Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sasha's A Little Better

Last night Sasha was up and begging for food. Mom was very happy. She gave Sasha a big chunk of her sandwich and I also got one so I wouldn't be jelous. This morning Sasha went outside with Dad and I both times, but decided to go to bed before Mom left for work. She's still getting the pills hidden in the cheese, but hopefully she won't be needing them much anymore.
I'm glad Sasha's getting better because I've been getting tired of all the attention she's been getting lately. I know I got a lot of attention when I cut my paw this summer, but Sasha hides a lot because she doesn't want the attention. I on the other hand LOVE attention. Sasha doesn't get to go to Mom's work or to Grnadma's house like I did thouh. Mom and Dad don't want to pick her up because it hurts her so she can't get into the car and Mom's office is upstairs so she can't do that either. Sasha pretty much just stays in bed all day so they aren't too worried about her.
Gunnar is getting tired of Sasha getting all the attention, too which is weird because he hates attention more than Sasha does. I think he just wants to play with Sasha though. Sasha's smaller than him so he likes picking on her a lot. Last night he went to tackle Sasha and she yelped and cried and Mom and Dad both yelled at him. I kind of felt sorry for him - kind of.
I'm supposed to be checking on her again. She's decided to start laying in my bed now which she has to step up into so I don't think she really needs checked on, but Mom told me to so I'm going to.
Hopefully tomorrow I won't have to check on her again.

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