Thursday, August 24, 2006

They're Home

Mom and Dad got home Sunday afternoon. I was so happy to see them I forgot to be mad at them. Even though I'm not in any of the pictures, I'll let you know when Mom has them posted on the website so you can see them. They had a few problems on the trip and it turned out that it was probably a good thing I wasn't there, but I still wish I could have gone.
Mom took Monday off and I sort of let her know that I was upset still. I chewed up her favorite pen that has been on the coffee table all weekend and I hid her lotion bottle that was on the coffee table when she went to run some errands. Of course I got into trouble, but it made me feel better. When Mom and Dad come home from work I make sure they spend lots of time paying attention to me. Mom gets mad though because my nails are a little long. Dad said maybe next Friday we'll go visit the groomer. I'm okay with that, but Sasha hates going. She has to get a hair cut and her nails cut though. Sasha hates her paws touched because she doesn't like her nails being clipped. I'm okay with it though. I know once they're trimmed, Dad and I get to wrestle and we don't have to worry about me scratching him.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. He's been acting weird lately and i have to figure out why. He's been cuddly and nice! I may have to convince Mom into taking him to the doctor.