Monday, April 30, 2007

Stupid Computer!

Mom and I tried really really hard to get on Friday night for the DWB pawty and it wouldn't let us connect to the internet! I was really mad! We decided to try again on Saturday and it still didn't work! Dad finally got it to work last night but it would only go to a few sites and it kick off after a few mintues. I did enjoy the cheese even though I couldn't enjoy it with the others. Mom spent so much time trying to get the computer to work that she didn't make our special treats!! She found a recipe in a magazine for dog treats and was going to make them this weekend and didn't have time. She said she'll try after work this week. I'm also going to have her upload my pictures at work to the internet because this computer is being very difficult! She won't be doing it today though. Dad took Mom to a funeral this morning. Mom is very sad. They came home after the funeral and then went back to work and Mom said she didn't want to go back. Mom doesn't get along with most of her family and she worked at a place for a long time and they became her family and it was one of those people that died.
On Saturday, Mom and I were outside. She was planting plants and I was playing and I lost my rubber stick. I have no idea where it went. Mom, Aunt Cassie and I looked for it for a long time. Dad thinks maybe the neighbors took it, but I don't know how. Anyway, Dad said next time they go to Petsmart, they'll get me a new one (the other one had a bunch of holes in it anyway). Mom said they'd get me a new outside toy when they went to the store and they did. I love it so much I brought it inside and now it's an inside toy. Mom said it's weird because it smells like lemonade. I take it outside and as long as it's not really dirty, Dad said I can bring it inside. It's really cool and as soon as I can get pictures to load, I'll post pictures of it.
I'm going to go take a nap now. When Mom gets home I have to help her water her garden and finish laundry. Dad is getting the Big Jeep finished and hopefully we can take it out for a test run on Sunday!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Test Post

This is a test to make sure I can still post. I have pictures to share and can't get it to work. I might have to wait for Mom to help me.
Update: I'll try the pictures later. Blogger isn't cooperating with me right now. grrrr. I'm going to try to stop in for the party tomorrow as long as I don't have to spend all day helping Mom with her garden.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Home Again Chip

Mom wants me to ask all of you if any of you know about Home Again chips. I have one from my previous family. Mom and Dad have the chip number and they know it's a Home Again chip, but they aren't sure what to do now. Do any of you have a Home Again chip? If so, do you know how Mom and Dad would change the info to the chip and is there a cost and any other info you might have for them. I don't run off, but I travel to so many different places with Mom and Dad and there's sometimes I'm off my leash at those places and since I already have the chip, then Mom decided to look into making sure the chip info is in Mom and Dad's name. I've only run off once and it scarred the crap out of Mom really bad. They were doing construction across the street and she kept yelling for me. (That's when she realized Kaos was a silly name for a dog. All the construction workers kept looking at her funny.) I just ran down to the park for a quick roll in the grass. The gate in the bak yard was broke and I was going to come back before Mom even realized I was gone, but Mom realized I was gone before I could get back. She was out in the front yard and when I came back she looked like she was going to cry and she hugged me, then she yelled at me. I don't run off like that anymore. Mom yells really loud and her face gets all red and her eyes look like they're going to pop out when she gets mad from worrying about me. She said she was worried the construction workers were going to run over me with their trucks. I promised I wouldn't do it again, but Dad fixed the gate that night just to make sure.
If any of you have any advice for Mom and Dad, they would really appreciate it. Mom said she's sure she could find the info on the internet, but she doesn't have time any more to search the internet for stuff because of her job and I'm not very good at it (I'm still looking for info on the monsters).
This has been a really boring week. Mom bougt the cheese for the Dogs With Blogs party this weekend. I home I'll be able to get on to join the chat, but Dad is planning on doing the transmission in the Big Jeep and Mom and I will have to help him with some things. I'm going to try to go to the chat even if it's just for a few minutes. I CAN'T WAIT!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Vote For Thrawn!

Remember in yesterday's post I said the one dacshund was gone? He's back!!!! I'm soooo confused!! The ones across the alley haven't been outside for a couple days so I've taken a break from watching out for them.
If you haven't yet, be sure to go vote for photo of the month at Dogs With Blogs ! Thrawn is still my favorite. That picture makes me laugh sooooo hard! My mom is too slow to get pictures like this of me. Thrawn's Mom is very quick though. I can't stop laughing!
I'm going to go watch for Mom to get home for lunch now.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I love lots of people, but the people across the alley make my hair stand up straight!!!! I LOVE kids, but the kids across the alley make me want to bite someone! They broke up concrete in their backyard and then the stupid kids started throwing pieces of it at Sasha and I. Then they wonder why we always bark at them!!! Every month they have a new dog and then all of a sudden the dog is gone. Mom and Dad haven't seen them throw stuff at us, but they do, they better watch out! Mom isn't a mean lady until somone threatens her babies! If you want to see fire shoot out of Dad's ears and nose, be mean to us and you'll definately see lots of fire.
The neighbirs next door are getting rid of their dogs. It's sad, but at the same time they never pay with the dogs. The dacshund that played fetch is already gone. The dacshund that growls at everybody (including his family) and the annoying beagle are still there, but are going to leave soon. The neighbors like playing with me and I've figured out this cool way to play fetch across the fence. Once all the dogs are gone, the adults said I get all the toys that the dogs never played with. WOOHOO!! The beagle used to be fun to play with, but he started getting on my nerves when he started jumping fences and howling and barking at 1:00 am (I don't like to be woken up at night). After that, I didn't like playing with him anymore. He also has to hump everything!!! It's really annoying! The kids at that house are good. They play fetch with me and scratch my ears and aren't mean or crazy.
Friday while Dad was doing some stuff, the good neighbor adults played fetch with me and then they played with me again Saturday morning because Mom still wasn't feeling good. She feels better now so hopefully by this weekend she'll play fetch with me. She wants to work in her garden really bad which means she'll be outside with a hose!!!!!! The plants are growing inside and Mom and Dad are working on getting the corner that they will eventually get planted in. Mom's excited because she really wants fresh tomoatoes this summer and watermelon. Sasha LOVES watermelon so she's excited, too. I think it's okay, but it takes a long time for Mom to get it ready for us because she has to cut it up and take the seeds out. Sasha likes watermelon almost as much as cheese!
This is a long post about silly stuff so I'm going to stop now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more exciting to post about. Right now everything is pretty boring with Mom being sick.
Hope everybody had a good weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dad's Home!

Dad's home today! I have to go help him work on the Big Jeep. If the Big Jeep is fixed for the summer that means I definately get to go camping!!!!
This is also my 150th post! Woohoo!!
Gotta go! He's getting ready to go outside!
Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Name

There's a lot of dogs out there telling how they got their name so I decided to tell my story, too.
When my Mom, Dad and Aunt Cassie came to the rescue place and picked me out, my name was Shananae and they called me Naenae for short. Needless to say I hated that name!! When I first came home I was still in my nervous around men stage so Mom was the one that had to call for me and she tried not to use my name because they knew they were going to change it. When she did use it, I really didn't answer to it because I really hated it!! (Sorry if there's anybody out there with that name.) Mom said it also didn't fit me.
So since Mom named Gunnar (Sasha was named before my Mom got custody of her), it was Dad's turn to name me. I was VERY chaotic the first few days so Dad decided Chaos was a good name. Dad's name is Kris with a K instead of Ch so they decided I would be Kaos instead of Chaos. After a few days I started to show my sweet side so they added Lady to the front of it so that it didn't sound so........chaotic. Mom thinks it's funny saying "Good Kaos" or "Silly Kaos." She doesn't seem to think it's funny to say "Bad Kaos" though.
That's how I became Lady Kaos. I kind of like that it's unique, but I also think my parents are weird. When they finally get me some kids to play with, I hope they don't name them weird names, too. Sasha's middle name is Doo because Mom is a Scooby Doo freak.
I'm going to go watch the people across the alley. I don't like them and they've been doing a lot of stuff in their back yard and I need to make sure they don't get too close to my back yard.

Dog Of The Year

Thank you Dory for the link to become Dog Of The Year! Don't I look good on the cover of a magazine? If you haven't already, you should get your's too! Here's the link!

Mom made me do one for Sasha, too. Sasha's cute, but she doesn't pose for pictures as good as I do. I think I'm going to have Mom print at myne so I can hang it on the wall and remind Mom and Dad how special I am!

I think I have Mom's cold now. My nose is itchy and so are my ears. Mom seemed to feel better after sleeping all day and drooling on the couch so I'm going to go do that now.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nurse Kaos

My Mom ended up staying home for work yesterday because she didn't feel good. She was grossing me out and I'm a dog so that means she was really gross. She had to call Dad to tell him to bring her another box of kleenex at lunch. She just bought the first box on Sunday and she already needed a new one! Now you see why she grossed me out? Mom is very whiney when she's sick, too. Worse than Sasha! She's feeling much better today. She doesn't whine as much and she still has the same box of kleenex that Dad brought her.
Okay, here's an update on my ball. You all had great ideas, but they really wouldn't work. Tadpole's idea of howing really loud wouldn't work because I think my howl sounds funny so I never do it unless nobody is looking. I did sort of do a version of this idea though. Dory's idea of having my cat brother sneak in wouldn't work because first of all he never listens to me, but mostly because he's afraid to go outside and it's a detached garage and he'd have a heart attack before he got to the door. Luckie's idea of them getting me a new one definatly wouldn't work because well.....this was a freshly stolen one from the neighbor kids. So here's what happened. Dad went out to the garage Sunday and I went with him and I tried to get it out again. I started to whine and Dad gave me a lecture. He said if I promised to not bring the tennis ball in the garge again, he'd get it. Of course I said I promised! I got my ball and when Mom came out to talk to Dad in the garage, I didn't take the ball in the garage, I just set it on the stop up into the garage and made sure it didn't roll. I'm glad I got my ball back. It wasn't the one I showed you how gross it looked. I had only stole this one 2 days ago! It wasn't even broken in yet! Thanks for your help everybody!
I'm really tired from taking care of Mom yesterday so I'm going to get caught up on reading some blogs and then go take a nap. It's hard taking care of sick people.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I Have A Problem & Need Advice

I know I'm not supposed to have my tennis ball in the garage, but I get so excited when Mom comes outside because that usually means that she's going to throw my ball for me. Yesterday at lunch Mom went out to the garage to talk to Dad and I kept dropping my ball a Mom's feet to get her to throw it. Dad doesn't want me doing that in the garage because he doesn't want my ball to get into something and then I put it in my mouth. I understand that, but Mom wasn't paying attention to me! Then it happened. My ball rolled under the tool box! It's too far back for me to reach. Dad says it's going to stay there to remind me not to bring the ball in the garage. Mom says she's not getting down on the garage floor to get it and she's definately not sticking her hand under the toolbox (she's EXTREMELY afraid of mice - I think that's why I have a cat brother). So I need to figure out how to get my ball out. Any ideas? It's snowing outside so even if I had it, I can't play with it. Right now I know where my ball is, if it had been outside last night I wouldn't know where it is. If any of you have ideas on how to get my ball, I would appreciate it VERY much.
Mom keeps coughing and sneezing and sniffing. It's really gross and annoying, especially at night. She can't take any cold medicine because it will react with her other medication and she definatley doesn't want that again. She says it's allergies because the pollen count is so high right now. It's snowing, the flowers are covered with snow. I think Mom is just trying to get out of going to the people vet again.
It's kind of cold in this room so I'm going to go curl up in Mom's blanket on the couch for a nap.
Have a good weekend everybody!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I got paid back for making fun of Sasha the other night. My cat brother Gunnar has this cube thing that he LOVES to play in. It's soft and has 3 holes to go through and a piece of string with stuff on it hanging down in the middle. Dad thinks it's fun to throw my rope through one of the holes so I have to stick my head in it. As long as someone is throwing my rope, I'm okay with it........or I used to be. Last night it got stuck on my head. Luckily Mom didn't have her camera out and couldn't get to it in time. They wouldn't help me get it off either! They just kept laughing at me! I finally got it off myself and then Gunnar got mad because I moved his cube. Dad moved it back to where Gunnar left it and then Gunnar went and sat in front of it and guarded it until Dad started throwing my rope in it again. I made sure I didn't stik my entire head in it though. Mom says she'll be more prepared tonight. I guess that means she's going to sit on the couch with her camera waiting for me to get into an embarassing situation.
This morning Dad and I made a Mom sandwich. He was on one side and I was on the other and we were all cuddling before it was time to get out of bed for Mom (Dad is off today! He's sleeping in though so I decided to come post real quick before I start helping him in the yard.). We were all snoozing and then Sasha got jealous. I had my head on Mom's pillow and Sasha came and sat on my head and then wiggled between Mom and I. Mom laughed and asked Sasha if she needed to cuddle, too. Mom had to get up after she scratched Sasha's ears a little so we cuddled up with Dad for awhile longer.
My poor head can't take much more abuse! I'm beginning to think it's too big even though I've been told I have a small head for a lab. At least my head isn't as big as Mom's! She's always hitting it on stuff and getting it stuck in clothes and can't wear hats because they won't stay on.
It sounds like Dad is getting up so I better go help him now. Hopefully I won't have any embarassing pictures to show you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Hobby

Mom told me last night I needed a new hobby. I think she's the one that needs to make throwing my rope a hobby! I love playing fetch! Mom says it's annoying and after awhile it's gross. It's sooooooo much fun though! I can play fetch for hours! I let Mom and Dad take turns throwing my rope so it's not like one has to do all the work!
Later on, I curled up with Mom. She was cold (like always) and the curve in her legs made a nice comfy place to snooze. Mom scratched my ears and rubbed my nose (that always makes me go to sleep). Mom said something about how cudley and lovey I am now. June will be my 2nd anniversary of being with Mom and Dad and they always talk about how different I am now. Grandma does the same thing. Grandma says my name Kaos doesn't fit anymore (Mom says it does, just not all day every day anymore). Mom says she loves how I'll curl up and cuddle with her on the coach now. We take long naps with her sleeping on me or me curled up near her. She says I'm such a good cuddler that she's thinking about making Dad sleep on the floor and I'll take his place on the bed. I don't think that will really happen though, but I notice when Mom says that, Dad cuddles more.
I also heard Mom and Dad talking about a week long vacation to Wray in July. I didn't hear a lot of the details and it sort of sounds like there aren't many details anyway, but I know that's where Grandma Cheese lives and that's where I go pheasant hunting. I don't think we can go pheasant hunting though, but I'm sure I'll be able to chase the rabbits named Jack. It sounds like we're going to go visit someone Mom hasn't seen in a really long time. I think she was saying it was her grandma and she hasn't seen her in about 15 years. Can you imagine not seeing your grandma for that long? I LOVE when I go see my grandma or when she comes to see me. There aren't many plans for the trip yet, but it sounds like the plans that are there include Sasha and I!!
I'm going to go practice my cute Schmakos face. Mom is such a sucker for that face and it always gets me Schmakos. OH! Mom found a Schamkos coupon in her purse! She said it has to be used by next month. No problem! She should clean out her purse more often!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Mom is doing much better today. She is convinced it was the medicatino she was on. She hasn't taken it since Friday and now she feels great. The bad medicine is out of her so now all the good ones can work correctly. I don't think her brain is working very well though. Last night she asked if I could go 1 day without playing fetch. At first I thought she was kidding. SHE WASN'T! Of course I can't!!! That's like her going 1 day without breathing. It is not possible.
Okay, now the mean but hilarious story. Sasha can't jump up on the bed like Gunnar and I can so Mom and Dad got a bench storage thing for her to use to jump up. It's at the bottom of the bed and there's usually a blanket or something like that on it and it's padded and if it were a little wider, I'm sure I'd enjoy napping there. Gunnar LOVES to nap there. If it's cold outside (like last night) Dad usually turns the heater on in the bedroom so Mom won't shiver so much and keep everybody awake, so Gunnar has that blowing on him and he's curled up in a blanket on a nice cumfy pad. Sounds like a good spot to nap doesn't it? Well, last night Mom asked if Sasha and I were ready for bed and of course we were so we went running into the bedroom. I immediately jumped up on the bed. Sasha and I get to cuddle with Mom for awhile before Dad comes to bed to warm it up for Mom. I got into position and waited for Mom and Sasha. Sasha wasn't coming and Mom was laughing and told Gunnar that was mean. Of course I had to go inspect. I looked down on the bench and Gunnar had his arm stretched out. He's a long cat anyway so with his arm stretched out he covered the entire bench. Sasha avoids Gunnar because Gunnar is so much bigger than her and she wasn't very nice to him when he was a kitten and smaller than her and he likes to remind her of what she did to him. So Sasha couldn't jump up on the bench to get up onto the bed. It was hilrious!! Mom put Sasha up on the bed and then rubbed Gunnar's belly which always makes him fold up into a ball. THEN, when it was time for us to get in our beds, Sasha couldn't get down. Gunnar had sprawled out so his entire body was covering the bench. She couldn't jump down on my bed either because I was in my bed. Dad laughed and told her to jump down on Gunnar. She's not supposed to just jump down on the floor because she's a dachsie and that's bad for her back. So Dad had to put Sasha on the floor. I am so glad I'm not smaller than the cat!! Nothing against all you dachsies out there though! I love playing with Sasha and the neighbor dachsies, but I also like being able to beat up the cat whenever I feel like it. Sasha's a miniature so she really has trouble beating Gunnar up.
I'm going to go take a nap now before Mom comes home. Sasha and I are going to talk her into giving us 2 Schmakos each! We try everyday, but we're feeling very confident today. Mom feels guilty because we had to get rid of the milkbones and she can't find her homemade dog biscuit recipe. We get lots of stuff when Mom feels guilty.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Was a BLAST!

We went to Grandma's for Easter! It was great. That's me standing in Grandma's living room! Sasha's hiding in the sunroom, we're not sure why though. It was too cold and it snowed almost all day so I didn't get to play much outside. I played inside though and ate lots of great food and begged for chocolate. If dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate, then why do they make it smell so good to us? We got something even better than chocolate though. SCHMAKOS!! mmmmmm, that makes me hungry thinking about them, I hope someone comes home for lunch soon to give us another one.
I had to take care of Mom all weekend. She had a really bad reaction with her medications and didn't feel good all weekend. I was really worried about her and let Dad know he needed go check on her. When she left this morning for work she was acting kind of weird. I think she should call the doctor, but she hates going to the doctor. When Dad comes home for lunch I'm going to let him know that Mom needs to call and if she doesn't, Dad should. I'd do it, but no other humans understand me except Mom and Dad (and sometimes they aren't so good). This is another reason Mom needs to find a job where she can stay home with me all day. That way I can keep an eye on her! How am I supposed to know how she's feeling if I'm at home and she's at the office?
I hope everybody else had a good Easter! I went to Grandma's!!!! I know I already said that, but I LOVE Grandma's house!!! Her yard is so HUGE and there's so much grass! I ran in it and wasn't covered in mud like at our house!
I'm going to go watch for Mom and Dad now. I REALLY want a Schmakos! Why do they have to put them up so high and is such a strong container? I don't think they trust us!

Friday, April 06, 2007


Yesterday my milkbones were added to the dog food recall! I'm very upset. Mom said the bag we have is probably old enough that it's okay, but we're not taking any chances. I'm so upset! I can't believe I'm not going to get my lunch time milkbone anymore! Mom said not to worry, but she's not the one that is having part of her daily routine messed up! Don't humans know that a dog depends on a routine and when that routine is messed up, the entire day is thrown off? Mom says I can have a Schmakos at lunch today which helps a little (I LOVE Schmakos!!!!!). Mom said she has a recipe somwhere for dog biscuits. She loves baking so she won't mind making us homemade biscuits, but it still won't be the same! If Schmakos goes on the list of recalls I don't know what I'll do!!! If my dog food goes on, too Sasha and I are in BIG touble. Sasha's very picky about what she eats and Purina is the only brand that doesn't upset my tummy. When Mom and Dad adopted me the rescue place said that my old owners said I could only eat Purina. The rescue people said they tried other stuff and sure enough, Purina is what I have to eat. So Mom and Dad tried something else just because and I was soon put back on Purina. (Why don't humans listen to each other?) Mom said Sasha went through several different bags of food before they decided to try giving her my food. Sasha was almost 3 when she finally ate the same food regularly. If they recall our food, Mom and Dad are going to freak out! Purina also makes a dry catfood for indoor cats that has no fish in it for Gunnar. I really hope they don't have to change his food because fish REALLY doesn't agree with him.
Okay, enough venting about the pet food recall. Sasha got hurt last night and almost gave Mom a heart attack. Sasha doesn't play a lot of fetch because she's gotten hurt pretty bad a few times. They were all accidents, but she doesn't care. Well, the past few days she's been playing again and having fun. Mom's been really excited about it. Last night Dad was throwing my rope and Mom was throwing Sasha's buttless bunnie and Sasaha hit the coffee table. She started walking off and Mom knew she was hurt bad because she was going to the bedroom. Usually if she's not really hurt or just a little hurt, Sasha will run to Mom and whine and want to be told she's a poor puppy. Dad said she was limping so Mom caught up to her in the hallway and then all of a sudden we hear Mom scream "SHE'S BLEEDING! THERE'S BLOOD! LOTS OF BLOOD!" Dad and I went running to the hallway and Mom had blood all over her arm and shirt. When Sasha hit the coffee table, she bent her nail back just right. It wasn't as bad as Mom thought, but Mom's a Mom and freaks out when her babies bleed (especially Sasha!). Mom and Dad got Sasha cleaned up and wrapped her foot and told her not to mess with it. She walked funny for awhile and I laughed at her because I now know what I look like when Dad puts my boots on me. Mom got cleaned up too and then we all went to bed. This morning Mom and Dad cleaned Sasha's foot and there was no new blood. They cleaned off the dried blood and whent ahead and wrapped it up again so she wouldn't mess with it. If that was me, that bandage wouldn't stay on very long, but Sasha leaves her's on. (I think she thinks it gives her more sympathy.) They said tonight they'd take it off and she probably won't need it back on. Mom told me to take care of Sasha today, but her poor puppy faces don't work on me! Okay, maybe a little. I did get up and check on her a few times last night and I keep licking her bandage. I just want to make sure Dad gets the bandage on right.
Sunday is Easter and Grandma said she wants Sasha and I to come for Easter! WOOHOO!!! I hope Mom and Dad do take us! I LOVE Grandma's house! There's so much grass to roll and play in! Have a good Easter everybody!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mom Needs A New Job!

Does anybody know of a job that Mom could do from home? She got promoted a few months ago and she's always tired and she says her pay didn't improve very much. They didn't replace her position so she's doing 2 jobs and is having a hard time keeping up. Sometimes she doesn't come home for lunch to see us and when she gets home, she's too tired to come outside and play with us. I think she needs to find a job that she can stay home with us all day. I'm going to do some research for her and find something. She's no fun when she's tired and it disrupts our routine when she doesn't come home for lunch! Do any of your Mom's work from home? She needs to make enough money to keep spoiling us though. If she can't afford Schmakoes and chewies then that won't work! That made me drool on the keyboard. oops! I'm going to go find a chewie now and hopefully Mom will come home for lunch even though she said she probably won't.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cheese Radar

Do any of you out there have a special radar for anything? My sister Sasha has a freakishly strong Cheese Radar. She can be asleep in the bedroom and hear Dad open a cheese rapper out on the back porch at the barbeque. She also knows the shredded cheese bag sound and the sound of a block of cheese wrapper. When she was having her hip problem, she still waddled into the kitchen when she heard the cheese wrapper (she was hoping for magic cheese though). Last summer we went to Wray and Sasha, Mom and I were out in the yard behind the house playing and all of a sudden Sasha REALLY wanted to go inside. Mom brought us in and Grandma Cheese (that's her new nickname because she gives us cheese all the time) was getting Cheese out for sandwiches for lunch! Mom was a little freaked out that she heard the cheese from the back yard.
My cat brother Gunnar has a same radar for BBQ flavored chips. Gunnar doesn't usually have much to do with human food unless it's a BBQ flavored chip, then watch out! When Mom and Dad make fish he's usually right there begging for some, but he's not allowed to have fish cuz it doesn't agree with him at all!!!! Mom and Dad have to get a special kind of dry food that doesn't have fish in it or we all suffer BADLY!!
Mom says I have a Jeep radar. Whenever I hear a Jeep running in the driveway I want to be out in the Jeep going wherever it's going. I don't care who's Jeep it is and if it's just going around to the alley to pull in the back yard, I MUST be in it. Otherwise I whine and drive Mom crazy (which is usually what happens). It can be one of the quiet Jeeps and I'll still hear it.
My Jeep Radar and Gunnar's BBQ chip Radar is nothing compared to the Cheese Radar of Sasha. Maybe it's because she's older than us and has more experience. Whatever the reason, I agree with Mom and Dad when they call her a cheese freak. By the way, the rabbit in the picture with Sasha no longer has a tail or butt stuffing as of last night.
Do any of you have weird radars and are they as freakish as Sasha's? I'm kind of curious how weird we really are. Mom and Dad say we're weird all the time. I say we learned from them though.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How To Swim In Your Water Dish

I know you've been waiting for this! I was sort of being a pain while Mom was trying to take the pictures though. Mom would wait a long time with me to get my in the dish and then she'd go inside and hear sploosh sploosh sploosh! I thought it was fun, but I don't think Mom did. That was her paypack from last week! Last night Mom and Dad were plying fetch inside with Sasha and I and Mom said "Aren't you tired of playing fetch?" Mom says some pretty funny stuff, but I think that is the funniest thing I've ever heard her say! Of course not!!!!
Okay, here are the steps:
Step 1: See how dirty the water dish is from not being used much over the winter. Bang out as much dirt as you can.

Step 2: Clean out the rest of the dirt with water.

Step 3: Fill the water dish up to the top. That way there's lots of water for swimming.

Step 4: Run and Run and Run and Run and Run and get really hot and tired.

Step5: First clean off your ball. All that dirt starts to taste funny on you ball after awhile. DO NOT hand the ball to Mom right after coming out of the water dish. She doesn't like that and will ignore you until the gooey feeling in her hand goes away. Bounce it on the patio a few times to get the excess water off, THEN hand it to Mom for more throwing.

Step 6: Step into the water dish with your front feet.

Step 7: Stand in the water for a few minutes.

Step 8: This is the swimming part. Splash water onto your back legs and all over the patio. This picture was supposed to be of me swimming, but I tricked Mom and stepped out instead. She went inside to change her batteries and I swam! hehehe

Step 9: After a good swim in the water dish, lay on the patio in the water you splashed everywhere. Cement is the best patio material because if it's in the shade, it's usually cool.

That's how you swim in your water dish! Remember to only do this outside! Mom and Dad get really mad if you do it inside. Sometimes they forget to set up your outside dish though and if you do it once inside, they'll get the hint to fill the outside dish.

Enjoy! It's a BLAST!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I Love My Mom

Okay, I know I was kind of hard on my mom last week because of the monster thing, but she made up for it this weekend. My Mom is the best! I am really tired and sore now, but it's a good tired and sore feeling. Friday night Mom played fetch with me for a long time with my rope, then Saturday she threw my tennis ball a lot and the boys came to play and then Sunday she threw it again on Sunday and then we went to Grandma's Sunday afternoon and she threw my frisbee. I am so tired now that I can barely keep my eyes open. I was a little sore last night from running so much and Mom massaged my back a little. SHE'S THE BEST!! I didn't get to wake her up Saturday or Sunday morning because I was so tired. She got out of bed before I did! She was trying to get pictures of me swimming in my water dish and I made it difficult for her so I guess that's my payback to her. On Sunday I also helped Mom bake Easter cookies! Here's a bunch of pictures from this weekend.

Here I am playing fetch with my rope in the house Friday night. We really need a bigger house. There isn't much space to run in the house to chase my rope. Sasha even got in on the fun a little bit.

Here I am playing in the backyard.

To show what a great Mom she really is, look at my ball. She picks that up and throws it! There are a lot of people that wouldn't touch that ball, but my Mom kept picking it up and throwing it for me.

This is me helping Mom with cookies. This is a side view and a front view. This is usually what I look like after I help Mom bake. I help her keep the floor clean because she's REALLY REALLY messy!
After we finished the cookies, it was time for some more fetch and a rest in the shade. Mom forgot her camera when we went to Grandma's. Grandma's back yard is soooooo cool! It's huge and it has grass all over it! It's a perfect shape for playing fetch and there's trees to rest under and she has a covered patio perfect for laying on the cement to get cooled off.
That's enough pictures for one day I think. Check back tomorrow for "How To Swim In Your Water Dish."