Thursday, November 29, 2007

Letter To Santa

Here's my antler picture. Mom had to use her old camera because she forgot the batteries she was going to borrow from work. All the practicing didn't work. As soon as the camera came out I started flicking the antlers off and being chaotic so I wouldn't get caught in them, but then they were sneaky and they brought out the bacon Schmakos. You can see I'm nowhere near the Christmas tree and I'm totally not looking at Mom and the camera, Dad had the Schmakos so Dad got my full attention. Mom says she'll try again. I say good luck with that. I'll show you pictures of Sasha and Gunnar next week. Even though I'm not looking at the camera, my picture is lots better than Sasha's. Mom says Gunnar did the best. That was just luck though. He was trying not to get stepped on, it had nothing to do with being a good boy. I will admit that this is a terrific shot of my awesome collar from my sister Dory!
Mom and Dad are taking off work tomorrow to spend the entire day with me. Mom says she has to use her last vacation day before December 1st so she chose to take it Noember 30th. She's a procrastinator. She waits until the last minute to do things a lot. But that's okay because she'll be home with ME! That means I won't be posting tomorrow so every dog have a great weekend!
Here's my letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,
I hope you had a great year. I will be sure to save you a couple of Mom's cookies that she is going to make with my help cuz I know how much you love them.
First, I would like to ask you to give Schmakos to all the DWB dogs. Some of them have never had them before and that is just so wrong! The commercial says "dogs go wacko for Schmakos" and OH BOY do I!!! The bacon and the marrow ones are my favorite, but the others are pretty good, too so whatever flavors you can come up with for everydog is perfect.
Next I would like to ask you to get something very sepcial for my Mom and Dad. Mom had a rough year with having her gallbladder out and then everything going on with her mother and friends. Mom was so sick before her surgery and should have felt better afterwards, but then people started making her sad and that makes me very sad. I cuddle and snuggle with her a lot to show her how loved she is, but I know she is still sad inside. Dad takes very good care of all of us so he deserves something nice, too. I love my parents very much. I know I'm safe here and I know that if they decide to move, they'll take me with them. I've been with them for a little over 2 years now and it's been the bestest 2 years of my life. I only get yelled out when I'm in BIG trouble and I can't remember the last time I was hit. I get to go on adventures instead of being left at home and I gets TONS of love.
There's really nothing I need this year. I have a nice warm and comfy bed to sleep on, lots of yummy treats and food and LOTS of toys. What I would really like is some grass to roll and play in. That's something Mom and Dad want ,too. You could bring me a new bone like you do every year, too. The onld one is fine, I still use it because they're so great and I know you put a lot of thought into them, but there isn't much taste to it anymore and pieces are starting to break off and Mom is worried about me choking on a piece or it making me sick.
I have one more thing to ask for. It's not for me, it's for all those dogs out there that don't have a wonderful home like I do. Before I came to live with my Mom and Dad I didn't know how it felt to feel true love. My Mom and Dad love me so much that I have almost totally forgotten about my old life. I'm getting lots better when people in uniforms come around and the only men I'm afraid of are African American men (I'm working really hard on that one though. I don't act like I'm going to kill the neighbor's brother anymore as long as he stays away from me and my family). I was lucky that my old family took me to a rescue place and I'm even more lucky that a few days later my Mom and Dad drove 45 minutes to just check out that shelter. I wasn't there long enough to really even remember much about it, but I know they were nice to me and nice to Mom and Dad. Not all dogs are as lucky as me though. Could you make sure lots of dogs that aren't as lucky as me get to find really good homes. I now know that there are lots of loving families out there and every dog deserves to know what real love feels like. It's the bestest feeling in the world!
Thanks a lot Santa! Have a safe trip and a Merry Christmas!
Lady Kaos
PS I just thought of another thing. Could you get us a bathroom trash can with a lid so Sasha will stop dragging the bathroom trash out all over. It grosses Mom out and it's kind of embarassing if company comes over. Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wheelin' Mutt

Today is dedicated to promoting my Mom and Dad's Wheelin' Website. There is a bunch of cool stuff for people that like rock crawling and 4-wheeling and now there's stuff for us dogs that like to go, too. The human stuff is called "Wheelin' Nut" and the dog stuff is called "Wheelin' Mutt." My Mom is so clever for coming up with Wheelin' Mutt. These are the items for sale for Wheelin' Mutts. Click on any of the pictures and they'll take you to the Wheelin' Mutt section of the website. There's also some of my Mom's art stuff on that site. The Wheelin' stuff is more popular though. I'm hoping Wheelin' Mutt is popular, too since I was the inspiration for it.

I think tonight my Mom is going to borrow camera batteries from work and we're going to work on our Christmas pictures. I have to get my letter to Santa in tomorrow since I won't be able to post on Friday (Mom and Dad are taking the day off to spend with me!!). Plus, Mom wants to get the Chrstmas letter sent out pretty soon so she can focus on making cookies and pies and snack stuff for Christmas. I love helping Mom make Christmas cookies because she's a slob. We have a system worked out so that she doen't trip over me while I'm cleaning up her mess on the floor. Our kitchen is really tiny so there's not much room to move around in and if you're not careful, you get tripped over a lot. Mom is pretty good about not stepping on me while I'm helping, but Dad always steps on me while he's cooking. Mom says she learned to cook with dogs running around the kitchen so she's used to it. She said at the mean lady's house she had to work around a St. Bernard!!! Ther's no way a St. Bernard would fit in our kitchen!
Mom grounded Sasha today and maybe for tomorrow and Friday, too. Sasha gets into the bathroom trash and she usually leaves it in the bathroom, but today she drug it out into the living room. I told her not to do it, but she thinks because she's older, she doesn't have to listen to me. I'm totally smarter though. When Mom walked in at lunch time there was kleenex all over the living room. Mom got totally grossed out and knew exactly who did it. I used to take the blame for everything no matter if it was my fault or not. When Mom walks in and I lay my ears down and curl my tail between my legs, she knows I'm guilty for something. Sasha went to hide and I did lay my ears down or tuck my tail so she knew it was Sasha, plus she's seen Sasha get in the bathroom trash before. I prefer the kitchen trash. If I'm going to get in trouble for getting in the trash, I make sure it tastes good! Bathroom trash is yucky!!! So she's grounded until Mom decides she's not anymore. Mom caves so easily though, so Sasha isn't too worried about spending too much time kenneled up.
I'm going to go take a nap now. The boxer across the alley has been quiet today and hasn't been outside when I've been outside which has been really nice. He asks such stupid questions!! Wish me luck tonight!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On Guard

First I just wanted to let you know Mom's sign says there's 27 days until Christmas!!! Mom sewed strings on Sasha's Santa hat last night and Sasha tried it on and it fits perfectly so it looks liek the pictures will be happening soon. I'm ready to get them over with. Mom has to use her old slow camera because her good one has battery issues still (she's very sad about it).
Last night some mean people called and cussed Dad out. I knew right away I needed to go into protection mode, especially when Dad wasn't in the same room as Mom. I stayed close to Mom all night to make sure she was okay. I woofed at any little noise to make sure they knew to stay away. Dad and I are going to have to find a new place to go hunting, but that's okay. I'm not going to let those people treat my Mom bad anymore! They aren't allowed in my house anymore and that's not because of Dad's rule, it's because of MY rule!
Mom got some stuff done for our online store and it's for dogs! I'll hopefully be posting pictures of them soon so you guys can see how cool they are. Since Mom doesn't hang out with Aunt Cassie (this will be the last time I call her that), she has lots of spare time to work on her arts and crafts stuff. She's been doing a lot of cross stitch lately. Right now she's working on gifts, but pretty soon she's going to start getting stuff ready to sell. If any of you know where Mom can sell her cross stitch stuff, let me know. I'm going to use my blog to help her promote her stuff. She found a really cool website that is an online craft show. The next show is in January so she's going to get stuff she's already done and some new stuff together to sell at that. She's really excited about that and she's also going to set her art website up to sell them there. I'm hoping she starts making enough from there so she can quit her job and take care of me all day. I love when she stays home with us all day. I know a lot of you out there have crafty parents so if you have any advice for my Mom, I'll happily pass it on to her.
I better go check on the boxer in the alley again. Now he wants to know what time of day the alley has the most cars to bark out. I have no idea! I spend a lot of time inside because my Mom needs my help cleaning and baking and she also needs protected. So weird!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Is Coming!

Mom has this really cool sign that says how many days until Christmas it is and guess what!! There's 28 days unil Christmas!! This weekend we put up our tree and other decoratoins and yesterday Mom and Dad put the decorations outside. They wouldn't lt me help with that part though because they thought I would get in trouble or something. We all know I wouldn't do that!!
Mom and Dad went to the store on Saturday and came back with some bad stuff. There's a little Santa hat for Sasha ( Mom has to put strings on it to hold it on Sasha's head) and there was a pait of reindeer antlers for me. I really don't like them at all. Mom's camera is still havig issues so we practiced posing for the Christmas letter photos. I haven't decided if I want her to hurry up and figure the camera thing out. I'm tired of practicing for the real thing, but I also don't want everybody they send cards to to see how ridiculous I look with reindeer antlers on. Wearing the antlers makes Mom smile though so I guess I'm okay with wearing them.
I'm also working on my letter for Santa. I saw yesterday that the Brat Pack is doing a Santa letter contest and even has a special blog set up for it. I have to get my letter done for their deadline. That way Santa will be sure to read it in time. I think it was very clever of the Brat Pack to make it very convenient for Santa to read all of our letters by putting them all in one place. You guys are all so smart!!
I hear the boxer across the alley barking again so I better go check out what's going on. He just moved in not long ago and I've been helping him adjust to the new neighborhood. He barks at me a lot so I bark back. He lives where the bad lab used to live. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that bad lab jumping fences again, but this boxer needs a lot of barking at. He has so many questions about our neighborhood and the alley between our houses and I'm trying to help him out but who in the world knows the squirel to dog ratio in the alley? I don't really know how many dogs are in the alley or how many squirrels there are, plus why would he want to know that? He's a weird one.
I'm going to see if Mom will get the pictures off her camera tomorrow from my adventure that seems like a really long time ago. I think she's able to do that much with her camera. Poor Mom, I didn't know she could breathe without that camera attached to her all the time.
OH, one more thing. I think I'm caught up on eerybody's blogs. I haven't checked into the DWB website yet though so if there's anything exciting I need to know about right away.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hey everybody! I'm back!!! I think. I've been REALLY busy. Mom has been going through some stuff with the mean lady that she used to call mom and with Aunt Cassie. Let's just say they're both mean to Mom and I'm not going to let either of them near my Mom ever again. This could mean no more pheasant hunting trips to Grandma and Grandpa Cheese's though, but I'm wiling to give those up if it's not good for Mom.
Anyway, yesterday was Thanksgiving and I have decided Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday ever!!! We spent all day at Grandma's house!! It was great!!! Then they made some food and we got some turkey!! It was very very yummy. THEN they started eating pie and Mom put whipped cream on our noses! I LOVE Whipped Cream Noses!!! Sasha and I played all day long. Grandma realized why Mom says it is illegal to buy is squeek toys. Grandma said she's going to buy some quiet toys for days we're there all day like that. It was so much fun! Finally I couldn't move anymore so Sasha and I plopped in the middle of the floor for a quick nap. Mom's batteries in her camera all died, not because she didn't charge them, because she wore them out! She's recharged those batteries so much they no longer work. She said the same thing happened to her batteries at work and they were about the same age as her camera at home. Mom is hard on cmera batteries! When we came home, Sasha went and curled up in my new bed and I curled up on the couch with Mom and Dad. Aunt Gillian came by for leftovers and we got some more turkey and then we went back to sleep. When it was finally time for bed, I didn't warm up Mom's spot first like I always do, I went straight to my bed and when Dad took the trash out, I made him go by himself. I felt bad, but he understood. Sasha and I have been sleeping all day. Gunnar didn't go to Grandma's yesterday and I seriously think he needs to rethink his feelings about going on car rides. Grandma's house has fun toys, a HUGE yard with grass and there's yummy food there, too. I LOVE Grandma's house!!!!
I'm going to go take another nap now. I promise I'll have some cool pictures of that adventure on soon and I'm going to be posting more now, too. I have some other cool stuff to share with all of you, too! I'm going to be working on getting caught up on everybody's blogs, too. If there is anything really important or exciting I should know about, post a comment to let me know. I've missed all of you A LOT!!!
Have a great weekend everybody! I'm going to help Mom and Dad put the Christmas decorations up and probably do a lot more sleeping.