Thursday, January 25, 2007

Post #100

This is post #100 for me!! I forgot all about it! It's been a really crazy week so far and I haven't been able to get on to post. I've been too busy guarding the house. I'm on high alert guearding now. Dad stayed home from work today and is taking a nap now so I decided to go ahead and do a quick post to let all of you know I'm still around. Sunday Aunt Gillian had some problems with her boyfriend. He wrecked her car and went to jail. At 1:15 am there was a cop at our door looking fo Aunt Gillian because they didn't know she wasn't in the car. I don't like men in uniforms, especially when they wake me up so early!! (I was abused by a man that was in the army.) Luckily, Aunt Gillian dumped the guy that night. I didn't like him anyway. He never petted us! You can't trust anybody that doesn't pet a cute face like I have. He wouldn't even pet Sasha when she jumped in his lap and whined!!!!! Everybody pets Sasha when she does that to make the whining stop! So, I've been on high alert geard duty since that night. I'm really tired now, too. Eevn though Dad is sick today, I'm not on as high alert because he's home. Sasha's been helping with guard duty, too. She's really good at hearing things and letting me know when I need to go yell at someone. When someone needs yelled at, I get in the big window behind the couch and Sasha stands by the door. The people see me and I look really big standing on the back of the couch and they can't see Sasha so they don't know she's really little, they just know there's another dog in with the big one.
I hope Aunt Gillian brings Bailey over sometime soon to play or maybe Mom could take me over to her house. Then I would get to meet my other 2 cousins, too. I keep hinting at Mom and Dad that I want to go somewhere. I go up and nudge the leashes. Mom gets the hint, but she keeps saying it's too cold outside still to go anywhere.
OH! That reminds me! Dad said it's supposed to snow again this weekend. Can you believe that?! I don't think the snow is ever going to go away. I love running in the snow, but I also love playing with sticks and my toys. I can't remember the last time I saw any of those. I did find my plastic stick, but it snowed again this weekend and froze it to the ground. It was pretty warm yesterday, but I really didn't feel like going outside much.
Hopefully I'll have good news next week. I'll try to post #101 tomorrow. I noticed, too that I need to get Mom to take some pictures. I haven't put pictures on in a long time. She's been really busy with her promotion though.
I'm going to go join Dad for a nap.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Getting Warm

It's finally getting warm enough to play outside. Sasha and I have beene going outside as much as possible and staying out as much as possible before it gets so warm that all the snow melts and there's nothing but yucky mud in the back yard.
Last night Mom and Dad were playing with the walkie talkies and Mom left one in the living room where I was and went into the other room where Dad was so he could show her something on the internet. Dad decided to try to play a trick on me by talking to me on the radio. I was ignoring him until he whistled and then I guess I made a funny face when I looked at the walkie talkie. I decided to show him I wasn't falling for his tricks so I went running into the room where they were and told Dad I was too smart for him.
This morning there were a bunch of trucks trying to clean up all the snow in the middle of the road before school started. I guess they got tired of the snow being piled in the middle of the road, I know Mom and Dad were getting tired of it. But why did they have to start working on it at 5 AM? Don't they know some of us are trying to sleep that early. It's still dark outside!!! I got up in the bed and cuddled with Mom and Dad because it woke them up to and then Sasha came up and so did Gunnar. We really didn't sleep much though because the trucks and loaders were being so noisy with the beeping and banging noises. They got most of the snow, but they couldn't get all the ice up. The ground is too cold for the snow to melt very fast and it's making a lot of ice on the streets and other places. Sasha really hates the ice. Dad laughs at her when her back end goes in the opposite direction from her front end.
I'm going to go take a nap now before Mom gets home from work. We'll be able to go outside and play for awhile again before it gets cold.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tired of Snow

I'm really getting tired of snow. I haven't seen my rope that I play with outside in weeks and my rubber stick is cold and hard. Yesterday I discovered these things that look like clear sticks. I haven't seen a stick in weeks either. I picked it up and it was really cold - colder than my rubber stick! Part of it also broke really easy. Dad said it was some sort of ice. I can't remember what he called it. I'll call it an "ice stick." Dad was laughing at me because I was so confused about the ice stick. Dad said it's supposed to snow again at the end of the week. I really love playing in the snow, but I also love my toys and playing out in the warm sun.
Mom got a promotion at her job. I hope that means that also means more money for toys and treats. Mom is really good about buying us yummy treats and fun toys. She's been pretty stessed out and I've been helping her feel better by cuddling with her at night on the couch.
Thanks for sending all your good doggie vibes to Sasha and her sore back. She's all better now. Since the good doggie vibes thing works, could you focuss on no more snow for us for awhile. I really want to find my rope and some real sticks.

Monday, January 15, 2007

TONS of Snow

I can't believe how much snow is outside! If Mom hadn't been so busy with other stuff this weekend (like baking) she would have taken pictures. I watched her try to get out of the driveway this morning and she was having trouble. It didn't help that there is a ton of snow piled in the middle of the road either. Mom loves her Kia, except for this time of year. She wishes she had a Jeep. She could drive one of the Jeeps in the yard if she knew how to drive a stick, but she doesn't so she has to get stuck everywhere she goes in her car.
I wish the Big Jeep was fixed. It would be really fun to go play in the snow in the Big Jeep. Dad wishes it was fixed, too. I really hope he can get it fixed for this summer.
When we go play in the snow, we have to becareful not to stay outside too long because it's way too cold. Once we start to feel too cold ew have to tell someone we need to go inside so we don't get sick or hurt. Sasha's glad she hasn't had to go to the groomer in awhile because she can last for a lot longer now.
Mom was teasing Sasha Sunday morning about her bath. Last weekend Sasha was hurt so she got out of the bath then and this weekend it was way too cold so she got out of it again. Mom said it was cheating learning how to control the weather to get out of a bath.
Mom should be home pretty soon for lunch so I'm going to go take a quick nap so I'll be ready to go play in the snow for a little while.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Very Very Cold

It snowed again last night. Mom and Dad said before it snowed there was icey frosty stuff that put down a nice layer of ice before it snowed. Mom wasn't very happy scraping her windows this morning. I watched her out the big window this morning. It's a good thing she has a little car since she's so short. It was kind of funny to watch her though.
Last night Sasha was feeling so much better she jumped up on the couch and the recliner and then this morning jumped up on the bed. Mom was saying last night that she is definately getting a bath as soon as it's not so cold outside. A little later Mom was scratching her ear and Sasha yelped. I'm pretty sure it was fake because she knew if she wasn't feeling good she wouldn't have to get a bath. She better becarful though. Mom might get so tired of Sasha stinking that she goes ahead and gives her a bath and then uses the blow dryer on her! The blow dryer and the vacuum are 2 things that I really don't like. I chase the vacuum, but the blow dryer can't move like the vacuum can. Since Mom was afraid of hurting Sasha, I got all the belly rubs. Then this morning Sasha must have forgotten about being in pain because she was trying to get Mom's attention for some belly rubs. Any time now she's getting a bath! hehehe It's way too cold today and it's supposed to be cold tomorrow too. If she got a bath today she'd be an instant puppy ice cube. The sun is shining though so I don't know where the cold is coming from. I guess from all the ice that's on everything (except Mom's car windows, she took care of the rest of the ice at lunch).
Have a good weekend everybody and try to stay warm. I was going to try to talk Mom into taking me to the park this weekend, but I think curled up beside her on the couch or inthe spare room while she works on her artwork is a much better idea. Dad brought some firewood in, too so we shoudl stay nice and warm.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good Dog

Mom says this Garfield comic strip reminds her of me. I'm not exactly sure if that's a good thing or not. What do you think?
Sasha is doing bunches better. She was jumping off of the furniture last night and doing her whining thing and Mom picked her up and she didn't even yelp. She's still a little sore, but she's much better. Mom said she might be getting a bath this weekend. HEHEHEHE That's hilarious! I'm glad I don't have really long hair and mud and dirt stuck in it all the time. I love water, but I hate baths.
We're not going to go hunting this month. It's a bummer, but it's supposed to snow and we don't want to end up stuck somewhere because of the snow. It's supposed to be really really cold this weekend, too and Dad decided it'd be better to not be out in the cold and the wind and snow. Dad is off this weekend and plans on doing some stuff in the yard and if it's too cold for me to be outside with him, then Mom will be home too and she's hoping to finally get to use her easel that Dad got her for Christmas. She's also going through some of her photography stuff because she has to decorate her office now that the other lady is leaving. She's still sad the lady is leaving, but she doesn't have much time to think about it because she's busy learning a bunch of new things. She hasn't had time to think about how sad she is or how stressed out she is. I give her lots of hugs and cuddle with her a lot to help her feel better though.
OH! This morning everything was backwards! Usually Dad gets up and lets us out and feeds Gunnar and then lets us in and feeds us and Mom stays in bed for a little longer. This morning it was different. Mom let us out and Dad stayed in bed. It was one of Dad's late shift days which means he can spend more time with me in the morning so he decided to spend a little extra time in bed. We were confused, but our routine really wasn't messed up so we were okay. After I ate breakfast I went back into the bedroom and cuddled with Dad before he finally had to get out of bed and go to work. It was a bunch of fun!!
Mom should be home for lunch pretty soon so I better go. Bye!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Mess!

I can't play in the back yard very much right now because all of the snow has melted and now there's a big giant sticky mess. It's supposed to snow again soon. That will make it nice so I can run around again, but then it will melt and it will be nast again. Dad says this is really going to help the grass grow this spring. I hope he's right and I really hope spring comes pretty soon.
Sasha's doing a lot better. She's still sore, but she gets up and around better.
Mom burnt her fingers last night on the stove. She said some bad words, too. She should have eaten a piece of cheese with some Children's Tylenol in it. It seems to make Sasha feel lots better.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now. Trust me, he deserves it!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sasha's A Little Better

Last night Sasha was up and begging for food. Mom was very happy. She gave Sasha a big chunk of her sandwich and I also got one so I wouldn't be jelous. This morning Sasha went outside with Dad and I both times, but decided to go to bed before Mom left for work. She's still getting the pills hidden in the cheese, but hopefully she won't be needing them much anymore.
I'm glad Sasha's getting better because I've been getting tired of all the attention she's been getting lately. I know I got a lot of attention when I cut my paw this summer, but Sasha hides a lot because she doesn't want the attention. I on the other hand LOVE attention. Sasha doesn't get to go to Mom's work or to Grnadma's house like I did thouh. Mom and Dad don't want to pick her up because it hurts her so she can't get into the car and Mom's office is upstairs so she can't do that either. Sasha pretty much just stays in bed all day so they aren't too worried about her.
Gunnar is getting tired of Sasha getting all the attention, too which is weird because he hates attention more than Sasha does. I think he just wants to play with Sasha though. Sasha's smaller than him so he likes picking on her a lot. Last night he went to tackle Sasha and she yelped and cried and Mom and Dad both yelled at him. I kind of felt sorry for him - kind of.
I'm supposed to be checking on her again. She's decided to start laying in my bed now which she has to step up into so I don't think she really needs checked on, but Mom told me to so I'm going to.
Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to check on her again.

Monday, January 08, 2007


This weekend Sasha was ungrounded. She was very happy to be on the bed again, but Saturday afternoon she started acting weird. Sunday morning Mom and Dad figured out it was her hips that hurt. They went to the store and got some Children's Tylenol for her which has been helping a lot. I thought she was faking it at first because she was trying to make Mom and Dad feel bad about grounding her. Mom opened a cheese wrapper though and Sasha didn't come running so that meant she was not feeling good at all. The Tylenol seems to be helping, but she's still sore. Mom is really worried about her and wanted to stay home from work today to take care of Sasha, but she's got some stuff going on at work that she needs to be there for so I told her I'd take really good care of Sasha for her. I have to make sure Gunnar leaves her alone (he is because he knows she's not feeling good) and I have to go and make sure she doesn't need anything (not like I can do much for her anyway though). I hope she starts to feel better soon. Being in the backyard without her is really boring and she looks so sad. It makes Mom and Dad sad, too. If she doesn't start getting better soon she's going to have to go to the vet and we all hate that a lot! Sasha's supposed to get her shots this year so maybe they'll go ahead and do that too if she has to go so she doesn't have to go to the vet 2 times in 1 year!!!
I'll keep you updated on Sasha. Send all your get well doggie vibes to her. I'm going to go check on her now.

Friday, January 05, 2007

More Snow

It's snowing again. It's nice because that means I can play in the yard again. The other snow was starting to melt and the back yard was all muddy. I really hope the grass seeds start growing grass so I don't have to worry about mud anymore.
Sasha is REALLY wanting to get abck on the bed. She was jumping really hard last night trying to get up. Dad told her that if she jumped up there on her own, then she could stay. She didn't though and then whined about it. It's really not that hard to get up there. Mom told her this morning that tomorrow she's not grounded anymore and then she can get back on the bed. I bet she doesn't chew up anything of Mom's again! I think not being allowed on the bed is a bigger punishement than having to stay in the kennel thing when Mom and Dad leave the house. I would much rather stay in the kennel all day long than not be able to have my morning cuddle with Mom or even my night cuddle!
Last night Mom was feeling pretty down. I guess there's some stuff going on at work that is stressing her out big time. She went and layed on the bed with Gunnar and since Gunnar isn't a cuddler like I am, he left her all alone on the bed. I couldn't believe he could do that to poor Mom. I went outside for the last time with Dad and then went into the bedroom and jumped up on the bed but Dad made me get down because my feet were dirty. BUT I couldn't just let Mom lay on the bed all by herself when she was that sad so I jumped back on the bed and curled up in Mom's arms and then gave a look to Dad that said "I'm not getting down." He laughed at me and said "stay on the comforter then." You can't set rules to a "Make You Feel Better Cuddle" but I stayed on the comforter anyway, but so did Mom so it was okay. I usually do anyway because I don't like having the blanket on top of me like Sasha does, so really it wasn't that big of a deal. I got up a little early and jumped up beside Mom for an early mornign cuddle, too. I knew she needed it. Poor Mom. I hope things get better for her soon because I like playing more than I like making people feel better. First she had the flu and now she's sad. Good thing she has me to help her out. Dad's good, too, but Mom says I'm the bestest cuddler ever! I'll curl up on the coach with her when she's not feeling good and she'll use me as a pillow and we'll sleep like that for about an hour. After an hour I need to get up and stretch though.
I'll let you know how Mom's doing on Monday. Dad's home this weekend so we're going to try have a really fun weekend and try to make her feel better.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January Trip!!

It looks like maybe the next trip will be in a couple weeks. I can't wait to go!! I love running around looking for birds with Dad. Mom and Dad were talking more about it last night. They just have to check with Aunt Cassie to make sure the dates work for her, too. I can't wait!!!!
Sasha is getting really mad about the being grounded from the bed thing. She was yelling at Mom this morning and Mom kept telling her no. Sasha can't wait for Saturday when she can get back on the bed. To top it all off Mom told her that she's going to get a bath soon, too. I almost feel sorry for her, but it's nice not being the one in trouble.
You're going to be surprised about the blog I'm going to tell you about today. It's a cat!! His name is Max. He's hilarious though! You should definately check his blog out. He has books published and he reminds me a little bit of my brother Gunnar. If Gunnar had a blog, I think it'd be a lot lik Max's. Max has a little brother Buddah who also has a blog (there's a link from Max's blog to Buddah's). I'm adding a link on the side, too. OH that reminds me! Mom should be adding the Dogs With Blogs link today, too. There's so much going on right now!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dogs With Blogs

I'm on the website Dogs With Blogs!!! I've been trying to get on for awhile and kept getting confused. Well, I finally decided today I was going to actually sit and figure it out until I got it and I did it!! Then a little bit ago aI was looking through the list of blogs and all of a sudden I saw my picture and there I was! WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited. Now lots of other dogs and people can find my blog and read it! I can't wait to start reading all the stuff on the website and make some more friends online! I'll have Mom make make me a link thing on the side tomorrow to Dogs with Blogs. Doing that on my own today was too much. I found a link to a site with doggie treat recipes that Mom can make for us. My birthday is next month and there's a birthday cake recipe that I have picked out for her to do. She loves baking and she loves me so I'm sure she'll do it for me! I can't wait!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I hope Mom gets home from work soon because I REALLY need to go run around in the backyard now! WOOHOO!!!!

Sasha's Grounded!

I have never seen Mom so mad at Sasha before. Mom got Sasha before she met Dad so Mom and Sasha have a special bond and Mom babies her quit a bit. Well, Mom still hasn't been feeling great so she slept in all 3 days she was off. Saturday morning we were all up in the bed with her and the night before she had brought one of her new blankets to bed with her because she was really cold. We weren't paying attention to what Sasha was doing, but Mom sort of woke up and her Sasha making weird noises. Mom just thought Sasha was licking the blanket so she balled it up and then layed on it. Well, when she was ready to get up, she sat up and there was stuffing coming out of the blanket. She had chewed holes in Mom's new blanket and Mom was mad! Mom hopped out of bed and yelled for Sasha to kennel up. I didn't know what was going on I just heard Mom yelling kennel up so I ran to the kennel. Mom finally got ahold of Sasha and put her in the little carrier thing and then turned to look at me in the kennel and laughed. Mom said, "Kaos you goofy dog, you're being good out out of that kennel." That's when I realized I wasn't in trouble, Sasha was! I decided I wanted to go outside so Mom let me out. It was kind of boring being outside all by myself so I didn't stay out very long. Mom layed on the couch for awhile and then finally let Sasha out. Mom said Sasha had to be in the kennel anytime we were left home alone that day (which wasn't very much) and she's grounded from being on the bed for a week!!! That's what's killing Sasha. She loves to be on the bed. Mom moved the bench even so Sasha can't get up by herself! Later in the afternoon, Mom finally let Sasha cuddle up with her on the couch and Sasha has been giving her sorry eyes since then.
Sunday Mom was finally feeling pretty good so she was doing laundry and stuff like that. Once in awhile she would yell there's birds in the yard again and Sasha and I would go running to the back door and Mom would let us out and we would go running out and scare the birds away. I even would sit in the computer room where I could see out into the backyard and then let Mom know that we needed to go chase the birds out of the yard. Dad put grass seed out when he was off the other day so hopefully we'll have grass and the birds keep coming and trying to eat our seed. It's weird though because they're going to the backyard even though they know we're going to chase them out. The know we're not in the front yard! I think the birds in our neighborhood must be really dumb.
Speaking of birds!! I heard Mom and Dad talking and it looks like the next pheasant trip is in a couple of weeks! I can't wait. I think they've forgotten about my boots too because I haven't had to wear them for a few weeks now. Dad said though that this next trip, I'll have to stay at the house a lot because the coyotes are really bad out there and so the people want Dad to get rid of some of the coyotes too if he can. The number of pheasants on the property has gone down too (not because of Dad and I, we've only gotten 1 bird) so if Dad gets rid of some of the coyotes, then there will be more birds for us. The coyotes are getting the chickens and the cats too. They also used to have this big black dog (he was funny) and he's been missing for a year now and they'r pretty sure the coyotes got him because he liked to go rabbit hunting out where the coyotes are. The people also said that they're making their holes where they hide to keep warm up near the house and that makes them nervouse too. Sasha can't go outside by herslef anymore because Mom worries about her. One time when we were there Sasha was outside by herself and a coyote ran through the yard and Mom freaked out. (See what I mean about there being a bond and Sasha being babied?) So now either Mom or Dad has to come outside with us when we go outside which is okay, but we don't get to just go out and sniff all the different smells that are out there. I can't wait to go hunting again!
This is a really long post so I better stop now. I hope everybody had a good New Year's. Mom and Dad stayed out too late and Sasha, Gunnar and I slept so it wasn't that big of a deal for us. Both Mom and Dad were home yesterday though and only left a couple times to go grocery shopping and to go see Aunt Gillian and my cousins for a little bit. (Mom wanted to meet the new cousins first to make sure they were going to be okay with me. I miss playing with Bailey and Mom said Bruitis and Dakota should be okay with me too. I can't wait to go meet them!!)
Okay, now I'm really going to stop typing. I just get soooooooo excited though and want to tell all of you about it all, I can't stop. I'm going to try to remember to tell you about some of the blogs I read again this week as long as nothing else exciting happens. OH I need to go read those now! Gotta go!