Friday, February 22, 2008

Gunnar In The Closet

Are you ready for the hilarious Gunnar story? First, I have to vent. The school across the street had a fire drill today and those kids got a little too close to my yard. Mom came home from lunch just in time and she didn't tell the kids to back off! Can you believe that? She said they were across the street where they were supposed to be. That's too close to my yard! I can see Mom doesn't value security and protection and much as I do.
I also have all those extra pupcakes and Mom and Dad went to some pizza party thing for Mom's work last night and then they came home and totally forgot all about my pupcakes. I told Mom I should get 2 today to make up for it and she said no. Grandma is supposed to be making lunch tomorrow because Mom and Dad are finally going to start painting the house and clening the nasty fish tank so I'll talk to Grandma and of course get my way. It's so pawesome having a Grandma!!!

Okay, here's the hilarious Gunnar story. (Here's a picture of Gunnar to help you picture everything better.) When Gunnar is getting picked on, isn't fed on time or needs help he yells MOM!!!! It's weird and it's just a different meow, but Mom falls for it everytime and goees to help him or answers him which Gunnar has figured out and uses it a lot. Mom and Gunnar have a routine in the morning, too. Before Mom goes in to take a shower, Gunnar goes in to inspect the bathroom for any bugs. Mom can't see without her contacts or glasses so large bugs usually end up scaring the crap out of her because she doesn't know what they are until she's got her nose 2 inches from them and they move. So Gunnar goes to inspect and then when Mom turns the shower water on Gunnar leaves because he doesn't want to get wet and then when Mom is done in the shower she lets him back in the bathroom so he can wash his feet in the tub and make sure nothing important went down the drain.
Monday night Mom took a shower because she was doing some stuff on the house and got dirty. Since she didn't need to take a shower Tuesday morning, she slept in with Sasha and I for awhile longer than normal totally throwing off Gunnar's routine. Well, Gunnar starts yelling MOOOM!! MOOOM!! MOOOOOOOOM!!!!! And Mom says, "I'm not taking a shower this morning Gunnar, come curl up with us!" I wasn't happy with the response, but I could tell by the desperation in his meow Gunnar wouldn't be coming to the bed. So this goes on for a few minutes and then Gunnar starts scratching on the closet door. He does this to wake Mom and Dad up in the morning (usually weekends) if he thinks they're sleeping too long and he's going to miss breakfast. Mom yelled at him to knock it off and to move on with his morning, but he kept scratching. Then he started to scratch louder so Mom rolled over to yell at him to stop and there was no Gunnar! Instead the closet doors were pushing out and a little white paw was peeking through the 2 doors. Mom started laughing and got out of bed and opened the closet door to let Gunnar out. He must have snuck in when Dad got in the closet that morning and then got stuck in there. Gunnar likes to hide in the closet and sniff the shoes and sit on the ammo boxes that Dad has piled in there (if you ever need a safe place to hide something, go to an army surplus store and get ammo boxes, Dad stores lots of stuff in them and they work really well for things like our wheeling equipment, tire chains and the wheeling and camping first aid kit - which contains an army surplus field surgical kit - Dad likes army surplus stoors). Anyway, Gunnar came out and did his "mi - mi -mi" thing he does when he's mad. He doesn't think Mom deserves a full meow when he's mad. Then while Mom was getting ready for work he kept glaring at her and giving her dirty looks which made Mom laugh. She kept telling him it was his own fault but he didn't seem to care. He was still blaming Mom. Isn't that hilarious? Mom and I ares still laughing about it and telling everybody about it!
I want to remind everybody of the NASCAR race on Sunday. Mom and Dad will be painting with it on in the background unless the M&M car or the Napa car are out front. Well, even if the Napa car is out front they still might be working, but I can gurantee if the M&M car does as good as last week, Mom will not be working and she won't be taking a nap this time. She has to defend her spot in the fantasy racing so she has to pay attention to who does good.
Have a great weekend!!


Maggie & Mitch said...

What a hoot Gunnar is! We think that you should have gotten 2 pupcakes plus a piece of pizza crust! Bummer, Kaos!
We'll be watching our M&M car on Sunday - you can be sure of that!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

That episode with Gunnar made us laugh!
Good luck with your race car!
Kisses and hugs

Moco said...

Happy late birthday Kaos. We are so glad that you were able to find your Mom and Dad. We are happy that you are part of your family via Flasharoo. That Gunnar is a hoot! Edgar does goofy stuff like that also. I am sure Grammie would love to make us some of those pupcakes. You will have to send us the recipe.

Moco said...

I need a better proof reader. We are glad that you are part of OUR family.

Petra said...

It's so funny how we get into our routines and we don't like it when they get messed up! Gunnar, you are a great defender of your mom, taking care of her when she showers. She should let you know when plans are going to change!