Monday, June 19, 2006

My Weekend

I thought I'd post real quick about my weekend. It was pretty unexciting until Sunday afternoon. Saturday Dad went to work and Mom went to hang out with the niece for the day. I had to stay home because I'm too hyper for a 2 year old and Sasha was grumpy so she didn't get to go either. Sunday Mom and Dad went shooting. I was very upset I didn't get to go, but since I knew they were just going to go practice, I knew they weren't doing anything really fun so I took a nap. Mom didn't feel goood when they got back so I let her take a nap for an hour. Dad had to go to work so it was really quiet in the house. I couldn't take it anymore after an hour cuz I had to pee!! Sasha did, too. I woke Mom up buy putting a chewey next to her head. I figured I'd try to bribe her to wake up. I know chewies always make me feel better so it couldn't hurt to try. She didn't want the chewy, but she got up and let us out. She was feeling better so she started cleaning the living room. I usually hate when she does that, especially when she gets that loud thing out that she moves all over the floor. I think they call it a vacuum. Well, she decided to move the couch forward so she could vaccum under it and wash the nice big window that faces the street. At first it was no big deal and then she moved it a little further and CHEWIES GALORE!!!!! It was great!! Sasha took one and I took one and then came fore another. Mom obviously thought I was too slow so she picked the rest up and threw them towards the dining room. You could sort of say it was raining chewies! Sasha and Gunnar went and hid in the bedroom while Mom used the big loud thing and I stayed in the living room to make sure nothing happened to the chewies or Mom. She kept taking lots of breaks because it was so hot and she really didn't feel good still. When Dad came home I showed him all the wonderful chewies and he laughed at how excited I was.
Underneath the couch was also a little plastic M&M thing that Dad had given Mom for Valentine's Day. It came up missing and I tried to tell Mom that I did get it, but I didn't chew it up, I lost it. She found the hat to him so she knew I had chewed it enough to get the hat off. That was a long time ago and with the chewies was the little M&M thing. I was so happy to see him because I knew Mom really liked him. She put him up high so I can't reach it again. It's okay though, I don't want to chew on him cuz I'VE GOT MILLIONS OF CHEWIES!!!! I think Mom should use the big loud thing there more often! I'm going to go do some more chewing. Dad is off work tomorrow so I don't know if I'll have time to post tomorrow or not.