Monday, October 09, 2006

Good Weekend

This weekend was cool! Dad had to work but Mom and Aunt Cassie stayed home all day Saturday and let Sasha and I in and out all day. Sasha thinks there's something living in the wood pile so she's trying to get it. Mom said Sasha's driving her crazy and if he isn't good I get her birthday present! I know they got her a new bed. There's no way I'll fit in it, plus I love my bed so I'm hoping Mom is talking about the cheese! Sunday we didn't go outside much because it rained all day. That wasn't much fun. But, Mom payed attention to me alllll day! I even curled up on the couch with her and watched NASCAR! She fell asleep, but I woke her up so she could see who won the race. There was a big wreck at the end so she was happy to get to see the end.
It's still kind of yucky weather today and I'm a little bored. Mom and Aunt Cassie curled up in Mom's HUGEMUNGOUS blanket that Mom crocheted last night and left it on the couch and so I've been curled up in it most of the morning. It's nice and warm, but I'm still bored. I was so happy that Mom helped me make a nice little nest in the blanket that I forgot to ask her for chewies! I'll remember to ask at lunch though. That's in a half hour! WOOHOO!!
Talk to everybody later!