Monday, October 02, 2006

I Miss Bailey!

Yesterday Mom and Dad went to Visit Aunt Gillian for her birthday and when they came home I smelled Bailey on them. I almsot tripped Mom because I was sniffing her pants so much. I wish I could have gone with them to see Bailey, but they were taking Aunt Cassie's nice car. I can't wiat until Mom gets new tires on her car. Then I can go with them to see Bailey.
Sasha got her haircut Thursday. I was gettng really tired of everybody telling her how cute she is but then Dad was talking to the neighbor. He is going to put up a new fence to keep Lucky in the yard (and hopefully make him stop barking so much). The 2 little girls that live at the house wanted to throw my stick for me so the neighbor lifted them over the fence and they threw the stick for me a lot! It was great! They're so cute!!! They have pretty good arms on them too! I had a lot of fun and the attention wasn't on Sasha IT WAS ON ME!!!!
I tried giving Mom the sad eyes at lunch today to get her to stay hmoe with us and play with me, but it didn't work. I love when Mom stays home (if she's not sick) because she loves to bake and she;s a very msessy baker so I get to clean the floor lots. I REALLY loved when she made cookies for Dad because the cookies would always stick to the pan bad and she'd have to scrape the pans really good and of course would miss the trash. She got new pans though and the cookies don't stick to them. Mom did find some crums for me though. Last night she made cinnamon rolls for breakfast at work. Mom let us try a little piece and I think they are very yummy. It took a long time for them to bake though and the mess was mostly that white powder that mom calls "flower" (doesn't smell or look pretty though) and I don't like that stuff very much.
I'm going to go take a nap now on Mom and Dad's bed. Gunnar has been on Aunt Cassie's all weekend and all day today so I haven't gotten to pick on him very much. Sasha keep shiding because of her haircut so I can't pick on her either! Mom needs a job where she can stay at home with me all day! That way she can still have money to buy us treats and toys but she'll also be home when I'm bored. Anybody know of a job my Mom can do from home?