Thursday, June 15, 2006

Help!! Please!

I heard Mom and Dad talking last night that I may not be going wheeling and camping again this summer. The Big Jeep is broke really bad and they said they can only afford to fix one thing and there's 2 things wrong and if they can't fix them then they're just going to do a fishing trip and if they only do fishing then I can't go because they won't let me go fishing because I whine and bark because I want to chase the stuff they're throwing in the water and I really want to go camping again this summer!!!! (Sorry, that was a really long sentence. I'm on the verge of having a panic attack though!)
So here's where you can help me. Go to Mom and Dad's Website at and buy lots of cool stuff!! Mom has a bunch of her artwork and then there's also the wheeling stuff. Here's some samples:

Mom also has a website for her artwork. I know she doesn't have a lot of her work on it cuz last night she was saying she needs to get pictures taken of stuff to get it on the website and to order prints. Here's the website for her artwork:
And here's some samples of her stuff:

Wow. I just saw what Mom has on her website and she really does need to get stuff done. You should see the cool stuff sitting in the livingroom!! I know she took some new photos on the trip we just went on, too. I'll try to hint at her to get those on soon so you can see how cool they are.
Be sure to check out the websites and buy lots of stuff so I don't have to sit at home with Sasha, Gunnar and Mom's friend or sister. They're okay to hang out with but I would much rather be out with Mom and Dad. Buy your friends and family stuff and don't forget about yourself. The stuff is really cool so you won't be dissapointed.
I think I just heard Dad come back from running some errands. I'm going to go help in him clean up the yard now.
Thank you very much for everything you order to help pay for the repairs on the Big Jeep. I'd give you all a big kiss and hug if I could (Mom says I'm the BEST hugger ever!!).