Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mom and I Are Pouting

Dad is pretty much ready for hunting. He keeps messing with his pack and adding more to it and rearranging it and it's driving me crazy! Mom and I have decided not to act happy for him at all while he's doing all this. Mom said we'll have to go through this again in Novemeber. BUT she also said that it looks like we're going for opening weekend of pheasant hunting! WOOHOO!! Mom said they bought Sasha's birthday presant last night. They said it will hopefully help with her stealing my bed all the time. I'm not sure what that means. Maybe they got a special security system to go around my bed that nobody but me can lay on it. I doubt that though. We'll find out after Dad goes hunting. He leaves the day before Sasha's birthday and then comes home the day after Grandma's birthday. That's funny that Sasha's birthday is the 21st, Mom's is the 22nd and Grandma's is the 23rd. Dad said it's easier to remember them that way. He's leaving though so it's up to me to wish everyone a happy birthday on the right day! Oh well, I can handle it.
I'm going to go pick on Gunnar now before Mom comes home for lunch.