Friday, January 12, 2007

Very Very Cold

It snowed again last night. Mom and Dad said before it snowed there was icey frosty stuff that put down a nice layer of ice before it snowed. Mom wasn't very happy scraping her windows this morning. I watched her out the big window this morning. It's a good thing she has a little car since she's so short. It was kind of funny to watch her though.
Last night Sasha was feeling so much better she jumped up on the couch and the recliner and then this morning jumped up on the bed. Mom was saying last night that she is definately getting a bath as soon as it's not so cold outside. A little later Mom was scratching her ear and Sasha yelped. I'm pretty sure it was fake because she knew if she wasn't feeling good she wouldn't have to get a bath. She better becarful though. Mom might get so tired of Sasha stinking that she goes ahead and gives her a bath and then uses the blow dryer on her! The blow dryer and the vacuum are 2 things that I really don't like. I chase the vacuum, but the blow dryer can't move like the vacuum can. Since Mom was afraid of hurting Sasha, I got all the belly rubs. Then this morning Sasha must have forgotten about being in pain because she was trying to get Mom's attention for some belly rubs. Any time now she's getting a bath! hehehe It's way too cold today and it's supposed to be cold tomorrow too. If she got a bath today she'd be an instant puppy ice cube. The sun is shining though so I don't know where the cold is coming from. I guess from all the ice that's on everything (except Mom's car windows, she took care of the rest of the ice at lunch).
Have a good weekend everybody and try to stay warm. I was going to try to talk Mom into taking me to the park this weekend, but I think curled up beside her on the couch or inthe spare room while she works on her artwork is a much better idea. Dad brought some firewood in, too so we shoudl stay nice and warm.

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