Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Mom is doing much better today. She is convinced it was the medicatino she was on. She hasn't taken it since Friday and now she feels great. The bad medicine is out of her so now all the good ones can work correctly. I don't think her brain is working very well though. Last night she asked if I could go 1 day without playing fetch. At first I thought she was kidding. SHE WASN'T! Of course I can't!!! That's like her going 1 day without breathing. It is not possible.
Okay, now the mean but hilarious story. Sasha can't jump up on the bed like Gunnar and I can so Mom and Dad got a bench storage thing for her to use to jump up. It's at the bottom of the bed and there's usually a blanket or something like that on it and it's padded and if it were a little wider, I'm sure I'd enjoy napping there. Gunnar LOVES to nap there. If it's cold outside (like last night) Dad usually turns the heater on in the bedroom so Mom won't shiver so much and keep everybody awake, so Gunnar has that blowing on him and he's curled up in a blanket on a nice cumfy pad. Sounds like a good spot to nap doesn't it? Well, last night Mom asked if Sasha and I were ready for bed and of course we were so we went running into the bedroom. I immediately jumped up on the bed. Sasha and I get to cuddle with Mom for awhile before Dad comes to bed to warm it up for Mom. I got into position and waited for Mom and Sasha. Sasha wasn't coming and Mom was laughing and told Gunnar that was mean. Of course I had to go inspect. I looked down on the bench and Gunnar had his arm stretched out. He's a long cat anyway so with his arm stretched out he covered the entire bench. Sasha avoids Gunnar because Gunnar is so much bigger than her and she wasn't very nice to him when he was a kitten and smaller than her and he likes to remind her of what she did to him. So Sasha couldn't jump up on the bench to get up onto the bed. It was hilrious!! Mom put Sasha up on the bed and then rubbed Gunnar's belly which always makes him fold up into a ball. THEN, when it was time for us to get in our beds, Sasha couldn't get down. Gunnar had sprawled out so his entire body was covering the bench. She couldn't jump down on my bed either because I was in my bed. Dad laughed and told her to jump down on Gunnar. She's not supposed to just jump down on the floor because she's a dachsie and that's bad for her back. So Dad had to put Sasha on the floor. I am so glad I'm not smaller than the cat!! Nothing against all you dachsies out there though! I love playing with Sasha and the neighbor dachsies, but I also like being able to beat up the cat whenever I feel like it. Sasha's a miniature so she really has trouble beating Gunnar up.
I'm going to go take a nap now before Mom comes home. Sasha and I are going to talk her into giving us 2 Schmakos each! We try everyday, but we're feeling very confident today. Mom feels guilty because we had to get rid of the milkbones and she can't find her homemade dog biscuit recipe. We get lots of stuff when Mom feels guilty.


Tadpole said...

Well Kaos, I don't think it's very nice to laugh at doggies who can't do things because of their size or their fears. I will not go upstairs by myself because our staircase is a SCARY spiral one, and Mean Sister Fig runs up there and barks and laughs at me because I can't chase her up there and I don't think it's funny and I tell her it's mean. *sniff* Poor Sasha.

Peanut said...

Ah poor sasha but it isn't just little dogs that have a problem with cats. Both of our cats are much smaller then me but I don't mess with them.

Luckie the Dachie said...

I feel for Sasha cos I'm just as small (aka short) as her. But thank dog, I don't have a cat at home. :P