Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bed Puker Victims

Hi everybody. This weekend wasn't very fun. Mom was in a bad mood and stressed out and Dad worked on someone else's Jeep somewhere else. I'm making Dad stay home and work on my Jeep on Friday.
On Saturday, Mom and I were the victims of the bed puker. It was very disturbing and disgusting. Mom went into the bedroom after she got home from having lunch with Dad to get the laundry sorted to wash it and noticed a big puke spot on her side of the bed. Mom was not happy and wasn't planning on washing sheets. She pulled them off and pulled the matress cover off and wshed the light colored clothes first (that way the matress pad was done before the sheets since it goes on first - isn't she so smart?) then when she went to get the sheets and the dark clothes she stepped on my bed and found out I was a victim, too. Mom narrowed it down to Gunnar or Sasha since I don't spend much time in the bedroom unless there's someone in there to snuggle with. So we all tried to figure out who it was. Mom said that was the first time you couldn't tell who it was by the look of it. (I think she meant my the food.) So we all went to bed that night on clean sheets and bed cover and then 4 am Sunday morning we learned who the bed puker was. It was Sasha! Of course she stepped out of her bed. Mom and I gave her a hard time the next day for stepping out of her bed. She tried to make the point that she tried onthe other's, too but didn't make it because the beds are harder to get out of. Whatever! I slept horrible that night because I couldn't get comfy and the bed smelled......clean. Yuck! All the pillow fluffy had shifted when Mom and Dad put the cover back on my bed and I just couldn't get it to where it was supposed to and then that terrible clean smell kept me awake, too! And you know what! Sasha never had to have her bed washed. I think as a punishment, Mom should have washed her bed and all of those blankets she sleeps with. Instead, she only had to have one blanket washed and it's not even a blanket she uses very often!
That was it for the excitment. I do have pictures of a wonderful gift from Grandma, but I have to wait for Mom to get them off her camera and something happened at work yesterday and she freaked out BIG time and so she didn't get the pictures off the card. It took her today to fix the problem, too so they're still on the memory card and not on my blog. Hopefully tomorrow!
It's almost time for the highschoolers to get out so I better go get ready to yell at them to stay out of my yard.


coco said...

ohmydog that is so gross! poor sasha, but poor everyone else!!!! i sure hope she's over whatever it was making her puke, and that your smells have gotten back on your bed so you can sleep in peace!

sympathies, coco

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Yikes! Anonymous puking is a total drag...