now. Some of you asked about my Mom's artwork and as soon as she remembers where her cd's are, I'll post some of her stuff. She does lots of stuff. I'd tell you to go to her website, but she hasn't updated it in a long time so it kind of sucks.
There's still a bunch of treats and they're a little better today than they were on Sunday. Mom and Dad have been talking about how to improve the recipe so I'm excited about that. The problem is we have to get through these first and Mom made a double batch!
Mom was excited last night because I made a hole in the tip of my toy so it doesn't make a noise anymore. She says it's still weird that it smells like lemonade. It's too muddy since it's been raiing everynight to play outside so Mom and I have been spending a lot of time with my new toy. Tadpole asked where they got my new toy and they got it at Walmart. Our store is out of the pink ones but Mom is talking about getting a yellow one just to see if it smells like lemonade, too. Fine with me! That means I get more toys! I don't take toys outside anymore because the neighbors keep stealing them. My stick and my other toy are in their yard! Dad says he's sure I dropped it in the hole under the fence and that's how they got over there, but I don't remember doing that so I don't believe him, I believe they stole them.
I'm going to wait for Mom to get home now. Dad is working a really long day so I'll have to help Mom with yard stuff again tonight. Hopefully I'll have something more ecxiting tomorrow.

Monday, May 07, 2007

New Toy

Mom made the treats yesterday and I can't share the recipe with you because I don't want your moms to make something that disgusting for all of you. I like you all too much to do that! Mom said she'll play witht the recipe a little and she's sure she can make them better. I'm sure they can't get any worse!!! They were so bad I threw up!! I'm pretending that something else was bugging my tummy and that's why I puked all over the kitchen floor so Mom doesn't feel too bad about making something so disgusting. Sasha and I are eating them when Mom and Dad give them to us, but we never ask for one. We hope they go away soon so Mom will get us something good. She's really good at baking and making yummy stuff so we know this is rare and not completely her fault. YUCK!!
Since I don't have a yummy treat recipe for you, here's some pictures of me and my new toy. Mom says it was the best $2.97 they've ever spent. It's soooo much fun. It was supposed to be my new outside toy since I think someone stole my rubber stick and tennis balls, but it's so much fun it quickly became an inside toy. Here's a closeup picture of it. Although there's a lot less blue on one end now and there's a crack on the end with the missing blue.

Doesn't it look like a fun toy? Mom says it's hard to take pictures of me with it because it makes me zoom all over the house (or yard). Most of the pictures she took were really blurry or you could only see my tail. The squeeker in it wasn't working when Mom and Dad got it, but I can make it make a funny air noise that Mom says is WAY more annoying than a squeek. It's soooooo much fun!! Mom says it's really weird because it smells like lemonade. Mom says maybe that's to cover up my nasty breathe. Whatever, I don't care!! I'm going to go play with it somemore before Mom comes home to play with me. I'm going to get the taste of the toy in my mouth so hopefully when Mom gives me another treat, it won't taste so bad.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Even though I didn't get to participate in the Dogs With Blogs Chat because my stupid computer chose that day not to work, I still participated in celebrating. Here are pictures of our cheese and Sparkling Cider (Mom said we can't have any drunk puppies so we didn't get wine).

Mom says it's really hard getting a piture of us eating cheese because it's gone so fast. Sasha joined me in the celebration but Mom says she inhales cheese so there aren't any pictures of Sasha.
There are a lot of people around my house right now. I don't like it, but Mom says this happens every year so I have to get used to it. This weekend is the Music and Blossom Festival. I guess a long time ago there were lots of orchards around here and they would celebrate when the blossoms started coming out and they have a big parade and craft shows and a rodeo and a 5k race and school band competitions and a carnival and I'm sure I'm missing something. Mom and Aunt Cassie are going to go to the craft shows and the parade tomorrow. Dad doesn't want to go so I'm going to help him work on the Jeep. Mom wants to start selling her artwork at the local craft and art shows (cuz there's a bunch during the summer) so her and Aunt Cassie are going to go look to get some ideas on displaying Mom's artwork and when Mom gets enough money saved up, she's going to sell her art at them.
I have pictures of me and my new toy and some other pictures of me playing with Dad that I'll post next week now that the pictures are working again. I have to go read all the other dog blogs so when Dad gets home I can go help him.
Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

That Darn Mom!!!!

My Mom forgot about us yesterday! Mom or Dad usually come home at lunch and let us out and feed Gunnar around lunch time. Well, yesterday Dad met with a factory rep for his work and Mom had a lucky pot (she says I say it wrong, but I'm not trusting her right now). She was supposed to come home and let us out after and SHE FORGOT!!! Gunnar was bad that morning and didn't get breakfast so he was starving to death and drove Sasha and I crazy from whining so much. I tried to feed him myself, but I couldn't get the can open. So when Dad came home to rescue us after work we were doing the potty dance and Gunnar almost couldn't lift his head (I'm exacerating to be more dramatic, he coudl stand to miss a few more meals).
THEN Mom asked if I'd help her water the garden! Can you believe that she forgets about us then asks for help? Mom's a clutz. She's always banging her giant head on stuff and hitting her elbows and legs on stuff. Last night she stepped off the patio step and BOOM! she fell. It took her a long time to fall because she kept trying to catch herself. She stepped on the wiggly brick and then fell onto the smaller bricks. She's really sore today because she tried so hard to not fall. At first I was laughing and saying "HAHA that's what you get for fogetting us!" but I'm a worrier and so I had to go check on her and when she came home for lunch I didn't ask her to play fetch because I know her arms are really sore.
BUT I was going to share more pictures with you today and you know what she did? She left the card in the camera and you need those darn thumbs to get the camera card out of the camera! I'll make sure she remembers to take it out tomorrow. The pictures yesterday I think helped me because the Army of 4 posted their new members and I'm one!
Tonight I'm going to talk my Mom into finally making those yummy treats she found in a magazine for us. If they're yummy, I'll share the recipe with all of you so you can get someone to make them for you, too. I wonder if they're ok for cats to eat. Gunnar's birthday is Sunday and I could give him one of the treats as my gift. He probably won't eat it though (he's picky, but he sure doesn't look it!) and that way I could eat his!
I'm going to go watch the kids across the alley. Those brats drive me crazy. They lost their soccer ball by my fence the other night and I let them know they were not allowed near my fence. My Dad keeps talking about putting up a privacy fence and I wish he would hurry up cuz thos kids make my hair stand up.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Want to Join The AO4

I'm going to try pictures today. Blogger is acting weird so hopefully it will work.
The storm last night didn't hit my town! We got a little rain after it got dark, but nothing compared to what was coming straight at us. My Dad was out at a shop in the next town over and he said it was BAD! He said that there was lots of hail and rain and wind and it was a mess! He took a picture on his cellphone and the hail looked like it was a snow blizzard. It didn't make it to our house though and after hearing Dad talk about it, I'm glad it didn't. I do okay with storms, but I prefer not to have to listen to them. Mom was glad it rained because then she didn't have to go out and water the garden. They haven't gotten the hoses ready for the summer so she has to take watering jugs of water out to water. She said once the plants start getting bigger she won't be able to do it anymore so the hoses will definately have to be out by then. Silly parents, if they would stop procrastinating, it would be easier!
The Army of 4 is recruiting new members and I told them I wanted to join. I'm not sure what I'd be good at, but I'm really good at cleaning guns. Here are some pictures of me helping Dad clean guns. Dad says I'm very helpful. Mom says she was trying to get me looking at Dad and the guns because I was really cute, but her camera has a funny flash so I kept looking at the camera. I'm confused. She didn't want me looking at the camera, but she's always trying to get me to look at the camera to get my picture taken. She needs to make up her mind!

If this works, there will be more pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Very Bored

I have sooooo many pictures to show you, but Mom has to load them at work because the computer is still messed up and she's really far behind at work. She didn't even come home for lunch today! Dad had to take her lunch. Tomorrow she has a lucky pot thing at work again, but she said since Dad has to meet with some people at lunch, she'll come let us out for sometime.
Mom is doing better today. I curled up on the couch with her last night and cuddled even though it was too hot for cuddling. Dad cuddled with us, too. She's still a little sad, but nothing like yesterday. She said funerals always wear her out, that's why she only goes to funerals of people she knew really well and cared about a lot.
I told you yesterday that Mom doesn't get a long with a lot of her family. I've met Mom's mom a couple times and I really don't like her. When Mom's brother came over I let him know I didn't like him at all. I kept barking at him and my hair stood up even though Mom kept saying he was okay, I knew he wasn't. I knew that he wasn't a good person to my Mom so I had to make sure he knew not to mess with her. My Mom's mom seemed okay, but I still didn't like her very much either. Mom said that her mom hates labs because she thinks they're stupid dogs!!! Can you believe that? I'm really smart and so are a lot of labs I know!!! Anyway, my Mom and her grandma (her mom's mom) are reuniting this summer sort of and I can't wait! We're going to go visit Grandma Cheese and Aunt Cassie is going to try to come up for part of the week, but most of all I'm excited because my mom is going to reunite with family that her mom made mad years ago so she didn't hear from them much. Mom said she has 2 younger cousins that she's never met that she'll finally get to meet, too. Since Sasha and I are going, you know what that means? WE GET TO PLAY WITH THE KIDS, TOO!!!! The plans still aren't final, but I'm still excited about the trip, mostly for Mom. Dad's excited about meeting Mom's family for the first time, too.
There's a REALLY bad storm headed our way. They're saying to get away from the windows so I better go since the computer it right next to a huge window. Hopefully Mom will have pictures for me to share tomorrow.