Monday, August 14, 2006

Visit Jen

Hi again. I wanted to tell everybody about a blog. This is the link to the blog: Jen is a very nice lady and Mom and I like to read her blog everyday. She works for NASA and is also a dog lover like Mom. She has adopted poodles from a poodle rescue in Florida and volunteers for the rescue. She spoils her poodles like Mom and Dad spoil Sasha, Gunnar and I. She just lost her poodle Ollie that she's had for a long long time. Go to her blog and read all her stories about her dogs and leave her a little supportive message. She also has a bird as a pet. I really don't understand why you'd want to keep a bird as a pet when they're so much fun to chase, but then again Mom keeps fish in a giant glass container and calls them pets (she even talks to them!!) so I guess Mom's just do weird things sometimes. So, visit Jen and you'll see some ymmuy recipes, some funny stories and some cool pictures of the space shuttle.
Since I'm a rescued dog, I have a lot of respect for Jen. Those of us that have needed rescued know there are some people that don't take care of pets and love them like they should and there are some people that love their pets a bunch. My parents and Jen love their pets a lot. Jen takes care of her poodles when they're sick or hurt just like my Mom and Dad took care of me and my foot and when Sasha had that problem with the weed stuck in her throat last year. I'm sure it's hard for Jen not having Ollie around anymore, but I'm sure all her other kids and her husband will help her through it.