Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tired of Snow

I'm really getting tired of snow. I haven't seen my rope that I play with outside in weeks and my rubber stick is cold and hard. Yesterday I discovered these things that look like clear sticks. I haven't seen a stick in weeks either. I picked it up and it was really cold - colder than my rubber stick! Part of it also broke really easy. Dad said it was some sort of ice. I can't remember what he called it. I'll call it an "ice stick." Dad was laughing at me because I was so confused about the ice stick. Dad said it's supposed to snow again at the end of the week. I really love playing in the snow, but I also love my toys and playing out in the warm sun.
Mom got a promotion at her job. I hope that means that also means more money for toys and treats. Mom is really good about buying us yummy treats and fun toys. She's been pretty stessed out and I've been helping her feel better by cuddling with her at night on the couch.
Thanks for sending all your good doggie vibes to Sasha and her sore back. She's all better now. Since the good doggie vibes thing works, could you focuss on no more snow for us for awhile. I really want to find my rope and some real sticks.

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