Monday, October 16, 2006


We went on our adventure Saturday and it was GREAT! I couldn't run off the rope because there were other people up there and Dad said it was opening day of 1st season. No clue what that means.
Mom got some really AWESOME pictures. She forgot to take her camera this morning to work to get the pictures off because she was running late was trying to remember the stuff for her doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'll try to remind her tomorrow.
Dad pointed out some REALLY big elk foot prints that were really cool to see. There were a lot of different footprints in the run off areas from the creek near by. We went up through a meadow and Dad and I stepped over a patch of tall grass and then Sasha started to go through and jumped back. There was a snake in the grass. Mom and Aunt Cassie said Sasha saved their lives. Dad said it was just a bull snake. I don't know the difference between snakes so if Dad says it's no big deal, I'm sure it is. Mom was saying that Sasha must only like to hunt stuff that has feathers or fur. Me too!! I just don't catch them and kill htem. I let Dad do that part. We went back to the runnoff area because everything was making Mom jumpy. On the way back Mom found a goard. I have no idea what those are but it looked like a tennis ball and I really wanted Mom to throw it so I could chase it. Dad found some more and they're going to use them for fall decorations. I'm sure they'd be much better as a fetching toy.
We went back to the truck and went to get some lunch and went home. I rode in the back of the truck and on the way home, I got up on the deck and layed by one of the side windows and rested because I was so tired. I didn't get to play in the creek this time which was a bummer, but Mom said it would have been really cold water. That's okay with me! I got to do lots of other cool stuff though.
Sunday Mom and Dad went to visist some family and Aunt Cassie took care of us. She didn't have to do much because we slept most of the day because we were so tired. When Mom and Dad came home they smelled like other dogs, but told us we were better than those other dogs (I think they were just trying to make use not angry). We didn't care we were happy to see them and were still too tired to do much. Dad got on the floor with us and we played with the big funny box they got the gun cabinet in Friday night. Gunnar and I have been playing with the box a lot. Sasha doesn't like the box so she went to hide. Dad kept throwing my bone down to the end of the box and I could go in and turn around and bring it back. He locked me in once! I didn't like it at first til I figured out he wasn't holding it closed very tight and I could stick my nose out and sneeze on him. Everybody went to bed early last night because we were all so tired from the weekend. Well, Gunnar didn't. He stayed up and played with the box some more for awhile.
I'm going to go take a nap now. Telling the story reminds me how tired I was! Dad leaves Thursday night for the other kind of hunting (the kind I cant' go for) so since I'll be in charge I don't know how much I'm going to be able to post until he gets home on Tuesday. I'll post the pictures from this weekend soon and I'll let you know how I protected the house while Dad's gone so be sure to keep checking back.