Friday, January 30, 2009

Toys Brought Home Just For Me

Whoa! I didn't realize this picture was so dark! I think Mom needs to play with the settings on her camera again.
See those 2 balls in my mouth? Well they are called "stress balls" and they look like golfballs and have writting on them (somethinge about NAPA Autoparts - that's were Dad works). One of the reps at the marketing conference Dad and Mom went to for Dad's work was giving them away as prizes. Mom said she had to spin the prize wheel to win them for us. She won these 2 balls and a Nascar watch for herself!!! The cool thing about these balls is that they bounce and they're really soft. Mom couldn't believe they've held up so long. Sasha is supposed to have one, too but I like playing with both of them - AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Mom almost died laughing the first time I put both in my mouth. Since she laughed so hard the first few times I agreed to do it again and even pose for a picture. Anything to make Mom laugh right now (more on that in a little bit). If you hear your humans talking about "stress toys" may sure they get one or two for you! They're a BLAST!!!!!
Sunday is the Super Bowl! We're rooting for the Steelers cuz that's my Dad's favorite team! Okay, Dad is rooting for the Steelers and I'm rooting for Mom cuz she's making BACON WRAPPED TATERTOTS WITH CHEESE!!!!!! I can't wait!!! Mom likes to watch the game for the commercials, that means the tatertots will be done before the game starts. I wonder if I could arrange for the game to start a lot earlier than it does. I don't know if I can wait almost all day for the yummy treats!
I might not be able to post very much for I don't know how long. I'll try to update when I can, but it probably won't be very much. Mom is having trouble at work right now. They're being very very very mean to her and monitoring her and checking up on her a lot and I want to go bite them. They made her cry yesterday! Dad, Sasha, Gunnar and I took care of Mom last night and cheered her up. We even convinced her to make another cake to help her feel better. I got a small bite of the cake, too! (OH! And to answer everybody's question about the Angel Food cake, I got some of that, too.) Tomorrow Mom and I are going to do some serious baking to get her mind off of her stupid bosses. I can't decide on what kind of treat I want her to make for us! It's a hard decision because there's so many good ones and so many new ones I want to try! Anyway, back to Mom's mean bosses. She thinks they're trying to make it so horrible for her that she wants to quit (she does want to, but she's not goging to). They did the same thing to one of her friends a couple years ago. Mom has been there almost 7 years and has never gotten in trouble for anything and this week she got in trouble twice for stuff she didn't have anything to do with! She's going to start looking for something new, but right now there really isn't much out there so she'll just deal with the mean people and be thankful she hasn't been fired yet. Dad gave Mom a peptalk and she felt better until the alarm clock went off this morning and then she felt really sick. Tomorrow she'll feel better because she'll be off and we'll be busy.
Hope you all have a fun weekend and stay safe if you're watching the Super Bowl (humans get crazy watching that game!!!!). Hopefully I'll be able to post and visit all of you soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something Fun That Comes With New Appliances

When you buy a new appliance, you usually get a giant box that it comes in. That box is a lot of fun to play in. Here are some pictures of us having fun with our giant box.

Dad ended up taking it out to the garage to cover Grandma's dryer since it's stored out there and could get scratched or banged into. It was a lot of fun - until Dad decided to try to trap me in the box by throwing my ball in and then lifting the open end up when I went inside. There aren't any pictures of that because Mom was trying to save me instead of encouraging it. (I take back all the mean things I've said about her in the last few months.) After that I wouldn't chase my ball all the way in, especially if Dad was standing up. My back feet always stayed on the carpet. If your parents are talking about getting a new appliance, be sure they let you play in the box for awhile, just be careful if they get that mischievous look in their eye!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mom's New Toy

Mom said I had to post about her new toy before I could post about my new toy. I thought that was a little unfair until I was given an extra cookie as a bribe. Of course I said my toy post could wait.
Mom says her oven is a Frigidaire. She couldn't find the info on the Lowe's website to tell you the model. We know it's on the website because Mom and Dad have been looking at it and reading about it for weeks. Mom decided she didn't like the double oven range as much as she thought she would. It seemed kind of small inside the ovens, plus you loose the bottom drawer for storage that Mom really needs because she has so many cake pans. This is what the new range looks like in it's new home.

If you look really close at the window in the door, it looks like Sasha is sitting in the oven. Don't worry though, it was just an extremely rare moment because Sasha was posing for a picture. Usually she hides from the camera. Here's proof she isn't in the oven:

The oven is a convection oven which makes baking 30% faster. The bake times have to be watched really carefully using the convection setting but Mom is okay with that. She made angel food cake (from a mix) the first night and it usually takes about 45 minutes for one to bake, but her's was done in about 30 minutes. There's no pictures of the cake because Mom got impatient and the cake kind of fell and didn't look very good. It tasted good though.

No dog treats have been made yet, but from ease dropping I've learned that some Pupcake ingredients have been purchased and as soon as Mom figures out where she put the new recipe from Hana, we'll get some homemade cookies, too. I can't wait!

Tomorrow I'll tell you about some more fun we had after the range was taken out of the box. I think you all will be so jealous you'll tell your parents they need to go buy a new appliance, too.

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been Way Too Long!

I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still around. Mom's been "crazy busy" with work and hasn't had time for fun stuff. She says it's going to get worse as summer gets closer. I hope that means she'll finally get a raise so she can buy me more toys!
Speaking of toys, I have to share a picture of the toys Mom and Dad brought home from their trip last weekend. They are so cool! I'll tell you about them when I finally have the picture to show you. Mom says I'm too crazy with them and don't hold still long enough to et a picture. Usually I'd call her too slow and crazy, but she's right. I can't help but run around crazy with them!
Mom and Dad's trip was fun. Mom didn't have to hang outinthe hotel lobby all morning either. As soon as they got there they went to check to see what time they could check in and the lady said if there was a room they could check in right then. How many motels do you know where they will let you check in at 9 AM? Mom goofed off in the room and took a nap while Dad was in classes all day and then she hung out with Dad for the "schmmozing party" that night. They spent most of the next day at Bass Pro Shop and Mom go to eat walleye for lunch and this time didn't bring home any to share with us!!!! But that's okay cuz I was distracted with the toy anyway.
Sasha and I were kind of bored all weekend. We were pretty bummed. Grandma ended up having to work on Saturday so when she came home she was tired so we just hung out and then Sunday she did some cleaning and was busy with that all day. We did get to get a few extra treats and some other yummy snacks, but we were very happy when Mom and Dad came home and showed us all the stuff they got for themselves and for us. I like when they go shopping for outdoorsy stuff because that means they get in the mood to go camping or something fun and that usually means I get to go, too.
Keep your fingers crossed for Mom on Sunday. Mom and Dad are supposed to be going to buy a new range FINALLY. Mom can't wait to finally get to bake again. She's going through some major baking withdrawls. She hasn't even felt like cooking much either so her food blog has been kind of neglected. I'm glad Mom will finally get to bake again. Hopefully, that will help her destress after work again.
I finally added a chat box over on the side. It only took me forever to get Mom to help me. I rally need to figure out how she can get paid to stay home with me all day long and help me with stuff and play with me. Once I figure it out, I'll let all of you know so your Mom's can get paid to do the same thing!!
Have a great weekend everybody!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Weekend Coming Up!!

Hey everybody!!! Mom and Dad leave really early in the morning for their trip. Mom says way too early, but it's a 3 hour drive so hopefully she'll get some more sleep on the trip up there. She says thanks to all the Mom's that agree Bass Pro Shop is a wonderful store (she's major jealous Joey and Tanner have one close to their house). She doesn't feel like a HUGE dork anymore, just a big dork. Sasha and I are pretty sad to see our bag isn't being packed, too but Grandma and I are making out secret plans to have more fun than Mom and Dad this weekend! I can't tell you guys the secret plans now or even later because I don't want Mom and Dad to find out or they might not let Grandma pupsit us while they're gone again. Let's just say the treats are well stalked (both in the treat jars and in a secret hiding place), the cheese will be purchased tomorrow morning and the toys are organized and ready for play! WOOHOO!! That's all the information I can give you.
I'd insert a cute picture of me right here, but someone packed the cds the pictures are on so she can work on some stuff tomorrow while Dad is in meetings. Oh well.
Have a great weekend everyone and if I don't post until probably Wednesday, don't worry about me. That just means I had lots of fun and it's taking me a few days to rest up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Famous Friend!

Hey everybody! Do you know Dannon the little brown dog? Well, he's famous so if you don't know him you better get to know him quick!!!!!!
Click HERE to see why Dannon is famous!
I'm so honored to know Dannon and the his girl!!!
Way to go Dannon and The Girl!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Someone Stole Mom's Wheels!

Okay, not really. This was going to be a much funnier post, but Dad pointed out since the car is in the shop, it doesn't have the same funniness or shock value. It's still funny though! At least Mom thought it was. Dad stole Mom's tires to balance them so her car was sitting up on blocks. It would have been funnier if it had been sitting in the front yard or even the back driveway. Mom is kind of weird sometimes (especially when she doesn't get enough sleep).
Saturday I was going to make Mom take a nap, but then I thought if she took a long nap, then she wouldn't sleep at bedtime so I didn't something even better! I kept her busy all day long! I made her finally save all the pictures on the memory cards from the cameras to cds where they're nice and safe while I took a quick nap and then when Dad brought the wheels back I sent them off to do some shopping, gas up Mom's car and wash it (trust me, in the above picture you can't see how bad it really was!). Then I made Mom do a bunch of other stuff like playing fetch, playing tug, playing tag and of course scratching my ears and butt. I was exhausted and went to bed at 9 o'clock. I didn't go lay on the big bed, I went to MY bed cuz I was exhausted. I made Dad keep Mom up until almost 10 o'clock though so she was even more tired than I was when she finally went to bed and it worked! She finally slept good! This weekend Mom and Dad are going away for a thing for Dad's work so Dad is in charge of making Mom so exhausted she sleeps good. They'll have to stay up really late Saturday night and then they're going shopping at Mom's favorite store on Sunday (it's not a clothing store or other "girly" store - it's Bass Pro Shop, Mom wants a giant aquarium in our house like they have there - told you she was weird!). I will be spending the entire relaxing with Grandma and of course begging for treats and playing some fetch. Mom is taking the computer with her to give her something to do while Dad is in his meetings during the day on Saturday so maybe she'll get some work done on her art website and I can finally have all of you go visit it. Aunt Gillian got a new job managing a restaurant in town that also does some art consignment for local artists so she told Mom to get her butt in gear and get organized so she can put some of her stuff in the restaurant.
Mom put me in charge of making sure Gunnar beahves today because he's was being a butthead this morning so I'm going to go remind him Mom put me in charge now. I love bugging him for no reason!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Snowing Again!

Hi everyone!
I was going to share more pictures with you today, but Mom forgot to switch memory cards and so she didn't pull the pictures for me. She says it's from not sleeping very well for over 2 weeks now. I don't know why she isn't sleeping well, but she needs to hurry up and do it so she has more energy to play with me and so she can concentrate better! the past few days she's been having blood sugar level issues (she's not diabetic, she has something else that messes with her blood sugar sometimes so don't worry) and her tummy is all gugling and makes funny noises. She doesn't feel sick though. I'm goign to try to convince her to take a nap tomorrow with me. She can't go anywhere anyway because Dad is going to steal the wheels off her car tonight so she can balance them when he gets off work tomorrow at a shop next door to the store he works in. That's going to be a funny sight. I'll try to get Mom to go out to the shop tomorrow and take a picture of that - if she's not napping.
It started snowing again today, but it's another one of those really really cold ones that I don't like. I think some of you Saint Bernards, Huskees, Newfs and other cold weather dogs wouldn't even want to go out in it! (I said some of you, not all of you! lol) I'm okay with laying on the nice warm couch curled up in Mom's warm fuzzy blanket looking out my huge picture window watching it snow.
Dad got off work early today since he has to go in tomorrow so I better go see if he needs any help. He's been trying to take the outside Christmas decorations down but he had to wait for the snow to melt of some of them and now they're frozen because the snow melted and then it got really cold today and froze the melted snow. We might just have to leave our outside Christmas decorations up until spring!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Snow Post

Sorry to everybody that stopped by yesterday expecting to see snow pictures like I promised! Mom had a really bad day at work and I was busy......well, sleeping. Before I show you the pictures, we just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes for Sasha and Mom. Sasha doesn't limp anymore and it doesn't bother her when Mom touches her foot anymore. Mom said you can barely see the crack in her nail, too. Mom's heart and breathing are also back to normal rythmes. Mom was also surprised that her shirt and pants don't show any signs of blood.
Okay now for the pictures! These picture were taken after Mom decided she was okay enough to walk around and Sasha was resting on the couch. By then it was kind of dark, but I really wanted to show you snow pictures so Mom said she's take me out since I was such a good sister through the hole frightening experience with Sasha. We didn't stay out too long because by then it was starting to get too cold (for Mom, not me). Here I am trying to show you how much snow there was. We had about 5-6 inches at my house!!! We weren't supposed to get that much, but we did! We're up on a hill and down at Mom's office, there was about an inch (which is what we were supposed to get).
In the next few pictures Mom though it was really cute because she though I was trying to build a snow fort like Zim.

Then Mom realized I was looking for my tennis ball. Who says you can play fetch in the snow?
It was a little cold though. It looks like a snowball in this picture, but it really was my tennis ball.
And here's a snow snooter picture. The snow is almost gone now. There's a little to still play in, but it's been really really windy today so the nice white snow is covered with a thin layer of brown dirt - not so pretty anymore. It's supposed to be warm for awhile so I don't think we'll be getting any more snow for awhile.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Poor Mom

Hey everybody! Hope you had a safe New Year's! I'm a little behind because I've still been recovering from Christmas and then I was busy last week, too! It snowed yesterday a lot and I have pictures to show you but I'll show those to you tomorrow.
New Year's Day I went to work with Dad for awhile to help him get some end of the year stuff done. I got bored and so Mom had to come get me. I've decided the auto parts business is not for me. Mom said maybe if there was a couch to sleep on all day I would have done better. I'm not sure what she meant by that, but I don't think it was a nice thing. Then the next day Mom had to go back to work and Dad took me outside to play with my tennis ball throwing thingy ouside the fence so I got to run the full length of our acre. I love that game!!!! Then Dad worked in the shop all day.
This is the poor Mom part. On Sunday Mom, Sasha and I were playing in the living room and all of a sudden Sasha started screaming and crying. We've never heard her scream like that before so Mom and I both freaked out a little. I just stood there and didn't know what to do until Mom went running to Sasha and picked her up and held her until she stopped crying and then when Mom went to put her down, she noticed her t-shirt was covered in blood. That's when Mom went into panic Mom mode (I know you all know what I'm talking about). There was no way to call Dad into help because it was snowing so much and Mom would have had to put shoes on and that meant putting Sasha down and there was no way anybody was going to pry Sasha out of Mom's arms at that moment. We also didn't know where Grandma was. So Mom and I ran to the back bathroom and washed Sasha's paw off and figured out somehow when Sasha was running she split her nail. Mom was sure she had sliced her food open with the amount of blood. Mom was freaking out because there was so much blood and Sasha's just a little dog. Mom grabbed the bandage box and we went to the kitchen (I was following Mom very close through all this). The kitchen sink area was a lot easier to work in since the counter area was so much bigger (we won't get into the reason Mom didn't go in the main bathroom where the light was better and the counter area was a good size). Mom put cold water on Sasha's food to try to stop the bleeding and to figure out how to get a bandage on it by herself. Mom said she didn't even remember me being in the kitchen but Grandma tripped over me when she finally came in the house and went to her room. Sasha was a very good girl and stood onthe counter with her foot up in the air so she wouldn't get blood all over the kitchen counter and so that Mom could put a bandage on her. Once the bandage was on, we all went to the living room and sat on the couch so that Mom's heart would start beating regualr again. Sasha laid on the couch and Mom rubbed her belly and I sniffed her nose and whined and when Mom decided the bleeding had finally stopped, she let Sasha walk around. She limps a little, but she doesn't whine or cry which makes Mom feel a little better about it. I had to give Mom lots of hugs and kisses to make sure she was okay, too. Her face finally turned back to it's normal color and I pointed out that she needed to do something about her clothes. I went and kept an eye on Sasha while Mom cleaned the blood out of her shirt and her pants. She put her comfy clothes on and I curled up on the couch with her and watched tv for awhile. Dad says they are going to look for a phone that has an intercom on it, too so that Mom can call for him if he's out in the shop working and she needs him.
In a couple weekends Mom and Dad are going away for the weekend for Dad's work and now Mom is REALLY worried about us. I keep telling her I'll take care of everything, but you know how Mom's get after their babies are hurt. Sasha is doing good. She's limping still but still hasn't yelped or whined. Tonight Mom is going to give her some magic cheese to help her get comfy for bed time. Sasha doesn't like the snow anyway because it makes her joints hurt and as much snow as we got, it makes her REALLY cold so Sasha had a really hard time getting comfy with the cold and her foot hurting. Mom is doing much better now, too. She said once her heart started beating at it's normal beat and she started breathing normal, she didnt feel liek passing out anymore. Watching Sasha limp makes Mom sad, but she keeps reminding her self that it wasn't a cut which is a good thing. Poor Mom.
Be sure to check out my snow pictures tomorrow and remember we were only supposed to get a complete total of 1-2 inches of snow. Thankfully it wasn't too cold and I could actually go out and play in it this time.