Friday, September 21, 2007

Question From Mom

Hello everybody. Kaos has been pouting all week because she only got to ride in "her" Jeep once during the weekend and I haven't taken pictures of her yet. Her dad is still doing some stuff to it and drives it to work everyday now so it's kind of hard to get a picture. Plus, he just washed the windows and he's kind of hoping to make in a week without any window art. Don't worry though. There's an adventure that will hopefully be happening soon.
Here's my questions. Do any of you dogs, or if your parents would like to answer this that would probably be a good idea, anyway, do any of you dogs do weird human like things that surprise your parents? Kaso and Sasha and even Gunnar do things all that time that amaze me. I know they understand so much more than they are given credit for. This has been sort of an emotional week for me and Kaos has been right by my side with all of her wonderful hugs and Sasha offers to clean my face whenever possible. Kaos is always right there by me when I'm not feeling good and knows the reason she gets to go in the front yard off leash and not Sasha is because she listens and is a good girl. Here's what happened. The other morning was kind of chilly and everybody knows once the alarm clocks start going off they can come get in the bed with us. It makes it really hard to get up in the morning because it's all cozy and comfy. Well, the other morning the alarms went off and Kaos got up on the bed and curled up with me and Gunnar got up on top of us and Sasha came up, too. We were all nice and toasty and then Kaos's Dad had to get up to get ready for work. Everybody went to eat breakfast and go outside and then usually Kaos and Sasha come back to cuddle with me. Kaos came back, but Sasha went to Kaos's bed which sometimes happens. When I got up to get ready for work, Sasha's blanket that she sleeps with everynight was in Kaos's bed made into one of Sasha's famous nests. Sasha's bed is on my side of the bed and Kaos's is on her dad's side so it's not like she just sccoted it over, she had to drag it over. Of course since she's a miniature dacshund the blanket it about 4 times her size. Their Dad said the blanket wasn't there when he
I also have one about Kaos, too. In the morning, when I get up to go take a shower Kaos and Sasha get in my bed so when I come through I can pet them and tell them how silly they are. When I move into the livingroom, Kaos comes with me and either lays on the couch or on the floor in the path to the front door. When I go to leave I tell her to be a very good girl, I love her and I'll see her at lunch or after work depending what's going on that day. I started noticing it last week and decided to be sure to pay attention every day and sure enough, it happens EVERY day. After I go through my goodbye speach and rub the top of her head, she always gives me a nod. Kind of like this nods that guys give to other guys to substitute for a wave.
Does anybody else notice these litttle funny things about their babies? I laugh when I hear studies done about how dogs and cats don't understand and are stupid. The latest one I heard was that cats only have a 3 minute memory. I can guarantee that Gunnar has way more than 3 minutes of memory. He pretends to have only 30 seconds sometimes, but I know better. Kaos's Grandma read a study about how dogs start on a daily routine and they don't understand the different days of the week thing. I know this is wrong, too because Kaos knows when the weekend is and she understands if her Dad leaves early, he's home at 5:00 and if he leaves late, he's home at 7:00. She knows exactly the time he should pull in the driveway and she knows if he drives a Jeep to work to watch for him at the front door and if he rides his bike, to watch the back door.
If any of you have stories that amaze you about how wrong all those studies are, we'd love to hear them.
Have a great weekend everybody and hopefully Kaos will be done pouting by Monday.
Hilary (Kaos's Mom)


The Brat Pack said...

Oh, I totally agree. I think they understand much more than given credit for! The Brats too understand the weekend concept where I'll be home all the time vs the work week.

HOpe you guys are doing well, we're behind on everyones blogs.

Maryann & The Dogs

PreciOus said...

Us dogs and ahem, cats, are way smarter than what hoomans think! Based on experience, I know barking non-stop will get me into trouble, so I started whining and my hoomans will be laughing at me instead of being mad and frustrated. *Giggle*


Melissa said...

Our Mom has read some good dog books and one says that we can understand as much as a 2 year old!!! She says she believes that because we prove it all the time. Think about how much 2 year olds understand and it's actually a lot!
Way cool!
China & Madie