Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nurse Kaos

My Mom ended up staying home for work yesterday because she didn't feel good. She was grossing me out and I'm a dog so that means she was really gross. She had to call Dad to tell him to bring her another box of kleenex at lunch. She just bought the first box on Sunday and she already needed a new one! Now you see why she grossed me out? Mom is very whiney when she's sick, too. Worse than Sasha! She's feeling much better today. She doesn't whine as much and she still has the same box of kleenex that Dad brought her.
Okay, here's an update on my ball. You all had great ideas, but they really wouldn't work. Tadpole's idea of howing really loud wouldn't work because I think my howl sounds funny so I never do it unless nobody is looking. I did sort of do a version of this idea though. Dory's idea of having my cat brother sneak in wouldn't work because first of all he never listens to me, but mostly because he's afraid to go outside and it's a detached garage and he'd have a heart attack before he got to the door. Luckie's idea of them getting me a new one definatly wouldn't work because well.....this was a freshly stolen one from the neighbor kids. So here's what happened. Dad went out to the garage Sunday and I went with him and I tried to get it out again. I started to whine and Dad gave me a lecture. He said if I promised to not bring the tennis ball in the garge again, he'd get it. Of course I said I promised! I got my ball and when Mom came out to talk to Dad in the garage, I didn't take the ball in the garage, I just set it on the stop up into the garage and made sure it didn't roll. I'm glad I got my ball back. It wasn't the one I showed you how gross it looked. I had only stole this one 2 days ago! It wasn't even broken in yet! Thanks for your help everybody!
I'm really tired from taking care of Mom yesterday so I'm going to get caught up on reading some blogs and then go take a nap. It's hard taking care of sick people.


Tadpole said...

YAY! You got your ball back!! Your way is much better - your dad probably wasn't as annoyed at you as he would have been if you followed my advice. Believe me, my way works, but you gotta suffer the irritation of your parents that way. Not fun.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hiya Kaos!!
Yipee!! Your dad finally got your ball for you. He's quite nice for a hooman I must say fussing over your Mom too. I hope your Mom is feeling better by now.

Peanut said...

Woo Hoo you got your ball. Yeah for Dad. Hope you mom is better soon.