Monday, September 22, 2008

This is Hilarious!!!

Hi everyone! Hope your weekend was good. My weekend wasn't very exciting, but I still had fun - well except for the bath. I do feel good after my bath though so I'm not going to complain too much about it. I have a very funny picture to show you. Here it is:

Without the description it isn't that funny so here's what happened. Gunnar was on the floor (we're not exactly sure how long he'd been there) and Mom was on the couch. I was in the dining room in front of the sliding patio door enjoying the breeze and all of a sudden Mom was laughing and took this picture. I thought Gunnar had just stretched into a cute position so Mom had to take his picture. I was wrong. He'd been in this position for awhile glarring at Mom. Mom realized he was stuck and her first instinct as a Mom was to take his picture (glad I wasn't the one getting stuck!!!) and then she released his claws from the carpet. Mom has to trim his nails on a regular basis. Mom says she's never had a cat who's claws/daggers grow like Gunnar's! They get so long they curl into his feet. In the old house Mom knew it was time to trim his nails because he would click on the hardwood floors. This house is lots and lots of carpet so he doen't click unless he goes into the bathrooms and he hardly ever goes in there so Mom decided Sunday she needs to check him once in awhile instead of waiting for the clicking. He hasn't gotten clipped yet because Mom had just vacuumed and didn't want to get the vacuum out again to clean up the mess, but he will be clipped soon and I can't wait. After Gunnar gets his nails done we all get treats!!! It's great!!
I'm off to take a nap now. All this laughing at Gunnar stuck on the carpet makes me exhausted.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Friday Returns

It's Friday!!! Know what that means? Lots of fetch for the next 2 days!! WOOHOO!!! The answer to Mom's questions are, no I'm not tired of playing fetch yet and no I don't have anything better to do than play fetch and yes I can play fetch by myself but it's not much fun and no my legs haven't fallen off yet.

First, I got an award from Dannan. I can't get the picture to cooperate so it's just going to have to stay where it is. It's supposed to be to the left, but it really wants to be centered. Anyway, Dannan is a new friend and he's really funny and cute (not like I have a crush on him cute, I want to make that very clear because that's how rumors get started and I don't want my bestest boyfriend Flash to think I'm cheating on him). Thank you Dannan!!

I'll do some thinking about who to pass the award on to.

Next I want to thank everyone for going to visit mom's new blog. She's all embarassed about it and is very happy that so far everybody likes it. The yummy cookie recipe that is not for dogs is posted today. I made sure she grabbed the card before she left. Good thing cuz she had some of the measurements confused.

Artsy Fartsy Friday is finally returning!!! Another post about Mom! Her head is going to explode with all the bragging I'm doing about her! Don't worry, next week it will be all about me again and her head will shrink back down to normal size again.
I'm going to share with you another one of Mom's photography pieces. This one is called Below Timberline. She was sitting in her chair on a camping trip once and looked up at the Aspen trees and had one of those spiritual moments. Cool huh? I'm hoping we get to go camping next summer. Last summer Mom had her surgery and was in no condition to go camping, this summer we moved and so my paws are crossed we get to go next summer! Mom hopes so to because she hasn't taken any new nature pictures in a long time and she says she's goingthrough withdrawl.
Hope you all have a good weekend! For those in the Hurricane Ike area that are still without electricity, I hope you get electricity soon and can post how you're doing SOON! Especially Mona and the Mommy! Sammy, Roxie and Andy have been able to update us on them, but it will be nice to hear directly from Mona that she's doing okay. My dad's uncle is bored. His wife went back to work (she works at a bank so they were one of the first to get power back) but Dad's uncle works at a place that isn't high on the priority list so he's been hanging out with other people in his neighborhood that can't go back to work yet and are bored because they still don't have electricity either. He's been making ice for the neighborhood since he has a generator for the fridge. He also finally had time to read the owner's manual on his generator and found out he should have changed the oil in it after Rita. Oops!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mom's New Blog

Thanks to everybody for giving Mom some hugs. She was prepared for a bad meeting with her bosses, but it went way worse than she had planned and it threw her off guard. All of your hugs helped and of course hugs from me, Sasha, Gunnar and Dad helped a lot, too.
A few weeks ago Mom started a new blog. It was something she had been thinking of doing, but was a little nervous about doing. After being a devoted reader to Joey & Tanner's Mom's blog, Dorry's Mom's Blog and Sparky & Patches' Mom's blog she decided since they make it look easy, she could do it, too! - she hopes. She wanted to do her's a little different though and she decided only to do a weekly recipe so she doesn't stress out. What she does is talks about a gadget and does a review on it (so far they're all positive reviews because she's starting off with some of her favorite gadgets) and then she gives a recipe that you can make using the gadget. She has a really yummy cookie recipe for this week's post, but she keeps forgetting to take the recipe card with her to copy. She pretty much has it memorized because she loves the cookies, but she doesn't want to leave anything out. Check her blog tomorrow for that recipe (if she remembers to take it tomorrow). She also invites anybody else to do a guest post if you would like to review a gadget and share a recipe. Or, if you want to send her a gadget to do a review on, you could do that, too. Just email her at HilarysDesigns(at)yahoo(dot)com for more info on doing either of those.
I guess I should give you the address. It is She's using the Bravenet blog and isn't too impressed with it so far, but she uses Bravenet for her art website and she thought if she was forced to log in to Bravenet weekly, she might update her art stuff. So far that hasn't happened, but it might. So go over and check out her stuff. The macaroni salad is very yummy! It has bacon in it!!! She also has a breakfast pizza recipe to share soon that has bacon (that's what I helped with the other night)! You'd think we eat a lot of bacon around here. That reminds me, she also has a recipe for bacon wrapped tater tots that are great for superbowl parties and any other kind of party. I'll have to remind her to share that one, too cuz it has bacon AND cheese!! I'm not sure what gadget she'll review with that recipe though. Maybe a toothpick or BACON! That's a cooking gadget isn't it? She could reiew our sucky oven!! That's the only appliance in the new house that mom hates.
So go check out her posts so far and then on Friday check out her cookie recipe. It's not for dogs, but your humans will all love them lots! Dad blames the weight he gained after he quit smoking on those cookies. Grandma told Mom she has to make some for her to take to work so she can take credit for them. Mom loves making them so she said sure. I'm also going to try to start doing Artsy Fartsy Friday again tomorrow. Lots of cool posts on Friday!
All this talk about bacon is making me hungry! I'm going to go see if any of us dropped and food this morning after breakfast. I hope I find some of Gunnar's food. That stuff is really yummy! Mom hates it because it stinks but after his bladder infection he has to be on a special ph level of food so he doesn't get sick again. If I could figure out how to run a camera without those fancy thumbs, I'd show you pictures of Mom feeding Gunnar. She makes lots of funny faces. She says changing his litterbox doesn't smell half as bad as that food. we all think the food smells good and tastes really good though. I really need to stop talking about food! I hope Mom comes home early to feed us!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Helping With Bacon

Hi everyone! A couple of you asked about how I cook the bacon so I'm going to give you the requirements and instructions on how to help cook bacon.
First, would you do me a big favor and send some virtual hugs to my mom? She is having a really bad week at work and it's only Tuesday! Your hugs will probably make her cry, but I think she needs them. Luckily she wears contacts and is having allergy issues right now so if someone walks into her office when she's got tears in her eyes she can blame it on her contacts and allergies - she does it all the time.
Okay here's the instructions for helping your parents cook bacon.
1. This is the hardest step I think. You have to learn to control your drooling. This is the part that takes the most focus because a dogs natural reaction to cooking bacon is to drool and to drool a lot!! If you drool during the process, your Mom could either step in it and get grossed out and annoyed or slip on it and get hurt which means the entire bacon process ends. If she gets grossed you, you get kicked out of the kitchen totally.
2. Next you have to figure out a safe spot to sit. You do not want to get in the way. If they trip over you, you get kicked out completely.
3. Once the bacon is in the pan and starts sizzling, watch for grease that pops out of the pan. If you have a slick floor be sure to clean it up if it gets too thick on the floor. My mom does a better job of controling her popping grease, but Dad makes a huge mess!
4. Once the bacon is almost done, create a distraction. This is where siblings come in handy. Make sure it's a big distraction so the one cooking the bacon has to go see what's going on and hopefully it will take a long time to take care of the distraction so the bacon gets a little too overcooked for human taste. Dogs don't care if the bacon is black and crispy! It still tastes like BACON!!
5. Enjoy the bacon, after all that hard work, you deserve it! This works on other foods like eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches hamburgers on the grill.
Hope this helps all of you!! Dad should be home soon. We're doing some yard work tonight which means I will annoy Mom and Dad with my tennis ball while they try to control the weeds in the back yard and fix the spot in the grass that has nothing growing on it. I think the previous owner had a pool set up for their dog and it killed the grass. When I get my new pool next summer I'll make sure Mom moves it around a lot so it doesn't kill my wonderful grass.

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Friend

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing okay. We're trying to log into out Bloglines account to check in on everybody, but it's having issues. I hope everyone near Ike is okay. Grandma tried calling her brother last night just to leave a message on his cellphone so when they finally get signal again he'll have a message and she couldn't even get it to let her connect to his voicemail so she sent a text message and all of a sudden her phone started beeping. They got the text message! We were all excited!! They live near Houston so they have no power except for a generator but they're almost out of gas. We all felt much better when Grandma got the text. We can't believe it went through. Grandma forwarded it on to her other brother and he was happy to get it, too. Grandma is becoming the texting master! Too bad they don't have texting on their cellphone plan. I think they're going to be adding it next time it comes up for renewal because Grandma is getting pretty good at it. She'll have to teach Mom some time. lol
Okay, now to tell you about my new friend. His name is Mr. Duckie (Don't worry Flash, he's not a boyfriend, just a friend that is a boy, Mom is the one that named him so it's her fault he's a boy). Grandma knows how to shop for toys for us. They're always cool and we play with them all day long. Grandma bought us a rubber duckie family. There was a Momma Duckie and 2 babies. Sasha killed one baby and the Momma vanished. We have no idea where she went. I think Sasha scared her away after destroying her other baby. So I took it on myself to take care of this little duckie. Here is a closeup of Mr. Duckie. Isn't he cute?

I was very protective of Mr. Duckie. This is me giving Mom the evil eye for not asking my permission to take a picture of Mr. Duckie.

Mr. Duckie and I played a lot of games together. Here we are doing some roaching in the living room. The living room floor is one of my most favorite things about our new house. It's so huge and there's so much space to play!

When I took naps, Mr. Duckie was in a safe place. I didn't want Sasha to get ahold of him! Here we are napping in front of the plants in front of the big picture window.

This is what Sasha thought of Mr. Duckie though (this was taken before Sasha's haircut so she's very fluffy. She spent all weekend curled up in a blanket shivering so we still don't have a after haircut picture of her).

Last week I went to get Mr. Duckie so we could play fetch with Mom and his entire left side was gone. If any of you live with a dacshund you'll know how sneaky they are and they can destroy a stuffie, rope or pretty much anything they want in about 22 seconds. I was very upset and took Mr. Duckie to Mom to see if she could fix him and she said she was sorry she couldn't. I was mad at Sasha. I wouldn't play with her or anything. When it was time to beg for food I wouldn't let her sit next to me and I'd try to steal her share. I've moved on though. I'm nice to Sasha again, but I still don't trust her.

For now on I don't let Sasha touch the toys I really like. I don't care if we're supposed to share. She killed Mr. Duckie! Grandma says she'll look for another Mr. Duckie and I won't let Sasha near him!

I'm going to go take a nap now. I heard Mom talking about cooking bacon tonight for dinner and I LOVE helping Mom cook bacon! It's a big job helping her and requires lots of energy and focus. That means a long afternoon nap is required.

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Bunch of Stuff

Hey everyone,
I'm done thinking for now. That much thinking makes my brain very tired.

First I want to send some good vibes out to all those that are going to be affected by Ike. My mom's grandma lives in Arkansas and she called last night to say that they are getting a ton of rain from it. They've already set up a base near where she lives to help after Ike is done being mean. She said there's already a bunch of people coming in that evacuated. My Dad's uncle lives near Houston and they boarded up the windows (they saved their stuff from Rita) and have the generator ready. Grandma wasn't very happy that they decided to stay again, but Grandma worries about everybody in her family and when they're in the way of something big like Ike, she goes into major worry mode.

I keep forgetting to post that I got an award from Ben. Thanks Ben!!!!

Speaking of Ben, if you've been on DWB lately you may know that my mom and Ben's Mom are in charge of a celebration for the 1000th member! Can you believe DWB is that big? My mom and Ben's mom are working on some ideas for the celebration so if you have any ideas for them, be sure to let us know. I'm thinking Mom should do 1,000 posts in 5 days, but she doesn't seem to think that's a good idea or possible. Maybe if we started going on adventures again we'd have 1,000 fun things to talk about!

I made sure Dad brought home the right dog yesterday. It is definately Sasha. Mom was a little frustrated when the weather turned rainy and gloomy this morning because it never fails, whenever she schedules Sasha to get a hircut, it gets cold and then Sasha shivers and whines for 2 or more weeks. It was hot all week until this morning and that's cuz Sasha got a haircut yesterday. Sasha's pretty cute after a haircut, but I do't have any pictures for you because she won't come out from the blankets unless she really has to go outside so Mom hasn't been able to get her picture. Mom set up several blanket stations throughout the house for her. Don't worry about her though, tomorrow and Sunday we're supposed to be back to sunshine and higher temperatures.

Sasha didn't have a belly under that fur so NO DIET!!! WOOHOO!!! Grandma was told to cut back on our snacks though. I say if we're not getting fat, then she's doing okay, but Mom says winter is comign and we're usually less active inthe winter and we both gain weight. I think she forgets how big this new house is so I hve plenty of room to excercise dring the winter. Ohwell, at least we're not going on a diet!

I'm hoping to get back to Artsy Fartsy Fridays soon. I think they're kind of fun, plus it's fun embarassing Mom. She has self-esteem issues so when you guys tell her how cool something is, she blushes and doesn't know what to say. I showed you the tiger and the glacier lake photo which are a couple of her coolest pieces, but I've got some really cool stuff to show you still. We're having a yard sale this weekend and then hopefully she can set up her studio in the garage and get back to work on more stuff for me to show you.

Stay safe this weekend everyone and if you are in a stormy area be sure to post when you can to let everyone know you're safe!! Next week I have a few fun posts planned like a new blog my Mom has started, my new friend and a fun trick I learned with my new id tag (that one's the best, you don't want to miss it!!!)

Have a good and safe weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day Of Thinking

Hi everyone. As you probably know, today is September 11th. If you live in the US it's kind of hard not to know what day it is because of all the memorial stuff they're doing on tv, on the radio and in the papers. Mom said she can't believe it's been 7 years since those planes crashed. Go to Asta's blog to see a really cool video about the dogs that helped that day. It's really cool.
Mom came home around 8:30 today and asked if we were ready and of course we were ready to do whatever she wanted to do! She grabbed the checkbook and the leashes so we knew we were going somewhere. We jumped in the car and were all excited and started driving and then Sasha and I started thinking about the last trip to the vet and how this seemed very similar. We started whining because we were worried. When we got to our destination I jumped out before the leash was on me which was really bad but there were so many smells! Mom came and grabbed be and hooked my leash on and I waited for Mom and Sasha. We went inside and right away Sasha knew where she was and wanted to leave. They took Sasha back and put her in a kennel and they took me and cut my nails. That's when I realized I knew where we were. Mom couldn't come back to where I was but the lady holding me was really nice and the guy was really gentle and fast. I kept looking back to Mom and she was smiling at me which helped a little. The groomer people are really nice and really good, that's why Mom insists on going to them even though it's a pain to get to their shop. Sasha had to stay, but Mom and I left. I didn't like that at all. Sasha is older than me so technically she's my big sister, but I'm lots bigger than her and I'm very protective of her. Mom kept telling me she'll be okay and I remember dropping her off after I got my nails done before, but I still didn't like it. On the way home I was looking out the window being very quiet and Mom said it looked like I was in some major deep thought. I was! There's been a lot going on at our house and in the world. It's a lot to think about! We found out this morning that my dad's uncle that lives near Houston isn't going to sit through the new hurricane like they did Rita. I have totally lost track of all the hurricane names because there's so many and that worries me alot. All my friends and even those that I don't know could get hurt in all those hurricanes! I don't like that thought at all!! Mom has been acting weird and has been making x's and counting on 2 pieces of paper and talking about pills she has to start taking and doctor's appointments and I have no idea what's up with that. Mom doesn't go to the doctor unless she's really sick. She's worse than Dad I think and I've been told that it's usually the man that is worse about going to the doctor! Gunnar has been grumpy lately and won't play with me as much. He says it's because Mom hasn't been sleeping good and she kicks him a lot. I told him to sleep inhis own bed then and that made him grumpier. Since Grandma started living with us, Mom thinks we've gained some weight and if Sasha has a belly after her grooming today (she was major overdue for her haircut so Mom couldn't tell if she had a belly or not) we might have to go on a diet!! That's torture for both of us and for Grandma, too!!!! The toads are driving Mom and Dad crazy in the back yard. Just when we think we've finally convinced them to relocate or not to come out until we've gone to bed, Sasha's chasing one around the yard! I'm trying to think of a way to make the toads go away. We would love them to stick around and eat all our bugs, but they need to stay out of the fenced area so Sasha won't go crazy over them anymore (Mom says she's obsessive and has toad breathe). See! That's a lot to think about!!!
Dad and Sasha should be home pretty soon so I'm going to go rest my brain for a few minutes so I can thoroughly sniff Sasha when she gets here to make sure Dad didn't bring home the wrong dog. He hasn't yet, but I don't want any imposters in my house where my sister should be!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Thanks for all the voting. I didn't win but it's not from lack of support from all of you. Their voting system was weird and we're not exactly sure even if we were voting right. It sounds like maybe to vote, you were supposed to leave a comment instead of just clicking on the thumbs up. We're totally confused. The 2 cats and ferrit didn't win so we're okay with who did win. We'll be more organized and ready for next year's contest. Since we're not busy voting anymore, I can finally post the stuff I was going to post last week! First I have to show you what we did last night. We were fishing in our living room!!
It started off with Dad playing with Gunnar and a fishing pole. Mom was trying to get a picture of Gunnar in mid air, but itstead she got a bunch of pictures of my butt and Gunnar on the floor because she was too slow and I was major jealous.

I was extremly jealous Dad was playing with Gunnar instead of me so I made annoying whining noises until Dad played with me instead. You'll notice in the next 2 pictures that the fishing pole is bent. That's because the "bait" is in my mouth. I even shook my head and Dad said it felt like a big fish on the end of the pole.

After this last picture was taken Dad had to put one of my toys on the line because I ate the "bait." I was the fish that got away! Mom didn't take any pictures of me chasing my plastic bone on the line because she was afraid. When the small "bait" was on the line she almost got hit in the face twice. She said there was no way she was going to chance her precious camera getting hit by the large "bait." The game ended soon after Mom got hit in the head with my "bait." What a party pooper!!! It was a lot of fun!! Dad said we'll play again when Mom's giant head isn't in our way.
I just noticed the cowdog is back across the street so I better go let him know he needs to go away. I don't think cowdogs can hear very well. Have great Tuesday everybody!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Some New Voting Info

Thanks everybody for voting for me!! I'm pretty sure I'm doing pretty good. They keep cahnging the page set ups. Right now I'm on page 26 of 27. Last night when we were voting there were 15 pages. There's still 399 photos, but the pages keep moving. Here's the link to the page I'm on right now: That could change in the next 30 seconds though. Mom and Dad found another cat photo in the line up last night and they were even more confused by it. It was at a trail head here in Colorado called Hancock Lake, and the cat was on the dash board like it was going to go wheeling on the trail. Who in the world would take a cat on a trip like that? No offense to my cat friends, but I dont know of any cat that would like to spend that much time in a vehicle on a really bumpy and hot ride. There may be cats out there like that, but I don't know any of them! PLUS it's a Jeep DOG contest! There's even a ferrit in the competition. Mom says that way too creepy.
Sometimes we can vote more than once and sometimes we can't. We found that if you close yout Internet windows and bring it back up, you can vote again. So if you're just sitting around doing nothing, just keep voting! Mom and Dad took turns while they were watching tv and Grandma was in the other room on her computer voting. We still don't know when voting ends, but winners will be announced on Sunday so Mom and I are going to get on Sunday afternoon and check it. We're assuming we go to the same palce where we're voting to find the winners or the main site so if you get curious and impatient waiting on me to tell you, you can go there, too.
There is one photo of a Wrangler sitting on a beach and you can so tell that the golden retrievers were photoshopped into the back. A lot of people noticed because in the comments they were leaving lots of comments about photoshopping and one person recognized the beach as a beach where dogs aren't allowed. It's a pretty bad photoshop job.
I'm off to vote some more and try to get caught up on my blog reading!! Thanks again everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

**UPDATED**I Need Your Votes

Isn't this a cool picture of me in my Jeep? We think so too, that's why Mom entered it in a Jeep Dog photo contest! We entered late though because Mom wasn't reading her email carefully while we were moving. I told her I'd forgive her as long as she helped me post here, to the DWB site and if she sent an email to all our family and friends. Here's the instructions she's sent to everyone:
Here's the link to the page Kaos is on: She's the first one on page 33. If you see a picture of a smiling black lab in a big orange wagoneer with a grey back door on the right, you're on the right photo, hover over the picture with your mouse and then click on the green thumbs up. It only lets you vote once per computer so vote at work and every computer at home and your coworker's computers and anywhere else you can in the next couple of days.
No offense to all the DWB cat friends, but there's a cat in this competition! A cat can't win a JEEP DOG photo contest!! I bet that cat doesn't own it's Jeep!! I OWN my Jeep! That's right, that's MY Jeep!!! It used to be Dad's, but I took it over when Mom and Dad brought me home. If I win, I get a bag of Jeep themed toys! If I win the big prize, I get the same bag of toys plus Mom and Dad get a gift certificate to buy them some stuff from Mom hasn't gotten on the site in awhile so when she got on it the other day she found lots of new stuff to get for Dad plus some Jeep stuff for women!
Thanks for your help everyone!!!!!
We submitted the photo Saturday night and it finally got posted this moring so I've been busy checking the computer like every 15 minutes and then when we saw the new photos posted, I went into hurry up mode to get all the posts and emails done so I'm going to go take a long nap now. I'm exhausted!!!
Updated info: I don't know if it's because you guys have already started voting or what, but I moved pages!! You can also vote lots of times!!! Here's a link directly to my photo: