Wednesday, January 03, 2007

January Trip!!

It looks like maybe the next trip will be in a couple weeks. I can't wait to go!! I love running around looking for birds with Dad. Mom and Dad were talking more about it last night. They just have to check with Aunt Cassie to make sure the dates work for her, too. I can't wait!!!!
Sasha is getting really mad about the being grounded from the bed thing. She was yelling at Mom this morning and Mom kept telling her no. Sasha can't wait for Saturday when she can get back on the bed. To top it all off Mom told her that she's going to get a bath soon, too. I almost feel sorry for her, but it's nice not being the one in trouble.
You're going to be surprised about the blog I'm going to tell you about today. It's a cat!! His name is Max. He's hilarious though! You should definately check his blog out. He has books published and he reminds me a little bit of my brother Gunnar. If Gunnar had a blog, I think it'd be a lot lik Max's. Max has a little brother Buddah who also has a blog (there's a link from Max's blog to Buddah's). I'm adding a link on the side, too. OH that reminds me! Mom should be adding the Dogs With Blogs link today, too. There's so much going on right now!!!!!!!

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Girasol said...

I love trips, outdoors!!!!!!!!!!!
have fun.