Thursday, June 01, 2006

We're Leaving SOON

I got really worried when Mom and Dad were home for lunch a little bit ago! My mom's friend brought her stuff over and put it in the pile that still needs loaded into the Jeep and I was getting very excited and then they took Sasha's stuff out and then Sasha went with them! I remembered a few minutes later that she was going to Grandma's for the weekend. Mom was feeling pretty guilty about it and then Sasha didn't even say by to them or act sad or anything. She did whine a little after they left but it was because there was a volleyball at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. Grandma told Mom we owe her a volley ball. hehehe poor Mom! I'm sure Sasha will miss us later, especially when she needs to go outside, I won't be there to protect her and Mom won't be there to tuck her in at night. She'll be fine. That was really funny though that she was whining about a ball instead of where Mom and Dad went.
I'll check in on Monday! Have a great weekend! I WILL!!!!!!!!