Thursday, April 12, 2007


I got paid back for making fun of Sasha the other night. My cat brother Gunnar has this cube thing that he LOVES to play in. It's soft and has 3 holes to go through and a piece of string with stuff on it hanging down in the middle. Dad thinks it's fun to throw my rope through one of the holes so I have to stick my head in it. As long as someone is throwing my rope, I'm okay with it........or I used to be. Last night it got stuck on my head. Luckily Mom didn't have her camera out and couldn't get to it in time. They wouldn't help me get it off either! They just kept laughing at me! I finally got it off myself and then Gunnar got mad because I moved his cube. Dad moved it back to where Gunnar left it and then Gunnar went and sat in front of it and guarded it until Dad started throwing my rope in it again. I made sure I didn't stik my entire head in it though. Mom says she'll be more prepared tonight. I guess that means she's going to sit on the couch with her camera waiting for me to get into an embarassing situation.
This morning Dad and I made a Mom sandwich. He was on one side and I was on the other and we were all cuddling before it was time to get out of bed for Mom (Dad is off today! He's sleeping in though so I decided to come post real quick before I start helping him in the yard.). We were all snoozing and then Sasha got jealous. I had my head on Mom's pillow and Sasha came and sat on my head and then wiggled between Mom and I. Mom laughed and asked Sasha if she needed to cuddle, too. Mom had to get up after she scratched Sasha's ears a little so we cuddled up with Dad for awhile longer.
My poor head can't take much more abuse! I'm beginning to think it's too big even though I've been told I have a small head for a lab. At least my head isn't as big as Mom's! She's always hitting it on stuff and getting it stuck in clothes and can't wear hats because they won't stay on.
It sounds like Dad is getting up so I better go help him now. Hopefully I won't have any embarassing pictures to show you tomorrow.


Tadpole said...

Aww, your head is perfect, Kaos! It's just karma coming back around for making fun of short dogs. ;-)

My girl laughed really hard at the head-in-the-toy story. I stuck up for you though - I told her it wasn't nice to laugh at other's misfortunes.

Lady Kaos said...

Thank You Tadpole!!

Peanut said...

Ah your head is great. Now Flash has a huge head. Our cats have one of those cubes to but I haven't ever stuck my head in it.

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

That's ridiculous! How dare they injure your dignity that way? Now excuse me, my people are eating blueberry pie and I have to go beg.