Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Almost Done!!!

My Jeep is almost done!!!! I can't wait!! We won't get to go camping, but we can still go for rides and stuff. Dad said he's gotten a bunch done today and should have everything driveable by Sunday! I'm soooo excited!!! I'm sure he'll take me on the test ride once it's ready cuz he knows how badly I want to ride in my Jeep! Mom's been meaning to take pictures of my Jeep, but there's usually pieces and parts and told laying around it so I told her to wait until it doesn't look broken anymore. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
Mom is doing some cleaning. It's driving me crazy because she's dusting places that haven't been dusted in a long time. I sneeze a lot and I have to protect everybody from the vacuum monster. She's finally done with the living room and is going to start the dining room. Lukcily the dining room has less dust. When she does her bedroom, I'm going to hide. That room hasn't been dusted since they've adopted me 2 years ago! There is a book shelf in the living room that hadn't been moved since it was put there 3 years ago. Mom was trying to clean cobwebs out and figured out it was a spider breeding ground so she cleaned it off and moved it to get behind it. Sasha, Gunnar and I had to help because there were so many spiders that tried to get away. We were chasing spiders all night! Mom realized why we have no flies or nats in the house. It's because they're all wrapped up in spider webs. I think most of the spiders are gone now, but we find one once in awhile and have to take care of them for Mom. She's not afraid of them, she's just busy stirring up the dust.
There's also ghosts in my house. Once in awhile I'll be sitting there minding my own business and there will be this squeek noise behind me and I'll turn around really fast and nothing will be there. There's usually a funny smell though. Mom says I must be eating something out in the yard, but I don't know what she means. According to her, me eating things that make gassie stuff in my tummy causes the ghost to squeek and stink. I don't understand it, but she's the one with the college degree.
I'm going to go see if Dad needs my help now. He keeps saying I can't be around for this part because he doesn't want stuff to fall on me, but I'm always ready in case he gets to a spot where he needs me. I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Ferndoggle said...

Ugh...we hate when Mom gets in her cleaning moods! She sprays stinky stuff all over the house & pulls out that nasty fur sucking machine.

We left our furs on the sofa for a reason!

Have fun in your Jeep!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh I can't wait to see you going for jeep rides. :) Take more pic ok

~ Girl girl