Thursday, August 31, 2006

Weather Pictures

Here's the pictures Mom took of the stom on Saturday. She couldn't get them yesterday because she was having computer trouble at work.
This is a picture Mom took during the rain. That's not fog, that's the rain coming down with some hail in it. The trailer you see off to the right stuck their weather station out about the same time and measures the wind to go 112 mph! That's fast!! There was a bunch of water in the back of the truck that is right there in front of the picture. Even though I think it would have been really fun to play in all that wat er, I'm glad I wasn't there.
These are the pictures of the clouds Mom took after the storm. She said it was still raining at this time, but not too bad. They look kind of creepy to me. I'm really glad I wasn't there!

Mom said this was the way out and the reason they got home so late. The picture on the left is on the road and the picture on the right is just right of the road. They said when they went through that morning that was a dry ditch. That would have been a lot of fun to play in if it wasn't going so fast and if there weren't trees and stuff going down so fast. I am sooo glad I wasn't there!
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. I've been doing that a lot lately just because I think he needs it.
OH! I almost forgot! How could I forget this!!! I'm not going to post tomorrow because I'm going to be very busy hopefully! Dad is off tomorrow and tomorrow starts a hunting season for birds. I don't know what kind and I really don't care what kind! I GET TO GO RUN AROUND TOMORROW WITH DAD!!!!! That is if he's feeling ok. He got a cold from Saturday and isn't feeling to great. If we stay home he's not going to do anything which still means he'll be with me all day! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Poor Mom

Mom is working really hard on getting the pictures from the trip. Mom and Dad decided to go to Pueblo Saturday to watch a friend drag race. Tey told Sasha and I they weren't going to be gone long. Well, they ended up in a tornado! It wasn't classified as a tornado because it never touched ground, but I heard them telling other people about the damage and I'm very glad I didn't go with them! They had to wait out the storm in one of the race car trailers. Mom said all but 2 port-a-potties were blown over and the 2 standing ones were really wet. I'm glad I'm a dog! They had to leave Mom's car there and go back and get it the next morning and they saw more of the damage. The road they came in on was washed out in a spot (they had to take a really muddy way out which is why they left Mom's car) and there were trees and stuff knocked over.
Mom took some pictures so she'll add those to the website too. She's been really busy at work so she hasn't been able to get things done on the pictures. She had them saved on the server at work and then the server went down. She's going to work really hard at getting them on this weekend. I'll let you know when you can see them. I might try to get the storm pictures from her to show you. They're cool pictures!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

They're Home

Mom and Dad got home Sunday afternoon. I was so happy to see them I forgot to be mad at them. Even though I'm not in any of the pictures, I'll let you know when Mom has them posted on the website so you can see them. They had a few problems on the trip and it turned out that it was probably a good thing I wasn't there, but I still wish I could have gone.
Mom took Monday off and I sort of let her know that I was upset still. I chewed up her favorite pen that has been on the coffee table all weekend and I hid her lotion bottle that was on the coffee table when she went to run some errands. Of course I got into trouble, but it made me feel better. When Mom and Dad come home from work I make sure they spend lots of time paying attention to me. Mom gets mad though because my nails are a little long. Dad said maybe next Friday we'll go visit the groomer. I'm okay with that, but Sasha hates going. She has to get a hair cut and her nails cut though. Sasha hates her paws touched because she doesn't like her nails being clipped. I'm okay with it though. I know once they're trimmed, Dad and I get to wrestle and we don't have to worry about me scratching him.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. He's been acting weird lately and i have to figure out why. He's been cuddly and nice! I may have to convince Mom into taking him to the doctor.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Visit Jen

Hi again. I wanted to tell everybody about a blog. This is the link to the blog: Jen is a very nice lady and Mom and I like to read her blog everyday. She works for NASA and is also a dog lover like Mom. She has adopted poodles from a poodle rescue in Florida and volunteers for the rescue. She spoils her poodles like Mom and Dad spoil Sasha, Gunnar and I. She just lost her poodle Ollie that she's had for a long long time. Go to her blog and read all her stories about her dogs and leave her a little supportive message. She also has a bird as a pet. I really don't understand why you'd want to keep a bird as a pet when they're so much fun to chase, but then again Mom keeps fish in a giant glass container and calls them pets (she even talks to them!!) so I guess Mom's just do weird things sometimes. So, visit Jen and you'll see some ymmuy recipes, some funny stories and some cool pictures of the space shuttle.
Since I'm a rescued dog, I have a lot of respect for Jen. Those of us that have needed rescued know there are some people that don't take care of pets and love them like they should and there are some people that love their pets a bunch. My parents and Jen love their pets a lot. Jen takes care of her poodles when they're sick or hurt just like my Mom and Dad took care of me and my foot and when Sasha had that problem with the weed stuck in her throat last year. I'm sure it's hard for Jen not having Ollie around anymore, but I'm sure all her other kids and her husband will help her through it.

They're Getting Ready

Mom and Dad are getting stuff ready for the trip. I'm still very sad I don't get to go. My foot has a big scab on it and Dad doesn't want that to come off in the water or the rocks or where ever else I am. All the rigs are full to because there's a bunch of people going but not enough rigs. I really really want to go to! Who's going to protect Mom when she has to go potty and who's going to entertain the kids and who's going to get up with Chuck to have coffee? I'm going to go take a nap now and try not to thnk about it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This Week Isn't Much Better

I'm still going to Grandma's every day because of my food. Dad says it looks really good and there's a scab forming that is really good. He thinks after this week is over I don't have to go to grandma's anymore. I like going to Grandma's, but I'm kind of getting tired of it. It is much better than going with Mom to work though. That was really boring.
Mom and Dad are also getting ready for the trip. I'm still upset I can't go. I REALLY wanted to go! Grandma and Aunt Nikki are going to take care of us while Mom and Dad are gone. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with them and Sasha might get to come to Grandma's during the day with me. That will be nice to have someone to play with.
It sounds like Mom's coming back inside so I better go. They let me keep the bandage off for a little while to let it air out, but that means I can't go outside. It's nice not having the bandage on, but it's even nicer to be outside with Dad.

Friday, August 04, 2006

What A Crappy Week!

Sorry I haven't posted all week. I've sort of been busy. Mom and Dad had been talking about not taking me on the trip in a few weeks and now it's a done deal. I'm not going. The reason is because I hurt my back foot really bad and they want to make sure it's healed before I go do stuff like that. I guess they're right, but it still sucks!
Monday I spent all day with Mom and work. It was fun to get to go somewhere, but it was kind of boring at her office. There was this machine that made lots of noises and then paper would come out of it with a bunch of colors and pictures on it and Mom would go get the paers out. I guess that it was supposed to be making all that noise because Mom never tried to make it stop. She kept going over and getting the papers out and then put them on a pile on her desk. When Dad came over on his lunch to change my bandage Mom took the stack of stuff down the stairs and didn't come back with them. Tuesday through yesterday and for a little while this morning I went to Grandma's house. That was a ton more fun!! Grandma said that while Mom and Dad are gone she'll come get me and Sasha during the day to come play while Aunt Nikki is at work. That will be fun.
The bandage is really getting annoying. It really doesn't hurt unless Dad is messing with it. There's this brown bottle that I REALLY hate when he dumps the stuff on. It looks like water but I know water doesn't feel like that!!!! They poor that on my cut and then put some gooey stuff on that doesn't really hurt and Dad says it will make it heal faster so I'm okay with that. Then they put this weird white cloth on and then wrap a bunch of tape around. It's really annoying to walk around on it. I wish they would just let me lick it instead of using that brown bottle and that stupid bandage stuff. Dad said it looks really good today when Mom came home from lunch and they changed it. Dad went to help Mom at her job this morning for a little bit (I guess the machine was making a lot more colorful paper today or something) and then he started working on getting the truck ready for camping.
I'm going to try not to get upset about not going camping by thinking about pheasant season coming up really soon. I'm going to show Dad that I'm really good this year. I've been doing some research online. Really my biggest thing is I get too excited and forget to stay closer to Dad. I'm going to try really hard this year to show him I can do it better than last year. I did okay last year, but had to stay with Mom one afternoon because Dad was a little frustrated.
I'm going to go lick my bandage for awhile before Dad comes in to check on me again. I hate being injured! It's boring and I have to stay in the house so dirt won't get in the cut. Maybe I'll go chase Gunnar a little, too.
I'll try to post next week more, but I don't know what Mom and Dad have planned for me. Hopefully they just let me stay home and take care of my cut myself.