Friday, February 29, 2008

Mom & Dad as M&M's

Maggie & Mitch made themselves into M&M's so I decided to make Mom and Dad into M&M's. If you haven't played with it yet, go here. It's a lot of fun. I decided I didn't make a very good M&M, but Mom and Dad do. Dad looks almost like he does as a human. Have a great weekend everydoggy!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

No More Floor

No pictures today either. It's not because Mom wasn't in the mood for taking pictures, she definatley was. The problem was she wanted a picture of my tail! I'll explain that in a little while.
First, the floor story. Mom and Dad got the rest of the floor pulled up last night. The weird part is, the house doesn't smell today like it usually does the day after they'd pull a section up. Mom thinks she was allergic to something in the flooring, too. Of course she didn't put everything together until they were almost done last night. Her arms got really itchy and burned a little. Good thing there's no more of that nasty linoleum - well, hopefully, they haven't done the bathroom yet. Tonight Dad is going to try chemicals. There's still black paper stuff (it looks like they used roofing paper to put the first layer of linoleum on) so Dad is going to use some paint stripper stuff to see if he can get the black stuff up and the paint on the hardwood. Mom and Dad really want to have the wood floors showing when they list the house, but if they can't get the black stuff up, then vinyl tile is going down.
Okay, now the reason Mom wanted a picture of my tail. Well, on Sunday I was helping (Mom says to put quotes around that word, but she's not here right now so I'm not going to). My tail doesn't stop moving so when I was inspecting Mom and Dad's painting job, my tail brushed the wall and my nice black tail had a nice white stripe. Mom's been trying to get a picture of it for a few days now, but I can't make it stop wagging. My tail has a mind of it's own, I can't control what it does and should not be held responsible for things it brushes against, knocks over or who gets whacked across the face with it. Last night Mom noticed the white stripe was harder to see so she was determined to get a picture and my tail was even more determined not to get a picture. Dad's been calling be "Skunk Tail" for a couple days now so I'm looking forward to the white (it's actually tan) stripe going away.
I'm also worried about Grandma. I was sure she'd call to check on me by now. When I see her next I'm going to have to have a long talk with her. Mom said the "B" word the other day. Sasha's coat is pretty crazy right now and the weather has been perfect for sun bathing and dirt roaching which means Sasha smells like dirt, which means Mom thinks we both need a bath. Whenever Sasha smells, I get a bath, too. It's not fair! Mom said something about Sasha going for a haircut too. That's not fair either because that means she gets to go on a long car ride and I have to stay home and guard the house. I like going to get my nails done when Sasha gets a a haircut, but my nails are fine right now. Where's Grandma?!?!? I'm going to go figure out how to work the phone now. And figure out where Grandma's phone number is written! If I can't then Flash, I'm coming for a visit!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Name Sake

Yesterday Sparky posted this comments on my post: Kaos, I think it's about time to live up to your namesake! (If you haven't already!) So last night I did just that. I earned my name when I was first adopted and I've mellowed out a lot, but last night I let Mom and Dad know that this house work stuff is chaos. I did zoomies from the living room to the dining room for awhile (it's much easier now since the table isn't where it's supposed to be) and then when Mom was sitting on the kitchen floor trying to get 5 layers of linoleum pealed off the hardwood, I kept sticking my nose in her ear and dropping toys in her lap. Dropping the toys got me in trouble because Dad doesn't want the yucky stuff to get on my toys and then I put the toys in my mouth. He made a good point so I stopped. I started chasing Gunnar around the house and barking at invisible people in the front yard. I also wanted in and out and in and out and in and out and in and out get the idea.
Mom and Dad were saying some very mean things about people that used to own our house so I backed off when they were getting upset with people that we're sure are really really old by now or are no longer alive (nobody in the past 30 years would choose those colors of linoleum!!!). In the dining room there was the painted hardwood floor, then the linoleum. Well, last night they started on the kitchen floor. Our kitchen is tiny so they thought they'd get it done quick and then relax for a couple hours before bed. WRONG!! It took 2 1/2 hours to do 1/3 of it which is only a 3 foot square area. On top of the linoleum that was in the dining room was 3 or 4 more layers of linoleum!! Nobody ever took the previous layers up to put a new one on! There was one sectin that was really really stuck on which is why it took so long. Tonight the rest of the kitchen floor will hopefully be coming up. The hardwood isn't in the best shape. The linoleum was kind of hard on it in the kitchen and there is an area that there used to be a wall and the people took the wall out and then patched some pieces of wood in so it doesn't look very good so Mom and Dad are sticking with putting more linoleum down (pretty stuff though, no more ugly stuff) that matches the tile that's going on the counters. Mom would like me to tell everybody out there that if you're planning on putting new linoleum down, don't be stupid. Whoever layed the linoleum in our kitchen was really stupid. They nailed part of it down (probably because they couldn't get it to lay flat because of all the other layers) and part of it was siliconed to the wall (because it won't lay flat again). Hopefully this weekend the dining room will be all painted and the kitchen drawers and cabinets will be stripped (they can't put another layer of paint on them because they barely close now because there's so many layers of paint) and the wallpaper on the one wall in the kitchen will be gone and the new linoleum will be down. That's the goal anyways. I don't see it happening, especially with all the problems they keep running into. They really want to get the floor down because the glue from the old tile makes the house smell bad and because the more Mom looks at the floor, the madder she gets.
Mom and Dad did quit early last night (45 minutes early, but and hour and a half later than they had planned) and we all cuddled on the couch for awhile. We all ended up going to bed early because we were so tired. The chaos I caused worked! Thanks for the advice Sparky! Hopefully Grandma will call tonight to check in on us and she'll remind Mom I still have some pupcakes in the fridge. Grandma also mentioned something about Sasha and I going to hang out with her sometimes while Mom and Dad are working so we stay out of the way and I think this weekend should be one of those times.
There's no pictures to share today because Mom is in charge of the camera and she wasn't in a picture taking mood last night which is a big deal for her! If you don't hear from me for awhile don't worry. I have a feeling pretty soon there won't be a pathway to the computer anymore and unlike Gunnar I can't climb on boxes very well.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What A Mess!!

I've told you before that we're getting our house ready to sell. Mom and Dad are decluttering and painting and making things look nice. Well, our living room and dining room has, I mean, had carpet. This weekend Mom and Dad started working in the dining room and look at this!

Dad started taking up the carpet where Mom's fish tank was supposed to go and this nasty stuff was under the carpet! That's linoleum on top of painted hardwood floors! So last night they took out all the carpet in the dining room and the linoleum. Doesn't it look terrible? I had to leave the room!

It's also causing lots of stress. The dining room table that is supposed to be in the middle of that picture is in the living room. Our food bin and cookie holding can is supposed to be to the right of the back door and my food dish is supposed to be close by. The water dish is also supposed to be in this room, but even if it was where it's supposed to be, you wouldn't see it. All the linoleum is out now and it stinks in the house.
Mom and Dad promised living in this mess is going to be worth it. I hope so!! My favorite places to take a nap are gone! There's furniture in my floor spot and there's crap on the couch! I think I'm going to go live with Grandma for a few months!
What do you think of the paint color? It took Mom 3 months to choose those colors. Each room was supposed to be a different color, but she said it was too much work to choose the right colors and she really liked these colors so our entire house will probably be those colors. She's not done painting the trip areas yet. She wanted to wait until all the flooring was up before she finished in case the trim got scratched or beat up. Good idea. You should have see them last night. If I could figure out how to use the camera on my own, there would be pictures of the weird positions Mom was in on the floor trying to get nails and stables out and of how hard Dad was working pulling carpet and scraping up the linoleum.
After work, Dad is going to try to get more of that black stuff off which means lots of loud noises. Luckily we didn't get the snow we were supposed to get so I can spend lots of time outside without Mom worrying about me getting too cold. I wish I could figure out how to use the phone so I could call Grandma! I'm going to go find a new napping place now.

Monday, February 25, 2008

What A Race!

This weekend didn't go as planned at all. I'll explain the part about our house tomorrow when Mom will hopefully remember to get the picture off her camera. The race started like 4 hours late, then they kept having to stop because of rain and then they finally finished it just a few minutes ago. That race was more than 24 hours long!! Want to know why they race was so messed up? Because Kyle didn't drive the M&M car! I know he has to have whatever sponsor pays more that race, but Interstate Battery was not lucky. He finished 4th (I think), but if he had drove the M&M car then the race would have gone as scheduled and he would have probably won. I'm sure Maggie and Mitch agree with me. Mom is pretty sure M&M is his main sponsor so he should have the lucky M&M's on his car more than any of his other sponsors, but that didn't help yesterday or today!
I'm going to go try to find a place to take a nap now. It's kind of hard right now. I bet if Kyle had driven the M&M car our house wouldn't be a mess right now!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Gunnar In The Closet

Are you ready for the hilarious Gunnar story? First, I have to vent. The school across the street had a fire drill today and those kids got a little too close to my yard. Mom came home from lunch just in time and she didn't tell the kids to back off! Can you believe that? She said they were across the street where they were supposed to be. That's too close to my yard! I can see Mom doesn't value security and protection and much as I do.
I also have all those extra pupcakes and Mom and Dad went to some pizza party thing for Mom's work last night and then they came home and totally forgot all about my pupcakes. I told Mom I should get 2 today to make up for it and she said no. Grandma is supposed to be making lunch tomorrow because Mom and Dad are finally going to start painting the house and clening the nasty fish tank so I'll talk to Grandma and of course get my way. It's so pawesome having a Grandma!!!

Okay, here's the hilarious Gunnar story. (Here's a picture of Gunnar to help you picture everything better.) When Gunnar is getting picked on, isn't fed on time or needs help he yells MOM!!!! It's weird and it's just a different meow, but Mom falls for it everytime and goees to help him or answers him which Gunnar has figured out and uses it a lot. Mom and Gunnar have a routine in the morning, too. Before Mom goes in to take a shower, Gunnar goes in to inspect the bathroom for any bugs. Mom can't see without her contacts or glasses so large bugs usually end up scaring the crap out of her because she doesn't know what they are until she's got her nose 2 inches from them and they move. So Gunnar goes to inspect and then when Mom turns the shower water on Gunnar leaves because he doesn't want to get wet and then when Mom is done in the shower she lets him back in the bathroom so he can wash his feet in the tub and make sure nothing important went down the drain.
Monday night Mom took a shower because she was doing some stuff on the house and got dirty. Since she didn't need to take a shower Tuesday morning, she slept in with Sasha and I for awhile longer than normal totally throwing off Gunnar's routine. Well, Gunnar starts yelling MOOOM!! MOOOM!! MOOOOOOOOM!!!!! And Mom says, "I'm not taking a shower this morning Gunnar, come curl up with us!" I wasn't happy with the response, but I could tell by the desperation in his meow Gunnar wouldn't be coming to the bed. So this goes on for a few minutes and then Gunnar starts scratching on the closet door. He does this to wake Mom and Dad up in the morning (usually weekends) if he thinks they're sleeping too long and he's going to miss breakfast. Mom yelled at him to knock it off and to move on with his morning, but he kept scratching. Then he started to scratch louder so Mom rolled over to yell at him to stop and there was no Gunnar! Instead the closet doors were pushing out and a little white paw was peeking through the 2 doors. Mom started laughing and got out of bed and opened the closet door to let Gunnar out. He must have snuck in when Dad got in the closet that morning and then got stuck in there. Gunnar likes to hide in the closet and sniff the shoes and sit on the ammo boxes that Dad has piled in there (if you ever need a safe place to hide something, go to an army surplus store and get ammo boxes, Dad stores lots of stuff in them and they work really well for things like our wheeling equipment, tire chains and the wheeling and camping first aid kit - which contains an army surplus field surgical kit - Dad likes army surplus stoors). Anyway, Gunnar came out and did his "mi - mi -mi" thing he does when he's mad. He doesn't think Mom deserves a full meow when he's mad. Then while Mom was getting ready for work he kept glaring at her and giving her dirty looks which made Mom laugh. She kept telling him it was his own fault but he didn't seem to care. He was still blaming Mom. Isn't that hilarious? Mom and I ares still laughing about it and telling everybody about it!
I want to remind everybody of the NASCAR race on Sunday. Mom and Dad will be painting with it on in the background unless the M&M car or the Napa car are out front. Well, even if the Napa car is out front they still might be working, but I can gurantee if the M&M car does as good as last week, Mom will not be working and she won't be taking a nap this time. She has to defend her spot in the fantasy racing so she has to pay attention to who does good.
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Birthday Was Pawesome!

My birthday was great!!! Mom ended the party a little earlier than I wanted to, but it was still great. Before I tell you about my party, I need to tell you to be sure to come read tomorrow's post. It's a hilarious story about Gunnar! It happened Tuesday, but I had a tummy ache Tuesday and slept all day and of course yesterday and today are all about me.
Okay here we go! Oh wait, first Mom wants me to remind you that we are in the middle of packing up cluttered stuff and getting ready to paint. She doesn't want you to think we always have boxes and stuff all over the house

First was some play time with my toy Mom and Dad bought me a few weeks ago and couldn't wait to give it to me.
This picture and the next are mid zoomies.

This is one of those pictures Mom wanted me to warn you about. See those blue circle things? Remember those for later.

Then some tug of war with Dad.
And a funny ear picture.
Time for Pupcakes!!! These were so yummy!!!! If you want the recipe, ask Hana to have her Mom send it to you. When Mom was shopping for the ingredients for some reason she bought 2 jars of baby food instead of one. When she was making the pupcakes last night she decided to put both jars in because when would she need a jar of baby food! She asked my opinion and of course I said yes! Mom said she had forgotten how weird baby food smelled and looked. It's not because she has a bad memroy it's because the last time she remembers dealing with baby food was when Aunt Gillian was a baby and she's 20 now! For the frosting on my pupcakes Mom used peanut butter which was WONDERFUL!!!
Dad set my pupcake up on a crate so I could eat it comfortably and because it was cute. Notice my toy never leaves my sight.
First I licked all of the peanut butter off the top.
Then I cleaned the peanut butter off the roof of my mouth.
Sasha also had a pupcake but she's too short to get to use a table so she ate her's off the floor.
After we were done eating Mom asked if she should put that recipe in the keep pile to be transferred to a recipe card and put in the recipe box next to the Cheese Cookies recipe. I said "HECK YEAH!!!"
This is what Mom and Dad had. They were king sized Chocolate cupcakes with some leftover cream cheese frosting from another cake Mom made. There aren't any pictures of them eating their's because they aren't as cute as Sasha and I. Mom just bought that king size cupcake pan so she was excited to finally get to use it.
After Pupcakes and cupcakes there was some more fetch with some other toys and then all of a sudden I was REALLY thirsty. Well, I kind of forgot I can't put my inside toys in the water dish while I drink. One of those blue things that I told you to remember went in the dish and I took it to Mom and put the sopping wet toy on her foot. She wasn't happy and grabbed my toy and ran to the kitchen sink where I think it still is. She said I needed to calm down because it was almost bed time anyway. I was tired so I decided to take a pre-bedtime nap.
It was a great party and the best part is, there's a bunch more pupcakes for the rest of the week!!!
I'm going to go take a long nap now. Don't forget to check in tomorrow for the hilarious Gunnar story!!
OH! There were a couple new pups that left comments on my birthday post. I'll come visit your blogs after my morning nap. That's when I check in on everybody else, too.
Have a great evening!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday To Kaos

Happy Birthday to me, to me! Happy Birthday to me, to me!!! I am 4 today!! I'm going to let Mom post about how wonderful I am today! Take it away Mom!

4 years ago today Kaos was born in an animal shelter on a military base in Arizona. She was adopted by a family there and then they moved to different military bases 3 more times in a year! Kaos had lived in 4 states by the time she was 16 months and almost lived in a 5th state but the family decided to give her up instead. I don't have a very high opinion of her former family, but I am glad they brought her to Colorado for me. The beginning of June 2005, my husband and I got married and we had beed talking about adopting a lab for him to train as a bird dog. A few weeks later we were making a trip to Pueblo, Colorado (only 45 minutes from us and is also where the good shopping is) so we decided to stop at the no kill shelter . It took us about 20 minutes and a phone call to find them, but we found it. We walked in and immediately saw a black lab. He only had one eye which wouldn't have been good for a hunting dog, butyou never know. After he jumped up at the fence at me and sounded like he was going to eat me, we decided that was a BIG no on him. Next we saw a Chesapeake. He was gorgeous but big and he was almost jumping over the 8 foot fence so we knew our 4 foot fence would need some work. Next we saw a small shy female black lab. She was in a large pin with a Min Pin. We already had a miniature dachsund and a oversized cat at home so we wanted to make sure our new dog would be okay with smaller animals and so seeing her with the Min Pin was a good sign. She was pacing around the pin because she wanted to come up to me, but she was afraid of all the men that were around me. We decided we wanted to take her to the pin where we could get to know her. We went out to the pin to wait and wait and wait and wait. The worker finally walked in with her. They had to get a lady to go into the pin with her to put the leash on because she was afraid of the men. Immediately the playful side came out in this little girl and she picked up a stick and started running around with it. We played with her for awhile and told the guy we wanted to take her home. We put her back in the pin which made her very sad and then we went to the office to pay the fee and go through the paper work. The worker told us she had only been there almost a week. He handed me a folder that was her vet records. That's how we knew when she was born and where she has lived. She had seen a vet at each base she lived at. It was ear problems each time which she still has but we've figured out how to take care of them. We left which I didn't want to do, but we had stopped there first and we still had to go run our errands. If we were only going to Petsmart we would have taken her, but we also had to go to the mall and a couple other places so we left her there and then made sure we made it back before they closed. She was a very hyper girl all the way home. When we walked in the front door of our house with her, both Sasha and Gunnar froze and then hid. We took her to the back yard to let her run off some energy and she kept picking up sticks. We soon found out that she LOVES to play fetch and will play fetch 24/7 if she can find someone that will last that long. She never answered to her name Naenae so we worked on a new one. Her dad came up with the name Kaos because that's what she was. She was chaotic for the first 4 months. We didn't know what to do with her. We had both had experiences with labs before, but this one was extremely high strung. After about 3 months she finally calmed down a little and started getting into a new routine and started changing her personality. At first she wouldn't come if my husband called her and was pretty much afraid of him. She soon got over that and became his shadow. She also didn't really like to be loved on at first. Now she is the most snuggly dog I have ever known. She loves to lay on the couch with her head on a lap and she loves to give hugs and kisses - not licking kisses, she gives human kisses! That first fall we took her to try out pheasant hunting. It was a little chaotic but she did pretty good. The next time we took her about a month later she was totally awesome! We don't know if her previous family trained her or if she just has a natural instinct. She is great at flushing birds and rabbits and then going to find them. She refuses to put a dead bird in her mouth though. She will sit with the bird until her dad comes to get it, but she will not bring it to him. Personally, I don't blame her.
When my husband goes deer and elk hunting, he's usually gone for a few days and Kaos is on duty. If her dad is gone for a couple nights for work she's on duty, too. It's kind of annoying because she barks at every little noise, but it also makes me feel safer. Kaos is very protective of her yard and her sister while they're outside. A neighbor's lab kept jumping fences not long after we brought her home and Kaos made sure that lab stayed away from her sister and her dad. Luckily those neighbors moved away. Anytime that lab jumped in our yard we would call the cops because he was mean once he jumped into the yard. Anytime a cop came Kaos flipped out. She hated anybody in a uniform or dark clothes. She would growl a growl that scares me and her fur sticks up on her neck, back and tail and she's a totally different dog. Our neighbor's are prison guards and Kaos has now figured out not all uniforms are bad. She loves playing with the neighbors (they give her tennis balls and play fetch with her for hours), but she still doesn't like dark uniforms. She also doesn't like African American men, especially if they have really dark skin. When the neighbor's brother visits Kaos growls through the window until he leaves. One day the neighbors were goofing around and the brother chased his sister across the street with a glass of water and Kaos flipped. She was jumping against the door and I think if she could have gotten through the door she would have gone after him. Seeing her like that and seeing her afraid of men when we first adopted her makes me dislike her previous family a lot.
When we first brought Kaos home I was getting sick a lot and any time I didn't feel good Kaos was my shadow. It didn't matter if her dad was doing something fun or not, she wouldn't leave my side unless she really needed to go potty. Everyonce in awhile there was a cold wet nose pressed on my forehead to check on me. Kaos is a totally different dog than she was 3 years ago and I'm so happy we had patience with her those first few months. When we take her camping we don't have to worry about her running off (we still make sure she doesn't wonder too far from us though) and she loves to ride in the Jeeps and is the best road trip dog I have ever had. Her face and tail are so full of personality, I always know when she's happy (which is most of the time), sad or doesn't feel good. I always know she did something bad before I even know what she did because her ears go flat, her tail tucks under and her chin drags onthe floor as soon as I walk in the door. Usually it's something little like she moves a glove from the end table to the couch and took a nap on it or she may have had an accident, but sometimes it's a large amount of trash on the floor. She even takes the blame for when the other 2 get into something they're not supposed to, but she's figuring out she shouldn't do that anymore. I always feel safe with her at home and camping. When we're camping she won't let me go to the bathroom without her. I used to think it was because she thought I was going for a walk and she wanted to go, but after the first few times of her coming with me, I figured out she was coming to protect me. Last year she figured out how to open the tent so she could go have morning coffee with one of the guys in our group and so she could go to bed when she got tired after a full day of wheeling and running around. During the camping trips we also figured out how much she loves playing in water, but she didn't know how to swim. She learned to swim during her first camping trip that July after we brought her home and we also figured out she can't go fishing because she wants to chase your bobber or bait and bring it back (have I mentioned she loves fetch?). If we're fishing she has to stay in the Jeep or with someone that isn't fishing.
So, that's my Kaos girl. I'm very happy we have made so many new friends through her blog. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't know any of you. Sasha and Gunnar aren't the blogging type.
We're having Pupcakes and Chocolate Cupcakes (for Mom and Dad) tonight and I promised I'd play fetch with Kaos with her new toy for awhile (not for as long as she wants because I have to go to work tomorrow). Hoepfully she'll pose for pictures tonight (she's gotten pretty bad about not letting me take pictures of her anymore, she's my favorite subject though!) and she'll share them with you tomorrow.
Happy Birthday Kaos!!! I love you!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

NASCAR & B-day Count Down

My birthday is only a couple of days away! I can't wait. I already got my presant, but Mom is making me some special pupcakes and I can't wait!!!
Okay, now the NASCAR part. First I have to tell you a little history. When Mom and Dad met, Mom really wasn't into NASCAR, but Dad was so Mom started watching it and kind of got into it. Dad talked her into choosing a driver but she didn't know anything about any of them so she chose the M&M car because it's cool looking and Mom's favorite snack is Peanut M&Ms. So Mom really started enjoying it and got hooked and then all of a sudden in the middle of last season Elliot Sadler was no longer the driver of the M&M car and the guy the took over kept wrecking it! Mom was mad and started to loose interest in it. Well, yesterday was the Daytona 500 and Dad's driver (Michael Waltrip) was starting in the front so they decided to try watching again this year and during the part where they where going through the line up, Mom started going crazy! The M&M car is now #18 and it has a new driver Kyle Busch!! Mom was so happy. Then, when Kyle moved to the front of the race and ALMOST won, of course she went even more crazy.
This is how it looked most of the race with Kyle out front.
So now Mom is back into NASCAR and is totally excited about the M&M car being good again. We have cable now, too so Mom is excited she can watch more of the races now. Mom and I didn't watch the entire race because Mom hasn't slept well in about a week and sitting still with me on the couch put her to sleep. Mom and I take some great naps together and we haven't done it in a long time. Mom missed about an hour of the race, but Dad made sure she was awake for the last 30 laps or so. She didn't realize she had slept so long. She had kind of woke up several times because she remembers parts, but she said last she knew the announcers were saying they were on lap 80. Mom felt better after her nap so it was okay.
THEN, when she came home from lunch she was being hyper again. Mom and Dad are competing in Fantasy Nascar through Yahoo with some friends from California and when Mom chose her team a couple weeks ago she didn't put much thought into it because she had lost interest. Well, guess who was one of her team members! Ryan Newman!! The winner of the race!! So Mom is like way out if front of the other 6 people. (Dad is #7, which is last place, but I'm going to help him!) Mom wants me to tell you Kyle has a website and to check it out because it's really cool. Here's the address: I know most of you probably don't care, but Mom is really annoying when she gets this hyper so if she wants something done, I do it and then hope she leaves me alone for awhile.
A little bit ago Mom and I found out that Maggie and Mitch are also fans of the M&M car which of course made Mom even more hyper. She says it's because it's nice knowing there are others out there that choose the M&M car because it's a cool car instead of choosing a driver. Really she thinks it's proof she's not crazy because she's not the only one that chooses who to root for because of the paint scheme on a car. She really is crazy though.
2 days to my b-day and go Kyle & the M&M #18!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!!

Especially to my boyfriend Flash!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching Up

Dad is feeling a little better. He went back to work today. Dad is a lot harder to take care of when he's sick than Mom is. When Mom is sick she lays on the couch and watches tv and takes naps. Dad sits at the computer all day and is up moving around. Making sure Mom is comfy during her naps is a lot easier than trying to convince Dad he needs to take it easy.

I have to thank Maggie and Mitch again. They left a comment about feeding us pineapple to stop the poop eating (not me!! Sasha is the one that eats poop!). Mom decided to try it and we have no idea if it's working yet, but I don't care because I've discovered I love pineapple!! Sasha hasn't had poop breathe since we started eating it and Mom lets us stay outside as long as we want after work. This weekend I hope it's nice so I can do some major sunbathing. I love laying in the sun, but I have to be careful not to get too hot. Those of you that have black coats totally understand. Anyway, we started eating pineapple this weekend and so far so good. We get it twice a day which is when we get fed. I get 2 pieces per serving and Sasha gets 1. I am loving this experiment. Thanks for the suggestion Maggie and Mitch! I make sure Mom reads your blog everyday for new treat ideas so keep them coming!

Okay, here's my funny picture.

Yes, I'm sound asleep, cuddling witha pile of pillows and I have a firm grip on a toy. You never know when you're going to wake up and want to play fetch. OR what if Mom wakes me up and says, "KAOS, HURRY I WANT TO PLAY FETCH RIGHT AWAY!!!!!" You have to always be prepared. Mom has been trying to get a picture of me doint this for awhile, but I always wake up when she goes to get the camera. This time Dad got the camera for her and I totally didn't know what was going on until after the flash. My parents are very sneaky!!

I'm going to go curl up for another nap. I'm still really tired from taking care of Dad.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sick Dad

It was a really crazy weekend here. So crazy I really don't understand most of it. We were supposed to take a bunch of stuff to Grandma's. Well, Saturday morning Aunt Gillian showed up and I thought we were going to load stuff up and go, but instead Mom and Dad left in my truck. They were gone a really long time and when they came back they brought stuff in the house and they smelled really really weird. They left for awhile again and smelled like food when they came back and then they left again for a long time again and came home smelling really weird again and Mom wasn't in a very good mood. From listening to Mom and Dad talk I think they went to the mean lady's house. For those of you that don't remember, the mean lady was Mom and Aunt Gillian's mom and she died in December. I guess Aunt Gillian talked to their stepdad and got the key to go get some stuff from the house. It sounds like the house was really messed up and is being foreclosed on. Dad wasn't feeling good before they went and ended up really sick after he went to help Mom and Aunt Gillian. I guess they got a lot of stuff from their childhood and Mom got pretty much all her pottery back from college that she made. She was really excited about that, but she was really upset about the condition the house was in and I guess her brother is being a jerk, too. Mom also talked to her dad and he took them all out for lunch. Mom hsn't talk to her dad in a really long time. Sunday Mom and Dad were really tired and really sore from the day before so I helped them with some house work and organizing more boxes. Hopefully next weekend we can get back on track with our house. Grandma came to visit us since we couldn't go see her. She says next weekend we'll make up for it hopefully. Dad is so sick he stayed home from work and went tot he doctor. He never goes to the doctor! If he doesn't feel much better tomorrow he'll stay home again. This afternoon I'm going to let him take over the computer so he'll relax instead of messing with boxes and stuff like that. If Dad goes to work tomorrow, I'll post a funny picture Mom took of me, if Dad stays home he'll hog the computer all day so I'll hopefully post it Wednesday.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Very Busy

Hey everybody! I just realized it's been almost a week since I last posted. I blame Mom's stupid job. She's been really busy at work and has only been taking 15 minute long lunches instead of her normal 1 hour. She says she'll buy me some more treats with the overtime money, but to tell you the truth, I'd rather her come home and spend an hour playing fetch with me and scratching my ears (we only live like 3 minutes from her office so she's home for almost an the entire hour for lunch).

Mom and Dad decided to sell our house so we're busy cleaning our house, too. Mom says she HAS to have a dishwasher. Our kitchen is tiny so there's no room for a dishwasher. Mom also loves to bake and our kitchen is too small for that, too. She says if she gets a bigger kitchen and a dishwasher she'll make treats for us more often. WOOHOO!! I've been gathering recipes for her. Dory's Mom has some on her website and Hana posted a recipe for some pupcakes and her Mom e-mailed my Mom the recipe (THANKS HANA!!). Then of course there's those yummy yummy yummy cheese cookies that Penny, Sherman and Lola's Mom shared the recipe for and my Mom has only made once for us even though I remind her everytime she makes a shopping list of how much I love them. She also finally got her new measuring cups that were supposed to be her Christmas presant so she says she can try those out for my birthday on some of those recipes. Isn't she great?

Anyway, Mom and Dad have been packing boxes to declutter the house (they're both packrats) and the boxes pile up in our living room all week and then usually on a Sunday Sasha and I go outside and come back in and the boxes are gone. This last Sunday when we noticed the boxes were gone we got really excited and started going crazy, like psycho crazy! Mom started laughing and said she was really happy. We've have associated the boxes dissapearing with GOING TO GRANDMA'S!! We get very excited when the boxes dissapear. Mom says she's really relieved because Sasha doesn't do so well with the moving thing. Mom and Dad aren't sure how I react to moving cuz they've never moved me before. I was a military family dog many years ago so they're sure I'm okay, but since I'm also an abandoned military family dog, they're a little worried. After this weekend, I think they realied that's something they don't need to worry about anymore. I know Mom and Dad will never abandon me. They love me too much and depend on me way too much. Aunt Gillian is going to come help this weekend and I'm really excited about that, too. I don't think she's going to bring Bailey sine it will be crazy enough with just Sasha and I. They're going to paint and do a few other things and get it listed this summer. Hopefully it will sell fast so Mom can get her dishwasher.

I also got an award from Echo.

Here's the description: This award is given to bloggers who have wonderful outstanding styles and a fantastic ability to keep us thinking, amused and entertained. I'm supposed to give this to 10 other bloggers, but I think most of you have already gotten it (proves dogs and Girl Girls are the best bloggers). I'm nominating Petra, Fig, Tadpole, Moco and Sparky & Pathes (they're all little dogs! That's funny for some weird reason.) Thanls Echo for the award!!
Thanks for the poop eating advice. Mom has let us stay outside unsupervised the past few days because it snowed Tuesday and the poop is frozen and I won't let her near my fresh poop anymore. I actually push her away with my nose. Being woken up by that smell was so horrible, I'm doing what I can to prevent it again. The thought of it makes my stomache gurgle.
It's almost time for school to get out so I better go bark at the kids over at the school now. Sorry I haven't been posting many pictures lately. That's Mom's job's fault, too!

Friday, February 01, 2008

My New Toy - Finally

This is my new toy that Mom got with her gift certificate to Sportsman's Warehouse. It's my early birthday presant. It's so cool. I can chew on it and it it's not easy to chew up. It also floats and the rope floats and it's fun to play with out of the water, too. Mom was throwing it in the house for me and she said we have to be very careful where we throw it cuz it's so bulky. It's so much fun! I can't wait until we can set up my swimming pool again and play with it in my pool. I think I'm going to try to talk Mom and Dad into taking it to Grandma's house next time because her back yard would be a great place to play with my new toy.

Sasha is very grounded. She has this nsaty habbit of going outside and eating my poop, here's too, but mostly myne. Well last night she threw up after we had all gone to bed and guess what she threw up. Mom and Dad were NOT happy and it stunk REALLY bad. Almost as bad as when I had my accident. During lunch today Sasha went out and started eating again after she got a big lecture last night about it and this morning. She had also gotten into the bathroom trash. For now on Sasha has to be supervised when she goes outside so she won't eat any more and then as soon as she's done with her business she has to come inside which means our outside time gets really short. Mom and Dad say I can stay outside, but I don't like being outside by myself so I come in, too. If anybody has any suggestion on how to get her to stop eating the poop, please let me know because it's really annoying me. Mom always complains about Sasha having poop breath which is really annoying and my outside time us getting cut short when it's getting nice enough to take naps in the sun out in the yard. If it's frozen she leaves it alone, but there's no way I can freeze it as it comes out. She also likes the freshest stuff which I think is why it stunk so bad last night. Dad is really good about cleaning the yard when it's warmer, but that means nothing when she's going after it fresh. That's why she is now supervised while we're outside. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Have a fun weekend everybody. It sounds like the Super Bowl party is going to be a lot of fun. I'm going to help Mom and Dad work on our house.