Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm Going On An Adventure Tomorrow

I have been really bad at keeping up on everybody. I am really sorry if I've missed anything!!!!
I've been trying to figure out my mysery trip tomorrow. I can't figure it out! I have some clues, but they don't help. I know we're taking my Jeep and my Aunt Gillian is coming in her truck, I know we're packing a lunch but we should be home a little after lunch, I know Dad hs to pack some special tools tonight and I know that when Grandma gets off work tomorrow she's stopping by to pick up Sasha to go to her house for awhile. I also know that we're leaving between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning and Mom has all her batteries for her camera charged. I have no idea. These cluues could mean lots of different things. Anybody got any ideas? Mom told Aunt Gillian not to tell me where we're going. Mom also told her not to bring my cousins and Aunt Gillian said no way because she'd never catch Bodee and Bailey would be afraid. I'm guessing I get to run free and there's loud noises. If any of you have any guess, let me know. I've been trying to figure it out all week and I'm coming up with not a thing.
Have a great weekend everybody! Mom says I'm going to!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Love Fall

The weather has been nice since Sunday which I guess was the first day of fall. I love fall because we can go out and lay in the yar as long as we want and not roast or freeze. Mom actually forgot about us once on Sunday because we were outside for so long without asking to come in. We also spend a lot of time laying in the sun patch from the back door. It's not too hot to lay their either.
I'm going on an adventure on Saturday and nobody will tell me what it is. I know we're taking my Jeep WOOHOOO!! and Mom said Bear Bait has to stay home (that means Sasha has to stay home because it's something fun but she wouldn't like it and she'd get really whiney and drive Mom crazy). I also know there's others invited and I know we're taking lunch but I don't know where we're going. I know it's not camping because it's too cold for that now and there's nothing sitting out getting ready for that. I know we're not going to Grandma & Grandpa Cheese's house becuase Sasha is staying home and I know it's just a one day thing because there's nothing being packed. I'm so excited!! Mom said she needs to make sure that her batteries are working in her camera so there should be pictures for you to see whenever I get all rested up from my adventure. Dad has pretty much all the bugs worked out of my Jeep and I'm so happy! I can't wait to share pictures of me and my Jeep! There's going to be a lot of you that are going to be really jealous of me and my Jeep. The gas people need to stop being so mean so that Mom and Dad can afford to take my Jeep more places with me. My Jeep takes a lot of Gas to run but it's REALLY powerful and REALLY cool!
Dad should be home really soon so I better go listen for my Jeep. I've been letting Dad take my Jeep to work since his truck needs worked on next.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Question From Mom

Hello everybody. Kaos has been pouting all week because she only got to ride in "her" Jeep once during the weekend and I haven't taken pictures of her yet. Her dad is still doing some stuff to it and drives it to work everyday now so it's kind of hard to get a picture. Plus, he just washed the windows and he's kind of hoping to make in a week without any window art. Don't worry though. There's an adventure that will hopefully be happening soon.
Here's my questions. Do any of you dogs, or if your parents would like to answer this that would probably be a good idea, anyway, do any of you dogs do weird human like things that surprise your parents? Kaso and Sasha and even Gunnar do things all that time that amaze me. I know they understand so much more than they are given credit for. This has been sort of an emotional week for me and Kaos has been right by my side with all of her wonderful hugs and Sasha offers to clean my face whenever possible. Kaos is always right there by me when I'm not feeling good and knows the reason she gets to go in the front yard off leash and not Sasha is because she listens and is a good girl. Here's what happened. The other morning was kind of chilly and everybody knows once the alarm clocks start going off they can come get in the bed with us. It makes it really hard to get up in the morning because it's all cozy and comfy. Well, the other morning the alarms went off and Kaos got up on the bed and curled up with me and Gunnar got up on top of us and Sasha came up, too. We were all nice and toasty and then Kaos's Dad had to get up to get ready for work. Everybody went to eat breakfast and go outside and then usually Kaos and Sasha come back to cuddle with me. Kaos came back, but Sasha went to Kaos's bed which sometimes happens. When I got up to get ready for work, Sasha's blanket that she sleeps with everynight was in Kaos's bed made into one of Sasha's famous nests. Sasha's bed is on my side of the bed and Kaos's is on her dad's side so it's not like she just sccoted it over, she had to drag it over. Of course since she's a miniature dacshund the blanket it about 4 times her size. Their Dad said the blanket wasn't there when he
I also have one about Kaos, too. In the morning, when I get up to go take a shower Kaos and Sasha get in my bed so when I come through I can pet them and tell them how silly they are. When I move into the livingroom, Kaos comes with me and either lays on the couch or on the floor in the path to the front door. When I go to leave I tell her to be a very good girl, I love her and I'll see her at lunch or after work depending what's going on that day. I started noticing it last week and decided to be sure to pay attention every day and sure enough, it happens EVERY day. After I go through my goodbye speach and rub the top of her head, she always gives me a nod. Kind of like this nods that guys give to other guys to substitute for a wave.
Does anybody else notice these litttle funny things about their babies? I laugh when I hear studies done about how dogs and cats don't understand and are stupid. The latest one I heard was that cats only have a 3 minute memory. I can guarantee that Gunnar has way more than 3 minutes of memory. He pretends to have only 30 seconds sometimes, but I know better. Kaos's Grandma read a study about how dogs start on a daily routine and they don't understand the different days of the week thing. I know this is wrong, too because Kaos knows when the weekend is and she understands if her Dad leaves early, he's home at 5:00 and if he leaves late, he's home at 7:00. She knows exactly the time he should pull in the driveway and she knows if he drives a Jeep to work to watch for him at the front door and if he rides his bike, to watch the back door.
If any of you have stories that amaze you about how wrong all those studies are, we'd love to hear them.
Have a great weekend everybody and hopefully Kaos will be done pouting by Monday.
Hilary (Kaos's Mom)

Friday, September 14, 2007

My Tail Won't Stop Wagging!

Last night Dad got my Jeep to start and moved it around in the driveway a little bit and I got to sit in my seat while he was doing it and Mom couldn't find the memory chip to her camera and that's okay because I GOT TO RIDE IN MY JEEP!!! Dad still has to do a couple things before we can take it out of the driveay and then this weekend I'M GOING FOR A RIDE!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! After I helped Dad move it in the driveway, i had to go inside with Mom while Dad cleaned up the driveway. It drove me nuts! I was worried Dad was going to go somewhere in my Jeep without me and I whined and whined and whined and ignored Mom's threats to tie my tail around my nose if I didn't stop. Dad finally came inside and my tail wagged so fast my back legs had a hard time walking correctly. Mom calls that my happy wiggle. Mom also said she swore that she heard me wagging my tail in my sleep last night. I LOVE MY JEEP!!! I can't wait for this weekend!!!! Hopefully Mom will find her memory chip before then and I'll have some cool pictures to show you of me in MY Jeep. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
I need to go take another nap. I keep making myself exhausted from all the excitement!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend everybody!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Almost Done!!!

My Jeep is almost done!!!! I can't wait!! We won't get to go camping, but we can still go for rides and stuff. Dad said he's gotten a bunch done today and should have everything driveable by Sunday! I'm soooo excited!!! I'm sure he'll take me on the test ride once it's ready cuz he knows how badly I want to ride in my Jeep! Mom's been meaning to take pictures of my Jeep, but there's usually pieces and parts and told laying around it so I told her to wait until it doesn't look broken anymore. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
Mom is doing some cleaning. It's driving me crazy because she's dusting places that haven't been dusted in a long time. I sneeze a lot and I have to protect everybody from the vacuum monster. She's finally done with the living room and is going to start the dining room. Lukcily the dining room has less dust. When she does her bedroom, I'm going to hide. That room hasn't been dusted since they've adopted me 2 years ago! There is a book shelf in the living room that hadn't been moved since it was put there 3 years ago. Mom was trying to clean cobwebs out and figured out it was a spider breeding ground so she cleaned it off and moved it to get behind it. Sasha, Gunnar and I had to help because there were so many spiders that tried to get away. We were chasing spiders all night! Mom realized why we have no flies or nats in the house. It's because they're all wrapped up in spider webs. I think most of the spiders are gone now, but we find one once in awhile and have to take care of them for Mom. She's not afraid of them, she's just busy stirring up the dust.
There's also ghosts in my house. Once in awhile I'll be sitting there minding my own business and there will be this squeek noise behind me and I'll turn around really fast and nothing will be there. There's usually a funny smell though. Mom says I must be eating something out in the yard, but I don't know what she means. According to her, me eating things that make gassie stuff in my tummy causes the ghost to squeek and stink. I don't understand it, but she's the one with the college degree.
I'm going to go see if Dad needs my help now. He keeps saying I can't be around for this part because he doesn't want stuff to fall on me, but I'm always ready in case he gets to a spot where he needs me. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Guard Dog Duty

I have to tell you all about my wonderful guard dog talent. Last night we went to bed and a little after 10:00 I heard someone at the front door and so I went to bark at them. I barked and barked and then the door opened and I barked louder and meaner and a woman came in and smiled at me and I got down in attach position cuz I wasn't going to let this woman get into my house any further. The AO4 would have been proud of me. I knew Mom and Dad would be there soon to back me up and make this woman leave because she was coming into MY house uninvited after we had gone to bed. Then all of a sudden I realized I knew the woman. IT WAS MOM!!!!! I forgot she went to hang out with Aunt Cassie for a girlie evening. Just from my normal nightly routine I forgot Mom wasn't home yet! I felt so guilty. Sasha knew who she was right away and started doing her I love you whine which is sort of why I all of a sudden realized I was going to attack my Mom! I felt so guilty! My tail tucked under, my ears layed back and I hung my head really low and told Mom I was really really really sorry. She laughed at me and said I was a good guard dog. I followed her all over the house while she got ready for bed. She wouldn't let me in the bathroom but she did open the door while she was taking her contacts out and taking her medicine. I made sure she got into bed safely and then this morning I got up relly early to cuddle with her to make sure she knew I still loved her. I can't believe it was Mom!!! Mom says it's okay beause she knows that she can depend on me if anybody ever tried to break in, but still....... IT WAS MOM!!!!!!
I'm going to go take a nap on the couch now. I didn't sleep well because I was paranoid about every little sound after that.
Oh yeah! Guess what this is my 200th post! WOOHOO!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bed Puker Victims

Hi everybody. This weekend wasn't very fun. Mom was in a bad mood and stressed out and Dad worked on someone else's Jeep somewhere else. I'm making Dad stay home and work on my Jeep on Friday.
On Saturday, Mom and I were the victims of the bed puker. It was very disturbing and disgusting. Mom went into the bedroom after she got home from having lunch with Dad to get the laundry sorted to wash it and noticed a big puke spot on her side of the bed. Mom was not happy and wasn't planning on washing sheets. She pulled them off and pulled the matress cover off and wshed the light colored clothes first (that way the matress pad was done before the sheets since it goes on first - isn't she so smart?) then when she went to get the sheets and the dark clothes she stepped on my bed and found out I was a victim, too. Mom narrowed it down to Gunnar or Sasha since I don't spend much time in the bedroom unless there's someone in there to snuggle with. So we all tried to figure out who it was. Mom said that was the first time you couldn't tell who it was by the look of it. (I think she meant my the food.) So we all went to bed that night on clean sheets and bed cover and then 4 am Sunday morning we learned who the bed puker was. It was Sasha! Of course she stepped out of her bed. Mom and I gave her a hard time the next day for stepping out of her bed. She tried to make the point that she tried onthe other's, too but didn't make it because the beds are harder to get out of. Whatever! I slept horrible that night because I couldn't get comfy and the bed smelled......clean. Yuck! All the pillow fluffy had shifted when Mom and Dad put the cover back on my bed and I just couldn't get it to where it was supposed to and then that terrible clean smell kept me awake, too! And you know what! Sasha never had to have her bed washed. I think as a punishment, Mom should have washed her bed and all of those blankets she sleeps with. Instead, she only had to have one blanket washed and it's not even a blanket she uses very often!
That was it for the excitment. I do have pictures of a wonderful gift from Grandma, but I have to wait for Mom to get them off her camera and something happened at work yesterday and she freaked out BIG time and so she didn't get the pictures off the card. It took her today to fix the problem, too so they're still on the memory card and not on my blog. Hopefully tomorrow!
It's almost time for the highschoolers to get out so I better go get ready to yell at them to stay out of my yard.