Friday, July 13, 2007

Working On The Jeep

Dad and I are working on the Jeep today. I really wish he would hurry up and get it finished! July is almost half gone and I still have not gone camping yet! I think Mom needs to get out into the woods where there's nobody to bother her, too. She's having BIG trouble at work and comes home grumpy and sad. I decided to help Dad so the work will go faster so we can take Mom on a fun trip soon. She's feeling very good and Gunnar's doing better now (I have a funny story about that) so Mom won't feel guilty about leaving him. Once the Big Jeep is done Dad and I have to change the clutch in Aunt Cassie's Jeep so that she can go with us, too.
Gunnar is feeling lots better. Mom is still worried about when he goes off his medicine. He finished one and is still on the pills. When Mom goes to her doctor's appointment next week, they're going to stop at Petsmart and look at somestuff to give him. I'm really getting tired of Gunnar hoggin the water dish. He's figured out that if he sits at the water dish and drinks, then Mom won't shoot water down his throat. Mom has also noticed the difference in the litter box. It's hilarious to Dad, Sasha, Gunnar and I. She'll go in to start cleaning and you'll hear "Holy Cow Gunnar! You almost created a flood in here!" We all laugh for hours!! This morning Mom was trying to give Gunnar his pill and I guess it didn't go so well. I was outside, but I could hear the meowing and screaming. (Mom says Gunnar's teeth are EXTREMLY sharp! DUH! I've been saying that for the last 2 years!) Mom said he would hold it in his mouth like he swallowed it and then all of a sudden spit it out. Mom went and got water to shoot in his throat to make him swallow and if worked, but that was after 6 times of him spitting it out and her having to rinse it off once. Mom came outside when she was done and she was covered in water and when I came inside Gunnar was wet and kept giving Mom really dirty looks. Sasha attacked him and told him to shape up. Mom said that he started to choke on the pill and she started panicking because she didn't know if she could give a cap the hymlic. He coughed a few times and everything was fine. Mom said there's only 6 more pills left, and the next 6 days should be an adventure.
I'm sure all of you know Dory. She's my soulmate sister. We are so similar, it's creepy sometimes. Well, she nominated me for theRockin' Girl Blogger award! It's given to really cool girls that blog. Once you receive the aard, you're supposed to nominate 7 girl bloggers for the award. So here's my list of nominees:
Ginger is a Colorado dog just like me!
Girl Girl is definatley a very cool blogging girl.
Coco is just so cute!!
Luckie is also one of my favorite girl bloggers.
Hana is a cool bloggin girl, too.
Sunshade is a cool blogging girl and always makes me laugh!
I think that's only 6, but I think everybody else has been nominated. If you haven't been nominated consider yourself my number 7!
I have to go help Dad some more now. Have a great weekend everybody!


Peanut said...

hi Kaos
That was a funny story about Gunnar. Your poor mom though.
I'm glad you are helping your dad so you can finally go camping. Hopefully it will be soon. You have a great weekend
Love Flash

Ginger said...


Hey there! Thanks for nominating me - you rule!!! We Rocky Mountain girls gotta stick together, right? I'm so excited to be able to put that badge up on my blog - my sidebar is still looking a bit empty *glares at mom*.
Hope you get to go camping soon - I heard mom & dad talking about going hiking tomorrow and I think I get to go with them! *wags tail furiously*

Play bows

PreciOus said...

I hope your dad gets the jeep done soon. Can't wait to hear about your camping adventures!


Dory said...

Kaos -

Do you think your dad could fix my mom's Jeep too? I'm thinking roadtrip!

Great nominations for Rocking Blogger Girl!! Four paws up.

Things are busy around here - we are getting a foster doggie and keep your paws crossed Mom says he might stay with us forever if he like me and my humans!

Love to you, Sasha, Gunnar and your humans - Dory - Your Boston Based Sister

Ferndoggle said...

Poor Gunner! Tell your Mom to be careful or she'll get her eyes scratched out.

Yet another reason I don't like cats.


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Kaos,
Thanks for thinking about me.... :) I hope your Mom doesn't get too moody. Give her lotsa hugs for me. I know what it's like to have a moody Mom because of WORK.
Oh wow...Gunnar is still on medication huh?

Marvin The Dog said...

Hope you manage to go camping very soon! I liked your tales about your family and Gunnar.

Hope your Mum cheers up very soon!

love Marv xxxx

mcqueen said...

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