Thursday, October 12, 2006

Getting Cold

It's been kind of cold lately and Sasha's whining about it. Sasha's mad Mom got her hair cut again right before it started getting cold. Poor Mom does that every year. Sasha has to have a haircut at the end of the summer (not as short as the first summer one though) and Mom tries really hard to make sure that it isn't going to get really cold after her haircut, but weather changes fast in Colorado. Sasha's doing a good job of keeping warm though. The first picture she curled up in a couple of the pillows from the couch and the second picture Mom put her up in bed after she got out of bed so Sasha curled up in Mom's warm spot in the big bed. Gunnar is also more cudley when it gets colder, but he doesn't stick around for the camera so I don't have any cute picture of him trying to keep warm. Dad started messing with the fireplace lst night. He brought in the wood tub and filled it and Mom has to get her candles out of the fireplace now. She has this cool thing for the summer that looks like logs of wood and she puts little candles in it and it looks like a fire. Gunnar's excited about the fire place getting ready. He likes to lay on the bed Mom put down between the couch and fireplace when the fire is going. He lays there all night when the fire's going. Sasha doesn't like the popping noises or the noises the wood makes when it moves. Last year there was some wood that made squeeling noises. Dad explained why but I can't remember and Sasha didn't care. I like helping Dad bring in the wood, but he doesn't like me to help because I don't want to give back the stick. It's been really hard to leave the stick alone this morning. They're just sitting in the tub and I want to go get one, but I'm being a good girl so I won't do that.....maybe. I'm going to go curl up in Mom's blanket she left on the couch.