Monday, July 23, 2007

I Think My Mom's Cheating On Dad!

Friday night Mom went out by herself to see some guy named Harry Potter. Dad didn't seem too worried about it, but I was! Mom and Dad hardly ever go anywhere at night without the other one! This Harry Potter guy must ear popcorn butter as calonge because Mom smelled like popcorn when she got home. Then the next day Mom kept talking about how she couldn't wait until Harry Potter got here! He was coming to our house while Dad was home!! I guess Dad made him go away before he got in the house since he was working on the Jeep in the driveway because nobdy came to the house until later that night and they were all people I knew and love. I guess Mom got mad because she's been reading a book now instead of paying attention to us. At lunch she wouldn't help me find my rope. She said to find it on my own, she was reading!! This is not like her!!! If I ever find out who this Harry Potter guy is, he's going to wish he'd never met me!
I'm going to go watch to see if he tries to sneak into my house while Dad is gone.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Too Hot Again

ONce again it's too hot to do anything. It finally rained lat night so today is cooler and tomorrow is supposed to be cooler, but it's still hot. Dad is home again today so we've been working on the Jeep, but when it gets too hot we have to stop. It's really frustrating because there's so much work that needs to be done and August is almost here!
Gunnar took his last pill this morning. Mom is hoping that he stays healthy this time. I think he will because he is pretty much back to himslef. we still haven't wrestled in awhile, but I bet he's strong enough. He's back to hangingin out in the bathroom window all day, sleeping on Mom's legs at night, begging for food and waking everybody up in the morning. It was nice not hearing him whine all the time, but it made Mom whine so I guess it's better he's feeling better. They're pretty sure it was him stealing Sasha's food that made him sick.It used to be that Mom and Dad would put out our 3 bowls and then we could eat whenever we wanted. Gunnar and I eat right away, but Sasha would pull her Princess routine and eat whenever she felt like it which meant Gunnar would get into the bowl. That has now changed. If Shasha doesn't eat at the scheduled time, she waits for the next meal. Yesterday she didn't get breakfast, but she thought she could talk Mom into giving her her bowl but Mom didn't cave! Mom is always the one we go to when we want out of a punishment early! I was afraid maybe Mom's sympathy for her us was stored in her gallbladder and when they took it out, they took the sympathy, too. Thankfully Mom said she's tired of taking Gunnar to the vet so Sasha is just going to have to get over the eating when she feel slike it thing. When dinner was put out last night, boy was she hungry! She started to go sit on the couch with Mom, but Mom siad she better eat because it was a really long time until breakfast. HA!
It sounds like Dad is home from going and picking up some parts so I better get back out and help him. If I don't post tomorrow, then have a great weekend everybody!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Working On The Jeep

Dad and I are working on the Jeep today. I really wish he would hurry up and get it finished! July is almost half gone and I still have not gone camping yet! I think Mom needs to get out into the woods where there's nobody to bother her, too. She's having BIG trouble at work and comes home grumpy and sad. I decided to help Dad so the work will go faster so we can take Mom on a fun trip soon. She's feeling very good and Gunnar's doing better now (I have a funny story about that) so Mom won't feel guilty about leaving him. Once the Big Jeep is done Dad and I have to change the clutch in Aunt Cassie's Jeep so that she can go with us, too.
Gunnar is feeling lots better. Mom is still worried about when he goes off his medicine. He finished one and is still on the pills. When Mom goes to her doctor's appointment next week, they're going to stop at Petsmart and look at somestuff to give him. I'm really getting tired of Gunnar hoggin the water dish. He's figured out that if he sits at the water dish and drinks, then Mom won't shoot water down his throat. Mom has also noticed the difference in the litter box. It's hilarious to Dad, Sasha, Gunnar and I. She'll go in to start cleaning and you'll hear "Holy Cow Gunnar! You almost created a flood in here!" We all laugh for hours!! This morning Mom was trying to give Gunnar his pill and I guess it didn't go so well. I was outside, but I could hear the meowing and screaming. (Mom says Gunnar's teeth are EXTREMLY sharp! DUH! I've been saying that for the last 2 years!) Mom said he would hold it in his mouth like he swallowed it and then all of a sudden spit it out. Mom went and got water to shoot in his throat to make him swallow and if worked, but that was after 6 times of him spitting it out and her having to rinse it off once. Mom came outside when she was done and she was covered in water and when I came inside Gunnar was wet and kept giving Mom really dirty looks. Sasha attacked him and told him to shape up. Mom said that he started to choke on the pill and she started panicking because she didn't know if she could give a cap the hymlic. He coughed a few times and everything was fine. Mom said there's only 6 more pills left, and the next 6 days should be an adventure.
I'm sure all of you know Dory. She's my soulmate sister. We are so similar, it's creepy sometimes. Well, she nominated me for theRockin' Girl Blogger award! It's given to really cool girls that blog. Once you receive the aard, you're supposed to nominate 7 girl bloggers for the award. So here's my list of nominees:
Ginger is a Colorado dog just like me!
Girl Girl is definatley a very cool blogging girl.
Coco is just so cute!!
Luckie is also one of my favorite girl bloggers.
Hana is a cool bloggin girl, too.
Sunshade is a cool blogging girl and always makes me laugh!
I think that's only 6, but I think everybody else has been nominated. If you haven't been nominated consider yourself my number 7!
I have to go help Dad some more now. Have a great weekend everybody!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Google Searches

There's quit a few of you doing the Google search thing and after seeing all of yours' I was afraid of even looking at my searches, but Mom got curious and THANK DOGNESS I didn't have any creepy ones and there were only 2 for July.
The first one is kaos ride at hershey. I really have no idea what that is supposed to be. I hope they foudn what they were looking for, cuz it definately wasn't here! I would never ride Hershey! I'd hurt Hershey if I tried that and I definately wouldn't want to do that! So there's my weird one.
Here's a cool one: dog schmakos. Schmakos are WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Schmakos!! My favortie is the bacon ones that look like bacon. I will do anything for a Schmakos. Mom says it's kind of like Scooby-Doo and Scooby Snacks (Mom is a Scooby-Doo freak.). You definately should check out their website Right now they have a dollar off coupon you can use to try them, a couple years ago they did a thing where they gave away free samples! Their catch phrase line thingy is "Dogs go wack for schmakos." Trust me, you'll definately go wacko!! I've tried them all and my favorite is definately the bacon ones and I also really like the bone marrow shaped ones. The others are good, too but Mom and Dad know to get Sasha and I those and we'll do any trick they want for those. We'll even take a bath if we're told we'll get a handful afterwards. Last night Dad had us showing off for Aunt Cassie and one of Dad's friends and I rolled over several times and danced really high for a couple. Sasha rolled over so many times I think she was dizzy. the package looked a little low though. I better make sure Mom checks on that and puts them on the shopping list.
I'm going to go dream about Schmakos now until Mom gets home from work. I bet I can talk her into giving me one. Last night she kept saying she wasn't going to play tug-of-war with me, but I used my puppy eyes on her and she played several times. I am sooooooo glad she's feeling better. Gunanr is feeling better, too. He's almost better enough to wrestle with me again.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

4th of July and Mom's Interview

4th of July wasn't very fun. My friend Korra's parents brough her new sister Chase instead of Korra and I found out I didn't like Chase at all. Sasha really didn't like her at all either and ended up in Mom's arms trembling for a long time. Sasha and I spent a lot of time inside instead of out in the back yard with the kids and food. I was not happy.
I decided to do the interview thing with Mom today. I've got a few questions for her and I think this is the best way to get the answers. Here we go:
Kaos (K): Hey Mom!
Mom (M): What?
K: Come here!
M: Why?
K: I want to interview you.
M: Oh no.
K: Why do you say oh no.
M: Because I've read some of the others dogs interviewing their moms.
K: Don't worry. I won't ask anything embarassing.
M: Yeah right.
K: Okay, lets start with what do you do for a job?
M: I'm a marketing director for a real estate office.
K: Do you like your job?
M: Sometimes. Right now it's really crazy because I'm doing the marketing assistant and marketing director jobs. In January I was promoted to marketing director, but they never hired anybody to take on my old job.
K: That doesn't sound fun. I really like you being home on a 5 day weekend.
M: I liked it too. I liked being able to take Gunnar to the vet again yesterday and not having to worry about who was going to be there to answer the phones and worrying about how much time it was taking.
K: You should do that everyday then! Not take Gunnar to the vet, but stay with us.
M: I wish I could, but we need my paycheck to help support you and Sasha and Gunnar.
K: After this interview, we should do a search to find you a job you can do while you're scratching my ears.
M: lol, okay.
K: You said Gunnar had to go to the vet again, now what's going on? Obviously the bladder thing isn't gone because the house smells again.
M: He isn't blocked up anymore, he's just so inflamed and sore that he still feels like he's blocked. He's on a couple new medicines andI have to force him to drink water.
K: Why? I thought he was really good at drinking water.
M: He usually is, but Thursday evening he stopped drinking and eating so I have to make sure he gets water so it can flush the bad stuff out of his system. He's eating a little bit finally.
K: I saw you had a can of food and it smelled like fish. I thought he couldn't have either!!
M: He can't, but he isn't eating so the doctor told me to go ahead and try it. And what do you mean you saw and smelled it? You ate it when I wasn't looking.
K: I was taking care of the family! I've heard about him eating canned food and fish! The 2 combined could have killed us!
M: He doesn't like it anyway. He won't eat it if it's in his dish so I'm only giving him the dry stuff now because he'll eat a little of that.
K: Okay, enough about Gunnar. This is supposed to be about you. I know some of your hobbies include scratching my ears, scratching my belly and art stuff. Why won't you make playing fetch one of your hobbies.
M: I play fetch with you all the time!
K: But you always stop before I'm done.
M: That's because you'll play fetch until your legs fall off! Nobody can last that long!
K: But it's sooooo much fun!! Maybe if you played more, you'd realize all the enjoyment it could bring you.
M: Kaos, I play fetch with you several times a day. There is no way I could play fetch with you anymore than I do now without giving up making dinner, taking care of Gunnar and Sasha and doing pretty much everything else I do in a day.
K: If you say so.
M: Kaos! You better be nice or I'm going back to doing laundry.
K: Okay, next question. Why don't we live closer to Grandma?
M: What are you talking about?
K: If we lived closer to Grandma, we would get to see her a lot more! She could tell us how good we are and pet us and scratch our ears and other Grandma stuff.
M: Kaos, Grandma lives 4 blocks away and you see her a lot! It's Grandma Cheese that lives far away, but you get to see her a lot more now that Aunt Cassie moved out here.
K: 4 blocks means nothing to me, I want to live next door to Grandma!
M: Kaos, 4 blocks is close enough to Grandma. She still spoils you a lot and gives you lots of love from 4 blocks away.
K: Okay. When are we going to go camping?
M: Hopefully in August. Dad has to get the Jeep put back together first. He also has to fix Aunt Cassie's Jeep.
K: So we're only going to do 1 trip this year?
M: Yes, Dad had to spend a lot of time helping me after my surgery so he didn't get to work on the Jeep as much.
K: By the way, how's your healing goin?
M: Great. The stitches have started dissolving so I can do tons more now than I could do a week ago.
K: And you're feeling better now than before your surgery?
M: TONS! I can't believe I was living like that! I had a bad doctor before, but now I have all good doctors so they take really good care of me and I'm feeling completely different.
K: So you'll have more energy to play fetch with me?
M: Kaos....
K: I know. So when are you going ot have your art stuff updated on your website so I can brag about you like Dad and Grandma do?
M: Hopefully soon. I don't like working on it at night because I spend so much time on the computer at work, I don't want to look at one when I get home.
K: That makes sense. You should hurry and get that updated so I can show it to everybody. Maybe they'll all know someone that would like to buy your stuff and then you could just stay home with us and do artwork all the time.
M: That'd be great.
K: Okay, one more question. How can I get some kids?
M: I knew you'd ask that! That's why I said oh no!
K: Well, now that's it's asked everybody is waiting for you to answer it. They all know how bad I want kids so it's time to let them know how long you're going to torture me with the wait.
M: You're aren't being tortured!! I don't know about the kids thing. I have to take care of some medical stuff.
K: But what abou that biological clock of your's, I hear those kinds of clocks don't last long and they have something to do woth kids.
M: Kaos! I think we're going to have to start locking up the computer during the day so you can't surf the internet anymore! My biological clock is fine, we just have to make sure that I am healthy first so that way we know the baby will be healthy, too.
K: I don't want a baby though, I want a kid to play fetch with like the neighbors.
M: Kaos, this isn't really the place to explain how the process works, but every kid starts out as a baby, just like every dog starts out as a puppy.
K: (long pause) Bummer!
M: You have lots of kids to play with you right now though. You don't worry about the kids thing anymore.
K: What about Aunt Cassie and Grandma Cheese? They worry about it, too!
M: Kaos......never mind. Are we almost done yet?
K: I guess. Do you think I could train a baby to play fetch? Puppies are trainable and humans are supposedly smarter than dogs.
M: Maybe, I don't know. I really need to go now.
K: I haven't hear the dryer buzzer yet.
M: You need to get caught up on reading everybody's blogs and updating your blog. It's been a few days since you went to check in with Flash, too.
K: OH YEAH, okay, gotta go check in with Flash. Bye everybody! Hope you all had a better 4th of July than I did (I will admit I did have lots of fun before Chase got there and I still got to see everybody I wanted to and they told me what a good dog I was and all sorts of good stuff about me. I also got a few potato chips, a hamburger and some hotdog. I also accidently got an olive and that will be the last olive I ever get. That was disgusting!)

Monday, July 02, 2007

What A Weekend!!!

I had a big weekend! It started off Friday night when the neighbor guy brought all 3 kids over because their Mom broke her arm and so we took care of the kids while they went to the hospital! I had a blast!!! Mom says they're coming over for 4th of July!! I had sooooo much fun with the kids there! I wish there were kids at my house all the time!!! THEN Saturday Aunt Cassie came over to help get ready for the party even though she won't be there (isn't she nice?). We worked out in the yard most of the day and Mom ended up overdoing it a little because she was really sore. Her stitches still haven't started dissolving yet and it's driving her crazy because she's tired of not being able to do stuff. Then we went inside and did some stuff inside the house. I helped Dad vacuum, Gunnar helped with the bathroom and Sasha guarded the dust bunnies under the bed (she's afraid of the vacuum). THEN later Mom said "OH! Kaos, I forgot we got you some new toys." SHE FORGOT?!?!?!?!!? My new inside toy is a rope that's tied in a ring. I don't like it in a ring shape so I'm working on making it a normal rope shape. My new outside toy is really cool. Here's a picture. Dad was going to take the yellow rope off, but Mom said no because that will help with the slobber problem. I have no idea what she was talking about, but she played fetch with me a lot longer than she usually does and she threw it a lot further so I'm okay with the slobber rope.
THEN, we combined my new toy with WATER!!!! Look at how much fun I had!

That last picture is blurry because I was running right at Mom really really fast.
I tried hiding behind Mom a couple time to take a break and it worked at first, then Dad started spraying Mom, too.
Dad tried to get Sasha to play, but she hid under the table instead. She also hid in the bushes, but Mom couldn't get a picture of her in the bushes (mostly because she was dodging a big wet dog and then the hose).
Later we went inside to play with my new inside toy. Mom played a bad trick on my by throwing my rope in the clothes basket where I had trouble reaching it. I showed them! It only took a bunch of whining and lots of laughing frrom Mom and Dad before I figured out how to get it out.

I got tired of playing that game so I took a break, but held onto my new toy so nobody would steal it.

It was a good thing we took it easier yesterday because I don't think Mom and I had the energy to do any more stuff like that.
Mom and I are going to start working on the food to night. I can't wait!!! There is going to be lots of food, lots of kids and a water fight!!!!!!!!! I think Fourth of July is going to be one of my most favorite holidays!!!!!!
Mom is taking the 5th and 6th off because she's getting burnt out at work and we decided we're going to work on my blog a little (I need to add a bunch more friends to my links) and we're going to work on her art website so I can finally share it with you.
I'm going to go kick Gunnar out of the cool spot in the dining room now. Mom will be home in about an hour and a half and I have to be all rested for when she comes home and needs my help.