Thursday, January 25, 2007

Post #100

This is post #100 for me!! I forgot all about it! It's been a really crazy week so far and I haven't been able to get on to post. I've been too busy guarding the house. I'm on high alert guearding now. Dad stayed home from work today and is taking a nap now so I decided to go ahead and do a quick post to let all of you know I'm still around. Sunday Aunt Gillian had some problems with her boyfriend. He wrecked her car and went to jail. At 1:15 am there was a cop at our door looking fo Aunt Gillian because they didn't know she wasn't in the car. I don't like men in uniforms, especially when they wake me up so early!! (I was abused by a man that was in the army.) Luckily, Aunt Gillian dumped the guy that night. I didn't like him anyway. He never petted us! You can't trust anybody that doesn't pet a cute face like I have. He wouldn't even pet Sasha when she jumped in his lap and whined!!!!! Everybody pets Sasha when she does that to make the whining stop! So, I've been on high alert geard duty since that night. I'm really tired now, too. Eevn though Dad is sick today, I'm not on as high alert because he's home. Sasha's been helping with guard duty, too. She's really good at hearing things and letting me know when I need to go yell at someone. When someone needs yelled at, I get in the big window behind the couch and Sasha stands by the door. The people see me and I look really big standing on the back of the couch and they can't see Sasha so they don't know she's really little, they just know there's another dog in with the big one.
I hope Aunt Gillian brings Bailey over sometime soon to play or maybe Mom could take me over to her house. Then I would get to meet my other 2 cousins, too. I keep hinting at Mom and Dad that I want to go somewhere. I go up and nudge the leashes. Mom gets the hint, but she keeps saying it's too cold outside still to go anywhere.
OH! That reminds me! Dad said it's supposed to snow again this weekend. Can you believe that?! I don't think the snow is ever going to go away. I love running in the snow, but I also love playing with sticks and my toys. I can't remember the last time I saw any of those. I did find my plastic stick, but it snowed again this weekend and froze it to the ground. It was pretty warm yesterday, but I really didn't feel like going outside much.
Hopefully I'll have good news next week. I'll try to post #101 tomorrow. I noticed, too that I need to get Mom to take some pictures. I haven't put pictures on in a long time. She's been really busy with her promotion though.
I'm going to go join Dad for a nap.

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