Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wonderful New Treats!

Dad was working on the computer this morning before he left for work and left it on so he could do some stuff after work so it made it really easy to get on today.
I have to tell you about some really cool new treats! They're called Shmkos! THEY'RE GREAT!! They were doing a free sample give-away thingy and Mom signed up for some and they came in the mail yesterday. When she came home from lunch she gave them to us. They sent a bacon flavored and I have to say WOW I LOVE SHMAKOS!!! They also sent a coupon for a $1 off. You know what that means? WE GET MORE!! There were 2 pieces in the sample so Sasha and both got one! I can't wait until Mom and Dad go shopping for more!

Monday, June 26, 2006

1 Year Anniversary

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary of when my Mom and Dad adopted me! I made it an entire year in the same family in the same house in the dame town in the same state! I'm so happy!! Mom and Dad didn't make a huge deal about it because it's really not that big of deal, but they did give me extra hugs and treats.
Mom and Dad were talking about other camping trips for the summer and since the Big Jeep is still broke, Dad got the truck fixed so we can at least go camping. We're goign to try to go on a fishing trip in July and they were talking about taking me!! I thought since it was just for fishing I couldn't go because I'm not very good when people are fishing. I want to chase the stuff into the water really really bad! Dad said we might get to go to Holy Cross in August, too! I really like that place! That was my first trip last year and I got to play in the creek lots and lots!
I helped Mom clean out the back bedroom yesterday because Aunt Cassie is coming to visit. It was alot of work and we still have some to do. I'm going to go take a nap now so when she gets home for lunch I can help her some more.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Template

What do you think of my new template? I got bored with the other one. Mom is helping me make changes to it. We're working on getting all the bugs worked ot and I want a picture of me somewhere near the top so you can always see how cute I am!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm Microchipped!

I was so excited about going for a ride in the Jeep I didn't care where we were going. Until I found out I was going to the vet. By the time I realized it, it was too late though. We were already in the building. I've never liked going to the vet. This one wasn't too bad. They weighed me and I didn't even know they were doing it. Dad told me to sit and I did and the lady said I weigh 48 pounds. I also had to get a shot. I do not like shots! Dad also asked them to scan me because he was looking through my papers from when they adopted me and it looked like I had a microchip in me. Sure enough, I do. To change the information though we have to find out who the manufacturer is of the chip and then go to their website to cahnge the info from my old families info to Mom and Dad's. They have the microchip number, but they don't know the manufacturer. If anybody knows how to do that, please leave a comment and I'll make sure Mom and Dad get the message.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I'm Gonna Ride in the Jeep!

Dad said in a little bit we're going to go for a ride in the Jeep! I can't wait. I've had to stay in the hosue most of the day because it's too hot. Dad comes in once in awhile to cool off and I'll go out for a little with him, but it's REALLY hot today. But, I'M GOING FOR A RIDE IN THE JEEP IN A LITTLE BIT!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

My Weekend

I thought I'd post real quick about my weekend. It was pretty unexciting until Sunday afternoon. Saturday Dad went to work and Mom went to hang out with the niece for the day. I had to stay home because I'm too hyper for a 2 year old and Sasha was grumpy so she didn't get to go either. Sunday Mom and Dad went shooting. I was very upset I didn't get to go, but since I knew they were just going to go practice, I knew they weren't doing anything really fun so I took a nap. Mom didn't feel goood when they got back so I let her take a nap for an hour. Dad had to go to work so it was really quiet in the house. I couldn't take it anymore after an hour cuz I had to pee!! Sasha did, too. I woke Mom up buy putting a chewey next to her head. I figured I'd try to bribe her to wake up. I know chewies always make me feel better so it couldn't hurt to try. She didn't want the chewy, but she got up and let us out. She was feeling better so she started cleaning the living room. I usually hate when she does that, especially when she gets that loud thing out that she moves all over the floor. I think they call it a vacuum. Well, she decided to move the couch forward so she could vaccum under it and wash the nice big window that faces the street. At first it was no big deal and then she moved it a little further and CHEWIES GALORE!!!!! It was great!! Sasha took one and I took one and then came fore another. Mom obviously thought I was too slow so she picked the rest up and threw them towards the dining room. You could sort of say it was raining chewies! Sasha and Gunnar went and hid in the bedroom while Mom used the big loud thing and I stayed in the living room to make sure nothing happened to the chewies or Mom. She kept taking lots of breaks because it was so hot and she really didn't feel good still. When Dad came home I showed him all the wonderful chewies and he laughed at how excited I was.
Underneath the couch was also a little plastic M&M thing that Dad had given Mom for Valentine's Day. It came up missing and I tried to tell Mom that I did get it, but I didn't chew it up, I lost it. She found the hat to him so she knew I had chewed it enough to get the hat off. That was a long time ago and with the chewies was the little M&M thing. I was so happy to see him because I knew Mom really liked him. She put him up high so I can't reach it again. It's okay though, I don't want to chew on him cuz I'VE GOT MILLIONS OF CHEWIES!!!! I think Mom should use the big loud thing there more often! I'm going to go do some more chewing. Dad is off work tomorrow so I don't know if I'll have time to post tomorrow or not.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Help!! Please!

I heard Mom and Dad talking last night that I may not be going wheeling and camping again this summer. The Big Jeep is broke really bad and they said they can only afford to fix one thing and there's 2 things wrong and if they can't fix them then they're just going to do a fishing trip and if they only do fishing then I can't go because they won't let me go fishing because I whine and bark because I want to chase the stuff they're throwing in the water and I really want to go camping again this summer!!!! (Sorry, that was a really long sentence. I'm on the verge of having a panic attack though!)
So here's where you can help me. Go to Mom and Dad's Website at http://www.cafepress.com/HilarysDesigns and buy lots of cool stuff!! Mom has a bunch of her artwork and then there's also the wheeling stuff. Here's some samples:

Mom also has a website for her artwork. I know she doesn't have a lot of her work on it cuz last night she was saying she needs to get pictures taken of stuff to get it on the website and to order prints. Here's the website for her artwork:
And here's some samples of her stuff:

Wow. I just saw what Mom has on her website and she really does need to get stuff done. You should see the cool stuff sitting in the livingroom!! I know she took some new photos on the trip we just went on, too. I'll try to hint at her to get those on soon so you can see how cool they are.
Be sure to check out the websites and buy lots of stuff so I don't have to sit at home with Sasha, Gunnar and Mom's friend or sister. They're okay to hang out with but I would much rather be out with Mom and Dad. Buy your friends and family stuff and don't forget about yourself. The stuff is really cool so you won't be dissapointed.
I think I just heard Dad come back from running some errands. I'm going to go help in him clean up the yard now.
Thank you very much for everything you order to help pay for the repairs on the Big Jeep. I'd give you all a big kiss and hug if I could (Mom says I'm the BEST hugger ever!!).

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pictures Are Ready!

Mom finally got all the pictures on the site! She got them done yesterday, but I got into some stuff I wasn't supposed to before her lunch break yesterday so I had to stay in the kennel for the rest of the day. I am going to be good today. Mom talked to me this morning and told me that if I was really good I didn't have to be grounded this week.

The website is: http://www.SprwagmanAdventures.bravehost.com. Click on the 2006 Trips tab to see this trip's pictures.

I slept all the way to Buena Vista that Thursday night because I needed to save my energy for the weekend. Plus, it's a really boring drive. While everybody set up camp, I ran around the camp site making sure everything was secure. You should have seen all the sticks!!!! There were millions!!!

The next morning I didn't want to wait for Mom and Dad to get out of bed so I let my self out of the tent. I did that every morning. I would join Chuck for a cup of coffee. Well, he had coffee and I'd chew on a stick and run around a little.

Friday we went to a trail called Iron Chest. It was fun, but Luke's Scout broke and so did Bill's so we didn't go very far before we had to turn around and come back down before the parts store closed. I had fun playing on the rocks even though Dad told the kids not to throw sticks for me. I have better balance on rocks than he thinks I do. That night at camp I got lot sof people to throw my toys and even a couple to secretly throw sticks for me. Dad doesn't want me to chase sticks because he thinks I'll get into the wood pile again this winter. Chasing sticks that are thrown has nothing to do with if I get in the wood pile though. I'll probably still do that. Sticks are so much fun!! Not as fun as balls though.

Saturday we went on a trail called China Men's Gulch. It was a really long and hot trail. It was fun. We had a bunch of breaks though so it took a long time to get through the trail. Dad didn't want me running around on my own so I had to stay on a leash if I got out of the Jeep because there are rattle snakes and stuff along that trail he didn't want me to find.

When we finally got to the campsite that evening, Mom took me down to the creek because I was soooo hot. It felt gooooooood! First we went to a part of the creek that the water was running really fast. I didn't like that part because Mom would throw the stick and it would swim away and I got confused so I tried brining parts of the trees that were in the water. We found a calm spot and I had a lot fo fun there. Mom and her friend were trying to get water for showers and I kept kicking up dirt that would go in the buckets so I stopped for awhile.

That night I was sooooo tired that I went to bed on my own. Dad came and found me and took me down to the fire, but I was too tired to stay up. I know they were celebrating their first wedding anniversary, but I was too tired to stay awake any longer. I went back up and went to bed. I was glad when Mom and Dad finally came to bed too because I was tired of listening for them. I went with Mom to go potty so she wouldn't be scared (I do that a lot for her.) and then that was all the energy I had left.

I got up the next morning when I heard Chuck making coffee. They made a huge breakfast that morning and there were lots of people to throw my frisbee for me. Mom kept telling me not to be annoying, but the people were laughing at me so I see it as I was making people happy, not annoying them. After breakfast we packed up camp which I didn't like because everybody was too busy to play with me. Then we went down the the other part of the creek so they could fish. I HATE fishing. I can't chase the stuff into the water that they're throwing and I have to be quiet and it's boring. Mom was going to let me jumo in the creek before we left and after they were done fishing, but there were people up the creek shooting a gun into the water and it made her nervous, so I didn't get to.

I slept the entire way home. We had to stop about halfway home becuas ethe Jeep was acting funny. The tow was out and it messed up the tires so we had to becareful going hom. When we stopped I got out and rean around and stretched with the kids and then I got back in and slept.

I love camping and riding in the Jeep A LOT!!! It sure wears me out though. It took me almost all week to recover.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Finally rested!

Hey everybody! Sorry it took me so long to post again. I've been trying to rest. Two busy weekends in a row really wears me out. Dad is off today so I'm planning on hanging out with him outside this afternoon. He went out run some errands this morning so I thought I'd post real quick before he got home and we went outside. Mom is working on getting the pictures on the website. She has TONS to go through though. The picture above was me on the 2nd day. Once Mom gets the pictures on the website, I'll give you details of the trip. I had soooo much fun!! I can't wait until the next one! I'm all rested too, so I'm good to go. Here's the website that will have the pictures: http://www.SprwagmanAdventures.bravehost.com. Give Mom a few more days to get them all on. She had a lot of fun with her new camera. I'll let you know when she has them all on, too.

Monday, June 05, 2006

We're Home

We're back and I'm too tired to post much of anything. I've been sleeping pretty much all day. Mom came home for lunch and I was too tired to even go outside. I had TONS of fun this weekend and I promise I'll tell you all about my fun as soon as I can stay awake for more that 3 minutes at a time. Mom took almost 500 pictures so you'll have to check those out too when they're ready.
I'm going back to the couch for another nap.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

We're Leaving SOON

I got really worried when Mom and Dad were home for lunch a little bit ago! My mom's friend brought her stuff over and put it in the pile that still needs loaded into the Jeep and I was getting very excited and then they took Sasha's stuff out and then Sasha went with them! I remembered a few minutes later that she was going to Grandma's for the weekend. Mom was feeling pretty guilty about it and then Sasha didn't even say by to them or act sad or anything. She did whine a little after they left but it was because there was a volleyball at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. Grandma told Mom we owe her a volley ball. hehehe poor Mom! I'm sure Sasha will miss us later, especially when she needs to go outside, I won't be there to protect her and Mom won't be there to tuck her in at night. She'll be fine. That was really funny though that she was whining about a ball instead of where Mom and Dad went.
I'll check in on Monday! Have a great weekend! I WILL!!!!!!!!


The Jeep is pretty much loaded and ready to go and so am I!!!! Sasha goes to Grandma's when Dad comes home for lunch and then we load the rest of the stuff after Mom and Dad get home from work and then we wait for everybody to show up and then WE LEAVE!!!! I'm so happy!!!! Bet you couldn't tell. I better go take a nap. Once Mom gets the pictures posted, I'll let you know they're on. If you want to see pictures from last year go to http://www.SprwagmanAdventures.bravehost.com.