Friday, April 06, 2007


Yesterday my milkbones were added to the dog food recall! I'm very upset. Mom said the bag we have is probably old enough that it's okay, but we're not taking any chances. I'm so upset! I can't believe I'm not going to get my lunch time milkbone anymore! Mom said not to worry, but she's not the one that is having part of her daily routine messed up! Don't humans know that a dog depends on a routine and when that routine is messed up, the entire day is thrown off? Mom says I can have a Schmakos at lunch today which helps a little (I LOVE Schmakos!!!!!). Mom said she has a recipe somwhere for dog biscuits. She loves baking so she won't mind making us homemade biscuits, but it still won't be the same! If Schmakos goes on the list of recalls I don't know what I'll do!!! If my dog food goes on, too Sasha and I are in BIG touble. Sasha's very picky about what she eats and Purina is the only brand that doesn't upset my tummy. When Mom and Dad adopted me the rescue place said that my old owners said I could only eat Purina. The rescue people said they tried other stuff and sure enough, Purina is what I have to eat. So Mom and Dad tried something else just because and I was soon put back on Purina. (Why don't humans listen to each other?) Mom said Sasha went through several different bags of food before they decided to try giving her my food. Sasha was almost 3 when she finally ate the same food regularly. If they recall our food, Mom and Dad are going to freak out! Purina also makes a dry catfood for indoor cats that has no fish in it for Gunnar. I really hope they don't have to change his food because fish REALLY doesn't agree with him.
Okay, enough venting about the pet food recall. Sasha got hurt last night and almost gave Mom a heart attack. Sasha doesn't play a lot of fetch because she's gotten hurt pretty bad a few times. They were all accidents, but she doesn't care. Well, the past few days she's been playing again and having fun. Mom's been really excited about it. Last night Dad was throwing my rope and Mom was throwing Sasha's buttless bunnie and Sasaha hit the coffee table. She started walking off and Mom knew she was hurt bad because she was going to the bedroom. Usually if she's not really hurt or just a little hurt, Sasha will run to Mom and whine and want to be told she's a poor puppy. Dad said she was limping so Mom caught up to her in the hallway and then all of a sudden we hear Mom scream "SHE'S BLEEDING! THERE'S BLOOD! LOTS OF BLOOD!" Dad and I went running to the hallway and Mom had blood all over her arm and shirt. When Sasha hit the coffee table, she bent her nail back just right. It wasn't as bad as Mom thought, but Mom's a Mom and freaks out when her babies bleed (especially Sasha!). Mom and Dad got Sasha cleaned up and wrapped her foot and told her not to mess with it. She walked funny for awhile and I laughed at her because I now know what I look like when Dad puts my boots on me. Mom got cleaned up too and then we all went to bed. This morning Mom and Dad cleaned Sasha's foot and there was no new blood. They cleaned off the dried blood and whent ahead and wrapped it up again so she wouldn't mess with it. If that was me, that bandage wouldn't stay on very long, but Sasha leaves her's on. (I think she thinks it gives her more sympathy.) They said tonight they'd take it off and she probably won't need it back on. Mom told me to take care of Sasha today, but her poor puppy faces don't work on me! Okay, maybe a little. I did get up and check on her a few times last night and I keep licking her bandage. I just want to make sure Dad gets the bandage on right.
Sunday is Easter and Grandma said she wants Sasha and I to come for Easter! WOOHOO!!! I hope Mom and Dad do take us! I LOVE Grandma's house! There's so much grass to roll and play in! Have a good Easter everybody!


Dory and Liza said...

Kaos -

Sorry about the milkbone recall. All this recall news has my mom in a flurry of worry too. She hasn't made dog biscuits for me but she did make a really pretty and very tasty birthday cake for me in December.

Mom says we are dying hardboiled eggs today and on Sunday I can even eat one if I want to!!

We hope you and your family have a hippty hoppity Happy Easter!


Peanut said...

man sorry about your milkbones. Has your mom ever thought of a homecooked or raw diet for you guys? I like raw the best myself.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Oh Kaos, it's terrible when the list of food recalls just keep getting longer and longer. :(
Poor Sasha..I'm glad to know she's better now.
I am taking this brand called Timberwolf.