Thursday, February 07, 2008

Very Busy

Hey everybody! I just realized it's been almost a week since I last posted. I blame Mom's stupid job. She's been really busy at work and has only been taking 15 minute long lunches instead of her normal 1 hour. She says she'll buy me some more treats with the overtime money, but to tell you the truth, I'd rather her come home and spend an hour playing fetch with me and scratching my ears (we only live like 3 minutes from her office so she's home for almost an the entire hour for lunch).

Mom and Dad decided to sell our house so we're busy cleaning our house, too. Mom says she HAS to have a dishwasher. Our kitchen is tiny so there's no room for a dishwasher. Mom also loves to bake and our kitchen is too small for that, too. She says if she gets a bigger kitchen and a dishwasher she'll make treats for us more often. WOOHOO!! I've been gathering recipes for her. Dory's Mom has some on her website and Hana posted a recipe for some pupcakes and her Mom e-mailed my Mom the recipe (THANKS HANA!!). Then of course there's those yummy yummy yummy cheese cookies that Penny, Sherman and Lola's Mom shared the recipe for and my Mom has only made once for us even though I remind her everytime she makes a shopping list of how much I love them. She also finally got her new measuring cups that were supposed to be her Christmas presant so she says she can try those out for my birthday on some of those recipes. Isn't she great?

Anyway, Mom and Dad have been packing boxes to declutter the house (they're both packrats) and the boxes pile up in our living room all week and then usually on a Sunday Sasha and I go outside and come back in and the boxes are gone. This last Sunday when we noticed the boxes were gone we got really excited and started going crazy, like psycho crazy! Mom started laughing and said she was really happy. We've have associated the boxes dissapearing with GOING TO GRANDMA'S!! We get very excited when the boxes dissapear. Mom says she's really relieved because Sasha doesn't do so well with the moving thing. Mom and Dad aren't sure how I react to moving cuz they've never moved me before. I was a military family dog many years ago so they're sure I'm okay, but since I'm also an abandoned military family dog, they're a little worried. After this weekend, I think they realied that's something they don't need to worry about anymore. I know Mom and Dad will never abandon me. They love me too much and depend on me way too much. Aunt Gillian is going to come help this weekend and I'm really excited about that, too. I don't think she's going to bring Bailey sine it will be crazy enough with just Sasha and I. They're going to paint and do a few other things and get it listed this summer. Hopefully it will sell fast so Mom can get her dishwasher.

I also got an award from Echo.

Here's the description: This award is given to bloggers who have wonderful outstanding styles and a fantastic ability to keep us thinking, amused and entertained. I'm supposed to give this to 10 other bloggers, but I think most of you have already gotten it (proves dogs and Girl Girls are the best bloggers). I'm nominating Petra, Fig, Tadpole, Moco and Sparky & Pathes (they're all little dogs! That's funny for some weird reason.) Thanls Echo for the award!!
Thanks for the poop eating advice. Mom has let us stay outside unsupervised the past few days because it snowed Tuesday and the poop is frozen and I won't let her near my fresh poop anymore. I actually push her away with my nose. Being woken up by that smell was so horrible, I'm doing what I can to prevent it again. The thought of it makes my stomache gurgle.
It's almost time for school to get out so I better go bark at the kids over at the school now. Sorry I haven't been posting many pictures lately. That's Mom's job's fault, too!


Peanut said...

Oh glad things are going well. I was beginning to worry about you. I am going to be posting tomorrow. Hope your house sells fast.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Paws crossed for a bigger house!
Hav fun with that clean house thing!
Kisses and hugs

Petra said...

Thanks for the award!!!

Maggie & Mitch said...

We think the moving thing sounds like a fun adventure! We hope your mom gets that bigger kitchen! Thinking about homemade cookies is making us drool!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

mARVIN said...

Hey Lady Kaos, no worries about your regular posting, we are here for you......we don't care how often you post as long as you manage to keep us all updated when you can.

Please tell your Mama, my Jeannie could not LIVE without a dishwasher, please get one real sooooooooooooon!

Otherwise you may have to lick the dishes....oooooh would that task Be THE FUN! LOVE AND LICKS, mARVNXXXX

The Brat Pack said...

Having to move is worth it for more homemade treats!! Don't feel bad, Mom's a packrat too.


Moco said...

Thanks for the award. I will be getting it up on my blog soon. Remember to get in the Jeep when you move. A bigger house means more room to run.

The Daily Echo said...

How exciting - a new house! That means new holes to dig and new treasures to find, and new places to pee on. You'll be very busy while Mom's in her new kitchen baking treats for you. We hope it sells real fast so you can move real soon!