Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Love Fall

The weather has been nice since Sunday which I guess was the first day of fall. I love fall because we can go out and lay in the yar as long as we want and not roast or freeze. Mom actually forgot about us once on Sunday because we were outside for so long without asking to come in. We also spend a lot of time laying in the sun patch from the back door. It's not too hot to lay their either.
I'm going on an adventure on Saturday and nobody will tell me what it is. I know we're taking my Jeep WOOHOOO!! and Mom said Bear Bait has to stay home (that means Sasha has to stay home because it's something fun but she wouldn't like it and she'd get really whiney and drive Mom crazy). I also know there's others invited and I know we're taking lunch but I don't know where we're going. I know it's not camping because it's too cold for that now and there's nothing sitting out getting ready for that. I know we're not going to Grandma & Grandpa Cheese's house becuase Sasha is staying home and I know it's just a one day thing because there's nothing being packed. I'm so excited!! Mom said she needs to make sure that her batteries are working in her camera so there should be pictures for you to see whenever I get all rested up from my adventure. Dad has pretty much all the bugs worked out of my Jeep and I'm so happy! I can't wait to share pictures of me and my Jeep! There's going to be a lot of you that are going to be really jealous of me and my Jeep. The gas people need to stop being so mean so that Mom and Dad can afford to take my Jeep more places with me. My Jeep takes a lot of Gas to run but it's REALLY powerful and REALLY cool!
Dad should be home really soon so I better go listen for my Jeep. I've been letting Dad take my Jeep to work since his truck needs worked on next.

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Girl Girl Hamster said...

Fall sure is a nice season with the weather getting cooler. Are you having fun jeep rides now?

~ Girl girl