Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Poor Mom

Mom is working really hard on getting the pictures from the trip. Mom and Dad decided to go to Pueblo Saturday to watch a friend drag race. Tey told Sasha and I they weren't going to be gone long. Well, they ended up in a tornado! It wasn't classified as a tornado because it never touched ground, but I heard them telling other people about the damage and I'm very glad I didn't go with them! They had to wait out the storm in one of the race car trailers. Mom said all but 2 port-a-potties were blown over and the 2 standing ones were really wet. I'm glad I'm a dog! They had to leave Mom's car there and go back and get it the next morning and they saw more of the damage. The road they came in on was washed out in a spot (they had to take a really muddy way out which is why they left Mom's car) and there were trees and stuff knocked over.
Mom took some pictures so she'll add those to the website too. She's been really busy at work so she hasn't been able to get things done on the pictures. She had them saved on the server at work and then the server went down. She's going to work really hard at getting them on this weekend. I'll let you know when you can see them. I might try to get the storm pictures from her to show you. They're cool pictures!