Thursday, May 03, 2007

That Darn Mom!!!!

My Mom forgot about us yesterday! Mom or Dad usually come home at lunch and let us out and feed Gunnar around lunch time. Well, yesterday Dad met with a factory rep for his work and Mom had a lucky pot (she says I say it wrong, but I'm not trusting her right now). She was supposed to come home and let us out after and SHE FORGOT!!! Gunnar was bad that morning and didn't get breakfast so he was starving to death and drove Sasha and I crazy from whining so much. I tried to feed him myself, but I couldn't get the can open. So when Dad came home to rescue us after work we were doing the potty dance and Gunnar almost couldn't lift his head (I'm exacerating to be more dramatic, he coudl stand to miss a few more meals).
THEN Mom asked if I'd help her water the garden! Can you believe that she forgets about us then asks for help? Mom's a clutz. She's always banging her giant head on stuff and hitting her elbows and legs on stuff. Last night she stepped off the patio step and BOOM! she fell. It took her a long time to fall because she kept trying to catch herself. She stepped on the wiggly brick and then fell onto the smaller bricks. She's really sore today because she tried so hard to not fall. At first I was laughing and saying "HAHA that's what you get for fogetting us!" but I'm a worrier and so I had to go check on her and when she came home for lunch I didn't ask her to play fetch because I know her arms are really sore.
BUT I was going to share more pictures with you today and you know what she did? She left the card in the camera and you need those darn thumbs to get the camera card out of the camera! I'll make sure she remembers to take it out tomorrow. The pictures yesterday I think helped me because the Army of 4 posted their new members and I'm one!
Tonight I'm going to talk my Mom into finally making those yummy treats she found in a magazine for us. If they're yummy, I'll share the recipe with all of you so you can get someone to make them for you, too. I wonder if they're ok for cats to eat. Gunnar's birthday is Sunday and I could give him one of the treats as my gift. He probably won't eat it though (he's picky, but he sure doesn't look it!) and that way I could eat his!
I'm going to go watch the kids across the alley. Those brats drive me crazy. They lost their soccer ball by my fence the other night and I let them know they were not allowed near my fence. My Dad keeps talking about putting up a privacy fence and I wish he would hurry up cuz thos kids make my hair stand up.


Peanut said...

Oh how dare she forget about you. Poor Gunnar having to starve. Glad you mom didn't hurt herself really bad falling down. Oh yeah let us know how the treats taste. My mom needs to make me some.

Dory and Liza said...

Oh Kaos -

Even my Mom and Dad forget sometimes - humans just aren't as smart as us canines!!

I know how you feel about those kids too - we live in town and the kids around here are very loud and anoying - I have no idea why my Mom tells me not to bark at them!!

Also - I got some news - my humans want to adopt another dog!!! I'm not sure if I am going to like not being the "only dog"!! What do you think??

Love, Dory

Sparky said...

Your poor mama! I but her heiney hurts! My mama fell down our front stairs during the winter ('cause pop didn't shovel!) and TOOK ME WITH HER, because I was on the other end of the leash! Sometimes humans are crazy - it's because they only have two legs.

Tadpole said...

Ooooh, you're in the Ao4 now?!?! Wow...! Of course they couldn't resist when they saw you helping your dad!

Good thing you mom fell - next time she won't forget to feed you!

Luckie the Dachie said...

My MOm forgot about me when the hoomans went out for a BBQ dinner last weekend too. Sheesh..but on a side not, I hope your Mom is better now.