Monday, July 02, 2007

What A Weekend!!!

I had a big weekend! It started off Friday night when the neighbor guy brought all 3 kids over because their Mom broke her arm and so we took care of the kids while they went to the hospital! I had a blast!!! Mom says they're coming over for 4th of July!! I had sooooo much fun with the kids there! I wish there were kids at my house all the time!!! THEN Saturday Aunt Cassie came over to help get ready for the party even though she won't be there (isn't she nice?). We worked out in the yard most of the day and Mom ended up overdoing it a little because she was really sore. Her stitches still haven't started dissolving yet and it's driving her crazy because she's tired of not being able to do stuff. Then we went inside and did some stuff inside the house. I helped Dad vacuum, Gunnar helped with the bathroom and Sasha guarded the dust bunnies under the bed (she's afraid of the vacuum). THEN later Mom said "OH! Kaos, I forgot we got you some new toys." SHE FORGOT?!?!?!?!!? My new inside toy is a rope that's tied in a ring. I don't like it in a ring shape so I'm working on making it a normal rope shape. My new outside toy is really cool. Here's a picture. Dad was going to take the yellow rope off, but Mom said no because that will help with the slobber problem. I have no idea what she was talking about, but she played fetch with me a lot longer than she usually does and she threw it a lot further so I'm okay with the slobber rope.
THEN, we combined my new toy with WATER!!!! Look at how much fun I had!

That last picture is blurry because I was running right at Mom really really fast.
I tried hiding behind Mom a couple time to take a break and it worked at first, then Dad started spraying Mom, too.
Dad tried to get Sasha to play, but she hid under the table instead. She also hid in the bushes, but Mom couldn't get a picture of her in the bushes (mostly because she was dodging a big wet dog and then the hose).
Later we went inside to play with my new inside toy. Mom played a bad trick on my by throwing my rope in the clothes basket where I had trouble reaching it. I showed them! It only took a bunch of whining and lots of laughing frrom Mom and Dad before I figured out how to get it out.

I got tired of playing that game so I took a break, but held onto my new toy so nobody would steal it.

It was a good thing we took it easier yesterday because I don't think Mom and I had the energy to do any more stuff like that.
Mom and I are going to start working on the food to night. I can't wait!!! There is going to be lots of food, lots of kids and a water fight!!!!!!!!! I think Fourth of July is going to be one of my most favorite holidays!!!!!!
Mom is taking the 5th and 6th off because she's getting burnt out at work and we decided we're going to work on my blog a little (I need to add a bunch more friends to my links) and we're going to work on her art website so I can finally share it with you.
I'm going to go kick Gunnar out of the cool spot in the dining room now. Mom will be home in about an hour and a half and I have to be all rested for when she comes home and needs my help.


Peanut said...

Oh I want one of your outside toys. Those look neat. I know we are perfect for each other because we both love the water so much. I am glad you had a good weekend.

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Kaos,
Whoa, you really love water huh? Look at you go!! :)You have such cool looking toys.

Sparky said...

Water is the bestest!!!! What a great day you had!

PreciOus said...

Oh no, hope your mom's stitches are holding nicely still.

I'm sure you'll have lots of fun at the party. *Grinz*


Tadpole said...

Holy cow! What a day! You guys had so much fun!!!

And that last picture of you is totally adorable! (my girl said that - I wouldn't want to intrude on Flash's territory...)

PiratesGrrl said...

Wow it looks like you had a ton of fun this weekend! I like that outside toy too.

Tucker Doodle

Marvin The Dog said...

I love water too! I have a video on my blog today with me in the lovely stuff!

love and licks, and I love your outside toys,

Marvin the Water Scotsmnanxxxxx

love an d healing licks to your Ma xxx

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That sure looks like a hamsterrific weekend. Hope your mum's arm is better

~ girl girl

Ginger said...

Hi Kaos, I'm Ginger. I live in Colorado too!
Wow! Looks like you had a lot of FUN! I have a ropetoy as an indoor toy too. Apparently I get "out of control" when I play with my tennis ball inside *rolls eyes*. Have fun today (July 4) with all those kiddies! And stay coooooool!


Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

You are an excellent host! And we play the hose game too!