Friday, April 24, 2009

A Fun Day!

Hey everybody! This post was supposed to happen yesterday, but Mom broke the sprinkler system, then she broke her car and then she broke the internet. Dad fixed the sprinkler system and the internet and when he comes home from lunch today he'll finish fixing her car. It's funny now, but I was afraid to let Mom touch me or my toys last night! Good thing Dad is so good at fixing things!!
Last Monday Mom and Dad took us for a ride in the big truck. That usually means something fun. Mom's car usually means v-e-t or groomer, my Big Jeep means lots and lots of fun, the little truck means a short ride (it's not very comfy) and the big truck usually means a fun trip somewhere. I got in the back of the truck (it has a cover and a cool deck for me to ride on so I can stick my head in the cab of the truck and pant on the back of Mom's head). We drove to a new pond near our house, but there were a bunch of people fishing there so we left and drove a little bit further and then we stopped and Mom put Sasha on her leash and Dad put my leash in his pocket and Mom got out the camera (that always means something really fun is coming) and Dad let me out of the back of the truck off my leash and we went through a gate. I got to run around and sniff, but Sasha had to stay on a leash because she can't be trusted off leash. I didn't really know what was going on. Dad brought my throwing dummy and we didn't bring any camping equipment (plus Sasha doesn't go camping with us). I knew we were somewhere really cool though because there was lots of peemails and poomails all over from other dogs and other animals.
Hey Dad, when are you going to throw my throwing dummy? What's going on? You should throw that now!!
Then I saw it! A LARGE POND ALL TO MYSELF!!!!!!!

I'm ready Dad!

Mom and Dad threw my throwing dummy for me a bunch of times and I brought it back every time. It was so much fun!!!

Sasha is afraid of water and had to stay on her leash, but she had a lot of fun, too.

Kaos!! Stop splashing! I'm trying to get a drink! Exploring makes me thirsty.
Look Mom! I'm almost camouflaged in this really tall grass stuff!

After awhile I was panting really hard so Dad said it was time to go home and we walked back to the truck. I carried my throwing dummy all the way back to the truck. Mom was sure she took a picture of me carrying it, but there isn't one on the camera so she's not sure what happened.
I slept the entire night and the entire next day because I was so tired. Mom and Dad said I'll get to go some more times this summer. I can't wait to go again!!!
I can hear the birds in the back yard so Sasha and I better go scare them away so they don't eat Mom's flower seeds. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Internet Issues

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't been around much. Mom has bee busy helping Aunt Gillian get her restaurant started and we've been having internet issues. For about a week now our highspeed internet has seemed really slow to us. Mom said it was like a cable wasn't plugged in all the way or something. Yesterday mom didn't feel good so we curled up on the couch to watch t.v. and at 10:15 we lost cable, internet completely and phone. That's the problem when you do one of those bundle things. Dad had to call the cable company from work because cellphones don't work at our house very well and they couldn't hear Mom. The guy told Dad it was us with the problem and if he sent someone out he would charge us for a service call since he couldn't talk to anybody at the house. HELLO!!! No phone dummy!!!!! So we waited until Dad came home from work and his cellphone that he uses for work usually waits at our house and when Dad walked around the house he saw the cable to our house was laying in the street. So my message to the first guy Dad talked to yesterday is..... DUMMY!!!!!!!
We haven't been doing much exciting lately. The wind has made it so we can't go on walks and if Mom isn't working on Aunt Gillian's stuff, then she's researching worms online (more on that on a later post). The Easter Bunny brought us some cool toys and treats! Here are some pictures of the cool toys!
Sasha got a squirrel.

I got a goose.

The goose no longer makes a noise because Sasha had to preform surgery. I also like to play with the squirrel. Mom says we are really good at sharing our toys.
We had some snow on Easter, but Mom said it was good snow because it was really wet and we needed the wet. The wind we've been having has really been drying stuff up. All around our house there are dirt roads and across the street is a pasture area that is mostly dirt so when the wind blows, it makes the dirt swirl around. That's why we haven't been going on walks lately. mom doesn't want to get caught in one of those dirt swirls. I don't' blame her. Sasha and I don't hang out outside very long when it's windy. Today it's raining and thundering. I really don't like the thunder, but we really need the rain. Mom's tulips are very happy to be getting the rain. Her rose bushes and lilac bushes are liking it, too. A little bit ago Mom looked outside and says all her plants look so happy and green. Mom talks to her plants a lot and is always telling us when they're happy and sad. Usually we think she's a crazy woman, but when I ran outside really quick to do my business a little bit ago, I swear the little lilac bush was smiling at me. I hope that doesn't mean I'm becoming as crazy as my Mom since we've been spending so much time together.
Oh, Mom said to tell everybody he unemployment money finally started coming so her and Dad are way less stressed about that now. Thanks for all the crossed fingers and good thoughts sent to us!!!
That's all going on right now. I have a bunch of blogs to catch up on and I'm going to watch the rain and see if I can see any more of Mom's plants smiling. Have a great weekend everybody!!! Let me know if you see any smiling plants.