Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mom's 2nd Vallance

I think I got caught up on reading blogs. Some of you have been having fun, some of you have been getting in some trouble and Mom and I were so sad to hear about poor Charlie. That's still hard to believe!
This is mom's second sewing project. It's in her bathroom and is not easy to get a picture of. You'll probably notice an outdoor theme going on in our house. So far there's a fish theme going on with Mom's curtains and that's because those are the only outdoor themed fabrics she could find so far. There is a bear one at Walmart that might work for the bedroom, but she hasn't decided yet.
If Mom knew more about sewing, she'd open her own fabric store! There's one in town, but it's more for quilters and Mom said she looked through their entire store and didn't like much of anything and the owner was a rude......we'll just say she was not very nice to Mom. Hobby Lobby is almost an hour away and Mom didn't like what they had. She was kind of frustrated that Walmart had better choices than Hobby Lobby AND the fabric store! So until she can find some more fabric she likes, more sewing projects are on hold. Mom has an old baby bassinet that she slept in when she was a baby that she wants to change the lining and fix up and she's pretty sure she found the fabric to use on that so maybe I'll have that to share with you. She's hoping she'll get to show you more curtains instead though.
I think Aunt Gillian just pulled up in front of my house so I better go bark. I love barking at her like I don't know who she is!!! Maybe some day she'll get the hint she needs to come visit me more often - probably not though. Mom says when my aunt was younger, she fell off a horse (not Mom's fault, she was at work) and ER doctors had to do a brain scan to make sure her brain didn't didn't fall out in the dirt and Mom is pretty sure some of the wires got unhooked during the fall. I don't think that's a very nice thing to say about your sister, but sometimes I think Mom is right!!! Good thing I love both of them!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Remember me? I hope so! Here's a photo to help, just in case:

Mom took her test last Friday and she should be getting the results in the mail any day now. She's pretty sure she did okay on all the math questions which was about half the test, but she's a little worried about the grammer and the "What Would You Do" questions. They put the tests in order from highest to lowest score and start with the highest score for interviews and go down the list until they find someone they like. I'll keep you updated.
Mom has also decided to start a side business. She's going to scan pictures and slides for people. Grandma has a bunch of slides she needs scanned so this weekend her and Mom are going to go look at slide scanners and then Mom will scan Grandma's slides to see how fast she can do them and how easy it is. There are a lot of people in our area that are looking for someone that can do that so hopefully she will be able to stay busy with the scanning stuff that she won't have to go back to a regular job!! I'd like that a lot.
Mom made another valance for me to show you, but she's having a hard time taking a picture of it because it's in the master bathroom which isn't a very big room so she can't get a good angle on it. She's thinking late in the afternoon will be a good time to try (because that's the only time of day she hasn't tried to take the picture) so hopefully I'll have that picture for you soon.
Asta tagged me for a game and I promise I'll try to get to that soon, too. I also need to ask for help with some more flowers in our yard, but Mom wants to wait until a few more flowers bloom and the ones that have bloomed open up some more because we're sure that will help identify it better. It's a weird plant and Mom is hoping that some of you flower and garden dogs (or your parents) might know what the heck it is. I also need to tell you about our apple tree and other stuff but right now I need to go get caught up on all your blogs!! I'm really far behind again so I'm going to do a quick scan to see how everybody is doing and then reset my reader. Hopefully I'll stay caught up this time so I can comment again.
Hope everybody is doing good!!