Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still Not Cooperating

As you can see in these pictures, I'm still not cooperating with Mom and her camera. I've even decided to take up the entire couch so she has to sit on the floor!!! HA! This is the result of Mom trying to get my picture:

Hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! We're not planning on much. I think we might have a bbq, but we're not going anywhere. Hope all of you get to enjoy lots of dropped bbq goodies this weekend, too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Was Tricked!

On Sunday, I helped Mom and Dad with some yard work and then right before lunchtime, Dad got the hose out and we started playing with the hose. I LOVE to play with the hose. Well, all of a sudden I was getting a bath!!!!!! Can you believe that? I was tricked!! I was enjoying some fun playtime with my parents in the back yard and all of a sudden I was getting a stupid bath!!!!! very not cool!!!! I'm still mad about it. Here is a picture of Sasha and I after Mom finally let us back in the house after the baths. "Sasha, don't look at the camera! Pay Mom back for tricking us."
"I'm already looking at the floor and am on my way to go hide under the bed."
BEWARE EVERY DOG!!!!! It seems to be the time for cleaning. Last week Mom washed our bedding and then this week we got a bath!!! It's horrible!!! I'm going to go pout some more now.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Pictureless Post

Can you believe Mom hasn't taken hardly any pictures of me in the past few weeks?! She says her excuse is because her subject is very cooperative. WHATEVER!!!! Don't place the blame on someone else woman!!!
Anyway, nobody mention worms to Mom. Her worm farm didn't turn out so well. She killed over 500 worms!!! Dad did some research for Mom bcause Mom was so upset and he is going to help her out more next time plsu they're going to start with a lot less worms. Mom is going to wait a couple more weeks before they try again.
Since Mom isn't focussing on worms right now, she is able to focuss on the hummingbirds. It's crazy again this year when it comes to the hummingbirds. Dad did some research on humminbirds, too. As soon as Mom is able to get pictures of them, we'll share pictures of those, too! She says once again her subjects aren't being cooperative.
We're very excited to be able to share flower pictures this year, too. The new house has tons of flowers and Mom is planting more. She's a wweird woman! She's allergic to bee stings so what does she do? She plants more flowers that will attract pees for her to have to becareful around. We don't have pictures of the flowers yet and I bet you'll never guess her reason. If you guessed because of uncooperative subjects, you're right! I'm sure you're wondering how in the world flowers can be uncooperative. She says it's too windy, too cloudy, waiting for more buds to bloom and lots of other stuff. Weirdo Woman!!
For Mother's Day, Dad made Mom and Grandma T-Bone steaks which meant we got bones! We get more later, but Sasha has been kind of constipated so we have to wait until she's feeling better. Mom and Dad usually take her bone away sooner than they did, but they kind of lost track of how long she was chewing and it ended up being too long for her delicate belly. Once Sasha is back to normal pooping, we'll get the rest of our t-bones. I can't wait!!!
So now that you are all completely bored, I'm going to go take a nap and wait for Mom to figure out what she's making for dinner so I can help her.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Cat-Brother

Hey everybody! Have you missed me? I thought I was supposed to get to post MORE when Mom lot her job, but I think I post less now! She's got way too many hobbies now. Speaking of hobbies, tune in soon (hopefully soon) for details on the worm farm. Mom is finding out they're boring and high maintenance all at the same time!
Okay, now I'll get on with what this post is about. Today is my catbrother's 5th birthday! We're the same age now. Even though he's a cat, I still love him. We play together a little. We used to wrestle, but when he got sick a few years ago, I had to be careful with him and then he didn't want to wrestle anymore. I gave hime some birthday smooches (which also earned me a treat!) and later we'll get special treats to celebrate. Gunnar isn't really into toys so he gets treats and gets to sleep wherever he wants all day long. Today he chose the big bed with the window open. Not very exciting, but it was his choice. I'm going to let Mom take over now. I don't want to ruin my reputation by saying nice things about a cat. If the neighbor cats read this, they'll never be afraid of me again and Mom and Dad depend on me to scare those cats out of our yard so they won't poop on our patio anymore. Mom loves cats, but she can't stand the neighbor's cats. Okay, Mom - you're turn!

Happy Birthday to my little boy! I can't believe he's 5! I remember the day we went to meet him and the day we brought him home. My husband and I weren't married yet so he told everybody he let me have a cat because it was cheaper than an engagement ring. (I got the ring 6 months later.) We hadn't adopted Kaos yet so it was just Gunnar and Sasha. Gunnar caught on really quick that when Sasha sat or came when she was called she usually got a treat so he now comes when you call him (unless he's locked in a closet on accident!) and he sits and begs for treats. It's really cute! Gunnar was the runt of his litter and was also the only one that has the cool stipping like his mom did. All his brother's and his sister are black and white. We were told he was a female and when we found out he was a boy, I was a little worried. I had male cats before and didn't have good experiences with them. Not Gunnar! He's been a really good cat. That could be because he thinks he's part dog though. Gunnar has to wear a collar with a bell because he's been trapped under my dresser, my old aquarium stand, he's gotten under the house when we were doing furnace work and he sometimes gets locked in a closet Kaos: Yeah! Mom locked him in the closet this morning and was calling for him and looking for him and then she finally heard his bell in the closet and let him out! It was hilarious!!!!!! We tell people all the time that Gunnar's bell has saved his life many many times and we're not joking!!!!
Even though Kaos is actually older than Gunnar, Gunnar is our "middle child" mostly because he acts just like a middle child, or at least he acts just like my brother - the middle child in my family - did when we were growing up. Luckily, unlike my brother, the older Gunnar gets, the friendlier and more behaved he gets.
Kaos says the neighbor cats need barked at again so I better let her out. It annoys me they jump our fence and use our patio and my flower beds as their litter box!