Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I don't like Halloween much because people keep ringing the door bell and I don't get to see who it is or even get to play with them. This weekend I had lots of visitors. The boys even came over for a slumber party! Tonight they're coming over again, but not for very long and if I remember right they won't look like themselves. They were telling Mom and Dad they're going to be an Indian and a Ninja. I'm not sure what either of those look like, but I'm sure they're going to require some sniffing. The little girl said she's going to be a spidergirl. I don't think that's a good idea though. Gunnar and Dad kill spiders for Mom! I'll try to make sure they don't squish her though.
I switched over to Blogger Betta (no clue what that means) and Mom has been telling me some of the cool things I can do. I want to start a friend's list so if you would like to be included in my list e-mail Mom at HilarysDesigns@yahoo.com or leave me a comment. We need your name and your link to your blog. I'd like to put a picture in too, but I'll have to ask Mom for help on that. I know how to do it in a blog, but that side bar stuff still makes me a little confused sometimes.
OH! I almost forgot!! Dad is ordering my boots today. Last night Mom and Dad tried measuring my feet. I wasn't sure what they were doing. I thought we were playing a weird game. It was funny and Mom and Dad were laughing. Dad says we need to get my boots ordered so that I'll have them for pheasant hunting in a couple of weeks. He wants to make sure I get used to them before we go hunting. I can't wait! Last year I kept getting into things that hurt my feet and I spent most of the time trying to get pokey things out of my feet. This year I won't have to worry about that! I'm sure Mom will take pictures of me in my boots once they come.
It's cold today so I'm going to go make a nest on Mom and Dad's bed and take a nap. That drives Mom crazy! She says she puts the plankets over the bed to make sure I don't get dirt in the bed, but it's much more comfy and warm if they're arranged in a nest shape. Silly Mom! It's not that hard to get the dirt out of the sheets! This morning I already started my nest before she left for work. She came in and saw me laying on the bed and laughed and called me a "goofy dog." Personally I think I'm very smart. OH! That reminds me too! (Okay, maybe I'm not going to take my nap yet.) Mom gets this magazine from a company for free because she ordered Dad's birthday presant from another company once. The company she ordered from is a bird hunting supplies place (that's where Dad's getting my boots from) and the magazine that comes is something about hunting birds. Well, Mom doesn't read the magazine, Dad does. It's funny! Mom teases Dad about reading her mail. They're so funny!! Anyway, Dad said he doesn't like the magazine because they keep talking about how dumb dogs are!! Can you believe that?!?! If dogs were so dumb then how could we get on computers and blog. I know there's lots of dog blogs out there! Plus! I understand what Mom and Dad say when they're talking and I learn new tricks really fast (Dad taught me speak to go outside right before he left for hunting and I drove Mom crazy, if it wasn't so much fun I'd feel sorry for Mom!) and I can tell you who pulled into the driveway by the sound of the engine and I can hunt and I protect my Mom and sister and sometimes my brother and I can open my kennel door if it's not latched and I know who is allowed near my fence in the backyard and who needs to stay away and I know the difference between the Jeeps (which is hard because we have so many of them) and Mom's car and tons of other stuff!! I decided I don't like that magazine either. Mom said it's free so Dad doesn't have to read it. He said since it's free he'll still read it and make fun of the people that don't know what they're talking about.
I just thought of something else! I got distracted yesterday and forgot to get on to blog. It was because of the time change. I don't know why they messed with the clocks, but it's really annoying. I know exactly when Mom and Dad are supposed to be home and they're an hour late every day!! This morning I got up on the bed and cuddled with Mom because I thought she was going to be late and she said it was ok and scratched my ears. Ear scratching makes everything okay! Gunnar isn't happy about it at all. He says he's on a very strick eating schedule and they're an hour late! He says he could pass out and maybe even have to go to the doctor if he's not fed on time. Sunday he tried telling Mom she forgot to feed him and she kept saying that he was too early and had to wait another hour. She ended up feeding him 15 minutes early because she was so annoyed with him. I guess cats are pretty smart too because Gunnar can tell time and he knows how to open his food can and my food container. Now only if he could figure out the treat jar. I'm sure I could figure it out if he would get up on the counter and knock the jar down to me. The time change really doesn't bother me too much as long as Mom and Dad come home close to when they're supposed to be there. I think for Christmas Mom and Dad need to get Gunnar a watch to help him get through the time change stuff so he doesn't get so worried everytime they change the clocks.
Okay, NOW I'm going to go take a nap for sure this time. All that typing made me really tired and I need to rest up for tonight. Bye!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Sasha's Birthday

I forgot to tell you about Sasha's birthday! Mom and Dad gave her a new bed so she'll hopfully stay out of my bed. It seems okay for now. They gave it to her before Dad left for hunting so Dad could see what she would do. She loves it. Mom put it in the spot of her old bed and put her blankie on it and she doesn't try to sleep in my bed anymore! Cool huh! On Sasha's birthday and on Mom's birthday we got cheese!!! It was great!!

Have a great weekend everybody! Mom's making cookies and I help her keep the kitchen clean while she's doing it. I take care of the floor for her. She's very messy. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Do You Think?

What do you think of the changes I've made to my site? Mom and I went ahead and switched our blogs to the Blogger Beta and so far it seems pretty cool. I think it's less confusing and now I have my picture on the top of the page all the time so everybody knows how cute I am.
It's really nice having Dad home again. he has his hunting stuff in the living room still cuz he needs to go through it to wash stuff and fix some stuff and Gunnar keeps trying to get into stuff so I try to keep him out and they we both get into trouble because we're being too rough.
While Dad was gone Mom took pictures of us. This is pretty much what we did while Dad was gone. I guess that's pretty much what we do when he's home, but when he's gone there's a lot of whining and woofing at weird noises.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dad is Home!

Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home! Dad is home!
I sleot sooooooo good last night! I've been very busy all weekend making sure the house was safe and all the creepy noises were taken care of. Dad came home last night and I was very excited! Sasha and I got to go outside with Dad and he scratched out ears and rubbed our tummies and loved us a bunch! Mom was very happy, too. Mom slept much better with Dad home. Now we are getting ready for pheasant hunting Novemener 10th. Dad said he needs to order my boots so I don't hurt my feet again. I CAN'T WAIT!
I'm going to go take a nap now. All this excitement is wearing me out.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Aunt Gillian sent another picture of my new cousin Bruitis and I wanted to share it with all of you. Isn't he funny?
Dad is loaded up and pretty much ready to go. When he gets off work he's going to grab something to eat and then they're leaving. Mom said I can sleep in the big bed tonight as long as I don't take up too much space. I told her I'd try not to. There's so much space to stretch out on the big bed though! During the day I like to go into the room and move the blankets around and make a nice cozy nest area. Mom says I'm not supposed to do that because I get dirt in the bed. But it's so much more comfy that way!!!
I'll try to post tomorrow but I don't think I'll be able to during the weekend. Mom and Sasha's birthdays are this weekend so we'll be busy. I think we get cheese on Sasha's birthday!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


It's cold outside. I wouldn't mind it so much if there was snow out there to play in. Sasha has been acting weird lately. Usually you dont' 'have to call her to come inside if it's cold outside, she's waiting by the door for someone to let her in. Here lately though I get inside and Mom tells me to go get her and it sometimes takes me 3 times! It's really annoying. I get in where it's warm then have to go out in the cold then back and forth a couple more times. I like running though so it's ok.
I'm going to go curl up on the couch in Mom's HUGE blanket for an afternoon nap. The blanket is big enough for Sasha and I both to make nests in for an afternoon nap. Mom lets us too! She even spreads it out to make it easier for us to make our nests. We're so loved!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Pictures From Saturday!

Mom got the pictures!

This is me checking out the scenary.

Here I'm thinking about running over to the creek and jumping in.

We stopped so Mom could take some cool pictures and she took one of me!

This was after the snake incident. Dad was looking for some more goards and Mom was holding one and I really wanted her to throw it. She's tricky! She held the goard up by the camera so it looks like I'm looking at the camera. To tell you the truth, I didn't even notice there was a camera there.

This picture wasn't from the weekend, but it gives you an idea of what I've been doing since then.

This is Sasha sniffing for birds or squirrels. She was really tired at the end of the day because the grass was so much taller than her. Which is probably why she saw the snake and nobody else did.

This was back at the truck. Sasha was waiting very patiently for me to finish my drink of water.

Monday, October 16, 2006


We went on our adventure Saturday and it was GREAT! I couldn't run off the rope because there were other people up there and Dad said it was opening day of 1st season. No clue what that means.
Mom got some really AWESOME pictures. She forgot to take her camera this morning to work to get the pictures off because she was running late was trying to remember the stuff for her doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'll try to remind her tomorrow.
Dad pointed out some REALLY big elk foot prints that were really cool to see. There were a lot of different footprints in the run off areas from the creek near by. We went up through a meadow and Dad and I stepped over a patch of tall grass and then Sasha started to go through and jumped back. There was a snake in the grass. Mom and Aunt Cassie said Sasha saved their lives. Dad said it was just a bull snake. I don't know the difference between snakes so if Dad says it's no big deal, I'm sure it is. Mom was saying that Sasha must only like to hunt stuff that has feathers or fur. Me too!! I just don't catch them and kill htem. I let Dad do that part. We went back to the runnoff area because everything was making Mom jumpy. On the way back Mom found a goard. I have no idea what those are but it looked like a tennis ball and I really wanted Mom to throw it so I could chase it. Dad found some more and they're going to use them for fall decorations. I'm sure they'd be much better as a fetching toy.
We went back to the truck and went to get some lunch and went home. I rode in the back of the truck and on the way home, I got up on the deck and layed by one of the side windows and rested because I was so tired. I didn't get to play in the creek this time which was a bummer, but Mom said it would have been really cold water. That's okay with me! I got to do lots of other cool stuff though.
Sunday Mom and Dad went to visist some family and Aunt Cassie took care of us. She didn't have to do much because we slept most of the day because we were so tired. When Mom and Dad came home they smelled like other dogs, but told us we were better than those other dogs (I think they were just trying to make use not angry). We didn't care we were happy to see them and were still too tired to do much. Dad got on the floor with us and we played with the big funny box they got the gun cabinet in Friday night. Gunnar and I have been playing with the box a lot. Sasha doesn't like the box so she went to hide. Dad kept throwing my bone down to the end of the box and I could go in and turn around and bring it back. He locked me in once! I didn't like it at first til I figured out he wasn't holding it closed very tight and I could stick my nose out and sneeze on him. Everybody went to bed early last night because we were all so tired from the weekend. Well, Gunnar didn't. He stayed up and played with the box some more for awhile.
I'm going to go take a nap now. Telling the story reminds me how tired I was! Dad leaves Thursday night for the other kind of hunting (the kind I cant' go for) so since I'll be in charge I don't know how much I'm going to be able to post until he gets home on Tuesday. I'll post the pictures from this weekend soon and I'll let you know how I protected the house while Dad's gone so be sure to keep checking back.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I Can't Wait!!!

Mom and Dad were talking last night and Mom really wants to go take fall pictures and we're going up to an area so Dad can show Mom some flood damage from the summer. Aunt Cassie is coming too so I get to ride in the back of the truck! I love riding in the truck! Front and back! I can't wait!
It was really cold this morning I hope it's not too cold tomorrow. I'll be running around and warm, but Sasha doesn't do very good off her leash and gets cold really easy so she'll have to stay on her leash and not run around as much. I can't wait!
There was something else I was going to tell you about, but I have no idea what it was now because I'm too excited about going on an adventure!
I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Getting Cold

It's been kind of cold lately and Sasha's whining about it. Sasha's mad Mom got her hair cut again right before it started getting cold. Poor Mom does that every year. Sasha has to have a haircut at the end of the summer (not as short as the first summer one though) and Mom tries really hard to make sure that it isn't going to get really cold after her haircut, but weather changes fast in Colorado. Sasha's doing a good job of keeping warm though. The first picture she curled up in a couple of the pillows from the couch and the second picture Mom put her up in bed after she got out of bed so Sasha curled up in Mom's warm spot in the big bed. Gunnar is also more cudley when it gets colder, but he doesn't stick around for the camera so I don't have any cute picture of him trying to keep warm. Dad started messing with the fireplace lst night. He brought in the wood tub and filled it and Mom has to get her candles out of the fireplace now. She has this cool thing for the summer that looks like logs of wood and she puts little candles in it and it looks like a fire. Gunnar's excited about the fire place getting ready. He likes to lay on the bed Mom put down between the couch and fireplace when the fire is going. He lays there all night when the fire's going. Sasha doesn't like the popping noises or the noises the wood makes when it moves. Last year there was some wood that made squeeling noises. Dad explained why but I can't remember and Sasha didn't care. I like helping Dad bring in the wood, but he doesn't like me to help because I don't want to give back the stick. It's been really hard to leave the stick alone this morning. They're just sitting in the tub and I want to go get one, but I'm being a good girl so I won't do that.....maybe. I'm going to go curl up in Mom's blanket she left on the couch.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Family Member!

No, Mom and Dad didn't adopt another kid. This is my new cousin Bruitis. My Aunt Gillian said he's Uncle Joe's dog. She said that my cousin Bailey likes having someone to play with besides the cats (her cats aren't fun like myne is). They really aren't sure what breed he is. He's got a lot of mixes in him. Isn't he cute? He's 2 1/2 years old so he's around my age.
Welcome to the family Bruitis! I can't wait to meet you!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Weekend

This weekend was cool! Dad had to work but Mom and Aunt Cassie stayed home all day Saturday and let Sasha and I in and out all day. Sasha thinks there's something living in the wood pile so she's trying to get it. Mom said Sasha's driving her crazy and if he isn't good I get her birthday present! I know they got her a new bed. There's no way I'll fit in it, plus I love my bed so I'm hoping Mom is talking about the cheese! Sunday we didn't go outside much because it rained all day. That wasn't much fun. But, Mom payed attention to me alllll day! I even curled up on the couch with her and watched NASCAR! She fell asleep, but I woke her up so she could see who won the race. There was a big wreck at the end so she was happy to get to see the end.
It's still kind of yucky weather today and I'm a little bored. Mom and Aunt Cassie curled up in Mom's HUGEMUNGOUS blanket that Mom crocheted last night and left it on the couch and so I've been curled up in it most of the morning. It's nice and warm, but I'm still bored. I was so happy that Mom helped me make a nice little nest in the blanket that I forgot to ask her for chewies! I'll remember to ask at lunch though. That's in a half hour! WOOHOO!!
Talk to everybody later!

Friday, October 06, 2006

There's Another Dog Like Sasha Out There!

Look at this: http://dachshunddiaries.blogspot.com.
This dog is sooooooooooooooooo mcuh like Sasha! Looks like her, acts like her! I wonder if there's another one like me out there!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mom and I Are Pouting

Dad is pretty much ready for hunting. He keeps messing with his pack and adding more to it and rearranging it and it's driving me crazy! Mom and I have decided not to act happy for him at all while he's doing all this. Mom said we'll have to go through this again in Novemeber. BUT she also said that it looks like we're going for opening weekend of pheasant hunting! WOOHOO!! Mom said they bought Sasha's birthday presant last night. They said it will hopefully help with her stealing my bed all the time. I'm not sure what that means. Maybe they got a special security system to go around my bed that nobody but me can lay on it. I doubt that though. We'll find out after Dad goes hunting. He leaves the day before Sasha's birthday and then comes home the day after Grandma's birthday. That's funny that Sasha's birthday is the 21st, Mom's is the 22nd and Grandma's is the 23rd. Dad said it's easier to remember them that way. He's leaving though so it's up to me to wish everyone a happy birthday on the right day! Oh well, I can handle it.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now before Mom comes home for lunch.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm A Wrestler!

Last night Dad got down on the floor with me and we wrestled! I love wrestling! I got a little too rough though and caught Dad with a tooth so I had to calm down and when I did I got a belly rub. I love belly rubs! I was really tired after that so I curled up in the chair next to Mom and she petted my head. It was a GREAT night!
Mom also got her new photography on her website (http://www.HilarysDesigns.bravehost.com). Here is one of my favorites:
I've been there! I didn't get to go this year, but I went last year. These are he last building left of a minging town called Holy Cross City. I sniffed all those rock there to the right and inside that first building. Check out Mom's website to see her new stuff.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I Miss Bailey!

Yesterday Mom and Dad went to Visit Aunt Gillian for her birthday and when they came home I smelled Bailey on them. I almsot tripped Mom because I was sniffing her pants so much. I wish I could have gone with them to see Bailey, but they were taking Aunt Cassie's nice car. I can't wiat until Mom gets new tires on her car. Then I can go with them to see Bailey.
Sasha got her haircut Thursday. I was gettng really tired of everybody telling her how cute she is but then Dad was talking to the neighbor. He is going to put up a new fence to keep Lucky in the yard (and hopefully make him stop barking so much). The 2 little girls that live at the house wanted to throw my stick for me so the neighbor lifted them over the fence and they threw the stick for me a lot! It was great! They're so cute!!! They have pretty good arms on them too! I had a lot of fun and the attention wasn't on Sasha IT WAS ON ME!!!!
I tried giving Mom the sad eyes at lunch today to get her to stay hmoe with us and play with me, but it didn't work. I love when Mom stays home (if she's not sick) because she loves to bake and she;s a very msessy baker so I get to clean the floor lots. I REALLY loved when she made cookies for Dad because the cookies would always stick to the pan bad and she'd have to scrape the pans really good and of course would miss the trash. She got new pans though and the cookies don't stick to them. Mom did find some crums for me though. Last night she made cinnamon rolls for breakfast at work. Mom let us try a little piece and I think they are very yummy. It took a long time for them to bake though and the mess was mostly that white powder that mom calls "flower" (doesn't smell or look pretty though) and I don't like that stuff very much.
I'm going to go take a nap now on Mom and Dad's bed. Gunnar has been on Aunt Cassie's all weekend and all day today so I haven't gotten to pick on him very much. Sasha keep shiding because of her haircut so I can't pick on her either! Mom needs a job where she can stay at home with me all day! That way she can still have money to buy us treats and toys but she'll also be home when I'm bored. Anybody know of a job my Mom can do from home?