Monday, December 14, 2009

Just Hanging Out

Hey everybody! Remember me? Things are crazy around my house. Mom got a job working at a doctor's office! She loves it a lot. It's way different than she's used to but she's catching on pretty fast and really likes her coworkers. Her hours are hard to get used to though. She's been working for almost 2 weeks now and Sasha and I are still trying to get used to her back at work. We really liked having her home all the time with us. We still have Dad home with us 1 entire day a week which is okay, but we still miss Mom.
It's been really cold here, too. You know that song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas?" Dad has started singing "I'm Dreaming of a Brown & Dry Christmas." The snow is finally starting to melt, but everything is really muddy. Sasha and I have found creative ways to stay warm (see the picture above).
Dad and I have been doing some quail and pheasant hunting. It's been a couple years since we've gone so we're both really happy that we've gotten to go. We're going to do some more after Christmas. I can't wait!!!!
I am really behind on reading everybody's blogs. Mom gets off early 1 day a week (because she has to work really late 1 day) so hopefully this week we'll be able to get caught up with everybody. We'll try to leave some comments when we read your blogs, too so you'll know we came to visit.
Mom needs to go through her 200 emails now so I better let her have the computer back. She signed up for a bunch of email newsletters while she didn't have a job and then she started working and hasn't been reading them very much so her inbox fills up really fast. Crazy lady!!!
If I don't get to post again before Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!