Monday, February 18, 2008

NASCAR & B-day Count Down

My birthday is only a couple of days away! I can't wait. I already got my presant, but Mom is making me some special pupcakes and I can't wait!!!
Okay, now the NASCAR part. First I have to tell you a little history. When Mom and Dad met, Mom really wasn't into NASCAR, but Dad was so Mom started watching it and kind of got into it. Dad talked her into choosing a driver but she didn't know anything about any of them so she chose the M&M car because it's cool looking and Mom's favorite snack is Peanut M&Ms. So Mom really started enjoying it and got hooked and then all of a sudden in the middle of last season Elliot Sadler was no longer the driver of the M&M car and the guy the took over kept wrecking it! Mom was mad and started to loose interest in it. Well, yesterday was the Daytona 500 and Dad's driver (Michael Waltrip) was starting in the front so they decided to try watching again this year and during the part where they where going through the line up, Mom started going crazy! The M&M car is now #18 and it has a new driver Kyle Busch!! Mom was so happy. Then, when Kyle moved to the front of the race and ALMOST won, of course she went even more crazy.
This is how it looked most of the race with Kyle out front.
So now Mom is back into NASCAR and is totally excited about the M&M car being good again. We have cable now, too so Mom is excited she can watch more of the races now. Mom and I didn't watch the entire race because Mom hasn't slept well in about a week and sitting still with me on the couch put her to sleep. Mom and I take some great naps together and we haven't done it in a long time. Mom missed about an hour of the race, but Dad made sure she was awake for the last 30 laps or so. She didn't realize she had slept so long. She had kind of woke up several times because she remembers parts, but she said last she knew the announcers were saying they were on lap 80. Mom felt better after her nap so it was okay.
THEN, when she came home from lunch she was being hyper again. Mom and Dad are competing in Fantasy Nascar through Yahoo with some friends from California and when Mom chose her team a couple weeks ago she didn't put much thought into it because she had lost interest. Well, guess who was one of her team members! Ryan Newman!! The winner of the race!! So Mom is like way out if front of the other 6 people. (Dad is #7, which is last place, but I'm going to help him!) Mom wants me to tell you Kyle has a website and to check it out because it's really cool. Here's the address: I know most of you probably don't care, but Mom is really annoying when she gets this hyper so if she wants something done, I do it and then hope she leaves me alone for awhile.
A little bit ago Mom and I found out that Maggie and Mitch are also fans of the M&M car which of course made Mom even more hyper. She says it's because it's nice knowing there are others out there that choose the M&M car because it's a cool car instead of choosing a driver. Really she thinks it's proof she's not crazy because she's not the only one that chooses who to root for because of the paint scheme on a car. She really is crazy though.
2 days to my b-day and go Kyle & the M&M #18!!


Luckie Girl said...

I don't really understand wat Nascar is about but Mom loves peanut M n Ms too!!
PPS : Can't wait for your barkday celebrations to start.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Are you going to have a pawty on your birthday?

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

It's so funny because we didn't know about the M&M car until Daytona race day and we both almost died when we spotted it! We're hooked on that car! We can't wait to watch the next race on Sunday! Go Kyle!
Did you happen to see my M&M collar, Kaos? Maybe this could be good luck for Kyle?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Moco said...

Pappy had that car race on for awhile here. I heard them say M&M car. I hope you get an M&M collar for your birthday.

Petra said...

Hooray for your mom choosing a good car! How can it get better than the M&M one?! I get hungry just looking at it.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
My mom loves Nascar races but we could not watch this race. Our satellite was down!
Is your dad feeling better?
Kisses and hugs

Peanut said...

Our boy likes nascar. He picks car's by the outside also.