Friday, August 31, 2007

Nothing Going On

I haven't been too busy to post this week or ignoring everybody. There's absolutely nothing going on! Nothing. Not one thing! It's also hot again so that doesn't help at all. Mom has a 3 day weekend and then Dad is off on Sunday and Monday for Labor Day Weekend and I have a feeling Mom will be working on cleaning her car and Dad will be working on the Jeep. Mom got her car title in the mail last week and went and had the title changed over into her married name this week so she decided since the car finally belongs to her, she is going to clean it really good and make it all pretty. I am so glad she didn't have a payment plan on me! I hate getting cleaned, especially really good scrubbings!
I hope you all have a good weekend, espcially if your parents have a 3 day weekend! Hopefully I'll have a fun story to tell you.
If your name isn't Flash, stop reading here.
I hope you are doing okay! I miss you a bunch!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Weekend

My weekend wasn't very exciting. Saturday was okay because Dad was feeling TONS better and guess what! The inside of the Jeep is pretty much done! The seats are in and the paint is dry and now he jsut needs to put the transmission in and a few other things and we can go somewhere! Dad started the Jeep on Saturday and I was stuck in the house and when Mom came inside I was going crazy! I wanted to be in the Jeep! I was worried he was going to go without me! Mom said there still isn't a transmission in it so don't worry because it won't go anywhere. I hope he gets it all done on his next day off! Labor Day weekend is coming and I have no idea what that means but I know Mom gets 3 days off and Dad will get 2 since he has to work on Saturday. That reminds me, I need to have a talk with my Dad's boss. Dad needs weekends off all the time so that he can be home with Mom and I...oh yeah and those other 2, too. That reminds me. you gall did great on guessing what was wrong with the picture on Friday's post. You dogs are so smart!
I found out Grandma and Grandpa Cheese were in town and they didn't come visit me! Can you believe that? I know I can't! Grandma brought toys to us on Saturday and I wanted to show Grandma and Grandpa Cheese my new toys and my new awesome collar, but nooooooooo, they were busy! Mom said she told them about my toys and new collar though and they said they were very happy for me. Not the same! I can't wait until it's time to go visit them! THEN! Guess what Mom did! She went to a dog show on Sunday! Why in the world would you go to a dog show and not take a dog? Mom's weird that way I guess. It was at the state fair and it was Aunt Cassie's nephew's 4-H project. Mom smelled like so many dogs it took Sasha and I almost an hour to sniff her down. She also had lots of food smells that were on top of the dog smells. Mom said it was fun at first, but then got reallyboring (DUH I could have told her that jus tbby the name! It was a dog show! A show for dogs!!!!). She said it was cool seeing all the different types of dogs there, but the people organizing it were very unorganized and they spent 4 hours waiting for the awards ceremony that they said would be at 1:00. Mom was really tired when she got home. She said that she was amazed at seeing how all the dogs were behaving. She said she was glad we weren't show dogs even though those dogs were really good and very well behaved, she likes our craziness and unpredictability better. Not sure what that means, but my Mom's weird so I'm sure it's a good thing.
The kids across the street are doing weird things again so I have to go bark at them through the picture window some more. I have to do this every day there's school. Mom says I get Monday off, too. I think Mom and I will have to have one of our "cuddle and sleep in while Dad works on the Jeep" mornings on Monday.

Friday, August 24, 2007

What's Wrong With This Picture

I know I've been promising this post all week , but we got baths the other night and let's jsut say I'm not happy. Mom is making a big deal about how good we smell, but I really don't care. I'm not going to post pictures because I think Mom seeing all the bath pictures lately gave her the idea to do it and I don't want to be the reason for some other poor defenseless dog getting a bath.
Okay, so her's the picture. Can you tell what's wrong with it?
Here's some clues as to what the answer isn't. It isn't I'm not wearing my cool new collar that I love a BUNCH (you should have seen how upset I was when Mom took it off for my bath and didn't put it on until the next morning!). The answer isn't that there's a bench seat in the living room. The answer isn't that there's a big nasty spot in the seat.
Ready for the answer?
Here it is: The thing that is wrong with this picture is.....GUNNAR IS SITTING ON TOP OF THE FRONT SEAT OF MY BIG JEEP!!! What is up with the cat sitting on a seta frrom a vehicle! He hates car rides and he's sitting on the seat that belongs in MY Jeep. See me giving him dirty looks? In case your're wondering what he's looking at, it's the ceiling fan. I do the same thing. There's an airconditioner vent right above the ceiling fan in the living room and it makes a really nice place to stand (or sleep) when you're hot .
This is what the picture should look like:
See, Dad and his 2 dogs in the Jeep seat. Actually since this is the front seat, it should be Mom and Dad on the ends with Mom's camera equipment between them and Sasha on Mom's lap and me in the back seat. The back seat is in the computer room. Dad was working on putting the extra padding on the front seat and then the seat cover. It doesn't look like this anymore, but it's still in the living room. The funny thing is, Mom says it's more comfy than the couch and is thinking about getting rid of some other furniture in the living room and getting bench seats to sit on. As long as it comes from a Jeep I think I'd be okay with replacing my chair with a Jeep seat - has to be a Jeep though cuz they're the most comfy. Dad says the seat I sit on in the back is actually from a truck, but it's become one with my Jeep so it's now a Jeep seat. The reason that seat is in the house too is because Dad ran out of room in the 2 car garage and didn't want it to get dirty while he's inishing painting the cool stuff inside my Jeep. I really hope he gets it finished so I can take pictures of me having fun in my Jeep again. He needs to hurry up and get well (he got another shot yesterday and was not happy about it).
Have a great weekend everybody!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Sorta-Sister Dory

I'm sure a lot of you know Dory. This is my most favorite picture of her. Dory is my sorta-sister because we are so much a like. Those of you that know Dory know about all of her cool collars that she has. On her collar in this picture you can see sailboats.

Well, yesterday a package came and you'll never guess what was in it! A cool collar from Dory! There are no pictures of the opening of the package because Mom forgot her memory card was in her bag because she had gotten the pictures off from what I was originally going to post today (check back tomorrow for those, this story is much more exciting) and not in her camera. Anyway, once I saw that it was a collar and that it was camo I went crazy!!! Look at how cool it is (also no up close pictures of it off of me for the same reason and then after it was on me, I wouldn't let Mom take it off)! It's my most favorite color in the entire world! Camo green! There's black paw prints and black labs on it, too! Mom kept the tag so I could tell you where it is from but of course she didn't put it in a spot I could find it, but I'm sure Dory can tell us where it's from. Mom started adjusting it and it took her forever and ever to get it the right size. I was actually kind of insulted that she started off so huge! She finally got it on me and then I wouldn't let her take it off. The inside if the collar is so nice and soft against my fur and there's not that big long tail flapping around like on my old collar. See how happy I am in my brand new collar! I'm stylin' just like Dory! When Dad finally got home last night, he put my tags on my new collar and messed with the size a little more and I was extremly hyper for the rest of the night. Sasha was so jealous of me!! I loved it! I can't wait to show everybody else I know. Grandma is supposed to come by this week sometime to borrow the computer and I can't wait to show her my wonderful new color. Later last night I got a crazy feeling and started rolling all over the living room floor and doing zoomies from the dining room into the living room and back. Mom thought maybe Dad got my new collar too tight and there was not enough oxygen getting to my brain and that was causing my craziness, but nope, it was happy craziness because I love my new collar so much! It's the bestest ever! Dad said it's a little dangerous in the dark though. When we went outside he couldn't see me. Mom said we'll get me an orange hunting vest to wear outside in the dark. They're crazy!
I love my new collar a bunch!!! Thank you so much Dory for it. It's perfect! Thank you to Dory's Mom, Liza and Dory's brother, Mac, too. I LOVE YOU GUYS A BUNCH!!!!!
School started today and it's almost time for school to get out so I have to go make sure none of those kids cross the street and come into my yard. Living across the street from a school takes a lot of gueard duty. Check back tomorrow for the funny pictures.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Happy Barkday to My Dad!

Happy Barkday to my Dad!
Happy Barkday to my Dad!
Happy Barkday to myyyyyyeeeeeeee Daaaaaa-aaaaaadd!
Happy Barkday to my Dad!
Yesterday was my Dad's barkday and I was going to post this yesterday but Dad and Grandma were hogging the computer. I will say that what ever they did to the computer, made the internet TONS better.
My Dad still isn't feel good so he's going back to the doctor. He was supposed to make his appointment for today, but it's not until Thursday. I think he's hoping to feel better before then. Mom and Grandma told him he had to go back so he made the appointment. Sneaky Dad!
Do you like Dad's barkday cake? It's Bart Simpson and Mom made it. (Mom says not to look at the ugly wallpaper in the kitchen.) There's a lot of chocolate in the cake so Sasha and I didn't get any of it. We did clean up some crumbs on the floor though, but don't tell Mom, she thought someone cleaned them up for her. Aunt Cassie, Aunt Gillian and Grandma all came over to celebrate Dad's birthday. I had a lot of fun hogging Grandma's attention. I didn't care if anybody else was giving attention to Sasha and Gunnar, but I'm Grandma's favorite so I have to be sure all her attention stays on me!
Hope everybody had a gret weekend! I have a funny post for tomorrow. I'm going to go start on it now.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Sunday was MY day! Saturday Mom and Dad were gone almost all day which wasn't fun, but Sunday Dad finally went back to work and Mom stayed home. I was hoping to get to blog on Sunday since Dad has been hogging the computer while he was home sick all of last week, but Mom hogged it. SHEESH! But, Mom didn't hog it all day, she spent time with me! She played with me and I helped her clean the bathroom andwe made lunch together (I discovered I really don't like cucumbers) and I got tons of ear scratching. Sasha hid almost all day so all attention was on ME! After lunch Mom and I were on the couch watching Scooby-Doo (have I mentioned my Mom is a Scooby freak? Sasha's real name is Sasha-Soo!) and the phone wrang. I thought it was Dad checking in on us, but no it was my Aunt Gillian. I haven't seen her since after my Mom's surgery. Well, she needed a ride into town because she lives in the next town over and doesn't have a vehicle anymore and wanted to know if Mom would come get her. GUESS WHAT! Mom said okay and then she asked if I wanted to go and it's been so long since I've gone anywhere and so I was confused and then Sasha heard and that was when I realized what Mom asked me so I gave her the sad but cute puppy eyes and then Sasha caught on and Mom looked at us and said we could both go so she went and started the car and got it cooled down enough for us and then we went to get in Mom's car. Sasha ran to the truck instead of the car. Mom got mad because Sasha is getting really bad about not listening to Mom. I would have rather gone in the truck or the Jeep, too but I knew that since it was Mom, we were in the car (it's also the one with the best air conditioning so I didn't complain at all). Sasha rode all the way to Aunt Gillian's house on the floor which confused Mom and I. She was mad because Mom told her she had to ride in the back seat. Personally, I prefer the back seat. More room to spread out. It took us about 20 minutes to get to Aunt Gillian's and then when we got there, I didn't get to go see my cousin Bailey, well I go to see her but she didn't come with us and I didn't get to get out because Mom was worried about the traffic. So Aunt Gillian got in the car and we came back to town and then we dropped her off. When Aunt Gillian got in the car, Sasha finally got on the seat but she whined all the way back to town because she wanted to sit in Aunt Gillian's lap, but Mom said she was being a butthead so she had to sit in the back. Mom kept looking in the mirror and telling me what an awesome dog I was being. She said I am the bestest car dog! So we came back home and I took a nap (car rides make me tired). Mom went to pick Dad up from work and I didn't ask to go because I was really tired. Awhile later Mom and Dad were outside doing stuff with gates open which means dogs have to stay inside and the phone wrang and I didn't know who it was because I was outside and Mom answered it in the garage and then Mom came inside and got her purse and went out the back door so I followed her and Sasha doesn't like to go outside unless Dad goes with her so she stayed inside and boy did she regret it. We went out the back said bye to Dad and then Mom said come on Kaos. I got in Mom's car and we went to pick up Aunt Gillian and took her back home! TWO CAR RIDES IN ONE DAY! On the way back home Mom asked if I wanted to sit in front and I didn't, but I think Mom wanted some company in the front so I hopped up front with Mom. Mom told me I was a really good dog and she was very happy she brought me both times for company. The airconditioner was colder up front and it made me sleepy so I curled up on the seat and layed my head on Mom's purse and she petted my head. She asked if I had fun and I gave her the "VERY MUCH! I LOVE YOU MOM!" tail wag. When we got home Sasha was REALLY jealous. Mom said if she wasn't such a butthead she could have gone, too. Mom told her she needs to stop being so stuckup and whiney like ME!
Today, when Mom came home for lunch she got us out some chewies and she gave be a handful instead of jsut my normal one. I hid them throughout the house so that when she gets home I can sit on the couch and chew on them with her and I don't have to worry about Sasha stealing all my chewies. Before Mom left she told me thank you for being such a good dog. OH and this morning the alarm clocks went off and so I got up on the bed on Mom's side and me, Mom and Dad had some major morning cuddles and then Dad told me I was being very good and then he told me thank you for being so calm. Hold on I have to take some breathes before I pass out........okay I'm okay now.
Thank you to everybnody that sent my Dad get better vibes. He has Bronchitas and Sinitus. He's on some medicine and blows his nose a lot. He's doing a little better, but he still isn't feeling very good. He's decided to stop smoking too! He started taking some other drug that some coworkers told him about and hopefully that will work. He's really excited about stopping, but that is going to mess up our nightly routine! I hope he still comes outside with us when it's time to go potty at night! I didn't think of that part! Oh well, as long as he's feeling better and heathy. Dad told me that with the money he'll save from not buying cigarettes he can afford to do more cool stuff to the Jeep and buy me more stuff! WOOHOOO!!!!!!
Okay, I am really tired now and it's really hot again so I'm going to go take a nap now. Hope all of you had a great weekend, too!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sick Dad

Dad is sick now! Dad never gets sick! I took care of him yesterday and he's feeling worse today so he's going to the doctor. Dad NEVER goes to the doctor! Mom is going to come get him to take him. This is totally backwards! Dad is the one that takes Mom to the doctor! Dad took a nap yesterday and that's when we knew he was really sick. He NEVER takes naps unless he doesn't feel good. I'm really good at making Mom feel better, but I seem to only annoy my Dad when he isn't feeling good. I don't know what to do for him. I know exactly what to do for Mom. I'm not used to Dad being sick! Hopefully the doctor will be able to help him. I'm so stressed out! I'm going to go see if Dad will give me some of those wonderful treats Mom made me...I mean Sasha and I.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Delicious Treats!!

You all need to get someone to make these treats for you if you already haven't. I foudn it in the recipe section on DWB. Sherman, Penny & Lola's mom posted it and I am sooooooooooo happy she did! Mom did a bunch of baking this weekend and did these for us. My mom is soooo awesome!
Here's the recipe:
Cheesy cookies
2 cups sharp cheddar cheese
2 cups rolled oats (or other flour...buckwheat, spelt or brown rice flours are my own personal preference.)
2 eggs
2 good shakes garlic powder
2 splashes warm water

smoosh everything in a bowl until it forms a dough-like consistancy (should hold together). Add warm water a splash at a time if too dry...shouldn't be too wet though. *press into a foil lined, EVOO covered (for easy clean up), cookie sheet *bake at 350 for 30 - 40 minutes. *cut into 1/2 inch sized cubes with a pizza cutter.

I copied it pretty much how it is on DWB so all of you can follow it just like my mom did so you'll get the same results my mom did! they are soooooooooooooooooooo good! I'll do almost any trick for them! There is a problem with them though. Dad thinks they're kind of tasty. He says they taste better warm though. I don't care about the temperature, they're good any temperature! I need to have Mom make some for my friends (poor Korra still has to deal with that annoying puppy Chase, Korra definately needs a special treat).
Thanks to Sherman, Penny & Lola's mom!!!!! I'm not a drooler, but using Nanook's Newfy Drool-o-meter method I give you simultaneous-ropes-to-the-floor (that's the highest ranking!!)
I'm going to go watch for Mom to come home and give us more. She should be home in 2 and a half yours! I can't wait!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Google Searches

I decided to check on Google searches that led to my blog again and I think this time they are much better.
The first one is milk bones and milkbone recall. I was very sad about the milk bone recall. Our bag of milkboknes wasn't in the recall but Mom and Dad didn't want to take any chances and they haven't replaced the bag they got rid of. As soon as I figure out how to write, I'm adding milkbones to the shopping list. Mom mentioned the other day that we haven't gotten our lunch time milkbone in a long time. DUH! That's why we're starving by the time she gets home from work at night and gives us dinner.
The second one is hot tub neighborour new neighbors have a hot tub which I'm thinking is like a swimming pool. Mom says she's pretty sure they wont' let me in it because I'll clog the filters. I don't know what that means, but I'm sure they'll let me. I don't think there's any water in it yet though so once I think there's water in it, I'm going to start using my black lab charm, nobody can resist that!
The third one I feal a little guilty about. It is cheating moms. My mom wasn't really cheating on my dad. I just didn't know Harry Potter was a movie and a book. I know my Mom would never really cheat on my Dad. They love each other a bunch and have fun together.
The fourth one I'm kind of confused about. It is kaos it. I don't know what that means. Kaos really isn't a verb, but if you make my name into a verb by things I love to do then it could mean a lot of things. It could mean "fetch it," "hunt it," "hug it," "wrestle it," "eat it," and "smile it." I hope that person found whatever they were looking for.

Okay, now i have a question for all of you. Do any of you know what OCD or ubsestive combulsive dissorder is? My Dad says I have this dissorder thing and I don't know what it means. I think it has something to do with playing fetch because that's usually when he says it. It doesn't matter if I'm outside with my outside toys and balls or inside with my rope. If any of you know what this is or know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, could you let me know.
Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cranky Mom

Still nothing exciting going on here. Dad is home working on the Jeep again. I dont' think we're going to get to go camping this summer, but hopefully we'll get to go somewhere clse by to play. There's also always snow jeeping this winter!
Mom is in a bad mood this morning. I couldn't even cheer her up and I can always cheer her up. She says it's her job that makes her grumpy. I'm still working on finding her a job that she can do while scratching my ears. I'm not coming up with anything though. Mom gets really excited when she goes to check the mail which worried me. I thought there was another Harry Potter coming because that's how the last one came. Dad keeps telling Mom "You just mailed it 2 days ago!" I had no idea what they were talking about until I heard Mom saying that when it comes she's going to clean her car really good to celebrate. Mom mailed her last payment on her car. She wasn't scheduled to send the last one until November, but Mom and Dad figured things out and mailed the last payment Tuesday. Mom bought her car before she met Dad because her other car died and she was tired of pying for car repairs on cars she hated. That was 5 years ago and Mom is really excited about paying it off. She loves her car (personally I like the Jeeps better)and even though they're talking about buying Mom a Jeep, Mom says she's keeping her car - at least for awhile. Hopefully, it will come soon and then Mom will forget how crappy her job is for awhile.
I'm going to go see how far Dad has gotten. He's supposed to finish the inside today so he can get the transmission ready for Sunday. I can't wait to go on the test drive!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Remember Me?

Here's a picture to help you remember who I am. I found out that I don't have to worry about Harry Potter! When Mom went to see him, it wa a movie and that book she was reading was Harry Potter. Mom finished it last Thursday and then gave it to Aunt Cassie. I'm glad it's not in the house right now. When it was here, Mom spent way too much time with it. I see I'm not the only one that was neglected because of some book.
Nothing really exciting has been going on. Mom is in a bad mood because of work, Dad is working on the Jeep a lot, Gunnar is better so I can wrestle with him now, Sasha isn't feeling good (I think she's faking it because she has moments when she forgets she's not feeling good) and we never see Aunt Cassie anymore because she has a boyfriend now. It doesn't look like we're going to be going camping. The Jeep isn't going as fast as we had hoped and the summer is almost over (Mom won't go camping after August because she gets too cold). It's a bummer, but now I'm focussing on going pheasant hunting and visiting Grandma & Grandpa Cheese. I can't wait!
I'm going to go wrestle with Gunnar now. He needs the workout and I need to burn off some built up energy.